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The South African Youth Travel Confederation (SAYTC) is a memberdriven organisation aiming to market South Africa globally as a preferred youth travel destination and to establish a professional youth travel industry based on accreditation and guidelines.

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SAYTC has members from the following sectors:

Africa and they’ve shared with us the stories of their special experiences around the country.

• Backpacking South Africa (BSA) representing the accommodation sub-sector

• Education South Africa (EduSA) representing language schools and student travel

• Tours & Transport South Africa (TaTSA) representing specialised youth and adventure tour operators and transport providers

• Volunteering South Africa (VolSA) representing organisers and operators of volunteer programmes

Membership is not limited to South Africa, and includes members from neighbouring Southern African countries; Lesotho, Zambia, Nambia, Zimbabwe and Swaziland. Most youth tourism service operators in the region are independent, but recognise the need for a regional body that looks after their needs, as well as those of visitors to South Africa. All members have undertaken to abide by basic standards and work towards the common good of both the traveller and industry. SAYTC strives to market South and southern Africa as a destination on the whole so that all the members, and the country, benefits. Contact us! Deborah: National & Marketing Coordinator E-mail: Tel: +27 (0)82 220 6443 Tara: E-mail: Tel: Website:

Membership Manager +27 (0)78 087 1180

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Youth travel - South Africa

Iconic South Africa South Africa is the rainbow nation, so called because of the peaceful diversity of its people. This diversity extends to its landscapes; in South Africa you will find mountains, oceans, desert, bush, and everything in between (often in just one day!). But one of the most rewarding aspects of travelling in South Africa is the diversity of its destinations. Everywhere is very different, as shown by Canadian volunteer James who highlights five places across the country.

Kruger National Park

City vibes

Road signs warn of crossing elephants. Piles of fresh dung and bulldozed trees suggest this isn’t a trick to get me excited. Within moments a large herd slowly crosses in front of us without a care in the world. This is one of the Big Five and I don’t have to wait long to see the others. Buffalo are seemingly everywhere, strange looking creatures that I grow to like over my three day safari. On the tour it felt like we were almost always on a game drive, so there was no stopping the animal sightings. South Africa has over 90% of the world’s rhino population, and it’s rare that we go a long time without being close to them.

I’m from Calgary so I’m comfortable in cities and when I travel I love to compare the energy in other cities with my own. After only a few hours in Johannesburg, I realized that the people in South Africa’s largest city work hard and play harder, but they’ve always got time to say hello and show you around. Like any large city its attractions can be hidden away, but ask any backpackers hostel in Johannesburg and you’ll have a huge list of diverse experiences. My time involved going to local flea markets and Indian markets; experiencing the Apartheid Museum; listening to jazz, techno and live bands and partying in warehouses and on rooftops. There is no standard tick list of attractions, so take an open mind and get ready to explore.

Young Drivers Welcome!* If you are 18-21yrs with license for at least 2 years, you are welcome!

Kruger National Park is one of the oldest and largest game reserves in Africa, covering almost 20 000 square kilometres, and has more species of large mammals than anywhere in the world. Eland, kudu, wildebeest, wild dog, giraffe, waterbuck, hyena and hippopotamus are just some of the animals I see. Although I have to credit our amazing guide for his extensive knowledge and spotting ability.

AROUND ABOUT CARS 20 Bloem Street 8001 Cape Town Tel.: +27 (0)21 422 4022

In front of us another pack of animals begins to cross the road. Except they never make it. These three lions have decided to stop and sleep in the road. As we get closer, two more lions walk across and lie down in the shade of our vehicle. I’m almost near enough to touch them, and I briefly panic at how real this experience is. Other predators live here, like cheetahs and leopards. This is a wild animal playground, and it’s tourists like us that are in the minority.

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8/27/14 8:14 Youth travel - South Africa 3 PM

Durban is South Africa’s most multicultural city, a friendly collection of its past and present. Their cultures mingle, giving the city its distinct feel. First stop the exotic spices of Victoria Street market, and a bunny chow; Indian curry served inside a hollowed out loaf of bread. Heading towards the ocean I pass the colonial buildings, and a central market of African traders with welcoming smiles. Is Durban a beach in the city or a city on the beach? Either way one merges into the other. The surfers ride a wave, and walk straight into the vibrant streets. And I walk the other way, past the cheapest shopping in South Africa until my feet hit the exceptionally clean sand. Few cities in the world can boast a more spectacular setting than Cape Town. Wherever I was in the city, my eye was drawn to Table

Volunteering in Southern Africa Internships in Cape Town Work South Africa your reward | +27 - 21 - 683 1399


Youth travel - South Africa

Mountain and I was happy to sit at a coffee shop and watch the cable car journey up and down. Every piece of clothing in my bag got used when I was in Cape Town – hiking gear for walking at Cape Point, board shorts for the beach, casual clothes for wine tasting and a smart shirt for a night out watching a band playing some great music. Being from a large city myself, what I love about Cape Town is that nature is all around and I didn’t have to go far to leave behind the rush and the traffic.

Volunteering No trip to South Africa is complete without getting personal with some wild animals. Kruger might be the most famous park, but there are many others. In South Africa you can volunteer at game reserves for a truly authentic experience. There are several game reserves that give volunteers like me an opportunity to get fully involved with conservation efforts. I spent two months on a conservation program in a game reserve near Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, tracking animals and monitoring animal numbers in the park. It gave me some incredible first hand experiences, like rehabilitating big cats and watching hunting scenes take place. Throughout my stay I was fully submerged in the wildlife and the conservation programme. Getting so close to them is an experience I will never forget. On my travels I also met other travellers who volunteered in different parts of South Africa. Many chose to volunteer in community and childcare programs, both in townships and in rural areas. In our conversations, we all agreed that the most important part of volunteering here is learning. While volunteers are supporting the wildlife and conservation or helping the communities, they’re also developing and gaining an unforgettable experience.

Youth travel - South Africa



Youth travel - South Africa

Youth travel - South Africa


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Overlanding Southern Africa South Africa has enough to keep you entertained for months, if not years. But just across the border there are five countries that offer completely different experiences, all deserving a place in your itinerary. Overland trucking is a great way to explore them.

Lesotho Ever been on top of the world? It’s usually an abstract concept, stemming from a special day in your life; falling in love, quitting your job and going travelling. But what if you could visit the top of the world... Lesotho? It is the highest country, and its isolated mountainous location has meant it has completely avoided western influences on its culture. Many still live traditionally; expect to see men riding their sturdy Basotho ponies over the mountainous terrain, wearing the traditional garment, the Basotho blanket. For the visitor, a visit allows one to see spectacular mountain scenery, to engage with the warm and hospitable people, to go pony trekking and to drive some rough 4x4 routes.

bna Mirko Eggert


Swaziland is a country of long standing traditional beliefs. Barefoot children plead with their smiles, desperate to hold hands with the mlungu (white person). people here still live in reed and mud huts and women carry bundles of straw on their heads, Swaziland’s landscape is bountiful. For the locals this means fertile crops, but for tourists it means adventure. Like the numerous stunning hiking trails or scrambling through caves, getting somersaulted by grade-four white-water rapids... or riding a horse alongside wild zebras at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary and walking alongside all of Africa’s antelopes. In Swaziland it is possible to imagine that all of Africa was once like this land - humble, mythical, and able to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Youth travel - South Africa


The ultimate Southern Africa Experience Whether it is a 4-day Kruger National Park experience, visiting the famous Garden Route, the breathtaking Victoria Falls, the epic landscapes of Namibia or cruising the Okavango Delta in a mokoro, join us for a Real Life Experience you won’t forget!

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LIVINGSTONE, ZAMBIA To the right the sign says: “Welcome to Zimbabwe.” To the left: “Welcome to Zambia.” Behind is the Victoria Falls. Waterfalls can be higher, wider and longer. But this is officially the most powerful in the world. It’s estimated that 1000 tonnes of water drop over the edge every second. You can hear the crash of the water from almost 10km away. It’s visually beautiful, but its power is unforgettable. Livingstone is the Zambian gateway to the Victoria Falls and has the reputation as the adrenalin capital of Africa. There is white-water rafting on the Zambezi River, helicopter rides over the falls, lion and cheetah experiences, sunset river cruises and walking safaris. You can go kayaking on the Zambezi and paddle past hippos and sunbathing crocodiles. Just across the border in Botswana is Chobe National Park, home


Youth travel - South Africa

to 120 000 elephants. In one day you maybe a thousand can be seen; many of them cute babies. Add hundreds of hippo sightings, innumerable giraffe and a few prowling lions. While the falls are reason enough to visit Livingstone, the variety of additional activities will keep you here for over a week.

Namibia Essentially a desert country, Namibia offers contrasting landscapes, each as magical as the last. The desolate Namib Desert is said to be the oldest in the world, with its high dunes and awe-inspiring sense of space. The central plateau, with its thorn bush savannah and rugged mountains, rising abruptly from the plains, gives way to the majestic Fish River Canyon in the south. In the north of the country, landscapes range from dense bush and open plains of the great Etosha Pan, to woodland savannah and lush vegetation.

Youth travel - South Africa


Learning English in South Africa South Africa isn’t just a holiday. It’s a whole experience. Visitors who come for a short time are amazed, but those who stay longer are rewarded with becoming part of the unique culture. That’s why learning English in South Africa is so popular. Virtually everyone in the country can speak English so you always have chance to practice and make new friends. And you’ll have a once in a lifetime chance to experience living in Africa. Education South Africa is the national association of quality language centres. When looking for an English language school make sure they are members of Education South Africa. All members must be ethical and meet minimum standards in professionalism and quality. That means you get the best quality schools, teaching and experience. Let’s listen to what some language students had to say.

Jemma from Spain: “I love studying at LAL Cape Town because having fun and studying at the same time is the best way to learn English. It’s a serious school but I can learn English naturally. The city is beautiful, the staff are amazing, and the experience has changed my life.�

Ray from Hong Kong: “At IH Cape Town it’s felt like a friend has been teaching me English. The school is modern and I will miss all the activities and my new friends.�

/ $ 1 * 8$* (7 5 $ , 1, 1 *& (17 5 ( &$3(72:1‡6287+$)5,&$

Professional. Flexible. Friendly. Matthias from Germany: “Studying at the warm environment of Inlingua Cape Town has been the best time of my life.�

Leonardo from Brazil: “I loved the Kurus English school, especially their language excursions which gave me a really authentic way to learn and interact with people.�

Ilya from Russia: “The atmosphere at Interlink School of Languages is amazing, and the small classes meant I always made good progress with my English.�


Youth travel - South Africa


tel: +27 21 419 0494 e-mail: web:

Youth travel - South Africa


school of languages

Need to improve your English? > Choose Cape Town!

> Small classes (max. 8 students) and finest location in spectacular Cape Town

LEARN ENGLISH AT INTERLINK ▪ BOUTIQUE - exclusive, upmarket, customised one-on-one service! ▪ UNIQUE - individualistic and one-of-a-kind, the difference is in the detail! ▪ EXPERIENCE SOUTH AFRICA - a once in a lifetime opportunity!

> Teacher-guided Language, Culture and Discovery Excursions > Stimulating learning environment > Become a global communicator > Enrol for intensive examination preparation (FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC) > Experience highest standard homestay accommodation

The Equinox,154 Main Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa, 8005 Tel +27 21 439 9834


Youth travel - South Africa

70 Wale Street, Cape Town 8001, South Africa | phone +27 21 426 4606 web | e-mail

Cape Town Everyone who visits Cape Town has a favourite memory. It might be climbing Table Mountain, partying in Long Street, reliving Mandela’s years by visiting Robben Island, or learning to surf. But it’s equally likely they’ll be experiencing another side, taking a tour through a township and seeing the lives of the people who define the city. What will be your favourite memory? Australian volunteer Emily writes an account of Cape Town.

Arriving in the city I was taking photos through the bus window, completely in awe at my first sighting of Table Mountain. But I soon learnt. Rising almost vertically from the ocean, Table Mountain is always standing over the city. It follows you everywhere you go. It acts as a compass, always in your vision as you explore the city. It doesn’t matter how many pictures you’ve seen - nothing can prepare you for your first glimpse of this mountain. The only time I didn’t see it was when I was standing on top of it. Over a kilometre above sea level I admired the 360° view. On one side is the Atlantic Ocean, stretching out to the horizon, while on the other South Africa’s southern coastline drifts into the distance. Beneath me the city extended and I picked a visual path through the urban sights; the dazzling World Cup football stadium; the

seductive V&A Waterfront full of alluring bars and restaurants; and Kite Beach, the world’s premier destination for kite surfers. Walking down into the city I travelled on cobble-stoned streets past the brightly coloured houses of Bo Kaap; red, yellow, purple, and blue all next to each other. Then to Greenmarket Square, a vibrant market of African crafts bursting with colour, and on to the Company Gardens, a green oasis in the centre of the city. Now to the District Six Museum which tells the stories of how blacks were forcibly removed from the area, and guided tours are conducted by an ex-resident. Nearby, the Iziko South Africa Museum and Slave Lodge also weave a historic tale. A short boat ride away is Robben Island, the infamous

Around About South Africa at unbeatable Prices Photo courtesy Cape Town Tourism

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DEBIT CARD and SPONSERED CAR RENTAL. No credit card? Company would like to pay? Contact us. Photo courtesy Cape Town Tourism

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Youth travel - South Africa


prison where Nelson Mandela spent many year; an integral chapter in this nation’s history. And when the sun goes down I found myself in Long Street, Africa’s most energetic night out; a never-ending row of festivities, live music and drinks offers. One suburb of Cape Town was officially a grey area during apartheid. Different races were allowed to live and mix in Observatory, and it continues to be one of the most culturally diverse areas in the country. It’s a mélange of bohemia and charm, with cute restaurants and underground bars, bookshops and revolutionaries. In the adjacent suburb of Woodstock the Old Biscuit Mill becomes a culinary feast on a Saturday morning, the country’s best homemade produce coming together in an atmospheric food market. With the sunrise I went off to Kite Beach, the world’s premier kitesurf destination, where I watched the world’s best fly high before floating down to the ocean like feathers. From here I saw the image from all the postcards, Table Mountain across the bay - front on - and complete with a waterfall of cloud coming down its face. It


Youth travel - South Africa

was breathtaking. A base to learn and practice surfing and kitesurfing, Cape Town keeps my adrenalin pumping with its continuous adventure. Go kloofing and abseil down waterfalls, jump from a plane and skydive onto the beach, or step off the top of Table Mountain, at 1000 metres above sea level, and abseil into pure vertical space. It’s one side of Cape Town, and there are many. Each suburb and area is different; the beach and trendy bars of Camps Bay, the nonstop vibe of the City Bowl, or funky Green Point which sits in the middle of everything. Looking back, I’m finding it almost impossible to pinpoint one specific memory. I suppose for me, my favourite is the atmosphere of the city. It surrounds you everywhere and at every moment; carefree, optimistic, creative and welcoming. It’s the kind of atmosphere that makes just walking around an attraction in itself. And it evokes the kind of feeling that makes sure nobody ever forgets Cape Town.

Youth travel - South Africa


Around Cape Town Cape Town is one of the world’s most iconic cities, with some of the world’ most breathtaking attractions. However, it’s not just about the city. Cape Town is surrounded by unique sights that don’t just live in the shade of the city. All these experiences are within two hours of Cape Town and can be done independently or as part of a tour. After exploring Africa on an overland safari, Dutch backpacker Sonya independently explored the area around Cape Town.

Cape Point & the edge of the world

Finding Penguins

Coming out of Cape Town, Chapman’s Peak Drive clings to the side of the mountain. It winds alongside the ocean, going through tunnels, past deserted beaches and down to Cape Point. This is the south-western tip of Africa and from the edge of the peninsula you really feel like you’re on the edge of the world; next stop, Antarctica. It’s a stunning and deserted area that is home to baboons, scenic roads and hiking trails.

Simons Town is home to a whole colony of Cape penguins. They waddle across the beach, dive into the ocean and hang around beside the footpath. You’re guaranteed to see penguins at Boulders Beach and if you’re lucky, you will be swimming with them. It’s one great experience out of many; there is so much do both in Cape Town and around.

Photo courtesy Cape Town Tourism

Diving with Sharks in Gansbaai Great White sharks can grow to more than four metres and weigh up to two tonnes; and you can be in a cage barely a metre away from them! Gansbaai has become the shark cage diving capital of the world. Just off-shore is Shark Alley, a shallow stretch of ocean teeming with Great Whites. Sharks can be seen year-round as operators have learnt where the sharks go at different times of year. No diving experience is necessary, all equipment is provided and pick-ups from Cape Town are arranged.




Youth travel - South Africa

A number of operators run tours but this is a once in a lifetime experience so you want to be assured of the quality. Diving with sharks is about working in harmony with the marine environment, and by learning about these creatures we enhance the survival chances of this rare species.

Youth travel - South Africa



Youth travel - South Africa

Youth travel - South Africa


Cape Agulhas It felt very special to visit Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of Africa. We stood at the point where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet and I felt like I was on the edge of the world. The red and white striped Cape Agulhas lighthouse caught my eye so I went in and ambled around the museum. Looking at the list of shipwrecks this coast claimed throughout the years, I can understand why the lighthouse was built.

The Wine Regions Around Cape Town, there are wine estates for everyone - old fashioned farmhouses home to small producers; lavish estates with rolling green fields and high-class décor; big names who export around the world and hidden gems that only sell from their cellar. Taste the wines with cheese, olives, chocolate, biltong or stop for lunch at one of the many vineyard restaurants. You could go to a different vineyard every day for two years and still not see all of them. Red, white, sparkling, port? Whatever your taste there’s plenty of wine to go around. To see more of the region consider staying in the wine capital Stellenbosch, a quaint university town that’s old on the outside but young on the inside.

beach, or take any of the numerous Table Mountain hiking trails that start near here.

Learning to surf in Muizenberg Riding a wave is an iconic a South African experience as anything else and Muizenberg is one of the best places in the world to learn. The waves are long and clean and they hold the world record for the most surfers on one wave – over 100. It means there is lots of white water, space for beginners to learn and plenty of experienced surfers to pick up tips from.

Hermanus In a sentence, Hermanus is the best land whale watching spot in the world. Southern Right, Humpback, and Bryde’s whales pass these shores; sometimes within 20 metres of the cliffs. Whales migrate here to calve and mate in the shallow water, and are usually seen from May to December. Hermanus has a whale crier who sounds his kelp horn to alert everyone of a sighting. Around October time he must get out of breath with all the action! In addition to whales you can spot dolphins, seals, penguins and perhaps even Great White Sharks with Dyer Island Cruises that leave from Kleinbaai, a seaside village near Hermanus.

Chilling in Hout Bay Cape Town isn’t short of beach getaways; secluded pieces of paradise hidden along the coastline. Go north from Cape Town and find rustic fishing villages, untouched sand and rambling sand dunes. Life moves slowly and quietly here. The coastal suburb of Hout Bay is just twenty minutes south of Cape Town and is easily accessible by public transport from the city. It looks like a small harbour village - fishermen unload their fresh catch against the backdrop of Table Mountain. Hout Bay is also quiet and comfortable; perfect for those looking to surf at nearby Llandudno


Youth travel - South Africa

bnd SteveMcN

Youth travel - South Africa


Garden Route The Garden Route is South Africa in a nutshell, an action-packed stretch of beaches, lagoons, forest, and mountains. Officially the Garden Route covers the area between Mossel Bay and the Tsitsikamma National Park but most people travel the whole southern coast between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth in one trip. With most attractions connected by the N2 highway, it’s the perfect way to experience a lot in a limited amount of time. What’s more, each destination is easy to reach both independently and as part of a tour. Along the way, four backpackers shared with us their highlights. There are many different ways of exploring the Garden Route. What will be your Garden Route highlight?

Uli from Germany visited the Garden Route as part of a longer 35-day overland trip. Tsitsikamma National Park is incredible. You follow the forest and then suddenly it just meets the ocean where huge waves are crashing against the rock. There are so many different ways to explore it. I did the Otter Trail along the coast on foot, went by mountain bike to the viewpoint at Storms River Mouth. If I had to pick a highlight based on beauty it would be here. Outdshoorn is the ostrich capital of the world and 98% of the world’s ostriches come from this town. The landscape completely changes when you go there, it’s almost like being in the desert. And the mountain passes you take to get there are the most breathtaking roads I’ve ever seen. I was eating ostrich, getting a back massage from an ostrich and the highlight...riding an ostrich - although I fell off after five seconds. The Cango Caves in Outdshoorn are definitely worth visiting. I expected them to be quite tame but it was a real adventure squeezing through tiny holes and doing my first caving. Cameron from America went on an six-day tour and went bungy jumping at the Bloukrans bridge I was shaking just watching people dive off the bridge. But when you go onto the platform they pump out dance music and everyone is just having a party. Wow, it was scary, but so worth it. I’d never done a bungy before but now I can say that I’ve done the highest commercial bungy jump in the world. Yes, I jumped 216 metres off a bridge. Plettenberg Bay is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I was stood on the rocks and saw whales breaching very close to the shore. The beaches there are very clean and seemed to carry on all the way to Cape Town! Most of all I loved the scenery and how it changes when you travel along the Garden Route. Every bit of the road is interesting and I always had my head out of the window taking photos, especially when we came across baboons. The journeys we did were as fun as the destinations. Sarah from Sweden travelled the Garden Route with the Baz Bus hop-on hop-off bus. There was so many cool things to do in Mossel Bay I could have stayed there forever. Skydiving, whale watching, shark cage diving, horse riding, surfing, hiking and sandboarding. Each day I woke up I was spoilt for choice, but always full of memories from the day before. George is a nice town. Not many people stop there which is a shame because there are lots of activities and some fun nights out. Hendrik from Denmark hired a car and drove along the Garden Route. I loved relaxing and exploring in Wilderness. The beach is stunning and goes on forever, and there was never anybody else on it. It’s only a small place and it really lives up to its name as there were lots of hiking trails that took me deep into the forest. I also canoed through the national park to the hidden waterfall. Knysna is incredibly beautiful. South Africans have twice voted it their favourite town and I could see why. It’s on a lagoon with the mountains behind it, and beside the cliffs and ocean. There is a gap in the cliffs at the Knysna Heads where the ocean is a brilliant green and blue colour.


Youth travel - South Africa

Youth travel - South Africa


the world at 216m. Skydive in Plettenberg Bay or Mossel Bay and paraglide onto the beach in Wilderness. Mossel Bay is also the only destination on the Garden Route that offers shark cage diving. Head off to Storms River to do a zipline adventure high above the ground in the forest canopy. Or combine your thrills with a canyoning river adventure in The Crags that will have you swimming, sliding and having a good time. Optionally there’s quad-biking, horse riding, mountain biking and other less extreme activities. If you’re on a budget, there’s plenty of free day walks and beaches....

Friendly and ice! Personal Serv

AROUND ABOUT CARS 20 Bloem Street 8001 Cape Town Tel.: +27 (0)21 422 4022

Tsitsikamma Park

Garden Route attractions

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Whale watching The Garden Route’s coast offers visitors the opportunity to watch a truly great mammal, the Southern Right Whale, during winter and spring months when these dignified creatures come into our calm waters to calve and protect their young. Plettenberg Bay is good for land-based viewiing, whereas boat-based whale watching tours operate from both Plettenberg Bay and Knysna.

Photo courtesy of South African Tourism

Adventure activities The Garden Route offerss adventure activities for each letter of the alphabet - abseiling, bungy jumping, canyoning, diving and everything inbetween all the way down to shark cage diving and eventually zip-lining. The Bloukrans Bungee is the highest in


Youth travel - South Africa

The Tsitsikamma is an 80km long coastal strip between Nature’s Valley and the mouth of the Storms River. The luxuriant forest is old and untouched. There are two hiking routes for the well-trained hiker; the popular Otter Trail and the 72km Tsitsikamma Trail. 8:14 PM The park has many unique plants and is home to antelope and monkeys.

Youth travel - South Africa


George & Victoria Bay The capital of the Garden Route, George offers a full range of adventure activities, most notably cycling down the Outeniqua Pass. Victoria Bay is a small cove that is popular with surfers, which consists of a right hand reef like wave which rolls over small boulder-like rocks for about 200m.

Wilderness Wilderness is a seaside town on the Touw River Lagoon that is known for its long white beach. The Wilderness Section of the Garden Route National Park has rivers, estuaries, beaches and a lake area. Popular activities include hiking in the forest, canoeing on the estuary and paragliding.

Knysna & Sedgefield Knysna nestles on the banks of a beautiful lagoon with soaring monoliths called “The Heads” that guard the bay and the treacerous waters that lead into the lagoon. Knynsa is surrounded by a natural paradise of lush indigenous forests, tranquil lakes and golden beaches.


The heart of ostrich country, Oudtshoorn now attracts wildlife and cycling enthusiasts, as well as those wanting to befriend the world’s largest bird.

Plettenberg Bay Cango Caves A series of limestone caves in the foothills of the Swartberg Mountains that have both spectacular halls and grand limestone formations, as well as rather small passages that visitors squeeze through on an adventure tour.

Originally christened “Bahia Formosa”, or “beautiful bay” by early Portuguese explorers, Plettenberg Bay is characterised by sweeping, unspoilt golden beaches, a dramatic rocky peninsula, intriguing lagoons and estuaries, towering indigenous forests and unpolluted rivers. Plettenberg Bay also has several game farms and animal attractions within a short driving distance.

Natures Valley & The Crags

Garden Route destinations Mossel Bay This seaside town is an all-year-round friendly holiday haven. The Maritime Museum has a replica of the first European ship that landed in the bay in 1488.


Youth travel - South Africa

Natures Valley, a secluded seaside village enclosed in the Tsitsikamma Park, marks the end of the popular 5-day Otter Trail. The Crags is the area inland from Natures Valley. Both areas are lush, with streams, rivers and small pockets of forest that are bulging, overflowing and teeming with active, loud animal life.

Youth travel - South Africa


Eastern Cape The Eastern Cape is the ultimate backpacker destination for the adventurous traveller seeking unmatched natural and cultural diversity. Here you’ll find unspoiled beaches with legendary waves, majestic mountain hideaways where hobbits lurk, stark Karoo landscapes that hide ancient rock art and the country’s friendliest cities. Welcome to Mandela’s homeland, it’s time to travel! Dutch backpacker Christa finds out just how memorable this destination is.

Jeffreys Bay! It’s South Africa’s most famous surf spot and was part of the Billabong Pro World Surf Tour. Waking up every morning and learning to surf was very rewarding. And most afternoons I could go watch the professionals showing how I’m supposed to do it. I also really like Port Elizabeth. It has a lot of history and a lot of old culture and buildings to explore. Like any city, when I stayed for longer I found more and more cool places to hang out and discover. The local people are great and lots of them wanted to show me around and show off their city. Addo Elephant National Park was everything I had imagined before I came to Africa. There were big herds of elephants everywhere. We must have seen 200-300 in just one day. We also saw herds of zebras, buffalo, kudu, and found two lions feeding on a carcass. You can’t ask for much more than that when you come to Africa for the first time! After being on the coast for some time, I decided to head inland to Hogsback. Nearby there is a land just as mystical but very different.

Elundini is a Xhosa village of 300 people situated a twenty minute drive from Hogsback. Over three days I’m eating Xhosa food, making Xhosa bread, taking a basic Xhosa language course and settling into the inimitable rhythm of life. Walking around the village I see people going about their everyday life; preparing maize beer, fetching wood from the forest and always stopping for a long chat with everyone who walks past. Situated on a hillside with sweeping views into the Amathole Mountains, this is a piece of natural paradise where life continues like it always has. Lions, bungy jumping, partying in Cape Town? I’d done all of this already. All backpackers have done something a little bit wild in South Africa. So I wondered how wild could the Wild Coast be? Very. Rural African life meets beach paradise; untouched nature meets authentic interaction with locals; relaxation meeting exploration. I’ve found many things to justify the tag of “wild”. But most impressive about the Wild Coast is revelling in a destination that feels unchanged, untamed and unaltered for centuries. When you visit you will probably think it’s going to stay like this for a long time because here, you become part of Africa.

Eastern Cape Atttractions


Game viewing

Xhosa culture

The Eastern Cape has several reserves that offer excellent game viewing. The Greater Addo Elephant National Park is a vast marine reserve that is home to the Big 5 and two giants of the seas – Southern Right Whales and Great White Sharks.

Xhosa villages dot the rolling hills of the Wild Coast. Life here echoes the past – homes are simple mud huts without modern conveniences and traditional healers, ceremonies and coming-ofage rituals still play a central role in the Xhosa life.

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Surfing and beach life Long sandy beaches and sunny days bode well for sand, sun and sea lovers. The Wild Coast and Sunshine Coast have many good surfing spots. Jeffreys Bay is the centre of the winter surfing season and contenders for world champion title face-off here every July.

and learn about his extraordinary life at the museum dedicated to him in Mthatha.

eastern cape destinations Sunshine Coast The Sunshine Coast stretches along a spectacular strip of coastline that is blessed with sunny days for much of the year. It is a playground for watersports, fine wildlife viewing and a variety of trails and outdoor adventure activities. Towns: East London, Jeffreys Bay, Port Elizabeth, Addo

Wild Coast

Owl House

An almost untouched paradise and a true African coastline - the Wild Coast is rocky and untamed with breathtaking scenery and a rich cultural heritage. Trek through lush coastal forests, along pristine beaches and discover the age old traditions of the local Xhosa people. Towns: Chintsa , Coffee Bay, Bulungula, Mdumbi, Mthatha, Port St. Johns

The eclectic town of Nieu-Bethesda is home to the Owl House – an ordinary Karoo home transformed into a display of colour and light, created from sculptures in cement and glass.

Amathole Mountain Escape

Nelson Mandela Museum Visit the birthplace and early stomping ground of Nelson Mandela


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The mysterious Amatola Mountains set the scene for a dramatic tourist route. With clear mountain air, thick blankets of snow in winter and warm, sunny days in days in summer, it is a great destination at every time of year. Towns in this destination: Hogsback, Elundini

Kwa-Zulu Natal Mountains and beaches, city lights and rural huts, Kwa-Zulu Natal is an area of diverse landscapes and experiences. From the Indian Ocean to 3200 metres above sea level, English backpacker Mark explores the land of the Zulu people, finding three very unique destinations.

DRAKENSBERG The path narrows, taking a wide arc around 3200 metre Sentinel Peak, and offers spectacular views of the Northern Drakensberg Valley. Two hours ago I was admiring these mountains from a distance. Now I’m making a spectacular climb to their broad summit, where I sit on top of the world, dangling my feet over a sheer 1000 metre drop as I eat lunch. Beneath me the round huts of the Zulu people are dotted around the valley, and beside me the broad peaks of the mountains are a visual Christmas present. Behind me is a remote corner of the highest country in the world, Lesotho, a place where locals ride horses across the border and green valleys stretch forever. Tiptoeing away from the edge I’m walking to another Christmas present. Tugela Falls is the world’s second largest waterfall and I’m swimming in the river just before the water makes its dramatic descent. Less than 10 metres in front of me this cool water tumbles over the edge and drops for 952 metres. This is not the only place to hike in the Northern Drakensberg - Royal Natal National Park offers numerous day trips. And for the less energetic simply standing and admiring these mountains from a distance is enough to soothe any tortured soul. This is, after all, the highest mountain chain in Southern Africa.

In the Southern Drakensberg the mountains have a more gentle feel, sloping and folding into each other, like a giant piece of crumpled green paper. Nestled in these mountains, the Sani Pass is a famous and dramatic gravel road that rises over 1000 metres in just 8 kilometres until it reaches Lesotho.

World Heritage Site and is home to 40 000 bushman paintings. Drakensberg Adventures’ day trip gives me an insight into the complexity of these images. Drawn by the indigenous San people who settled in the Drakensberg 8000 years ago - the drawings were an essential means of communication. Living the life of nomadic hunters, the these people left visual messages in caves and resting places. Each painting tells a story, and many I see depict hunting scenes - the oldest believed to be 3000 years old.

Durban Descending towards the city, Baz Bus driver Jessie explains Durban’s number one status. It has the biggest harbour and aquarium in Africa, the largest Indian population outside India, Africa’s only Olympic-sized swimming pool and the world’s largest swing. The adrenalin is already pumping as I check out its stats. I’m walking up the iconic curve of Durban’s World Cup stadium, 352 steps taking me up onto the roof where the city becomes a sea of colours and styles. Durban’s buildings are a cross fertilisation of ideas from many decades, harmoniously fitting together before spilling onto sand. This is a compact city explorable by foot, with excellent backpacker hostels just a short ride from the city centre. Durban doesn’t need an aquarium to showcase the local marine world. An hour south of the city in Rocky Bay is one of the world’s top dive sites and a unique shark diving experience. This is not Great White shark territory, but within seconds the boat is surrounded by black tip reef and spinner sharks. They hang around for every second of the 30 minutes I spend in the cage.



The whole of the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park is a UNESCO

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Gauteng Gauteng is not only South Africa’s economic powerhouse – it’s a young province where attitudes are fresh and the optimism is endless. With two large cities, Johannesburg and Pretoria, this is a place to appreciate African urban culture. In the townships, you can explore the community spirit called Ubuntu, and downtown you can experience the sometimes sophisticated, sometimes gritty, always-trendy city life. And if nature and the outdoors calls to you, world-class game reserves, mountains and adventure activities are only a short drive away. German volunteer Silke explored all of Gauteng’s corners during her month-long stay.

JOHANNESBURG I quickly found that I didn’t have enough time for all the things I could do and see and Johannesburg, or Joburg as I soon started calling it. My friends had told me about the touristy things that I had to do, so I spent a weekend visiting heritage sites like the Apartheid Museum and the Hector Pieterson Museum. Apartheid has always been just a word to me, but after looking at the videos and photos at the Apartheid museum, I can now imagine South Africa under Apartheid and I have a new respect for everyone who lived with it and fought against it.

bna Martijn Barendse

The next weekend my friends and I discovered a Joburg we really liked. We found ourselves mixing with young South Africans at rooftop markets, drinking craft beers and dancing to Afropop, Afrohouse, Afrojazz and other cool tunes. I realised that Joburgers are always on the lookout for the next bit of fun and just like them we went to trendy districts like Maboneng, Arts on Main and Newtown to find the next party, gallery exhibition or live gig. I must have uploaded about a hundred pictures on Instagram because there were so many interesting things that caught my eye.

For the ultimate Camping Experience. AROUND ABOUT CARS 20 Bloem Street 8001 Cape Town Tel.: +27 (0)21 422 4022

Soweto Heading towards Soweto I was nervous. It’s the world’s biggest township and I had expected makeshift shacks and danger. I can’t believe how wrong I was! Everyone greeted me with waves and smiles. Everywhere I look I’m hit by a vibrant assault of colour. If South Africa is the rainbow nation, then Soweto’s streets are its paintings, its visuals that turn this metaphor into reality. In this Orlando West suburb, Vilakazi Street is the only street in the world that is home to two Nobel Peace Prize winners; Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. On a bicycle tour we move away from the upmarket area of Orlando West and peddle through different suburbs, stopping to drink homemade beer, eat boiled cow’s head and give lifts to children on the handlebars. With every kilometre I begin to realise that this is

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also a place I would be justifiably proud of. I can’t call this home, but I can claim that I’m not just a tourist statistic.


journey from the Western Cape. I visited the Voortrekker Monument, a monument to the people who made the journey and found it solemn and moving. After a visit to the Union Buildings, South Africa’s seat of government, I need to do something less serious so I went for a peaceful walk in the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa.

Richard Matthews

Dinokeng I always thought that game reserves would be far from the city, but was nicely surprised that not only is the Dinokeng Game Reserve only 45 minutes from Johannesburg but that it also has lions and elephants – animals I always wanted to see in the wild.

bna JW Hurter


My family were worried about my stay here but were less worried when I told them that the area is malaria-free. When they came to visit me we did things around Dinokeng that they really enjoyed. We all loved the game drives and my dad especially liked the night drive because he saw a leopard when my mom and I were looking the other way.

Magaliesberg is a mountain range to the north and west of Pretoria. It is a popular weekend getaway for people from Johannesburg and Pretoria and after spending a weekend there myself I can understand why. The nature and the mountains are very pretty so I went hiking, horse riding and quad biking. My friends were keen to go rock climbing, but we decided to leave that for another visit.

I volunteered at a safe house for babies in Dinokeng and the kids there came to mean so much to me. My parents helped out for a few days too and I think they also had their favourites among the kids. We had a small party before they left and it really did feel like we were all family.

Hartebeespoort Dam, also known as Harties, was busy in a nice way. They have a brand new aerial cableway and the view of the dam from the top was breathtaking. We browsed around the shops for a while, scared ourselves silly at a reptile park but then were happy to head back to our lodge and relax around the campfire.


Maropeng & the Cradle of Humankind

I didn’t know what a jacaranda tree looked like before I visited Pretoria and now I think they’re my favourite tree. There are thousands of them around Pretoria and when the bluish-purplish flowers bloom, Pretoria looks very pretty.

Since school I’ve been fascinated with human evolution and couldn’t resist going to the Cradle of Humankind to discover more. My first stop was the Sterkfontein Caves. The tour guide from a local university explained that fossil remains were discovered here dating back 3 million years and that this was the earliest evidence of human culture. He led us deep into the caves and told us more about the fossils and the cave formations. Maropeng is the Cradle of Humankind museum. The exhibits were both interesting and entertaining, and I came away with a better understanding of how we evolved from Handy Man (and Woman) to what we are now.

Pretoria is a good city to do things outdoors and since I love history I spent several hours just walking around and looking at the monuments. From what I’ve learnt, Pretoria is one of South Africa’s three capital cities because it used to be the capital city established by the Afrikaner people who moved here in a long and difficult

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Youth travel - South Africa





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   Youth travel - South Africa


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Fair Trade Tourism (FTT), is a non – profit organisation that promotes responsible Tourism in southern Africa and beyond. The aim of FTT is to make tourism more sustainable by ensuring that the people who contribute their land, resources, labour and knowledge to tourism are the ones who reap the benefits. This is done by growing awareness about responsible tourism to travellers, assisting tourism businesses to operate more sustainably, and by facilitating a Fair Trade Tourism cer tification programme across southern Africa.

By selecting an FTT certified business, travellers are not only assured that their holiday benefits local communities and economies, and that the business is operated ethically and in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, but they will also have a more fulfilling holiday experience. FTT has a diverse selection of Tourism businesses on it’s portfolio, ranging from luxury establishments to Backpackers to exciting activities, some of which are featured below: CALABASH TOURS Calabash Tours- Community Care Programme Calabash Tours-Real City Tour Calabash Tours-Schools Support programme Calabash Tours-Shebeen Tour Calabash Tours offers ground breaking tours that cover both the historical heart of the city, and the vibrant energy of the black townships pulsing with the spirit of a rich culture and a friendly people wanting to share their diversity and spirit.


Community Schools Programme This volunteer programme works with schools in the Chintsa area of the Eastern Cape. It facilitates computer literacy classes, playing a supporting role for teachers and complementing the existing curriculum, and it provides a vital resource for learners to gain hands-on computer skills that will prove invaluable as they progress through their education and eventually seek employment.

FUNDANI TOWNSHIP/ MINING TOURS Fundani Tours specialises in guided day trips, safaris, transfers and scheduled shuttle services. They strive to maintain a high standard in servicing the domestic and international tourists and shall make every effort to ensure customer comfort and satisfaction. Fundani Tours has the self-appointed mission to help to 40

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uplift women, youth and disabled people in the township. MORATIWA TOURS- SOWETO FAIR TOURISM TOUR This emerging business offers a vehicle and bicycle combination tour (in collaboration with Lebo’s Bicycle Tour – also an FTTcertified business) in Soweto, giving travelers the opportunity to see a lot as well as have a more personal engagement with local people in the various parts of this amazing, historical township.

greening initiatives, which include a recycling project in conjunction with the on-site restaurant and a water management system, including the two dams on-site which provide water for the beautiful gardens. In addition, the Voortrekker Monument works closely with member of Tshwane nature conservation to ensure that the site conforms to standards.


Soweto Bicycle Tours is a unique concept of township tourism. The owner of Lebo’s Soweto Backpackers, Lebo Malepa, started bicycle tours in Soweto in 2005. The tours quickly became popular for travellers seeking an alternative experience to a short day trip in a bus through the township.The bicycle tour provides an opportunity to experience Soweto, its people and communities in an ecofriendly and personal manner, giving an insight into their life, culture and history.

At !Khwa ttu modern man can learn much from the San people, who lived in harmony with nature and practiced an ancient ubuntu. From the extinct Xam San term for “water-hole”, !Khwa ttu offers an insight into the culture and heritage of the peace-loving, environmentally-conscious San people. They were persecuted, marginalized, under-appreciated by colonists, but! Khwa ttu aims to restore the San heritage, educate the public about the San and provide training to the San community members. The! Khwa ttu culture and education centre is a joint partnership between the San people, who are majority owners and influence every aspect of the reserve, and the Swiss UBUNTU Foundation.




The Voortrekker Monument is the most visited heritage site of its kind in Gauteng and one of the top ten cultural historical visitor attractions in South Africa. The Monument is located in a declared nature reserve and employs a number of

The Andulela Experience offers themed tours and incentive products in Cape Town and surrounds. Each tour takes guests behind-the-scenes and into the homes and workplaces of South Africans, some well-known and

ordinary people with inspirational real-life stories to share. Andulela believes that universal themes and hands-on activities provide a wonderful platform for natural exchange for both visitors and locals alike. Andulela specialises in hands-on cooking experiences in the homes of different communities of Cape Town.

BIRDS OF EDEN Birds of Eden are the world’s largest free flight aviary and bird sanctuary. The unique two hectare dome spans a gorge of indigenous forest, which houses over 3500 birds. Their long term aim is to reintroduce groups of selected species of birds into their home ranges. They also contribute annually a great amount into the local economy.

DYER ISLAND CRUISES Whale watching and eco cruises in the Walker Bay area are just a start. Environmental education initiatives in the local community, conservation projects including lobbying public support for 2000 artificial penguin shelters on Dyer Island to house dwindling endangered penguin colonies there, coastal clean-ups and support for local women through the Nolwandle skills development and craft centre project are what drive this team. The positive impacts made in conservation and socio-economic impacts are tremendous!







BOOKINGS: +27 0 28 312 3347 l +27 0861-4-shark +27 0 76 245 5880


Volunteer with White Shark Projects ...

... and become integral to the conservation of the greatest and yet most misunderstood, predatory force of the seas – the Great White Shark.

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