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The Backlink Strategy That Works: What It Will Do This document will explain the basics of a backlink strategy that works. You can use it if you're not using something like the automatic backlink creator plugin. It's a way to build a foundation of stable backlinks to your primary site and then promoting them in a way that will 1) Increase backlinks to your primary site, 2) Improve your standing in the search engine results pages (SERPs), and, consequently, 3) Increase traffic to your site. I don't think that there is anything special about how this works except that it takes research, work, persistance, and time. This is something that's not really talked about on all those long form sales letters that are promoting the next new thing. Sure, we all want instant success with somethings. But, with the search for instant success, we sort of lose track of the fact that there is really nothing magical about building backlinks. You simply post content to the web that points back to where you want it to. However, the approach that I am using is different than the typical backlink strategies like linkwheels and such. This is because it effectively shields your primary site from being banned or sandboxed by Google because of too many backlinks built too quickly. While Google doesn't come right out and say it, everyone has some suspicion that they look at the rate of link building that goes on on any particular website as an indicator of it being a legit site or a potential can of spam. I don't know anyone who actually wants to go through the time consuming process of putting up a money site only to get the thing "de-indexed" because you're trying to get too much traffic to it too quickly. (Let's face it. We're all in a hurry to make a little more money.) Well, this backlink strategy is something a little different. I wrote a little about how I came across this particular process here. For me, I gleaned these ideas from others who were having a whole lot of success online so, can't take credit for it my self.

The Backlink Strategy That Works: What It Is The main strategy is to build 2 concentric rings of specific websites around your primary site. The The inner ring will link directly to your money site (whether your selling something or not). The second, or, outer ring, which includes a lot more backlinks will actually point to the webpages in the first or inner ring, but not to your money site. The idea is to actually have a lot more links in the second ring pointing back to the sites that actually point to your money site. Clear as mud? The following is how I structured my backlink strategy. (unfortunately I don't have a graphic that shows this at the time of this writing. But, I will add one in later.) First off, I made sure that I had some articles and reviews on my site that were optimized for specific keywords (that wasn't the only content however). I started to build my inner ring by submitting to article directories first. Then I added articles on blogging platforms, doc sharing sites, and Squidoo and a Hubpage or two. I made sure that I linked back with anchor text to specific pages on my primary website. I didn't do any linking between these properties except on Squidoo, where I did link to EzineArticles and posted rss feeds on the bottom of

my lenses (Another area that I did direct linking back to my primary site was with blog commenting. I found a couple of pretty high quality blogs in my niche that were 'dofollow' and added some good comments. I got some good traffic to my site and also to my articles because I promoted them also in the comment.) Once the first ring was in place, I began to actually link to it by submitting the specific URLs to social bookmarking sites, submitting the RSS feeds to aggregators, and submitting articles to a blog network that promoted the content that I had on these web2.0 sites, blog sites, and article directories. Within a couple of months I saw my traffic double to 200+ visits a day and my primary keywords were on the first page on Google. Withing another 2-3 months I was bouncing between the first 5 results on the first page for a pretty competitive keyword phrase in the fitness market. Since then, I have had similar results with another blog in the diet niche.

This Is A Simple Backlink Strategy That Works As I wrote earlier, there is really nothing special about this particular strategy. You simply build backlinks on free web properties and then let the world know what you did. That's basically it. I don't mean to make it sound too simplistic. There is a way to streamline the process and, since there is a little work involved, there are tools that will make it easier to do. But, it's something that anyone could do if they made the time and put in the effort. Stay tuned for future posts. I will be introducing some of the tools and details that I use to do my promotions. There are a lot that is available for anyone to use and they fit right into having a good backlink strategy that works.

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