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∞ Closed loop countertop gardening system and self-cleaning fish tank ∞Measures less than one cubic foot, including the 3-gallon tank ∞Includes everything you need to grow – just add water and fish! ∞Makes it easy for anyone to grow fresh herbs naturally at home – no fertilizers!

In 2009, Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez founded Back to the Roots upon graduation from UC Berkeley, when they created the Grow-Your-Own Mushroom Garden. Ever since, they’ve been working to bring sustainable, delicious food to everyone by creating products that help families grow their own food at home.

∞ An ecosystem that mimics the natural symbiotic relationship between plants and fish – combining aquaculture and hydroponics. ∞ Beneficial bacteria from the plant roots in the water converts fish waste’s ammonia into nitrates, which fertilize plants. In turn, the plants are taking these nutrients out of the water and cleaning it for the fish.

∞ Size: 9x7x11 – less than one cubic foot, including 3-gallon tank ∞ Houses ornamental fish including bettas, danios, and white clouds ∞ Grows herbs as well as veggies such as lettuce and arugula ∞ Wholesale: $30.00 ∞ Suggested retail price: $50.00

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Quick guide to the BTTR Aquaponics garden.