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Animation Services

Animation Services • BACKOFFICE PRO can handle any and all of your animation needs. • Our animation experts provide specialized animation services designed to augment major studio productions and smaller projects alike. • Our Animation Services include: • 2D Animation • 3D Animation • Flash Animation • Logo Animation • Animatics • Storyboarding • Character Creation

2D Animation • 2D animation is perfect for the production of educational materials, demos, movies, games, presentations, logos, banners, website development and more. • Outsource your 2D animation needs to us, gain access to a wealth of animators, and create eye-popping animations made by professional 2D animators. • At BACKOFFICE PRO, we offer • Both Cel and Path animation • Animation techniques such as morphing, tweening, and onion skinning • Interpolated rotoscoping and development in a wide range of technologies to match your wants and needs

3D Animation • From educational films to corporate advertising, our 3D animators have the ability to generate quality 3D animations that will bring your project to life. • Our 3D Animation Outsourcing Services are not limited to: • Skeletal Animation • Motion Capture • Crowd Simulation • Cel-Shaded Animation • Morph Target Animation

• Our animators have worked in an array of industries including television, presentations for corporate meetings, marketing tools, product demos, website animations, video games and feature films

Flash Animation • Flash animations are the most pervasive technologies in web-based media, used on websites, content in computer games, and computer programs. • Our Flash Animation Services include: • Frame animation • Motion tween animation • And shape tween animation

• At BACKOFFICE PRO, we scale our operations to the scope of your project.

Logo Animation • A logo creates captures the identity of a corporation or business. • The Logo Animation Services we offer include: • Flash logo animation, creating web-ready animations of your logo for your website • 2D logo animation, creating a simple 2D animation for television, web banners, or marketing materials • 3D logo animation, creating a 3D logo animation for your presentations, videos, or other marketing needs • After effects logo animation • Corporate logo animation, producing professional animations of your logo that match a corporate’s brand and identity

Animatics • When producing a film or animated feature, animatics allow film producers, directors, and marketing teams to engage with their scripts through animated storyboards. • When you outsource your animatic needs to BACKOFFICE PRO, you’ll receive frame-byframe representations of your projected finished product. • We offer semi- and full animatic services in illustrated 2D and full 3D, depending on the need and depth of your storyboard. • We have worked on projects including films, animated features, commercials, marketing pieces, corporate presentations, educational films, and web videos.

Storyboarding • Storyboarding is vital to the development of a new film or interactive web property. • We have worked on storyboard projects not limited to • Thumbnail storyboard • Floating storyboard • Framed storyboard • Photo storyboard • Animated storyboard • Film storyboards • Cartoon storyboards

Character Creation • For a successful story, you need successful characters. • Ones that capture the consumer’s eyes and sell a product. • Our Character Creation Services include: • Video Game Character Creation • Cartoon Character Creation • Mascot Character Creation

In addition to Animation Services, BACKOFFICE PRO offers services in Film & Video, Print & Design, Engineering, Research & Analysis, Data Management, Image Editing, and Transcription.

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Animation Services  

Animation services ( with professional grade 2D and 3D animations produced for your next film, educ...

Animation Services  

Animation services ( with professional grade 2D and 3D animations produced for your next film, educ...