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Engineering Services  To put your latest plans into motion and test a newly developed mechanical component before production, outsource your engineering needs to us.  BACKOFFICE PRO offers a number of Engineering Services that are fit to a range of industries, including: • CAD Conversion • BIM • 3D Rendering • Retail Space Planning • Reverse Engineering • Finite Element Analysis • Architectural Drafting

CAD Conversion  Before moving to full production, it is vital to have drawing converted properly to match the needs of the project.  BACKOFFICE PRO offers a number of comprehensive CAD conversion services including: • AutoCAD® Conversion • Drawing to Design Conversion (DWG to DGN) • JPG to Drawing Conversion (JPG to DWG) • MicroStation® Conversion • Raster to Vector Conversion • MCD, PDF, to Drawing Conversion (MCD, PDF, to DWG)

BIM  Using a Building Information Model, we are able to relay the architectural, engineering, and construction elements that are most important in that building through a single, carefully-curated design.  BIM is a valuable tool in the AEC field.  Electronic and able to cover the full scope of a building’s design, BIM allows the AEC team to view the project from planning to construction to future maintenance and renovations.

3D Rendering  In the development of new products or structures, the step following concept design is 3D modeling and prototyping or construction.  BACKOFFICE PRO guarantees that 3D rendering services are accurate and designed to meet the needs of the work.  Our 3D Rendering Services include: • 3D Rendering • 3D Animation • 3D Walkthrough • Product and Industry Machinery Animations

Retail Space Planning  Back Office Pro offers a number of Retail Space Planning Services designed to match the specific needs of each of our customers, including: • Retail Space Planning • Office Space Planning • Commodity Planning • Consultancy • Project Management • Planograms • Feasibility Studies • Surveys

Reverse Engineering  In businesses, there are situations in which you might want to shift production from manufacturer to manufacturer.  BACKOFFICE PRO has provided expert reverse engineering services to businesses in many industries.  We do these using tools such as: • Renishaw Cyclone Scanner • FARO Laser ScanArm with 7-axis ScanArm • RapidForm and Geomagic software tools with NUEBS and IGES / STEP compatibility

Finite Element Analysis  In a number of fields, finite element analysis is used as a preventive tool to measure and test the likely performance of a prototype under certain conditions.  It can be used to test, verify, or validate a design and uncover any potential issues that might arise.  We offer a range of Finite Element Analysis Services designed to match the needs of any industry, including: • CFD • Structural Analysis • FE Modeling • Modal Analysis • Dynamic Analysis • Mold Flow Analysis • Thermal Analysis

Architectural Drafting  We offer a full range of Architectural Drafting Services across different technologies and building types. We can produce the following drawings for your next project: • Layouts and landscaping • Elevations and sections • Floor plans • Sanitation and piping plans • Architectural working • Interior designs and plans • Furniture • Site plans

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Reflected ceiling plans HVAC systems Electrical drawings Millwork drawings Structural drawings

In addition to Engineering Services, BACKOFFICE PRO offers services in Film & Video, Print & Design, Animation, Research & Analysis, Data Management, Image Editing, and Transcription.

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Engineering services  

Outsource engineering services to Back Office Pro that offers a number of services for architectural, mechanical and structural design firms...

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