November 2021

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Fritter, Chocolate Overload Cake, and Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie will work well. We were about halfway through our meal when we heard some familiar voices and columnist Tony Lisanti and friend Jose Ferreira strolled through the wide-open garage door. They had been exploring the region and spotted the sign as well. Jose’ knew it was a college town so knew there would be some good food to be found and when they parked their Harleys they spotted our BMWs. I have been told brilliant minds think alike. Nice! We hung out for a bit, while they ate, before heading back to the rally. Due South is amazing and we know you’ll love their pulled pork, chicken, ribs, and brisket! Stop in and enjoy the Due South BBQ taste and experience! After you get a taste of the handmade food and music…we know you will make Due South your BBQ of choice when in the central Virginian region. So, with this great barbeque joint, we will give an equally great Rip & Ride GPX Route from Frontline Eurosports in Salem, Virginia. Start for there, but before you leave take a good look around this dealership. Extraordinary in many ways! , Download route here: dl/349pqb