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The Types of Sex Crimes

It may sound ironic but sexual abuse tends to increase by big numbers in developed countries. In fact, in a country like America, sex crimes have become so common that there are now different types of sex crimes under which different sex offenders can be charged. The first one includes all types on non-consensual sex or forced sex. This includes everything from rape to sexual assault. In simple terms, raping a woman will mean that men will use their physical strength to force he woman to have sex with them. Sexual assault is an involuntary sexual act in which people are defenseless, coerced or forced to participate in the act against their will. There are also many psychological forms of sex crimes where the victim’s mind is tortured and strained so much that the victim is always fearful. There is also a danger that the victim may develop psychological disorders as the result of this abuse. These crimes include stalking where the offender continuously follows the victims and keeps tabs on all his/her activities and then uses the collected information to threaten or harm the victim. Human trafficking, exposure and sexual harassment comes under the heading too. This is one of the main reasons why the laws against sexual harassment are so strict. Then, there are sex offenders who use a specific position of trust that has been endowed upon them by the victim, to abuse them sexually. Pedophilia and incest are included in this category. Pedophilia is when an older man or woman tries to sexually abuse someone who is much younger than them. Incest is when siblings or other close family members or relatives have sexual relationships – either forced or consensual. Pederasty is also included in this type. This is a homosexual relationship between an older man and a very young – pubescent or teenage – boy. Lastly, any behavior that the government considers to be inappropriate is also punished as a sex crime. It would not matter if the specific behavior or action is included in a specified list. However, if the jury or government feels that the behavior was less than decent, it will be considered a sex crime.