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Multifunction Printers – the Low Cost Printing Solution MISSISSAUGA, ON – January 13, 2011

The demand to do more with less has never been more pressing for small and medium-sized businesses. Everything from office space – hot desking and home office environments will drive the US mobile workforce to an all time high 75% in 2011 – to staff headcounts and technology devices. The all-singing, all-dancing, multifunction printer is a tool for the times. Printing, scanning, copying, faxing, document management and archiving delivered in a single, neat package. The all-in-one printer is fast becoming the default choice for savvy small business owners and a catalyst for efficiencies across a range of cost centres. Given the achievable savings in time, money, space and resources, technology managers and CFOs are paying serious attention. Hewlett Packard, among others, has lead the way in pushing the design and development of office hardware solutions and technologies, and earned its reputation as an innovative manufacturer with an eye for the future. Given the rapid and sustained emergence of environmental concerns, it’s no surprise that printing’s impact in this area has come under scrutiny. A compact MFP loaded with functionality can significantly reduce energy consumption – from space to consumables and maintenance – when compared to the cost of ownership for several single-function devices. HP all in one printers run from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand for a top of the range printer with all the trimmings, providing excellent service for businesses of all sizes. Networking and wireless capabilities are features that make HP MFPs not just versatile, but adaptable to the modern workplace. The tireless wireless world The IDC estimates that 75% of the US workforce – 120 million people, in other words – will be mobile in 2011. That’s up from 68% in 2006 and reveals the pace at which businesses are embracing the proliferation of Wi-fi and mobile technologies. The global mobile population is forecast to reach 1.2 billion, or one third of the world’s workforce, by 2013 according to the same source.


As an early adopter of Wi-fi technologies, HP has been able to extend a helthy lead on the market, developing powerful, innovative and user-friendly printers, enabling users to print from laptops or mobile devices. No matter what kind of business you’re in, due diligence demands that key questions need to be answered before committing to a purchase. How many people will use the device? What percentage of the printing is colour? What kind of consumables will you use and how much will you need? Can you save paper by duplexing rather than printing one-sided? A straightforward test of the print environment using a simple software application will provide these answers and ensure the correct investments are made.

Author – Hill D’Souza

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Multifunction Printers – the Low Cost Printing Solution  

Hewlett Packard, among others, has lead the way in pushing the design and development of office hardware solutions and technologies, and ear...

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