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MEGADETH - Bethlehem, PA

Pure Rock Fury with Clutch


Backstage Music Magazine would like to Thank The Sands Event Center in Bethlehen, PA The Knitting Factory in Spokane, WA Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City. SD for all your hospitality.

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WOMEN IN ROCK Written by Angela Tuetken Photos by Clint Burton and Travis Eisenhard

As the great Lzzy Hale has said, women have accomplished great things and become great leaders. With so much being said about rights, it’s easy to get lost in all the static. Recently Hale posted on Halestorms website, commenting on the recent Woman’s March, to which she pointed out something that is one of the most cherished aspects of the rock music industry.


You’re equal, and it’s about your talent, not about your physical appearance. As it has been for years, women in the music industry have been judged more on how they dressed on stage, and the attention seemed to radiate more to their appearance rather than their musical talent. But those days are finally feeling far behind us. Women bring a connection between the music and the listener that is beautiful in its own unique way.

Hale is a perfect example of this, her power of captivating the audience with her voice and then backing it up with hard rock instrumentals. She works the crowd as easily as she works her dual necked guitar. Lately there have been many bands making their mark on the music world, with woman leading the way. Bands like all woman group The Beautiful Monument who recently released their EP The Lost are making a statement on the rock scene one that will carry on for future generations of rockers, respect and recognition for talent is so much more important than gender definition. When Halestorm signed with Atlantic Records in 2005, the rock world had already been used to women barging in and holding their own, Evanescence had been making their own for years. Halestorm took their spot and held it tight, with Lzzy fronting the band they were considered unique because of their strong female lead. Instead of focusing on this aspect of their band, they used it to solidify their place in the rock world next to In This Moment as rock queens.


As more and more woman make their mark on the rock scene, you’d think there would be more talk about it, but it’s hard to debate something that seems so natural, rock music is full of emotion, sometimes in its absolute raw form. Women embody emotion, it’s in the body movements, the way they play their instruments and how they belt out their cords. There’s not much to think about the collaboration just works, hand in hand. This is an example of progress without the need of a revolution, it’s happening all over the genre, more and more women showing up and rocking hard. Though alternative rock has been the most popular to find women in bands, metal is slowly catching up..


Butcher Babies show up to every show and leave their audience in awe of their harsh vocals BabyMetal has been running the game since 2014, becoming one of the most unique bands to exist yet. With Queen Lzzy leading the way, we can expect more and more young girls will know that the music world is welcoming to women who embrace their natural talent and don’t have to focus on their physical appearance to gain the respect they deserve.

Florida Georgia Line Dig Your Roots Tour Written By Collin Betit Photos by Clint Burton

It was a warm night and the energy in the air signified what summer is all about. The parking lots were crowded with people laughing, dancing and tailgating. Florida Georgia Line was here, and the people couldn’t be more ready to experience the Dig Your Roots tour, with Cole Swindell, The Cadillac Three, and Kane Brown. There was this energy that people have been waiting for this concert A quick little intro occurred when it was first announced, and showing some pictures of Tyler everyone could not wait to get to and BK, then the guitar hit, the their seats. curtain fell, and there they were coming down from the ceiling on Kane Brown got the show started, one of their light fixtures. They followed by The Cadillac Three, to which the stadium was just filling up. opened with Round Here, to It got to be about eight o’clock when which the crowd was going bananas. Everyone was on their the lights dimmed, and the CS feet dancing and singing, and appeared, to which the crowd went nuts. Cole Swindell put on one hell of right there we all knew we were in for a performance we would a performance with songs like You never forget. Should Be Here, Middle of a Memory, and my personal favorite Chillin’ It. It seemed as if every single song His set lasted about thirty five minutes, when the lights came on and was a hit, with tunes like Anything Goes, This is How We the stage was being prepped for Roll, and even slowed it down for Florida Georgia Line. About fifteen HOLY, as well as May We All. minutes in, everyone was getting restless, then all of the sudden the place went dark.



They opened with Round Here, to which the crowd was going bananas.


Then they did something that I don’t think anyone was expecting. They went on a riff of singing old school classics with their band, while they talked about some old pictures they found of each other, ribbing each other slightly. This happened for about ten minutes, playing This is How We Do It, Last Resort by Papa Roach, to which Tyler exclaimed “This song is the reason you pick up a guitar!” It got everyone caught off guard, and was a nice change of pace since it brought back the energy of the crowd after a couple of slow songs.

They then played another new single Smooth, and a couple of other hits, before it was coming time to wrap it up. They brought out Kane Brown to help sing Sun Daze, then they went into the last song of the night Cruise, which definitely brought the house down. Fire was coming from the stage, smoke, and everyone singing along while raising their glass for one last time Florida Georgia Line definitely knew how to put on a performance, and that is why they are so successful. It is not just the hits, but the fact they had everyone on the edge of their seat dancing and singing the entire night. I don’t think anyone in the crowd was expecting anything less. The Dig Your Roots Tour was one great way to close out the summer. You can catch Tyler and BK out on the road this summer as they headline their new Smooth Tour with Nelly and Chris Lane. Some dates will also feature the Backstreet Boys.


Weezer Live at The Sands Event Center Written and Photos by Travis Eisenhard

Beverly Hills. That’s where I want to be. Sadly, I’m not in Beverly Hills, but I did get to experience some California warmth during this Pennsylvania winter thanks to Weezer coming to town. The self-titled and color naming album rockers took a break from the California sunshine to soak up the bitter cold in Bethlehem, PA for fans at an off tour show.


If you have read my reviews before, you know I’m a huge fan of pop-punk and similar styles of music. The Californian style of rock Weezer brings to the table is unparalleled to any other. With their California pride, what better way to start their show than with a song from their new White Album, California Kids.

Weezer had everything you’d expect them to have as far as set design for this show. Great lighting, a drum riser designed to look like a lifeguard shack, and of course, the notorious light up Weezer logo hung high. During their seventeen songs, Weezer laid it all out. Old tunes, new tunes, even the in between tunes were played.

At these types of irregular scheduled shows, bands tend to cut loose and try new things. Weezer is no different. Fans had the pleasure of hearing the live debut of two new songs from the White Album at this show in the Steel City. Wind in Our Sail and Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori were both played for the first time ever in front of a live crowd. This is something I’ve One of the many things that make a actually never experienced at any Weezer show great are singing concert along to all their songs. There are and will always remember it just so many classics and if you’re a because of that as I’m sure many fan, you know ever word to every other fans will. The surprises were song. A live Weezer show is just a not over yet though. During fun place to be regardless of Weezer’s musical preference. Another great performances of Island in the Sun, thing about this show in particular drummer, Pat Wilson, and bassist, is that we got a few great surprises. Scott Shriner swapped instruments mid song.


Another concert experience I’ve never witnessed. We were also treated to a piano solo by frontman/guitarist, Rivers Cuomo during one of their two encore songs, El Scorcho. So many wonderful experiences for fans to take home along with the sounds of California rock still fresh in their heads. Looking back on the overall experience, this may be the best concert I’ve ever had the pleasure to see. Everything was perfect. From the production to the music performance and even the special treats of hearing a live debut.


Weezer left no one at the Sands Event Center unsatisfied. I cannot wait to check them out again on tour if they are in the general area. I highly recommend you do the same if you’re even remotely a fan of their music. So when Weezer comes to town, be sure to don your best flannel, thick rimmed glasses, and your favorite pair of vans. You’ll be sure to enjoy every minute of the action.

The Flaming Lips Oczy Mlody Review by Angela Tuetken

As the start of a new year brings curious wonder, it seems almost too perfect that the Flaming Lips set to release their new album Oczy Mlody. Never ones to short on wonder that leaves us all curious, the band does not disappoint this this new release. From the first track to the very last, this album is a ride, one that you are not sure how you feel by the end of it. Ready to drop on January 13th , the album will take listeners back to the psychedelic side of music. Put together very well with lyrics that will surprise even dedicated fans, but hold true to the Lips style. Lyrics are really the back bone of this album, though you may be distracted at first by the vibrant instrumentals that are a recognized style of the band, the lyrics of songs like The Castle and Sunrise (Eyes of the Young) will make you spend days trying to decipher what is going on in the head of front man Wayne Coyne. Not many bands can pull off such animated instrumentals with such question raising lyrics, but the band makes it look as simple as breathing.


Get Get The The Best Best Seats Seats In In The The House House

On February 28th as I stood in the photo pit and the lights dimmed to the arena, a young lady wearing a black dress headed up the stair to the stage. As she walked to the drum kit she smiled and waved to the crowd. The arena went blue and in a matter of seconds the base felt like it was going to rip my heart out of my chest. It was at that time I realized this was not your ordinary gospel hour. Skillet came to rock. I had never seen Skillet before, as a matter of fact I haven’t been to very many Christian rock concerts. One thing for sure this won’t be my last Christian rock concert.


Skillet opened with their hit Feel Invincible off their new album Unleashed and played a sixteen song set with all the hits like Hero, Monster, Stars and ending with The Resistance for their Encore. Skillet brought a very good stage show with them complete with CO2 cannons and risers that extended almost above the lights. Opening acts Devour the Day and Sick Puppies got the crowd going early with songs like Rip Tide, War, You’re Going Down and S.O.A.R. which set the atmosphere for the whole night. It’s easy to see why this tour has sold out across the United States.

Seeing the Light with Christian Rock Band Skillet Written and Photos by Clint Burton The Unleashed Tour will run through March, but don’t worry you can see Skillet at many of the summer festivals across the United States, starting with Rock On The Range and Rocklahoma on Memorial Day Weekend. They will also be part of The Serenity Of Summer tour with Korn, Stone Sour, Babymetal, Yelawolf and Islander and Ded. You can click here to see the bands new video for Back from the Dead.


Megadeth - Bethlehem, PA Written and Photos by Travis Eisenhard

The Big Four. Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, and Megadeth. These are the pioneers of thrash metal who have been around for 30 years plus. Backstage Music Magazine was recently out to witness one of these fathers of thrash at the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-Megadeth. Megadeth has been tearing up the scene since 1983 due to the help of Metallica co-founder, Dave Mustaine. Mustaine, now 55 years old, is considered a legend by many and seen by fans as a deity. Since Megadeth is one of the most well known names in heavy metal music,

it comes as no surprise their concerts are still turning out fans of all ages all around the world. With singles like Symphony of Destruction, Sweating Bullets and Hangar 18, the band is a force to be reckoned with 33 years later. Needless to say, when given the opportunity to witness Megadeth live, we jumped at the chance. The band toured with Butcher Babies, Amon Amarth, and Suicidal Tendencies so we knew it would be something excited from the start. But nothing could have prepared us for the spectacle that is Megadeth.


The stage was darkened for the headliners set to begin. Video screens displayed what appeared to be steam punk esque factory machines. Cogs turning, machines cranking, all leading up to an explosion revealing the Megadeth logo. With their industrial style set in full effect and the majority of the band in place, Dave Mustaine took the stage and began the opening riff for Hangar 18 to start the show off with a bang. Nothing makes me personally happier at a concert than a strong opening and Megadeth certainly delivered. As the show raged on, so did the fans. Including the encore, Megadeth put on a twenty song set! Mustaine shredding on his guitar just as flawless as ever. The production display was as phenomenal as the musical performance with the video


screens, lights, and fog all complementing one another. At roughly $50 a ticket, it was well worth the price for Megadeth alone, but fans got so much more. With the show starting at 6 P.M. with Butcher Babies kicking things off, the show went to near 11 o’clock after Megadeth was all said and done. Four bands created an insane night of entertainment for fans leading up to Megadeth’s headlining performance. When it comes to live music, there are very few nights I can remember that compare to this one.

After 33 years of nonstop action, I don’t see any sign of Megadeth slowing down soon. Their sound and stage performance is just as good as ever, and I’m sure will still improve. Metal music is appreciated by fans as it ages like wine. For this reason alone the band has many years left in them due to fan support, but Megadeth’s music ages the same as well. The hits are timeless and the new tunes are sure to be classics one day as well. With the tour now over, you may not catch them again for a few months, but if that chance comes--take it.


Pure Rock Fury with Clutch Written and Photos by Travis Eisenhard

Clutch is a hard act to describe.

Clutch started their set strong with Cyborg Bette and never Since 1991, Clutch has never settled into one genre in particular. looked back. Out of the When so many different varieties of seventeen songs Clutch played, it was a majority of newer tunes musical sounds are represented, it with six being from their latest makes a band like Clutch hard to album, Psychic Warfare, and put into words when you want to know what type of music they play. seven from the previous record, Earth Rocker. I always explain their sound as if southern rock were invented today, it would sound something like this. No matter how I describe them, they are rock-n-roll in the purest form. I have been to many Clutch shows over the years and it has always been a pleasure. Every time I see them live, the show is better the next time and this was no different. Frontman, Neil Fallon, brings so much energy to his performance that you could sell it for a million bucks given a way to bottle it. Lead guitarist, Tim Sult, has the tastiest improv licks, Dan Maines (bassist plays the sweetest grooves, and Jean-Paul Gaster (drummer plays the best drums I have ever heard live. I could praise the band all day, but we should get into the actual show.


There were very few slow down moments throughout the night, but one notable one (if you want to consider it a slow down moment) was with the performance of Spacegrass. With it being one of Clutch’s more popular songs, the 2,500+ fans in attendance certainly didn’t treat it like a slower moment in the night.

After these two wonderful songs were over, Clutch took us home with their encore set which consisted of Electric Worry (arguably the band’s most popular song) and the first single off their newest album, X-Ray Visions. There is no way anyone left unhappy after the night they’d been through.

Closing out the night was nothing short of amazing in Bethlehem though. Clutch welcomed Mike Dillon of The Mike Dillon Band to come out and assist with percussion which created massive jam sessions. Combining Mike Dillon with JP Gaster is a match made in percussion Heaven and I’m glad I was able to be a part of it. Watching the band openly jam to The Yeti and again during D.C. Sound Attack was nothing but phenomenal.

While the end of 2016 mean the end of a tour for Clutch, it can only be a sign of more great things to come. We were lucky enough to have an exclusive interview with Neil Fallon before the show at Sands Event Center to talk about what’s next for Clutch in 2017. For all the details, be sure to check out the interview here in Backstage Music Magazine, and the video version on our YouTube channel.


I PREVAIL LIVE AT THE KNITTING FACTORY Written and Photos by Angela Tuetken

Even before the stage is completely set for I Prevail to perform the crowd is buzzing, yes there have been three other bands before, but I Prevail is all the crowd is talking about in the moments before the band actually takes the stage. So many people are talking about the songs they may play and explaining why they should play certain ones. When the lights drop the crowd loses it and even though the stage remains empty, the energy soars through the room. Even six weeks into their Lifelines tour, following their album of the same name being released in October, the guys of I Prevail still match their audience’s energy, within minutes into their set singer Brian Burkheiser is dripping in sweat. Harsh vocals, Eric Vanlerberghe doing much of the talking during song breaks, keeps everything even between crazy and chill. It’s not very often that you get to experience the connection between a band and its fans,


usually its more of an internal feeling that we have and occasionally share with other fans, but the guys of I Prevail let their fans know that they are right there for them. To experience something like that, something so personal between so many people is almost unheard of. Yes, the music is the base, but the sincerity in the way they speak to their audience reflects the lyrics they belt out.

This band has made it part of their image to prove that they are more than just entertainment to their fans, they are friends, they understand them and know what its like to be in their shoes. By the time Vanlerberghe announces the last song, the energy has only elevated in the small stage area of the Knitting Factory, when the band exits the stage, the crowd just refuses to let them go. Chanting, hoping to bring them back to the stage eventually bringing them back for two more songs.

Clean and harsh vocals mixed with extremely powerful vocals, I Prevail says everything everyone needs to hear sometimes, uplifting with a side of headbanging. We can definitely expect great things from this band, the passion radiates from them both on stage and just listening to their album. The Lifelines tour continues through May, making their way all around the world!


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Backstage Music Magazine April 2017 Issue 2  

Music articles, reviews and interviews of all your favorite bands. from Punk to Country. This issue features Clutch, Florida Feorgia Line,...

Backstage Music Magazine April 2017 Issue 2  

Music articles, reviews and interviews of all your favorite bands. from Punk to Country. This issue features Clutch, Florida Feorgia Line,...


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