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Image Editing

Image Editing Services

∗ We have experience working with all major formats of images from a variety of industries. ∗ Our image editing services include: ∗ Real Estate ∗ Image Clipping ∗ Image Manipulation ∗ Image Enhancement ∗ Portrait ∗ Panorama ∗ Floor Plan Conversion

Real Estate

∗ When selling a home, you want images that put your property in its best light. ∗ Our real estate image services include: ∗ Photo Enhancement, to enhance colors, saturation, or lighting in your image to highlight the key components of the property ∗ Real Estate Panoramas, to produce panorama views of the exterior and interior of the property with video or existing still shots ∗ 360 Degree Virtual Tours, to produce 360° virtual tours using existing images ∗ Perspective Correction, to ensure the house is presented from the best possible angle, correcting and enhancing existing angles ∗ Sky Change, to change the color, lighting or positioning of the sky in a shot, or to remove any unnecessary background images

Image Clipping

∗ When using images for marketing materials, extraneous details may detract from the image. ∗ We offer image clipping services not limited to: ∗ Background removal, to remove the background around the photo’s subject to either stand alone or be overlaid onto a different background ∗ Image masking, to mask parts of an image to ensure it matches the final layout and style of your marketing materials ∗ Image cutouts, to remove distracting components of an image ∗ Hair masking, to remove strands of hair or remove hair completely

Image Manipulation

∗ Photographs are increasingly flexible to manipulate with the use of modern technology. ∗ BACKOFFICE PRO offers a range of editing and manipulation services not limited to: ∗ Adding and removing subjects ∗ Background change, to either remove the background, add a different layer, or make changes to the color ∗ Color change, to remove or make changes to specific colors in your final image

Image Enhancement

∗ When you need a photograph polished to perfection for any reason, outsource your images to us. ∗ Photographers, marketing teams, and designers from the world have trusted us with their image needs. ∗ Our image enhancement services include: ∗ Image retouching, to remove blemishes or improve lines in the image to make it stand out among competitors ∗ Professional airbrushing services, to remove blemishes, clean up hair lines and remove other distractions from the image’s subject ∗ Conversion of raw images, converting and processing raw images to look ready for printing ∗ Photo restoration services, to restore existing, aged photographs that have been damaged by water, air, or general wear and tear ∗ Density and color correction


∗ Portraits are carefully planned and taken with an air of professionalism to be preserved for future generations. ∗ Our portrait services include: ∗ Portrait enhancement, to enhance your portrait with airbrushing, corrections and retouching. ∗ Specialized enhancements, to accommodate special enhancements needed ∗ Sepia portraits, to convert existing images into sepia format for printing ∗ Black and white portraits, to produce and prepare for black and white printed photographs and portraits ∗ Canvas portraits, to ensure a portrait looks good on canvas with the necessary adjustments to lighting and coloring. ∗ Vignette portraits


∗ Panorama photographs and videos are immensely useful when marketing a product, service, property, or location. ∗ We have experienced editors and designers who are able to create stunning panoramic images. ∗ Panoramic photography is an especially good fit for real estate brokers when trying to sell a home because customers can shop from the comfort of their current home.

Floor Plan Conversion

∗ To present a complete virtual tour of a home or commercial property, floor plan conversions provide you with a complete, to-scale architectural rendering. ∗ Our floor plan conversion services include: ∗ 2D and 3D floor plan and rendering options of architectural visualizations ∗ To-scale drawings at 99.9% accuracy ∗ Multiple output formats in PDF, JPG, DWG, or others ∗ Matching any input format

In addition to Image Editing Services, BACKOFFICE PRO offers services in Film & Video, Print & Design, Animation, Engineering, Research & Analysis, Data Management, and Transcription.

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Image Editing Services  
Image Editing Services  

Get professional image editing services including real estate image editing, image enhancement and manipulation and more from Back Office Pr...