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Storeitoffsite storeitoffsite is a company with a lot to offer. We provide unmatched reliability through our data protection solutions. Our custom solutions feature a remarkable level of technologies and data center redundancy.

Backup Lexington Ky  Your data is securely stored offsite, using military level encryption employed by most multinational banks that require a high level of security. All of your data is 256-bit encrypted and compressed before being uploaded and stored on storeitoffsite's Offsite Backup Server through a secure SSL channel.

 Your business data goes hand-in-hand with your business operations. Whether primarily sales records, proposals, receivables, presentations, formulas, or client lists, that data is the heart of your business.  Data loss or corruption or even temporary inaccessibility can interrupt business continuity, ruin your company's reputation, or lead to expensive litigation.  But data management can be expensive and time consuming to manage in-house.

Offsite Backup Lexington Ky ď ś storeitoffsite is a proven solution, using industry standard technologies that offer secure, encrypted protection of your critical data. This provides you with peace of mind. Furthermore, depending on the significance of the failure, the financial impact on that company could be devastating. ď ś There o e was a ti e whe te h ology was just a a essory i usi ess. It had little, or o effe t, o a company's ability to fulfill its mission. ď ś As companies began to move core business operations into technology based operations, suddenly, a serious issue.

Off-Site Backup Lexington Ky  But data management can be expensive and time consuming to manage in-house. With a variety of monthly packages available, storeitoffsite can offer completely custom and tailored solutions for any situation and any company.  storeitoffsite's solutions are unmatched in scalability, reliability and performance with a remarkable level of data redundancy and protection backed by TWO secured data centers.  Today we operate in an environment where most core business processes require technology. It allows for a high level of management, productivity and competitiveness, unlike what many companies have ever experienced.  Any one of these can cause a significant amount of downtime which can place a company at serious risk, or worse.For more information visit our website:

Off-Site Backup Lexington Ky