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mall reunions with relatives and buddies do not have to be costly. To lower your expenses and still end up with a feast, you can go for a potluck party, where everybody brings a dish to share. Keep in mind though that a

potluck party is often difficult to orchestrate, but when planned properly, can be an enjoyable and relaxing way to bond with pals and loved ones. To let you host your potluck party properly, below are several practical tips. Make a theme - This saves you the trouble of having dishes that really don’t complement each other. Obviously, you must think of your guests’ cooking abilities or budgets when determining a theme for the get-together. Make use of a sign-up sheet - One sure way to a potluck disaster is giving your guests absolute freedom as to what they are going to bring. Even though you established a theme, Italian for example, that won't stop five of your guests from bringing their version of spaghetti and meatballs. To avoid that, employ a sign-up sheet where guests can write the dish they will bring. You may also assign a group to create sides, appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. Provide portion recommendations - In case you have 10 guests and you assigned two individuals to make one dessert each, they ought to each make something that will serve five people. Guests generally do not eat a full portion of a dish when there are various other options served to them. By managing portions accordingly, you avoid dealing with plenty of leftovers afterward. Go here to know how to make calamari recipe. Host with ease in mind - If you will be the host, consider buying paper plates along with disposable wares and cups so you don’t need to do plenty of dishwashing. It's also possible to provide to-go containers so that everyone is able


to bring some leftovers home. Additionally, make sure to ask your guests ahead if they will require any equipment, like the microwave oven or freezer, so that you can make these available to them for the event. To get more info about pizza dough recipes, please go here. Have backup dishes prepared - As the host, it is simpler to create the main course. It is also wise to do so as this will ensure that the event is still on even when someone cancels at the very last minute. You also need to put together backup dishes to fill any gap in courses or to make sure that you have sufficient food for everyone. Since you know already what your guests will be bringing, you can go for something more interesting. For instance, stuffed shells are a great replacement for the potluck fixture that is lasagna.


Practical tips for the potluck host  

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