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Diamondback Manufacturing

Diamondback Manufacturing custom Welding and Fabrication is located in Orem, Utah. Our sister company, Diamondback Powder Coating, is located in the same facility making it easy and efficient to fabricate and powder coat your project for you and to provide the highest quality powder coating services.

Services Powder Coating Services Welding & Fabrication Services

Powder Coating • The Powder Coating Process • The powder coating process involves three basic steps: • Part preparation or the pre-treatment • The powder application • Curing

Architectural and Structural Work

Some of our work includes: Architectural structures such as gazebos and archways Spiral and other staircases and hand railings Custom trailer and repair (we’ve done a lot of this work)! Custom pots, containers and boxes Truck beds , cab protectors, truck boxes, mobile gas tanks Mobile/On-Site welding services CNC Plasma cutting Mobile crane service Sawing, Shearing, Bending, Cutting, Punching, Notching, etc…

Window Well Escape Ladders & Accessories • Built for Safety, Built for Strength, Built for Life • One of the most important things that sets Anderson Covers apart from other window well cover companies, is the Inner FIT System. The Inner FIT System is a unique way of building basement window well covers that makes them safer and more secure than anything else available. Read about the different parts of the Inner FIT system below:

Contact Us: Email: Phone: (801) 701-9155 Fax: (801) 491-6657

Custom Welding and Fabrication  

Diamondback Manufacturing custom Welding and Fabrication is placed in Orem, Utah. Our sister organization, Diamondback Powder Coating, is fo...

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