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Online Backup and Data Recovery in 2010 The rules for online data backup and data recovery have changed. Compliance is driving organization of all sizes to embrace the new world of Cloud Backup and Online Backup services. This is not just to comply with SOX, Bill 198, HIPAA, GLBA, SEC, FACTA, ISO 9001 and a long list of other compliance requirements, but it is also to lower costs and minimize risks associated with managing backups in-house. Imagine losing your company’s financial data because the tape you are trying to restore from is damaged or the data is corrupt. Businesses that are using NAS/SAN technology instead of tapes are also at risk of losing their data because these backups may reside in one single physical location which can be destroyed in a fire, flood or even as a result of theft.

Secure online backup with data stored in a hardened offsite facility makes perfect sense, especially as Internet bandwidth costs have come down significantly and online backups can be automated. Data recovery is as simple as point and click. Recovery of a file is almost instantaneous. The best way to ensure that computer files to build sure it is with regular backups. Simply save a copy of important files is a start. With a copy of your most important files from a PC back in poles apart media (or different PC) data recovery then becomes copying them back when the problem is fixed. Technologies such as deduplication, block level backups and other proprietary technologies allow incremental backups to happen quickly and efficiently. Encryption of the data and SSL ensure safe transit of the data from point A to point B. Encryption of your data during storage is also imperative to the privacy and safety of your data. Let us save you time, money and the hassles associated with managing your backups. With BackupSilo your backups are guaranteed and your recovery is guaranteed with a 99.999% success rate. With Data Center locations in Canada, USA and UK we can ensure that your data stays within regulated or compliance friendly borders.

Author: Dinesh W adhwani

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