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We want to say thanks for making us the #1 supplier of bowfishing equipment in the world for 8 years straight! The Backwater Guarantee! We guarantee you the best prices available, the most knowledgeable staff, and the fastest shipping anywhere! With over 40 years bowfishing experience in our staff, nobody knows more about bowfishing and bowfishing equipment! We guarantee your order to be correct with no issues or we will fix the problem at no charge to you! No questions asked. Our customer service is our number #1 priority and has been our foundation since the beginning. Happy customers every time is our goal! 2014 is filled with many new, exciting bowfishing products! Be sure to check them all out! Thanks again for your business! CONTACT US: Email us at: Retail Store: 256-776-9109 Backwater Outdoors, LLC 6239 Hwy 72 East Gurley, AL 35748 2




Cajun Sucker Punch Bow The all new Cajun Sucker Punch bow is designed to meet the demands of serious bow fishermen. The bow's 35.25" axle to axle length allows for comfortable shooting all day or all night without finger pinch. The Sucker Punch weighs a mere 3.2 lbs. making this bow fishing bow a dream to hold for hours and hours. The deep cam grooves prevent derailment when this bow gets tossed around the bottom of the bowfishing boat. The Sucker Punch comes in both right and left hand modules and features the option of a constant draw cam or draw length specific modules included. $299.00

Bowfishing Bows

PSE Tidal Wave Bow We know who you are. For you, bowfishing is more than just an off-season hobby, it's a passion. Well at PSE, we've made a bow just for you - the new Tidal Wave. Engineered with a constant draw weight for snap shooting, a 32" axle-to-axle length for maneuverability, and a durable design able to handle extreme conditions, the new Tidal Wave is the ultimate bowfishing bow. Features: Axle to Axle: 32" Brace Height: 6" Mass Weight: 3.3 lbs. Draw Length: To 30" Draw Weight: 40 lbs. Finish: Reaper H20 $279.00


AMS Swamp Thing Bow The Swamp Thing™ by AMS Bowfishing is the ultimate BIG FISH bowfishing bow! Our new 40-50# Swamp Thing™ has dual cams for extra power for shooting bigger fish at further distances. All stainless steel components ensure corrosion free life. This AMS Bowfishing exclusive comes in a Swamp Green KOI Carp Camo pattern with matching string; this is truly one of a kind! $340.00 NEW

AMS Fish Hawk Bow The Fish Hawk's custom engineered Cam allows for "snap-shooting" by enabling maximum arrow speed at minimum draw lengths. With nearly 36" axle to axle, the Fish Hawk allows for great maneuverability with minimal finger pinch. There is no set draw stop, so anyone can shoot the same bow for years of action-packed Bowfishing Excitement! 30-40 lb. draw. Weighs just 3.4 lbs. $279.00

Oneida Osprey Oneida Eagle Osprey. Bow has a lightweight, durable casting and offers a wide range of poundage and let-off selections. Super light bow weighs only 3 1/2 pounds mass weight, unbelievably lightweight. The Osprey comes with interchangeable modules that make draw-weight and let-off adjustment an easy, do-it-yourself project. This incredibly light, fast drawing, quick-pointing bow is designed with the shooting capabilities suited to make the 'snap-shot' that most bow-fishers are presented with. The Osprey also features the ESC carbon limbs. These carbon limbs are perfectly suited for use around water, and are made to withstand extreme temperatures and moisture without warping. To further enhance the Osprey's durability in a wet environment, the stainless model components are made exclusively of stainless steel prevent rusting and corroding. Standard in White Reaper Pattern, additional colors available online $745.00 PSE Kingfisher Recurve The Kingfisher is an affordable, multi-use bow! You can use alone for a traditional archery adventure or add a bowfishing kit for great bowfishing fun. This bow can be ordered in a peak weight of 40#, 45#, or 50# and is finished in All Season camo. Right hand only. $129.95



Bowfishing Bow Accessories


Quickshot Finger Savers -One set, one color per pack. Installation tool included. -Comfortable saver for beginners and traditional archers. -Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Tan, Pink


No Glovs

Hydro-Shot Finger Savers

Greatly reduce stress and finger pinch on your fingers while bowfishing. with these finger tabs. Attaches to any bowstring. Available in tan, green, and orange.

Durable quality. Designed specially for bowfishing. Built-in nock collar prevents arrows from pinching off the string at all draw lengths. Can be trimmed for two or three finger preference. 1pr. per pack. Includes attachment tool. NEW Glow in the Dark!




Light Stryke Laser Bowfishing Sight 2.0 The next level of bowfishing technology. The Patented Light-Stryke 2.0 features a precision military grade laser, toolless micro-drive and is manufactured from T-6 aircraft aluminum. Just aim and stryke! -Ambidextrous Design -Toolless Micro-Drive -Rapid Touch-pad Operation -T6-Aircraft Grade Aluminum -Precision, Military Grade Laser (5mW, green)


Finger Slicks Finally a suitable alternative to no glovs. These silicone style finger tabs are awesome for fingers shooting. They are thinner than no glovs so you don't get the roll off your fingers like with no glovs which can distort your shot yet they protect your fingers from the string just as well. They also are extremely durable and will last for years. Available in yellow, purple, green, and blue!

Exclusive to Backwater! $3.95

The Hip Bone Bow Holder System can be the extra set of hands you need when pulling in a fish or just moving between fishing spots. This nifty unit is basically a “ball and socket” design. The “ball” attaches directly to your bow on your cable guard or into the stabilizer insert. The “socket” is fashioned into a clip that conveniently attaches to your belt or other handy location. Instead of looking for a place to set your bow down, simply clip it in the socket!

$27.95 Sticker Gripper Bowfishing Quiver Mounts Under Positive Draw Stop On Oneida Bows.

$14.95 Splashlight Bowfishing Kit $119.95

Hydro-Guard Adjustable Arrow Tube

Designed to transport and protect bowfishing arrows preassembled with tips with ease. Adjustable tube from 25-42.5 inch length. Push- loc closure lid provides a snug-fit, while the fully-adjustable strapping makes transporting a breeze. Keep your arrows straight and true by protecting them in the OMP Hydro-Guard. Fits into most manufacture's bow cases $19.99 4



 

AMS Pro Bowfishing Kit The Quickest, Most Convenient way to Start Bowfishing Today! Combo Kit includes: AMS Retriever Pro with 200 lb. Braided Dacron line, the AMS Wave Rest, "Scales & Tails" DVD, and two AMS fiberglass arrows with AMS Safety Slides installed! $149.95

Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Kit  Fishing Biscuit Arrow Rest  Cajun Hybrid Bowfishing Reel  Cajun Blister Buster Finger Pads  2 White Fiberglass Piranha Arrows  Deep cam grooves prevent derailed

Bowfishing Kits

Muzzy Xtreme Duty Spincast Style Bowfishing Kit Contains Muzzy XD Reel, Muzzy Fish Hook Rest, 100ft of 200lb Fast Flight Line, Muzzy Heavy Duty Reel Seat, & Muzzy Classic Arrow W/Carp Point. $124.95


Right Hand Only for kit $449.00

AMS Swamp Thing Tournament Series Bow Kit 1 - Swamp Thing Bow 1 - AMS Retriever Pro Tournament Series Reel • 200# Test, Yellow Dacron Line 1 - AMS Tidal Wave Arrow Rest • Aligned and center shot 1 - AMS “Between the Banks” DVD 1 - Set Nock Point on String • Tuned to arrow rest 1 - AMS Safety Slide Kit

PSE Tidal Wave Bowfishing Bow Combo includes: bow, AMS bow-fishing reel with line, Snap Shot Rest and two arrows with safety slide and bowfishing points. .






Cajun archery's hand wrap screw on reel. Screws into stabilizer hole and line is wrapped on reel by hand. Tape on tapes to bows with no stabilizer insert.

$18.95 (Screw On) $18.95 (Tape On)

Muzzy 150# tournament line for spincasting reels. 300 ft. of braided spectra line. Allows more line capacity for the reels than the 200# line.


Hydro-Tek Watertight String Wax Waterproof formula will not wash off in water. Penetrates deep into the string fibers offering wear & UV protection for all types of bow string materials.


Reel Line Magic Blakemore Silicone Spray. This silicone spray coats line to prevent bedding and reduce friction. It makes line feed freely off of closed face reels.


Tex-Tite Bowstring Wax This great wax is perfect for bowfishing bow strings of all kinds. $4.75

Brownell Fast Flight Line 200# for spincast type bowfishing reels. Great for the new Muzzy reel, Shakespeare, and Zebco reels. 400# for the retriever reels and slotted retrievers.

$11.95 - (200# - 100’) $31.95 - (200# - 300’) $84.95 - (200# - 1100’) $24.95 - (400# - 100’) $199.95 - (400# - 1100’)

Woody Wire Bowfishing Braid Specifically designed for today’s spincast style reels. Each spool comes with enough line to spool one spincast reel of any kind including Muzzy, Zebco, and Shakespeare. 200# Line


200# Retriever Replacement Line Bright 200 lb. test Braided Dacron line is easy to see in muddy waters. Now Available in 3 colors! Yellow, Orange, and Pink. 25 & 50 yd. spool.

Hand Wrap Reels And Bowfishing Line

Cajun Archery Hand Wrap Reels.

$11.95 (25 yd.) $16.95 (50 yd.)

RPM Monkey Wire Don’t monkey around with cheap imitations. There’s only one Monkey Wire, and RPM has it. Abrasion resistant and rated at #200 tensile strength, Monkey Wire is fashioned from the same material that goes into creating bulletproof vests, and that’s tough stuff! Monkey Wire’s small diameter means you get 50 percent more line on your that next state record fish can run all it wants! (for spinning reels only) Incredibly strong #200 tensile strength Small diameter means more line on the reel and faster line deployment Hi-Viz yellow color Abrasion resistant, yet holds a knot well without messy adhesives

$14.95 (100 ft.) $49.95 (500ft.)


RPM Gorilla Wire

RPM RedLine

The big brother to Monkey Wire has finally been let out of the cage! Gorilla Wire is a #600 braided line that sports a Hi-Vis yellow color for superior visability. When you're spooling up your favorite bottle reel make sure to use the best line on the market, make sure you're using Gorilla Wire! 100'. (for bottle style reels only)

RPM has done it again! RedLine is the newest #200 tensile strength line to hit the bowfishing market. It's slightly larger diameter than Monkey Wire allows for easier use while still allowing for more line capacity on your reel than traditional spincast lines. Available in 125' and 400' lengths. (for spinning reels only) Color!!? Do you really need to ask? It's RED!

$11.95 (125 ft.)

$26.99 (100 ft.)


Bowfishing Reels-Retrievers


AMS Retriever Pro Tournament Series The Next Generation of Bowfishing is Here! Our Retriever® Pro Tournament Series Reel has been “bulked up” with a lightning fast 4.3 to 1 Gear Ratio! We also added a longer handle for increased leverage; along with our Hi-Visibility yellow dacron line. 200# Extreme Line $99.95 (right hand) $99.95 (left hand) NEW

AMS Retriever Pro Series This addition to the retriever line from AMS is stronger, lighter and even more corrosion resistant. It also has a quick-adjust telescoping clamp for adjusting for different sized hands, more clearance for protruding arrow rests and a Hi-Vis Yellow line. And finally, the Arrow Quiver gives you a place to store your arrow when not in use. 200# Extreme Line $79.95 (right hand) $79.95 (left hand) AMS Original Retriever $69.95 (Right or Left Hand)

AMS Big Game Pro The AMS Retriever Big Game Pro has the features of the Retriever Pro but allows the use of a float or deep-sea rig. This reel is for the big bowfishing game like alligators, sharks and stingrays. Float sold separately. $96.95 (400# Line RH) $96.95 (400# Line LH)



Cajun ACS Arrow Slides Arrow slide greatly reduces line snag potential Fishing line attached to slide on 5/16" bowfishing shafts 5 slides, 5 stops, and 5 nocks included $14.95 AMS Replacement Retriever Bottle Replacement bottle for standard and slotted retriever reels. 25 - $3.95 AMS Extra Large Retriever Reel Bottle Extra large bottle for retriever or slotted retriever reels. 2 inches longer and holds nearly double the line. $9.95 AMS Retriever Parts Replacement Cap- $2.95 Replacement Handle - $6.25 Replacement Wheel - $7.75


AMS Sleek-X Crossbow Bracket The AMS Sleek-X Cross-bow Mount is made of smooth and strong anodized aluminum. This 3 piece system, has a mounting bracket that attaches in the standard quiver holes $59.95

AMS Safety Slide Standard AMS safety slide attaches to arrow to prevent arrow snapback. Std = 5/16”, Magnum =22/64”. Availabe in blue, orange or yellow $8.95 (Standard) 2pk $15.95 (Standard) 5pk $15.95 (Magnum) 5 pk

Hydro Skin Bottle Wrap Bowfish in style, with Hydro-Skin Bottle Wraps. Designed to be applied directly to bowfishing retrieving linebottle by simply cleaning any oil or resiOrange Zebra Pink Camo Pink Flame due to insure proper installation of wrap and apply (by rolling) with ease onto the side of the bottle. Custom-fit by trimming if needed. featuring adhesivebacking, to ensure an unsurpassed bond. Size: 8 1/2" x 2 1/8". $5.99 8 Blue Camo




Zebco 808 Bowfisher Reel

Xtreme Duty Bowfishing Reel now with new Stainless Steel Foot, all stainless/brass drive system, dual spool shaft bearings, automotive disc type drag, oversized roller line pickup pin, convertible RH or LH retrieve.

Larger button, drag knob, handle screw, and heavy duty handle. Dual ceramic pickup pins. Heavy duty drag system with large gear compressioned disk. Right or Left hand.

$52.95 Muzzy Reel Parts Available Online Muzzy Reel Service Available from Backwater


Shakespeare Synergy TI20 Reel Left or Right hand convertible! Oversized spincast reel with 2 ball bearing design, dual titanium - coated pickup pins and large mouth line guide , polished stainless steel front cone and back cover. Heavy duty metal gears and selective anti-reverse. Adjustable multi-disc drag system.

$26.95 NEW

Cajun Hybrid Bowfishing Reel Fully ambidextrous One handed operation Stainless Steel Screws 4 Stainless Steel Ball Bearing drive for a smooth feel All aluminum mounting brackets Tension adjustment knob 25 yards of 250 lb test braided line All metal drive system with machined brass gears Weighs 1.2 lbs Quick Access thumb cocking lever can be tied to the down cable of your compound bow to cock the reel as you reach full draw. Arrow will not snap back if you forget to cock the reel. Arrow caddy keeps your arrow secure during transport

Spincast Reels AND Hybrid Reels

Muzzy Bowfishing Reel XD




Reel Accessories

Muzzy Reel Seat Muzzy reel seat used for attaching spincast reels to your bow. Reel seat is threaded for rod or finger saver attachment. $29.95

Fuzz Mount Reel Seat Heavy duty cast aluminum side mount reel seat for spincast reels. One of the toughest reel seats on the market, great for tough situations. Lifetime guaranteed from the manufacturer. $38.95

F&D Pro Reel Seat II No jamb nuts to worry about Reel will stay in place $32.95

Cajun Tournament Reel Seat Machined aluminum reel seat with gold anodized hoods. Threaded end for rod or accessory attachment. $28.95

Sully’s Super Tuff Aluminum Reel Seat Toughest reel seat on the market. All machined aluminum and tapped for a rod. Anodized black. A little touch of "Class". $15.95

Rock Solid Reel Seat Tournament grade, aluminum construction. Firmly secures bowfishing reel in place. Attaches to front stabilizer bushing of bow riser. $19.99

RPM Vise Reel Seat Rugged aircraft aluminum construction Universal 5/16x24 thread attachment Threaded accessory port Integrated line puller Strong twin hex nut and friction ring locking system. Seven inch overall length $32.99

Muzzy Rod Attachment Muzzy rod attachment for reel seats. $10.95

F&D Straight Shooter Rod With new HD Rod. Mounts to reel seat to prevent wear on reel and fight fish. $19.95

RPM Breakout This stainless steel rod threads into the VISE reel attachment system, helping reduce and relieve stress on your favorite reel’s gears and bearings. A 7mm ceramic line guide funnels even heavier cords smoothly, while reducing costly line wear. It features strong stainless steel construction, ceramic line guide reduces line wear, and reduces internal gear and bearing stress. $16.99

AMS Traditional Mounting Bracket Easily and quickly remove/attach retriever reels with this mounting bracket. Makes changing reels a snap. $24.95


Muzzy Finger Saver Muzzy Finger Saver line puller. For use with spincast reels with small diameter line, to keep line from cutting hands. $12.95

RPM Locker No more loose arrows, thanks to The Locker. Attached to the riser using the sight bar or quiver holes, The Locker holds arrow shafts securely, safely, and out of the water. Stainless steel hardware and rugged nylon construction combine to provide years of service. Easy to install using the sight bar or quiver holes. Long-lasting nylon construction. Holds arrow shafts securely and out of the way. $10.99



The single 0.019" diameter fiber optic lighted sight is fully protected for bowfishing use. Other features include an aperture with a 1.8" inner diameter, laser markings for windage and elevation adjustments and a glow in the dark shooter's ring! It is adjustable for right or left handed shooters. Violet LED light included.

Backwater Koozie Keep those drinks cold on those hot nights of bowfishing with these neoprene can holders! $2.49




Backwater Outdoors Girls Boat/Truck Decal Looks great on your boat or truck! High quality vinyl, easy to apply. 6” decal $5.95

Backwater “Cast and Wait” Boat/Truck Decal Looks great on your boat or truck! High quality vinyl, easy to apply. 6” decal $5.95

Backwater Outdoors Boat/ Truck Decal Looks great on your boat or truck! High quality vinyl, easy to apply. 6” decal - $3.95 10” decal - $5.95 30” decal - $19.95

Backwater Outdoors Hand Towel Hand towel with grommet to keep those hands clean! Printed with Backwater Logo. $7.95

Bowfishing Accessories

AMS Atomic Fiber Optic Single Pin Sight

30-06 46” Promosoft Bow Case Padded Lightweight design 46”x 2”x16.5” Arrow Pocket: 34” Fits most bowfishing bows and the Oneida Osprey with Muzzy Reel and Reel Seat Attached $34.99

Innerloc Floating Gar Bowfishing Target 1090 - $69.00




AMS Tidal Wave Rest Has the same great technology as the Wave Rest but with the added feature of a nearly full enclosure around the arrow. The arrow "snaps" into the rest and stays put no matter how the bow is handled.

Muzzy Fish Hook Rest Fish Hook arrow rest won't allow your arrow to fall and can be tuned for perfect arrow flight .


Simple center shot set-up offering superior accuracy. Holds the arrow in place making snap-shooting a breeze. Durable, dependable construction w/stainless hardware. Recommended to be used with arrow with the nock diameter the same or smaller than the shaft. Easily converts from RH to LH. Colors: Red, Blue, and Black

RMP Victory Rest Available with or without retention gates



AMS Wave Rest Provides stability for maximum arrow control while swing shooting. And more, the spinning roller provides additional arrow control during the shot and reduces wear on the arrow shaft. Right or Left Hand $22.95


New bowfishing version of the popular Whisker Biscuit arrow rest. Thick bristles hold arrow into place to prevent the arrow from falling off or moving around.

$55.95 $22.95 (Replacement Biscuit)


Hydro-Glide Bowfishing Arrow Rest

Whisker Biscuit Fish Rest

Muzzy Wheel of Fortune Rest

Bowfishing Rests


Quick Draw Rest Rubber gate - For quick loading & captures arrow eliminating arrow fall off. Stainless Steel Screws - Reduces Rusting CNC machined from 6061 Aircraft Aluminum Quick Slick Tape - Helps eliminate wear and delivers smooth arrow launch. Also in Pink. $44.95

F&D Pro Rest $29.95

Roller type rest for bowfishing arrows.


Bighead Rest All metal rest for those tough conditions. Holds arrow tight for a smooth shot.



Bowfishing Points and Arrows

Shure Shot Penetrator Point $6.95

Lil Stinger 4 Barb Point $6.95

Gene Davis 2 Barb Point $8.95 Gene Davis 3 Barb Point $9.95

Cajun Long Barb Piranha Point $7.95

Gene Davis 4 Barb Point $10.95

Cajun Tournament Stingaree Point $8.95

Innerloc 3 Barb Grapple Point $12.75

Cajun WarheadPoint $6.95 Shure Shot Point $5.95

RPM Octane Point $9.99

Cajun Piranha Point $6.95

RPM Octane Boost Point $11.99

Lil Stinger Point $6.95

RPM NOS Point $10.95

Innerloc Pro Point $6.95

Innerloc Practice Point $3.95 Innerloc 2 Barb Grapple Point $12.95 Muzzy Carp Point $7.95

RPM NOS Boost Point $11.99 NEW

RPM Davy Jones Replacment Point $6.99 All arrows built custom to your specs! 1. Choose Your Arrow 2. Choose your shaft: 3. Add a safety slide ($3.00) (Optional) 4. Add Backwater Reflective Wrap ($2.00) (Optional) Add the price of the point and shaft for a complete arrow, we’ll throw in the nock for free and assemble for you! Any point, any arrow! Only from Backwater! Order online or call us to order your arrows!

Build your own custom arrows! Any combination!

Muzzy Gar Point $7.95


Black Mamba Shaft Solid black fiberglass construction 1,200-grain weight True Hi-Viz 5/16-inch skinny nock

Blue Shaft $3.95

$5.95 Orange Shaft $3.95

Hazard Shaft Five encapsulated carbon strands for added spine 1,200-grain weight White 5/16-inch skinny nock

Green Shaft $3.95

$10.95 Yellow Jacket Shaft $7.95 Green Carbon Spined Shaft $7.95

Black Magic Shaft Solid fiberglass core wrapped in an anodized aluminum sleeve Attractive black striped color True white 5/16-inch skinny nock


$16.95 Carbon Shaft $17.50


Pink Shaft $3.95 Red Hornet Shaft $8.50 Glass Max Shaft $5.95 NRG Carbon Spined Shaft $7.95

RPM Davy Jones Arrow Designed for deep water shooting! After spending hundreds of hours trying to get traditional bowfishing tackle down to the depths the big fish live we developed a smaller diamater MUCH heavier shaft/point combination. When you combine smaller diameter and heavier weight you end up with an insane

Bowfishing Points and Arrows

White Shaft $2.95

amount of kinetic energy. (not recommened to be shot in shallow or rocky terrain) Complete arrow only with point installed.



Glow Max Shaft $7.95

Backwater Reflective Arrow Wrap $2.00

Fin Finder Full Bowfishing Arrow Wraps $14.99

Muzzy Big Fish Point Adapter $5.95

Muzzy Replacment Tips (Carp & Gar) $3.95 (2 pk)

Innerloc Grapple Replacement Tips $7.95 (2 pk)

RPM Bullet Tip $4.99

Cajun Jackhammer Tips $2.95 (2 pk)

Innerloc Pro Point Replacement Tips $4.49

Bowfishing Nocks and Arrow Accessories

Arizona Epoxy Powerful adhesive perfect for gluing tips onto arrow shafts and anything else. $10.95

Uni-nocks 1 - 5/16” uni-nock. $0.40

Nocking Points $0.25

Nocturnal Lighted Nocks Has a string activated linear switch that is protected deep within the nock and will not turn on or off inadvertently. Battery last over 20 hours. Made of clear plastic for maximum light transmission. 1 Per Package, Available in Red, Green, or Blue 1 pk -$8.99 3 pk - $24.99

5/16 Glue-on Nocks 1 - 5/16” nock. Fits standard bowfishing arrows. Better hold on the string. $0.25 (Blue)

Lighted Nock Adapter Allows lighted nocks (Lumenocks, Nockturnals, etc) to be used on 5/16 bowfishing

shafts. $4.95

Muzzy Carbon Classic Arrow Muzzy Carbon Classic Fish Arrow with Carp-point. 5/16" solid carbon shaft with push in tunable nock for quick, easy arrow tuning and nock replacement. (Carp Pt) - $29.95 (Gar Pt) - $29.95 (Crossbow Bolt) - $39.95 Bohning Instant Gel Ultimate holding power for nocks $2.95

Slim Fit Nocks 1 - 5/16” glue on nock. New slim design allows safety slide to go over nock without having to remove nock. Holds string! Standard on all bowfishing arrows. $0.25


Bowfishing Videos The ground breaking bowfishing video Keeping it Reel from Backwater Outdoors! Without a doubt, the baddest bowfishing footage ever laid down on video. Fast paced, non-stop action with Backwater Outdoors owner and bowfishing expert Bryan Hughes. Giant grass carp, gator gar, buffalo and all kinds of salt and fresh water species taken. From the marshes of Louisiana to the lakes of Alabama and Tennessee, these pros will show you how they do it airboat style, where the fish run but they can't hide! $14.95



Backwater Outdoors Pro Staff


Women’s Bowfishing Apparel



Backwater Outdoors Ladies “Busting Scales in Ponytails” Shirt Awesome new design and high quality Backwater Outdoors Ladies Tank Top Awesome new design and high quality pre-shrunk t-shirt. pre-shrunk tank top $14.95 $14.95


Girls Bowfish Too Hoodie Super comfortable and warm for those cool nights. $34.95

Girls Bowfish Too T-Shirt 100% combed ringspun cotton $14.95


Backwater Outdoors Ladies Purple Shirt

Girls Bowfish Too!



Gulf Shores, AL

Orange Beach, AL

You’ve all caught fish with a rod and reel... Come experience the thrill of shooting fish with a bow and arrow!

Fully guided saltwater bowfishing trips along the Alabama Gulf Coast. Bows in hand, we'll stalk the shallows for giant stingrays, flounder, sheepshead...even sharks! All licenses provided‌just bring your sense of adventure!

Contact Capt. Jason Mallette

Hundreds of pictures at 251-979-3550

Backwater Apparel


“Saving Your Bass” T-Shirt New bowfishing t-shirt from backwater bowfishing, with new design. High quality, 100% pre-shrunk cotton, long lasting shirts. Saving your bass design! Short Sleeve—$14.95 Long Sleeve—$19.95

"Millions of Fish Were Harmed" Shirt from Backwater $14.95

“Saving Your Bass” Hoodie Long sleeve bowfishing hoodie from backwater bowfishing. High quality, 100% preshrunk cotton, long lasting shirts. Saving your bass design! Text included on sleeve "" (not shown) $34.95

“Cast and Wait?” T-Shirt New shirt design from backwater outdoors. High quality, 100% preshrunk cotton, long lasting shirts. “Cast and Wait? Ain’t nobody got time for dat!” $14.95

“Backwater Outdoor Visor” Our Backwater Outdoor Realtree AP Max Hat! High Quality, great fitting, adjustable visor. Hat has the backwater outdoors logo on the front. Great bowfishing and everyday wear! One size fits most. $14.95 "There is No Off Season" t-shirt, chocolate brown. *Note: Darker than in mock up pictured. Short Sleeve—$14.95 Long Sleeve—$19.95

"There is No Off Season" Hoodie, chocolate brown. *Note: Darker than in mock up pictured. $34.95


"Making Carp Famous" T-shirt Short Sleeve—$14.95 Long Sleeve—$19.95 Hoodie—$34.95

Backwater Bowfishing Hat High Quality, great fitting, adjustable hat. Hat has the green backwater fish logo $14.95 22


Backwater Apparel

“We Reek of Success” "We don't smell like dead fish, we reek of success." 100% pre shrunk cotton long lasting t-shirts.

Short Sleeve—$14.95 Long Sleeve—$19.95 Hoodie—$34.95

Backwater Outdoors Mossy Oak Bottomland Hat High Quality, great fitting, adjustable hat. These hats look great! Great for hunting, bowfishing, and everyday wear! $14.95

The "Beware of Carp" shirt from Backwater! With carp becoming an epidemic in the U.S. we want to raise awareness and show bowfishing is the best way to take these fish out of the ecosystem. $14.95


“Carp Fear Me” T-Shirt New shirt design from backwater outdoors. High quality, 100% preshrunk cotton, long lasting shirts. “Women Want Me, Carp Fear Me!” $14.95

“Three B’s of Bowfishing” T-Shirt New shirt design from backwater outdoors. High quality, 100% preshrunk cotton, long lasting shirts. “Three B’s of Bowfishing: Boats, Bows and Backwater Outdoors!” $14.95

**All t-shirts and hoodies on pages 22 and 23 range in sizes from Small—XXXL. 256-776-9109


Bowfishing Marine Products

See our website for additional props and other items! Hydroturf Boat Decking Material Hydro-Turf is a lightweight traction matting made from EVA Foam. The closed cell technology used in manufacturing Hydro-Turf makes it superior in many ways: Noise Reduction - reduces noise and vibration or a more pleasurable boating experience. In addition, helps soften or muffle in-boat noises while bowfishing. Full Color through and through color no matter how much Hydro-Turf is scrubbed or cleaned, or exposed to the elements. Its color will not fade or mildew. Closed Cell Technology - this technology makes Hydro-Turf soil resistant and non-water absorbent, making for quick and easy clean-up and drying. Also resistant to petroleum products. Foot comfort - helps provide a non-slip cushioning to reduce those aching feet from standing all night. Heat Reduction - gives you the convenience to walk on its surface with no painful heat or burning. Glare Reduction - dramatically reduces glare reflected from aluminum or bright surfaces. Hydro-Turf provides cushion, comfort, and peace of mind knowing that you and fellow riders will be protected by a non-skid surface while maneuvering around the boat. HydroTurf is great for customizing any boat. It comes in a wide array of colors and is easily installed using either our 3M Peel and Stick sheets, or our standard sheets applied with contact cement. Can also be used for many other things including showers, swimming pools, deer stands, duck boats, the possibilities are endless. Sheets are 40" x 62" x 5.5mm (thick) Available with or without adhesive backing. Available with shown colors as well as mud brown and duck boat green. Available with shown surface styles. Ships direct from the manufacturer, please allow up to two-three weeks for delivery. $94.95 Add 3M Adhesive Backing for $20.00 See website for additional details




Designed to help you catch more fish by quieting the source of the most noise - your trolling motor Bowjax studied the effectiveness of this dampener in a scientific setting. The study showed a reduction vibration in Hz/G's from 262 to 204. This proves it doesn’t matter if you have the best new lure on the market. If you dampen your trolling motor you increase your odds of catching more fish.


Seelite True Warm LED Bowfishing Light After tons of research with bowfishing veterans we designed the TrueWarm line. We fished over nearly every LED light available on the market and with no surprise we came up short. What it took was a little southern know how and some willingness to open our pockets a little. The end result is a light that is unlike anything you have ever experienced with LED technology before.

High Pressure Sodium & Metal Halide Energy Efficient Boat Lights 150 Watt HPS Light -$84.95 150 Watt MH Light -$109.95 70 Wall HPS Light -$64.95 70 Watt MH Light -$94.95 400 Watt MH Light -$199.95 400 Watt HPS Light -$199.95


Energy Efficient Light Bulbs 150 Watt HPS Replacement Bulb -$10.95 70 Watt HPS Replacement Bulb -$10.95 70 Watt MH Replacement Bulb -$29.95 400 Watt HPS Replacement Bulb -$17.95 400 Watt MH Replacement Bulb -$19.95 Halogen Light & Bulbs 300 Watt Halogen Light -$17.95 300 Watt Halogen Bulb -$3.50 OMP Floating Gaffs Pro model features lengthened, 24" or 48” design and center-grip to provide aid in landing large aquatic game. Heavy-duty #304 stainless steel hook, and rigid aluminum construction, ensure superior strength and durability. Dual cushion grips and shockchord allow for ease of use, and provide optimal comfort. Great for use in a Boat. A must-have for every Bowfisherman. Aluminum Construction #304 Stainless steel hook, Shock-Chord, and Floating Design. Color: Orange.

24” - $19.95 48” $24.95

  

Model SBF50

    

Custom spectrums available

 

1 year in house warranty

50 Watt True warm LED chipset

Bowfishing Marine Products

Bowjax Trollling Motor Vibration Dampener

Black housing Dimensions: 9.5"x11.5" weight: 5-8 lbs available with 12VDC , 24VDC, and 120VAC drivers 120v Includes plug / 12/24v does not

Available in 12/24V or 120 VAC in metal halide, halogen or HPS color. Also available in 80 watt. See our website for more details.

Ships direct from the manufacturer separate from other products. $124.95 NEW


RPM Wrecker Put an end to all that thrashing around, with the Wrecker fish thumper from RPM. Made of light but sturdy aircraft aluminum, the Wrecker measures a full 17 carp-smackin’ inches, and comes complete with wrist lanyard and Sure-Grip padded handle and tip. Drop it overboard? Not a problem – she floats!


Trolling Motor Shaft Dampener Made to go on the shaft of your trolling motor to take out extra vibrations there. Slit down the side, and applied together with provided zip ties.


Notice: Lights, bulbs, and hydro-turf are non-refundable items. 256-776-9109

Fisherman’s Odornix The ultimate odor eliminator for bowfishermen. 4 oz. size fits in tackle box. Eliminates fish and slime smell on hands. $4.99


Alligator Hunting

Muzzy Gator Getter Carbon Arrow & Bolt 22/64" Diameter Solid Carbon Gator Arrow/Bolt w/detachable gator point. $39.95 $39.95 (Bolt)

Innerloc Gator Gator Grapple Gator Grapple points are drilled so they can be rigged detachable. $14.95 (22/64”) $14.95 (5/16”)

Muzzy 600# Gator Cord Muzzy Pro Gator Getter Kit Designed for slotted retrievers Has everything you need to bowhunt the largest bowand super tough under pressure. fishing game. Includes one slotted retriever pro reel 100 ft. spooled with 600# gator cord, one extra spool of $21.95 600# gator cord, two big game floats, and three gator getter arrows. Crossbow kit includes crossbow mounting bracket. $260 (compound) $280 (crossbow) Muzzy Gator Getter Crossbow Bolt 24'' alligator hunting crossbow bolt. Detaching head specialized for alligator hunting. Works with slotted retriever and float system. Muzzy Gator Strobe $26.95 Water Activated LED light that can be attached to any Big Game Float or equipment that may fall overboard. Light is visible for over 1 mile. Allows Big Game Floats you to keep track of your Gator even if Floats used with slotyour float is pulled under the surface of ted retriever reels for the water! large game including $9.95 alligators and alligator gar. $26.95

Muzzy Gator Getter Arrow Gator point attached. Specially designed tip will remain intact while arrow falls loose to prevent arrow pullout and arrow damage. $22.95

Muzzy Gator Point 1019 - For standard 5/16” bowfishing arrows. Not for gator getter arrows. $7.95 1018-G Muzzy Gator Getter Magnum Point Replacement points for Gator Getter arrows. 22/64”. $7.99


Give us a call and we can dip any item that you purchase from Backwater Outdoors before it is shipped!


Alabama Scale Blazers Official Bowfishing Organization for the State of Alabama Protecting and promoting the sport bowfishing in Alabama and abroad To Join and more info:


Backwater Outdoors, LLC 6239 Hwy 72 East Gurley, AL 35748

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Backwater Outdoors 2014 Bowfishing Catalog  

World's largest supplier of bowfishing supplies and bowfishing equipment. Backwater Outdoors catalog includes all the new bowfishing gear f...

Backwater Outdoors 2014 Bowfishing Catalog  

World's largest supplier of bowfishing supplies and bowfishing equipment. Backwater Outdoors catalog includes all the new bowfishing gear f...

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