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Surviving the 3Day Neon Sleepover

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No Need to Pardon Ms. Parton: Dolly’s back on tour with her new album Pure and Simple

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Stage Diving Is The Risk Worth The Rush?

terms, it’s like catching the Holy Ghost at a concert! The act of stage diving has been going on for decades. Before some of us were even thought about being born, artists such as Iggy Pop and Jim Morrison were taking the plunge and risking injury to themselves and their makeshift safety net fans for the opportunity to go beyond the greatness they already possessed to obtain human contact. Other music artists such as Fred Durst from rock group, Limp Bizkit, to hip hop artist, Method Man dove into the abyss of uncertainty within a concert audience.

What goes through the mind of the person about to jump? Maybe it’s “Oh f#* k!” Maybe it’s just “Now I’ll know how a flying squirrel feels!” There seems to be a Written by Jasmine D. Giles moment of slight obliviousness to the scenarios of either, A: you’re going to Photos by Clint Burton seriously injure yourself and possibly die, or B: the people you land on will be What is Stage Diving, you ask? Ehem... seriously injured or die. Whatever they well… Stage Diving – by my personal may be thinking, it sure doesn’t put a definition–is when a person becomes so screeching halt on the execution of the overwhelmed and inspired by the musical leap. One of the most the epic Stage Dives beats and rhythms coursing through their would have to go to the 68-ft drop by lead veins, that the soul is compelled to take vocalist of the rock band Boy Hits Car, over ones own rationale at a concert. This Cregg Rondell, in 2005 at K-Rockathon 10 person then gets up on stage, launches in Weedsport, NY. On the website, him/herself into to crowd and relies on Syracuse.com, Rondell had been quoted the power of compassion that a crowd of saying: strangers will catch them. In layman


"I was stuck, and the whole crowd was chanting 'Jump, jump, jump!' Looking back, it seems my choices were to wait for the fire department and a long enough ladder, or charge it."

"I didn't even plan on jumping." "I wanted to get a better vantage point to view the crowd, but once I climbed up and lowered myself onto the speakers, I got a bit of vertigo cause the speakers began to shift and move. I recall not wanting any part of it, but I couldn't pull myself back into the rafters. I was stuck, and the whole crowd was chanting 'Jump, jump, jump!' Looking back, it seems my choices were to wait for the fire department and a long enough ladder, or charge it." (Baker, 2013).

worse than dying for real. Or, you could cause some type of mayhem on stage so that security would have to carry you off the stage. Hey, at least you are able to back out of stage diving and look cool doing it. Win – Win situation.

you can just sleep it off in your bed if your concussion doesn’t temporarily affect your memory of how to get home.

There have been many accounts of fans and artists alike that have taken the plunge and have gotten Through all that one still themselves or someone else ponders over what goes injured. Miguel, R&B singer through the mind of the known for such songs as persons in the audience as Adorn and Coffee, injured they prepare to catch that two fans in a failed attempt jumper? Is there an at a stage dive at the 2013 unspoken communication Billboard Music Awards. In of allegiance between 2014, the band Fishbone jumper and catcher for an had to pay up on a law suit intense few moments? No when a fan was injured What happens if you wipe one wants to be crushed by during a failed stage dive. out and no one catches the weight of a body Angelo Moore, one of the you? You’re up on stage hurdling down on you, band members, dove off looking in awe at all the even if it is your favorite stage and landed on top of people cheering below. In artist. And besides, who the woman, causing injury the crowd there are small wants to leave a concert to her skull and collar bone. pocket of individuals with a sneaker print on Countless dives, countless looking to beat you down if their forehead? Well, you injuries, and yet still there is you even think about can move out the way, that internal carnal desire to jumping on them. insuring your own safety pacify that rush of Suddenly, you are faced and going home with the adrenaline that overcomes with an awareness that – irrational cognitive one’s human vessel. I guess what if you jump and no dissonance that you are it’s go hard or go home. one catches?! What responsible for your happens now?! Well, you favorite artist’s injury. You It seems like the rush can try to go out like a hero can stay there and try to definitely outweighs the and take the plunge – one catch a flinging body, risk. could argue dying of possibly injuring yourself. embarrassment is way But hey, the artist is ok and


Its August, its hot, I’ve already been

driving for three hours and my travelling to get to the venue is far from finished. I still have to take a ride to another city though only ten minutes away and then catch a school bus shuttle to the door of the venue in Auburn, Washington. Not many people would think spending nine hours wandering around a venue filled with all kinds of colorful characters would be enjoyable, but for me and so many others it’s just The Vans Warped Tour. You have to push and shove your way through, most of the time that you are there, but no one gets offended. That’s one of the nice things about Warped Tour, we are all here for generally the same reason and we all accept each other. Despite the smell of sweat coming at you in all directions, including from you and people trying their best to get you to sign their petition or agree to pay an outrageous amount for merch, its you who volunteered to be here, and you know you love it, all of it. 2016 Warped Tour came to an end in Portland on August 13th, but I caught the show the day before. The bands are tired, they have to be, going nonstop since June you’d almost expect a lesser show by the time they reach the tail end of the tour. The energy that you expect to be faltered and forced is non-existent. The bands are just as energetic as they were when the tour started, jumping, screaming, and pumping up the crowd like it’s the first show they’ve played in months.

stage to stage just to catch who you came to see. The last time I was at Warped Tour was 2009 when it still was held at the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington. I was 19 and attending my first real concert, so of course I remember very little. My brother in law had to protect me from the crowds while I wandered around taking it all in, while in a state of culture shock. But for some Warped Tour is a tradition, while soaking myself under one of the many free running sprinklers, I people watched and there was a kid who was on his 8th consecutive year of Warped, he was 8. This kids dad had five kids with him, one of them chilling in his stroller. The Vans Warped Tour is more than just music, around its stages, line booths from merch to organizations. To Write Love on Her Arms, an organization that supports those who self-harm and suffer from depression, showed its dedication to the tour from start to finish.

Warped Tour is not your typical concert, at any given time there are at least 3 bands playing at the same time. You have to speed walk and for some run from

THE VANS WARPE Written by Angela Porrazzo Photos by Angela Porrazzo and Travis Eisenhard



You don’t care what you look like, you can’t feel your legs and if you’ve done it right you no longer have the ability to speak.


There are always ones you go to see ones you know you have to see, then there are one you stumble upon while waiting for the next show to start. I was looking forward to State Champs, a band from Albany, NY that has played Warped Tour before, but I’ve only recently discovered. The band rewarded their new and previous fans with a show fueled by the energy of lead singer, Derek Discanio. As the sun began to dip low behind the trees, everyone moved to the final show at the Journey’s Left Foot Stage to see Falling in Reverse close it out. Bringing energy that almost all of us had lost hours ago back into our bodies, the band didn’t waste any time jumping right in. Playing not only their songs, but songs from bands like Escape the Fate. Though he wasn’t going to do all the work Ronnie left it to the crowd to sing the opening verse of Escape the Fate’s Situations. This year was the year of the combacks, Stopping twice to make the crowd start so many bands that have been long over because it wasn’t good enough, established played the tour. Good letting the song go on. Falling in Charlotte played a week in July, Less Than before Reverse kept the energy going until the Jake bringing their unique sound to the very end, leaving us fall without our Journey’s Left Foot stage. Fan favorites, voices and sledging back to our school some playing for the final time, like bus shuttles, wanting nothing but food Yellowcard who will be retiring from and our beds. We were all tired and touring after the tour ends. All bringing dehydrated, but we were satisfied with us back to 2003 when pop punk fueled the music still vibrating through our our days. We The Kings connected with their fans and filmed the crowd for their bodies. music video for their new song Sad Song, Opening its doors at 11am and the last and of course closing the set with Check show closing out close to 9pm by the end Yes Juliet, dedicating the song to their of the day you are tired, you’ve sweated fans. out just as much water and you’ve taken in. You don’t care what you look like, you But the vets weren’t the only ones feel your legs and if you’ve done it making noise, so many bands and artists can’t you no longer have the ability to made their mark on the day. Waka Flaka right speak. Flame and Prof brought more rap into the scene and showed the crowds that This year proved to be one of its best they know they belong there. years, though some still say the when the Waterparks, little brothers of Good tour first began it was more punk rock Charlotte, switched it up and got it is today, but diversity seems to be creative, having to play without guitarist, than working because the crowds are still Geoff Wigington, while petite lead singer there screaming and having a blast. Julia of Sykes proved that you can do just about anything with a keyboard.


Get Get The The Best Best Seats Seats In In The The House House


WITH BLINK - 182 Written by Angela Porrazzo Photos by Travis Eisenhard

Things haven’t been quite the same

As for anyone who says that Blink is on their way out, they haven’t taken the time to listen to their new album~

place where DeLonge once stood now was Matt Skiba, previously of Alkaline over the past year for Blink-182 fans. Trio. Though After twenty-three years of making music and gaining new fans all the time, many fans detested that Skiba was there to replace DeLonge, the majority still singer Tom DeLonge parted ways with the iconic pop-punk band. This for many believed in the band and loved them as much as ever. left a void in the band, though Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker swore that Blink would live on through them, it just The album gained praise, many just happy that the band is still making wasn’t the same. music. As they set out on tour, they brought along openers, DJ Spider, The Hoppus and Barker seemed to understand that and they embraced it in All-American Rejects, A Day to Remember and All Time Low. This being a way, no it wouldn’t be the same, a tactic to pump the crowd up before DeLonge has a voice that is easily recognizable to even the fans that only Blink took the stage, that worked. The energy behind a show is everything, if know “All the Small Things”. As they announced that they would be working the crowd is not pumped at a rock concert, they are not having a good on new music, the pair decided to almost reinvent Blink without letting go time. Blink-182 is pop punk, original from the nineties full of energy. But of their roots, while DeLonge went his being that the band has been around for own way pursuing other projects. twenty years, you can expect the energy to die down, the jumping is not as high Fast forward to the beginning of Summer 2016, the band had announced as it once was, the members staying in one place for a little longer than they their tour to accompany the release of used to. their new album Bored to Death. In the



The new music is a more evolved sound than fans are used to, but their roots in music are still very present. Songs like "She’s Out of Her Mind" and "Rabbit Hole" sound like typical Blink songs you can only really tell the difference in songs like "California" and "San Diego" where you can see that the band has calmed down in a sense. The air around their live performances has not changed, fans are just as excited as they always have been. Fans get it and they still get as pumped just from the music. But the energy was still present with Blink. Even though they had lost one of their founding members, it did not seem to take anything from them, they were a different band live, but it was not bad. As for anyone who says that Blink is on their way out, they haven’t taken the time to listen to their new album, and haven’t grasp the concept that bands just like everything else go through changes and evolve.


P Piittb bu ullll IIss H Heeaattiin ng g U Up p M Maa H Hiiss N Neew w A Allb bu um m –– C Clliim maattee Written by Jasmine D. Giles Photos by Jesse Faatz Photography

Armando Christian Perez, a.k.a. Pitbull,

“Mr. World Wide’s” latest album, Climate Change has rightfully been named so. hit the ground running over ten years ago after his mainstream performance on With its hip swaying, heart pounding, and a track from Lil Jon's 2002 album Kings of sweat dripping tracks, this collage of music has the potential to raise the Crunk. Since then, he has turned out temperature of any environment. The countless tracks such as, “Go Girl” featuring female rapper Trina off his 2007 energy emitting from the speakers into your ears when you press the play button album entitled, Boatlift, and "Give Me is a needed high to get you amped up for Everything" featuring R&B singer Ne-Yo, DJ Afrojack, and singer Nayer off his 2011 limitless possibilities. One song off the Climate Change album, “Green Light” is album, Planet Pit, that have kept the definitely a tune that will be having you music scene hotter than a Miami feeling yourself as you get ready to start heatwave. Pitbull also has the crazy ability to mix new sounds with old music your weekend. It’s the kind of song that seduces you to call everyone in your and create something wonderful while contacts lists on a Monday night and bridging together generations. “Shake have a beach party until Tuesday Senora,” off the Planet Pit album, used morning, then go straight to work samples composed of the original1946 afterwards without washing up. Pitbull version by Lord Kitchener, but may be has proved himself to be a “Bad Man,” more known by Harry Belafonte’s 1961 another title off the album. “Free.K” is an version. Some, like me, may remember dancing to “Shake Senora” as a kid at the additional song off of Climate Change that brings an eargasm through the end of the “Beetlejuice” movie starring speakers. On this track, Pitbull pulls Michael Keaton. Now decades later, samples from Adina Howard’s 1995 track, adults who danced to it as kids, are entitled “Freak Like Me,” off her Do You dancing with their kids to Pitbull’s Wanna Ride? album? With lyrics such as, version. “Nurse by day but at night she look tight,


aaiin nssttrreeaam m M Mu ussiicc w wiitth h ee C Ch haan ng gee Go ahead and be a freak girl!” and “All my police women that like it rough, bring the handcuffs, let's freak girl!” he lets it be known to women of all occupations that it’s ok to be a freak if you want! It’s welcomed and appreciated! Let’s get to it ladies! Someone call Al Gore, because Pitbull is causing a Climate Change!

“All my police women that like it rough, bring the handcuffs, let's freak girl!”


Surviving 'The 3Day Neon Sleepover' Written by Clint Burton Photos by Clint Burton and Bayelee Burton

It was a Thursday evening as I looked

the casino for some late-night action. out the window of my flight; I was on my Five hours later I cashed out my slot way to cover the third annual Route 91 machine ticket and headed off to bed as tomorrow is going to be a long day. The Harvest Festival in fabulous Las Vegas phone rang at 8:00 am and it was the Nevada. Wow, what a beautiful site; front desk with my wakeup call. I got lights everywhere and I could see the ready and headed to the Walmart to pick south end of the strip. Hey, there’s the Mandalay Bay, the Luxor, Excalibur, and up sun screen (A Must Have), bottled the skyline of New York New York. After water, and some cheap bag chairs then I landing and exiting the plane I made my was off to the Excalibur where I had some friends and family staying. way to baggage claim, grabbed my bags, and boarded the bus to rental car location. Arriving at the rental car facility I notice the counter had a long line, oh wait I don’t have to wait in line I’m a preferred member. I climbed into my car and headed to the Hard Rock Hotel, my home for the next four days. Driving up the strip I drove by the Vegas Village, “Home of the Route 91 Harvest Festival”. To add to the excitement of going to the festival, they already had the stage lit and glowing purple. As I checked into the Hard Rock Hotel I looked around and thought to myself, “what a perfect place to stay when going to a music festival.” I got my room key, picked up my bags and headed to my room to drop off my luggage and hit


For those of you that have a rental car and are not staying at one of the MGM properties, the Excalibur is a perfect place to park. Those that are staying with MGM they have “free” buses running to and from the festival. While waiting for the gates to open we decided to hang out at the Excalibur where we downloaded the Route 91 app for our phones. With this app, you can register your wrist bands, sign up for friend finder, make your own schedule of entertainers to watch, use the Route 91 photo booth, get updates from the festival, and find a map of the festival grounds. Looking at my clock on my phone I realized it was finally time to make our way to the Vegas Village. The gates open at 2:00 p.m. with the first act of day one going on the, Next to Nashville Stage, at 2:45 p.m. As we were getting closer to the gate there was a line starting to form. However, they have multiple entrances to help with the flow of people going to the gates. As I entered the gates there was merchandise, food vendors, lockers, cell phone charging stations, and of course plenty of make shift bars and water refill stations to quench your thirst. Those of us who arrived early were treated to a great high-energy performance by up and coming duo: LoCash, Jana Kramer, and Billy Currington. They were leading up to day one headliner, Toby Keith. My favorite sets of the day were Chris Janson on the Main stage and William Michael Morgan on the New from Nashville stage. Chris was non-stop entertainment from the time he hit the stage and Morgan had great command of the stage. Although I must admit that by the time Toby took the stage I was beat and my feet felt like they had been put through a meat grinder. This reminds me, make sure to wear comfortable shoes. I finally rolled back into my hotel room at about 2:30 in the morning and boy was I going to sleep well.

The next morning, 8:30 a.m. I’m wide awake and ready for day two. After a long hot soak of my feet I was off to get something for my blistered feet, grabbed better shoes, and breakfast. I headed back to the Excalibur. After some time at the pool and some lunch it was that time to head back to the Vegas Village for day two. Opening the second on the main stage was Lindsay Ell who is one of my top five female guitarist of any music genre.


Day three, which was long awaited, I woke up and drove down to Fremont Street to kill some time before heading back to the festival. This was the final day and I wasn’t sure how long I would last. Opening on day three was newcomer Brooke Eden. Brook performed a great cover of Elle King’s, “Ex’s and Oh’s. Following Brooke was Dan and Shay with a surprise performance from Boyz II Men singing; “I’ll Make Love to You.” The Next to Nashville stage had Runaway June and probably one of the best new male vocalists, Brett Young. Ending the night on the Main stage was Entertainer of the Year – Luke Bryan. I would have to say Dustin Lynch, Little Big Town, and Luke Bryan exploded Vegas. It is easy to see why their tour is one of the biggest of the year. Following Bryan’s set, I made my way back to the Excalibur where the party was just getting started and went well into the next morning.

`Dustin Lynch, Little Big Town, and Luke Bryan exploded Vegas'


After boarding the plane for my return flight home; not knowing if I needed ‘coffee, a weeks’ worth of sleep, or just a touch of hair of the dog that bit me’, I began to reflect on how I was going to return next year. I will be returning with my new thought up guide, “The Guide to Survive the Three Day Neon Sleep Over.” So, before I close let me share with you my top survival tips for the Route 91 Harvest Festival: • Use lots of sunscreen. • Wear comfortable shoes. • Stay hydrated (lots of water). • Set a bag chair in the chair corral. • Download the Rt91 app on your phone. • Stay at a MGM property within walking distance (Excalibur, Mandalay Bay, or the Luxor). Most importantly go with the flow; don’t be afraid to meet people and have a huge amount of fun. This year I met the group of people that started the yearly, Country Booze Cruise, and I’m sure I will meet up with them again; hey maybe I will even take the cruise myself. In closing if you are a country music fan and like to have fun, this is a must attend festival. I for one will be back next year in the bright lights of Vegas.

~not knowing if I needed ‘coffee, a weeks’ worth of sleep, or just a touch of hair of the dog that bit me’


Five Questions:

STREETS STREETSOF OFLAREDO LAREDO Folk-rock group Streets of Laredo are

Dan: Time. Finding the time to record, we recorded mostly in Dreamland hitting the road this fall with CRX. The tour begins November 1st just a week Studios in New York. Trying to get things after the release of their new album to sound the way we wanted them to. “Wild”. Backstage Music recently had a chance to speak with Dan Gibson, one of This album feels like analog expressed in the founding members of the group digital. about their upcoming tour and what inspires the band. ? You’re hitting the road with CRX next ? With this new album were there any week, that’s exciting! risks taken in concerns to writing? Dan: We actually share a manager with Nick, and he is a really nice guy. We Dan: Much of the recording took place actually first saw him in Brooklyn. We are in Brooklyn, working with the digital excited to see all the different places we recording software Logic Pro. So it is a will be hitting this winter. Our keyboard little different than what we’ve used player is from Seattle so we always get a before. home kind of welcome with home? What has been your biggest cooked meals while we are there. challenge with this album?


Angela Porrazzo Photos by Jessie Sara English and Max Montgomery


Do you have any non-musical influences? Dan: Basketball. When I was a kid we got one channel that would show American basketball and I loved it. We would get to see the Chicago Bulls play on Sunday’s. But really the whole feel of 80’s and 90’s television was inspiring, the block lettering, all the colors and visual imagery. I really looked up to people like Larry Byrd and Michael Jordan. Thanks so much Dan for taking the time to answer some questions.


You and your brother Dave directed the video for 99.9%, how was that? Do you plan on continuing to direct your future videos?

Be sure to pickup the new album from Streets of Laredo "Wild" and check them out on tour.

Dan: We had done little videos before and we compiled some of it into the video for 99.9%. We both really enjoyed directing and we will most likely direct again. I think it adds a personal touch on the world of the artist. We are planning on filming more on tour, we are working on a video series and planning on doing to more videos. The video for our song "Silly Bones" is going to be released soon which was directed by Daniel Henry out of Los Angeles.


Fitz and the Tantrums LIVE IN SPOKANE Written by Angela Porrazzo Photos by Angela Porrazzo and Clint Burton

When it comes to live shows energy is

everything, the performer needs to convey their energy onto the crowd before them. As soon as Fitz and the Tantrums walked onto the stage of the Knitting Factory Theater, then energy throughout the theater surged and they had yet to reach their instruments. Once the music started the energy took off and the crowd was in the hands of the band. Seven years since Fitz and the Tantrums had been to Spokane, Washington, but those who showed remembered them fondly and showed their excitement that they had hit the road again. The first thing you notice about their set is all the lights, illuminating the stage and the crowd alike. Bright layers stacked into rectangles behind the drum set, the drum set itself clear and lined with lights. The second thing you notice is the chemistry between lead singers Michael Fitzpatrick and Noelle Scaggs. They feed off each other perfectly and move gracefully around each on stage. But their chemistry is only part of the show, the whole band is in sync and it all seems


so natural, James King, the bands saxophonist showing this as he frequently moves from his place

to perform solos bringing screams of encouragement from the crowd. With a mix of modern pop and soul it’s hard not to dance along with the band. Fans of every age showed up to dance along with the band. Mid show the band even decides to do just that, dance and they danced hard! You could feel their passion in every move and every note. This is a band that even if you don’t know a word of any of their songs, you will have the time of your life at their show. The night ended with the crowd covered in confetti and the band screaming their appreciation. If you have the chance, go see them and by the end of the show you will feel as though you’ve just experienced your first live show all over again.

~ E










Written by Angela Porrazzo Photos by Clint Burton

In the last half of the first decade of the

album the band has toured all over the world enjoying their fans and showcasing 2000’s we transitioned in the music the creativity that is put into their live world, nu-metal took hold of the metal shows as well as the hard work that is put world and bands like Slipknot reigned into their videos. supreme. So many bands came out of Brink has been the spotlight of the band this genre creating sub-genres of metal much like most lead singers are with sprouting off like a family tree of the metal world. Bands that made their mark bands, she is the center of attention served as examples of what metal bands when it comes to videos and live performances. should be and set standards that if you If you can look past the long locks of met them you were worthy of calling blonde hair and a voice that captures yourself an artist. attention almost immediately, you can find the deep emotion that radiates from When In This Moment came onto the scene, the metal world was met with the the songs, even songs that insinuate not so deep lyrics. likes of lead singer Maria Brink, who redefined women in the metal world, showing that sex appeal and metal went Creating songs that reflect their lives, hand in hand. Now over ten years in the much like "Daddy’s Fallen Angel" which is a ballad of sorts reflecting Brink’s music world, In This Moment still holds on as one of the most established metal relationship with her father, that shook bands around. Producing their 5th album the senses of listeners to their core with in 2014 the band has shown that quality such passion. trumps quantity and though the band When you listen to interviews and listen promises that new music is on its way, they clearly want to make sure that they to her normal speaking voice it is almost are releasing music that is complete and a complete difference from the voice that explodes through audio. worth the listen for their fans. While riding off the promotion of their latest


A small voice that you would expect from someone of her stature and beauty, but clearly she transforms when she is behind the mic, becoming a siren of sorts leading listeners, not to their death but to the songs that truly have world of meanings behind them.

wants. Sometimes for videos not even wearing anything at all. Instead of trying to fit in with the rest of the metal world she chooses to stand out and make her presence known.

Brink uses her creativity to create some of the most interesting shows in the metal world, bringing out the idea that the world is more than heavy guitar solos and fast drum sets. The most interesting part of watching this band perform, is Brink’s complete control of the stage, how she captures the attention of the entire audience and keeps it right up until the very end. Brink stands out against her fellow band members, usually clad in something that completely offsets the darkness that radiates. While her bandmates are dressed in black, Brink tends to take on a more vibrant costume approach to her wardrobe, refusing to blend in. Her costumes make the band recognizable from the get go, bring the attention to the band. Brink is not afraid to step on or even leap over the boundaries of fashion, she wears what she wants when she

Brink and the rest of the members of In This Moment have made their home in the metal world and they have no plans of going anywhere any time soon.


This is Mike Stud From The Diamond To Reality TV

Written by Collin Betit

It all started with one click. Michael

Seander, aka “Mike Stud”, seemingly became famous overnight, but what you might not know is what could have been. Mike was an All-American pitcher at Duke University, until Tommy John surgery sent his world upside down. The surgery, he claims, sent him into a downward spiral, and music was the thing that saved him. From making his own songs in the closet of his dorm room, to being in the studio with some of the best producers in the game, Mike Stud is slowly becoming a household name. He has had multiple albums go number one in the charts, and is now getting radio plays across mainstream platforms. Airing on the Esquire network every Tuesday, the show This is Mike Stud stems from Mike’s YouTube series Touring’s Boring. This featured his antics and on stage presence through the eyes of a camera, as well as getting a behind the scenes look in the process. The series is an absolute must watch, and will make anyone want to become the next big artist, and to simply attend a Mike Stud concert. It’s no longer a Mike Stud concert, but it is genuinely one big house party. They drink on stage, girls going crazy, and the DJ for Mike is even set up behind a makeshift bar.

his finger, and in a mere matter of moments, BOOM! The girls are now kissing, which makes for great television. Kilmer is also known as being the Quagmire of the group, meaning he is always on the search for new girls to take back on the tour bus. Kilmer states that he “Would take two fives over one eight any day of the week.” That is definitely some next level thinking. Then there is Blue, who has been Mike’s best friend since day one. Blue doesn’t contribute much to the team, and is solely known as the most fucked up person on stage. In one episode, Blue and Jon get so drunk that they miss the tour bus leaving, and end up having to fly to the next show, then get picked up by the bus. Antics like this are something you can’t script, which makes the show unique.

A lot of reality TV shows aren’t necessarily “real”, but with this show it is much more organic and happens naturally, which is a big part of the Mike Stud process. Mike doesn’t like things to be forced and prefers that things will happen the way they will if you simply believe. This is Mike Stud shows us not only does it take a lot of hard work and dedication to make it in the music business, but you have to have fun with it as well. Sure, they drink on stage and We get to see things through the eyes get girls to go topless during songs, but of Mike’s cameraman Jon Kilmer. Kilmer that is what makes it unique. To Mike, is known for his shots of girls making this was his second chance, and to see out, and even has a patented way of how far he has come along with this getting two girls to kiss. Explained in the show proves that if you play your cards show, he simply points to two girls, right, anything is possible. making a back and forth motion with


Written by Jasmine D. Giles Photos by Clint Burton

One of the Queens of Country Music,

Dolly Parton, is still reigning after over 40 years in the music industry. Receiving the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement award at the 2016 CMAs, Ms. Parton has shown that her presence still dominates and influences musicians and audiences from all walks. Singer. Actress. Business Woman. Country’s blonde bombshell is still exploding. One cannot even begin, continue, or end a conversation about anything having to do with the genre of country without mentioning the name Dolly. To do so would be like talking about Pop music without mentioning Michael Jackson. Her voice captivates. It moves. Every melody that flows from her soul shrouds the listener in a blanket of raw and relatable emotions that not only can be heard, but felt as well. With over 140 awards under her belt, spanning from Grammy Awards to BMI Awards, and endless tours, who would question over a dozen movies such as 9-5 and the talent and clout that Dolly Parton Steel Magnolias, TV specials including has imprinted on the music industry? this years Christmas of Many Colors,


No No Need Need to to Pardon Pardon Ms. Ms. Parton: Parton:

Dolly's Dolly's Back Back on on Tour Tour with with Her Her New New Album Album

Pure Pure and and Simple Simple

“We’re so excited to get out there and see the fans again." Dolly is back on the bus with her Pure and Simple tour. She will be lighting up the night in over 60 cities on her first major U.S. and Canadian tour in over 25 years to promote her 43rd studio album entitled, Pure and Simple. In the past two decades, she has only done concerts on select dates in the U.S., but this will span across North America. The tour began June 3, 2016 and will continue until December 10, 2016. Ms. Parton is ecstatic about the tour, with a quote from her official website stating, “We’re so excited to get out there and see the fans again. I’m really looking forward to singing songs the fans have not heard in a while, as well as the hits, while debuting a few new ones off Pure & Simple.” Tour dates and locations can be found on Dolly Parton’s official website, dollyparton.com.


Written and Photos by Travis Eisenhard

If you’re a fan of pop-punk music, there

ADTR mixes pop-punk and hardcore like no one else ever could. They brought is no greater place to be than this energy with beach balls flying, toilet summer’s Blink-182 tour. In honor of paper everywhere, and happy people their newest album “California” they stacked their tour with two other great just followed. By the time the band headliners, A Day to Remember and All performed ‘All Signs Point to Lauderdale,’ I didn’t think they’d have anything left Time Low. Growing up, Blink-182 was one of my favorite bands and since, All in the tank, but I was wrong. A Day to Remember would slow it down a bit to Time Low has maybe become my have the whole crowd use cell phone favorite band. To be here to flashlights and lighters to illuminate the photograph and review this show was entire stadium. If you can picture the surreal. Let’s jump into it. sight of 10,000 plus cell phone lights in All Time Low started the night off with a a stadium, it really is an insane sight to see. While everyone, including myself, fan favorite song, ‘Lost in Stereo’ and it really enjoyed A Day to Remember’s set, got the crowd moving and ready for a we were all ready for blink. great night right off the bat. ATL brought their energy and the crowd The curtain was up and us gave it right back. Unfortunately, their photographers were ushered into the latest hit, ‘Missing You,’ had to be cut photo pit. I can’t even begin to tell you from their set due to technical issues what that feeling was like. Knowing in with their acoustic guitar. The band didn’t let this take away from the rest of mere moments I’d be face to face with one of my favorite bands of all time. their set and pushed forward another Before the curtain drops, you hear Travis crowd pleaser in “Weightless.” They finished strong like they always do with Barker blasting out on the drums and some phaser guitar. The curtain drops ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In.’ With Alex and the band is performing ‘Feeling This’ Gaskarth’s vocals at an A+ and Jack Barakat’s energy (even playing guitar in with a flaming “fuck” sign across the the crowd) you couldn’t ask for a better back of the stage. Now, I’ll be the first to admit--I’m a Matt Skiba skeptic, but in way to start the night. that moment of seeing at least Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker live, all doubt With energy at an all time high fades away. throughout Hersheypark Stadium, A Day to Remember would come out to take us into the main event, Blink-182.



Twenty-four freaking songs! Let that sink in for a moment It’s time like this where adrenaline takes over and the moment becomes surreal. Blink played all their big hits like ‘What’s My Age Again?’ ‘The Rock Show,’ and others. With Blink-182 songs being so fast and short, it left room for a 24 song set. Twenty-four freaking songs! Let that sink in for a moment. Pyro, confetti, and happy people took us home when Blink closed the night with ‘Dammit.’ Again, I can’t express how surreal this night was. If there is anything you do this year, make it to go see this tour. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of one of the bands, if you’re a fan of being entertained you won’t leave disappointed.



Profile for Back Stage Music Magazine

Backstage Music Magazine November 2016 Issue 1  

Issue Number 1 contains articles on Stage Diving, Pitbull, Blick-182, Dolly, In This Moment, Mike Stud and Route 91 Harvest Festival in Vega...

Backstage Music Magazine November 2016 Issue 1  

Issue Number 1 contains articles on Stage Diving, Pitbull, Blick-182, Dolly, In This Moment, Mike Stud and Route 91 Harvest Festival in Vega...


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