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Data Management Services

Data Management Services •

Data management is important to modern businesses that rely on large incoming and outgoing volumes of data.

Data management allows you to increase the amount of data you can produce, process, and analyze.

Our data management services include: • Data Entry • Data Conversion • Data Processing • Data Mining / Extraction • eCommerce Data Updating • Catalog Management • ePub

Data Entry •

We offer data entry services designed to match your specific needs including the following source information: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Product Catalogs PDF Documents Hard/Soft Copy Online Orders Insurance Claims Mailing Lists Legal Documents Vouchers and Documents eBook and Magazine Publications Hospital Records and Patient Notes Business Cards Birth Records, Town Records and Municipal Records

Data Conversion • Our data conversion services include: • Electronic Data Conversion • Printed Data Conversion • Book Conversion

• We can provide

• File Conversion • Document Conversion • Document Digitizing • Data Conversion • PDF Conversion • XML Conversion • Word Formatting • HTML Conversion

Data Processing •

To improve your business’ workflow and eliminate data congestion, outsource your data processing needs to us.

Our data processing services include: • • • • • • • • • •

Forms Processing Order Processing Insurance Claims Processing Transaction Processing Image Processing Survey Processing Market Research Forms Processing Check Processing Credit & Debit Card Processing B3 Form Processing

Data Mining / Extraction •

Data mining and extraction allows businesses to identify and extract valuable information from complex data sets.

Our data mining and extraction services follow industry-standard methods including classification, regression, and clustering.

Our services include: •

Website Data Mining, to extract information from websites and online databases

Database Data Mining, to extract information from previously used databases

Text Data Mining, to extract information from large volumes of text for medical, scientific, legal, and financial research

eCommerce Data Updating •

eCommerce is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Internet.

It is important that the data presented on one’s eCommerce site is up to date.

If you’re adding large volumes of new products to your site’s database, outsource your eCommerce data updating needs to us.

We offer active monitoring and planned updating services for pricing, product descriptions, reviews, and rating data.

Catalog Management •

If your company owns a large catalog of products that are distributed offline and are interested in moving online, outsource your catalog management needs to us.

Our catalog management services include: •

Catalog Building and Indexing, to build a new catalog from scratch for your website or business using tools such as text, drawings, and basic designs

Catalog Updating, to provide extensive updates for your existing catalog materials, including adding new images or product details

Catalog Processing, to process new catalog additions provided by you or by a manufacturer represented in your materials

ePub •

Our ePublishing services include: •

Tagging and Linking of Table of Contents, to create an active, linked table of contents that matches the formatting guidelines for your eBook file of choice

Proofing of Images/Illustrations, to ensure they’re resized properly and placed appropriately

Cleaning Page Numbers and Page Headers, to match the specific requirements of your publishing platform of choice

Re-pagination, to ensure it matches the page numbers given in the eBook format

PDF conversion services, to convert an existing PDF eBook into one of the formats listed above

In addition to Data Management Services, BACKOFFICE PRO offers services in Film & Video, Print & Design, Animation, Engineering, Research & Analysis, Image Editing, and Transcription.

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