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or those who prefer their music a tad more on the loud and heavy side, Electric Shrine just might contain the right components for you. With a massive, sonic sound that echoes the likes of Bad Company, Free, and Saint Vitus. Electric Shrine is a straight forward ROCK AND ROLL band that gets as much influence from early blues and jazz music as they do rock. Make no mistakes about it, this is exactly the type of group that can “get your motor running.” Electric Shrine first came to life in February of 2016, although its members have all known each other for well over a decade, having all played in and around the Central Florida area. Husband and wife duo, Chris (guitar - formally of Tranquilizer) and Bhren (lead vocals), paired with former Familiar Sin band mates, Josh (drums) and Stone (bass), to form a tight and seemingly unbreakable bond that meshes together perfectly. Although the band hasn’t hit the studio thus far, they assure Backstage Pass Magazine that they have plans to enter it very (emphasis on very) soon. And with song titles like “Blue Divination,” “Last Confession,” and “Rock and Roll Saved My Soul,” you know these guys definitely mean business. The band also informs us that their writing process is a total collaboration effort between all four members, with Chris, Stone, and Josh all laying down the foundation. Bhren ultimately brings the songs to life with her lyrics. They also include such classics as“Fire and Water” by Free and “Bullet the Blue Sky” by U2 in their set lists from time to time. All in all, they just want audiences to feel something each and every time they go to their shows. When not playing with the band, the members of Electric Shrine are always staying busy. Josh and Stone are both family men who are heavy into motorcycles, while Chris constantly stays as busy as possible with music, having

two cover bands that he additionally plays with. Bhren is also occupied with her many other creative outlets, such as dabbling in SFX makeup, prop fabrication and set design. The band has shared the stage with their fair share of notable local acts as well, such as Black Light Cobras, Gargamel!, In the After, and Rust Bucket Revival, just to name a few. On May 6, Electric Shrine will actually be opening for national hard hitting act Saliva at The West End Trading Company in Sanford. The band says they are very excited for the chance to prove themselves alongside a group like Saliva at this completely acoustic event, and hope it will open more doors as far as playing with other touring bands who come through the Central Florida area. If you would like to catch a preview, Electric Shrine will also be preforming at The Haven Lounge in Winter Park on April 15, where they will actually be giving away a pair of free tickets to the Saliva show, then they will be back at The Haven again on May 19. Of course be sure to check in on the band’s Facebook page to keep up to date on any and all upcoming shows. I was impressed with their live act at The Sandford Music Fest and I assure you, you don’t want to miss Electric Shrine’s stellar performance and stage presence.



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