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The human hand alone has 2500 nerve endings per square centimer sending tactile readouts and responses of our surroundings to the brain that are far more valuable and malleable than a numerical representation spit out of a machine.

chasing infinity, exploring every option and possibility, and abstracting reality to the nth degree the machine need take note of how expansive the mind can be. Is it fair to say that cyberspace is an effort to rebuild our subconsciousus into visual reality.

- Stacy Peralta

When the conversation is opened between the tangible and intangible worlds you then become versatile which by difinition means the ability to fluctuate or “flow.�


The idea of flow is often best observed in other creative outlets like music skateboarding or painting. They are able to achieve flow because there medium and there physical instruments alow a full body circut between the mind and tactile reality. This flow allows for the most important skill of improvisation. All desitions are made intrinsically and simultaneously creating at the highest level of awareness.


This manifesto explains the need for design that transends the virtual embrases the physical and visa versa.

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