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ORMOND BEACH IRON HORSE • 1068 N US 1 ORMOND BEACH, 386-677-1550. Oct 12: Danny Charles, 2-3:30pm, Razorbacks, 4-5:30pm and 6-7:30pm Oct 13: LA Robinson 2-3:30pm, Razorbacks, 4-5:30pm and 6-7:30pm Oct 14: LA Robinson 2-3:30pm, Miss Intent, 4-5:30pm, Danny Charles, 6-7:30pm Oct 15: Danny Charles, 2-3:30pm, Miss Intent, 4-5:30pm, Tornado Factory, 6-7:30pm, Oct 16: JB Walker 2-3:30pm, Razorbacks, 4-5:30pm and 6-7:30pm, Miss Intent, 8-9:30pm, Oct 17: Tornado Factory, Noon – 1:30pm, JB Walker, 2-3:30pm, DAC, 4-5:30pm, Razorbacks, 6-8:30pm, Montgomery Gentry 9:15-10:30pm, Oct 18: JB Walker, Noon – 1:30pm, Sean Chambers Band, 2-3:30pm, DAC, 4-5:30pm. Razorbacks, 6-8:30pm, Marshall Tucker Band, 9:15-10:30pm, Oct 19: JB Walker, Noon – 1:30pm, Curt Towne Band, 2-3:30pm, Tim Duggar, 6-7:30pm, Razorbacks, 8-9:30pm, Reverand Horton Heat, 10-11:30pm, Oct 20: LA Robinson, noon – 1:30pm, JB Walker, 2 – 4:30, Tornado Factory, 4-5:30pm, DAC, 6-7:30pm, Miss Intent, 8-9:30pm LAGERHEADS BAR & GRILL 2986 OCEANSHORE BLVD, ORMOND BEACH, 386-265-1977. Mon & Tues: Eddie, Wed: Reuben Lounge Lizard, Sat: Robert Keele, Sun: Don Hill, 12-4pm, Oct 11, Nov 8: Marty Oct 18, 25: Justin Time, Nov 1: Xspance Nov 2: Turtle Patrol Party TROPICAL TATTOO • 825 S YONGE ST ORMOND BEACH 386-672-1888. Oct 17: NY Rockabilly, Big Rick and The Troublemakers, 11am-4pm 31 SUPPER CLUB • 31 W GRANADA BLVD. ORMOND BEACH, 386-275-1625. Oct 10: Mark Rausch, 6-10pm , Oct 11: Warren Beck, 7-11pm, Oct 13: Dana Kamide, 7-11pm , Oct 17: Comedy Night, 6-10pm Oct 18: Kelly Jarrard, 7-11pm , Oct 19: Gina Cuchetti, 7-11pm, Oct 24: Ricky Silva, 6-10pm, Oct 25: Shannon Rae, 7-11pm, Oct 26: High End, 7-11pm, Oct 31: Jonny Otid, 6-10pm


THE GRIND/KONA TIKI BAR 49 W GRANADA AVE ORMOND BEACH, 386-672-7277. Indoor and Outdoor music. Oct 10: Luvu, 7:30-11:30pm Oct 11: 5 Time Shag, 7-11pm Oct 12: Trevor Ohlson, 7-11pm Oct 15: The Transfers, 6-10pm Oct 16: Chuck Morel, 6-10pm Oct 17: Rasta Bayers, 7:30-11:30pm Oct 18: Bradford Buckley, 7-11pm Oct 19: Musical Charis, 7-11pm Oct 22: The Evening Muse, 6-10pm Oct 23: Are Friends Electric, 6-10pm Oct 24: Relief, 7:30-11:30pm Oct 25: Eddy Davis, 7-11pm Oct 26: Smyrna Erb, 7-11pm Oct 29: The Transfers, 6-10pm Oct 30: Chuck Morel, 6-10pm Oct 31: Bradford Buckley, 7:30-11:30pm SEADRIFT SPORTS BAR AND GRILL 1474 OCEANSHORE BLVD ORMOND BEACH 386-333-9786. OCT 11: Afterlife, 9pm-1am Oct 12: Society Live, 9pm-1am Oct 17 & 18: Biketoberfest with Greye, 9pm-1am, Oct 19: Southbound Express, 9pm-1am , Oct 25: Grindstone Sinners, 9pm-1am , Oct 26: Moonlight Drive-In, 9pm1am , Nov 1: Ashley Young, 9pm-1am, Nov 2: JW Gilmore, 9pm-1am Nov 8: Brothers Within, 9pm-1am

DAYTONA BEACH DAYTONA BEACH RACING & CARD CLUB • 960 S WILLIAMSON BLVD DAYTONA BEACH 386-252-6484. Oct 17: Ultimate Tribute Band 4NR2 - Bad Company and Foreigner, 6:15 – 8:15pm BEAVER BAR • 1105 N US HWY 1 ORMOND BEACH, 386-673-3400. Oct 11: Joe Santana 7-11pm Oct 12: Chip Brock 2-6pm, Diego & Company 6-10pm, Oct 13: Frank & Beans 9am-1pm, Chip Brock 2-6pm, Karaoke Contest 7-11pm, Oct. 14 Chip Brock 2-6pm, Bloody Jug Band 7-11pm, Oct. 15 Cat 4 Band 2-6pm, Steven Green Band 7-11pm, Oct 16 Steven Green Band 2-6pm, Eric Culberson 7-11pm, Oct 17 Eric Culberson 2-6pm, Down Low 7-11pm, Oct 18 Down Low 2-6pm, Saturday Night Special 7-11pm,

Oct 19 Saturday Night Special 2-6pm, Down Low 7-11pm, Oct 20 Frank & Beans 9am1pm, Easy Ed 1-4pm MUSEUM OF ARTS & SCIENCES PLANETARIUM • 352 S. NOVA ROAD DAYTONA BEACH, 386-255-0285. 2nd Saturday Laser Rock Concert! Snacks, beer, soft drinks for purchase at Museum to be enjoyed during the show. One Show: $5, two Shows: $7, Three Shows: $9 • 7pm: Fright Light Laser Show, 8pm: Pink Floyd The Wall, 9pm: Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon MAIN STREET STATION • 316 MAIN ST DAYTONA BEACH, 386-214-1389. Bike Night Wednesdays, 8pm – midnight, Burger Bar, Oct 11: No Quarter Oct 12: The Pink Ribbon Run – 3 bands Oct 13: Battle of the Babes Oct 14: Crashrocket 8pm (inside garage) Oct 15: Living Deads 5pm (tent) and Crashrocket 9pm (inside garage) Oct 16: Kick-Off Party with The Living Deads 6pm (tent) and Big Engine 9pm (inside garage), Oct 17:Front Stage 10am True Adkins (finish 12:30) 1pm The Living Deads (finish 4pm) 4pm Microwave Dave and the Nukes (finish 7pm), 7pm Bearded Brothers Band (finish 10pm), 10pm Crashrocket (finish 2am), Back Stage • 2pm Sound Theory (finish 6pm), 6pm Star 69 (finish 8:45pm) 9pm National Recording Artist WARRANT (90min) • 11pm Late Night After Party with ThunderJack-A Tribute to AC/DC (finish 1am), Garage Stage, 1am Bawdy Boys (finish 2:30am, Oct 18 Front Stage , 11am Our Friends Electric (finish 2pm), 1pm Adam James Society (finish 4pm), 4pm Microwave Dave and the Nukes (finish 7pm), 7pm ThunderJack | A Tribute to AC/DC (finish 9:30pm), 10pm Crashrocket (finish 2am) Back Stage, 1pm The Living Deads (finish 4pm), 4pm 5 Time Shag (finish 7:45pm), 8pm Big Engine (finish 11pm) 11pm Black Sheep (finish 1:15pm) Garage Stage • 1am Bawdy Boys (finish 2:30am), Oct 19: Front Stage, 11am Our Friends Electric (finish 2pm) 2pm Microwave Dave and the Nukes (finish 5pm), 5pm Bearded Brothers Band (finish 9pm), 10pm Greg Warren Band (finish 2am),

Back Stage 1pm Overkilt (finish 4:30pm), 5pm The Living Deads (finish 7:30pm),8pm Slippery When Wet | A Tribute to Bon Jovi (2hrs), 10pm Crashrocket (finish 2am), Garage Stage 1am Bawdy Boys (finish 2:30am), Oct 20: Front Stage, 11am Red Gate 11am RedGate (finish 2:30pm), 3pm The Living Deads (finish 5:30pm), 6pm Microwave Dave and the Nukes (finish 9pm) Back Stage 2pm Miss Main Street Station Bikini Contest , 3:30pm Big Engine (finish 6:30pm), 7pm Survivor Party with Crashrocket (finish 11pm) Garage Stage • Bawdy Boys 12pm to 2pm, Oct 24: Closed , Oct 26: KISS Oct 27: Erica Sunshine , Oct 30: Grindstone Sinners , Oct 31: Moonlight Drive In, Nov 1: Black Sheep, Nov 2: American Hot Rods JOES CRAB SHACK, THE ROOF • 1200 MAIN ST, DAYTONA BEACH, 386-238-4050 4pm till close, except for events that are advertised starting earlier Mondays: Service Industry Night with DJ KRB, Tuesdays: Trees of Life Tuesdays Oct 11: Sons of F.U.N.K. Oct 12: Sons of F.U.N.K, Oct 17: Seed Oct 18: Seed, Oct 19: The Bloody Jug Band, Oct 20: Kaleb Lee, Oct 25: Jay Crosier Band, Oct 26: The Bullet Dodgers (Rock/ Reggae), Oct 31: Shag-O-Ween, Nov 1: Chuck Motel, Nov 2: Dj CoMo and friends HILTON DAYTONA OCEANWALK 100 N ATLANTIC AVENUE DAYTONA BEACH, 386-243-8200. Tues: Jessie Abbey, 8pm-Mid- Bourbon Night, Wed: Dustin Stock Oct 16, Ian Opolinski Oct 23, 30, 8pm-12am- Ladies Night , Thur: Stormin’ Norman Karaoke, 9pm - 12am, Fri: Rum Fridays, 9pm-1am, Music TBA, Blind Turtle, Fri: Rum Friday, Caesar Romero 4-8pm, Thom Blasburg 9pm-1am Oct 11, The Bullet Dodgers Trio 2-6pm, Big Logic & the Truth Serum 9-1am oct 18, Lauren Fox 4-8pm, Rasta Bayers 9-1am Oct 18, Sat: Malibu Beach Party DJ KRB 12-4pm, Jay Crosier 9-1am Oct 12, DJ KRB 12-4pm, Jay Paski 2-6pm, Justin Gurnsey Duo 9pm1am Oct 19, DJ KRB 12-4pm, Tribute Night with Sinatra & Friends 9-1am Oct 26, Sun: Wet Pool Party DJ KRB noon-4pm. MARK’S SPORTS PUB 2045 S RIDGEWOOD AVE, DAYTONA BEACH, 386-767-2277.

Fri & Sat live music 9:30pm Oct 13, 27, Nov 10,24: Live Jam Oct 20, Nov 3,17: Karoake with Tim Cockrell, 7pm, Oct 11, 12: TBA Oct 17, 18, 19: Buick DeVIL – Biketoberfest Special!, Oct 31: Halloween party, Crush (Final Halloween Appearance) Nov 1: Crush, Nov 2: Psycho Magnets Nov 8, 9: Diesel, Nov 15, 16: Afterlife

PORT ORANGE ORIGINAL FIRST TURN 5236 S RIDGEWOOD AVE, PORT ORANGE, 386-788-5434. Tues: Blues Jam hosted by Joe Motte & Friends 6, Bike Night on the deck 7 - 9, $1.50 Domestic beer, $2 Twisted Tea, $3 Fireball. Free Food (while it lasts) 7:30, Karaoke inside with Rockstar Bob 6 – 10 Oct 10: Derek Trull 6, Free poker with Big Stacks Poker League inside 6 Oct 11: Hayfire 7, Oct 12: Skid Rodeo 6, Big D’s Rock the Cradle toy drive Oct 13: Reuben “Lounge Lizard” 4 Oct 16: Chris Hiatt Experience 2, Hayfire 7, Free poker with Big Stacks Poker League inside 6, Oct 17: Fat City Band 2, The Band 4Play 6, Oct 18: The Accuzed 2, Tim Dugger 6, Oct 19: True Adkins 12, Sauce 2, Easystreet 6, Oct 20: Deep Swamp 2, Oct 24: ETC Duo 6, Free poker with Big Stacks Poker League inside 6 Oct 25: Easystreet 6, Oct 26: Fat City Band 6, Oct 27: Brothers Within 4 Nov 1: Crush 6, Nov 2: Cornhole Madness monthly tournament 12, Then2Now 6, Nov 3: Megan Stuart Duo 4 Nov 7: Derek Trull 6, Nov 8: Hayfire 7

PONCE INLET RACINGS NORTH TURN • 4511 S ATLANTIC AVE, PONCE INLET, 386-322-3258. Mon: Donn Hill, 6-10pm, Tues: Les B. Fine 6-10pm , Wed: Eddie Uzzle & Steve Hageman 6-10pm, except Oct 16: Kelsey Lamb, Thurs: Country Night with Willy Bouton, Mike Caso & Kenny Sphires 6-10pm, Fri: Then2Now, 6-11pm, Sat: Parallel 6-11pm, Sun: Then2Now, 5-10pm, Oct 12: Tymz 2, 1-5pm, Oct 17, 19: Kelsey Lamb, 1-5pm Oct 18: Reed Foley, 1:30-5pm Oct 26: Brent Clowers, 1-5pm Oct 31: Halloween party and Costume


contest, Nov 2: Just Gus, 1-5pm

NEW SMYRNA BEACH CABBAGE PATCH , 549 TOMOKA FARMS RD, NEW SMYRNA BEACH, 386-427-8969. Oct 16 All Day Kick Off Party Oct 19 Big Engine, 6-10pm MERK’S BAR AND GRILL• 193 N CAUSEWAY NEW SMYRNA BEACH, 386-427-1177. Fri: Live entertainment, 7:30-11:30pm

OAK HILL GOODRICH SEAFOOD, 253 RIVER RD OAK HILL, 386-345-3397. Live Music Fridays on the Deck

DELAND 18TH ANNUAL DELAND ORIGINAL MUSIC FESTIVAL, Music from 1pm to midnight. 160+ independent acts, 23 stages in historic downtown DeLand, Rock, Folk, Blues, Americana, Jazz, Punk, Electronic, Hip Hop, Country and more. See dsch18.html for complete schedule

DELTONA DELTONA BACON AND BREWFEST DEWEY O. BOSTER PARK 1190 SAXON BLVD, DELTONA, 386-960-0844 Oct 12: 12pm-2pm Psycho Magnets (Rock), 2:30pm-4:30pm Tobacco Rd Band (Country), 5pm-7pm Thunder Jack AC/DC Tribute (Rock)

SANFORD ST JOHNS RIVER STEAK & SEAFOOD 55 N PALMETTO AVE,SANFORD, 407-878-0980. Music: Fri & Sat 6-9pm, Sun 3-7pm Oct 11: Marcus Houck, Oct 12 & 25: James Mitchell, Oct 13: Brett Messer, Oct 18: Vince Roeshink, Oct 19: Bill Winbourne Oct 20: John Lazar, Oct 26: Stony Sixma Oct 27: Gene Gizzi SEMINOLE HARLEY DAVIDSON 620 HICKMAN CIRCLE, SANFORD,407-328-1212. Oct 11: Gun Shy, 5-7:30pm, Oct 12: Bobby Friss, 4-8pm, Oct 13: Sound Theory, 11:30am – 3pm, Oct 17: Joe Santana, noon-4pm, Oct 18: Smokin’ Torpedoes, 5:30-8:30pm, Oct 19: TC & Sass, 1-5pm Oct 20: Sound Theory, 11:30-3:30pm

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