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Xcelerator Jr. Xcelerator Junior is the binding for young, ambitious skiers. It has the same unique technology as Xcelerator for adults, including low weight, interchangeable flex and a precise locking mechanism. Juniors will also appreciate the improved grip, for easy opening with or without gloves. With Xcelerator, your body stays in a more upright position, giving you more power, more speed and a better grip. You don’t need to be grown up to enjoy it.

Rottefella crafts superior bindings for Nordic and Telemark skiing. We refine and reinvent them – constantly. We distill the skiing insights of our Norwegian heritage into cutting edge technology. We have been doing this - and only this - for more than 80 years. For us, it’s not just about better bindings - it’s about who we are. Invented in Norway

Design: Creuna  Print: RK Grafisk  Photo: Pål Laukli/

A new generation Nordic racing binding

Xcelerator New technology for faster skiing Lighter

More power and control


40% Through efficient design and new technology, we have reduced the weight by up to 40% from the previous racing bindings. The weight reduction adds up to a great difference over the skiing distance, and means you can go faster – for longer.

Better power transmission

The Xcelerator system lowers the heel, brings the hip forward and gives the body a more upright position. This gives you better balance, saves energy, moves the kick forward and increases the force of the forward movement. With better grip and a more optimal skiing technique, you’ll feel like a better skier.

Precision design and engineering amount to more efficient transmission of power from skier to surface. This gives you a more forceful classical kick and skating slide, which translates into greater speed and more efficient use of your energy.

The Xcelerator System The Xcelerator System is a complete, integrated system that increases the joy and efficiency of skiing for the serious and occasional skier alike. Consisting of binding, skiboot outsole and a skate spacer, the system is slide mountable on NIS plates and adds power and precision to both classic and skate skiing.

Powered by you. Xcelerator (Skate and Classic) is a new generation Nordic ski bindings. Design and material improvements translates into more powerful skiing. The weight of the binding is reduced by 40%, which really makes a difference in the forward movement of the ski.

Xcelerator Classic

Xcelerator Skate

Xcelerator Jr.

Technology by us. Technical info: Weight: 175 g pr. pair Width: 56,5 mm Safety: security lock in front Opening angle: 40째 Size: one fits all (35-52) Ball of the foot rotation point: 1,8 mm Fits all NIS plates except Nemo

Xcelerator Flex (classic & skate)

New flex technology for Xcelerator skate and classic makes it easy to personalize your binding. You can change flex for different conditions and your personal style. You can choose between three different flexes: Standard (black) for normal conditions, Hard (blue) for cold conditions and Soft (red) for warm conditions.

Xcelerator Skate Spacer Xcelerator Skate Spacer gives you a more neutral foot position, better power transmission and higher speed.


Xcelerator Outsole The outsole is an integral and important part of the Xcelerator System. Compared with the previous outsole generations, it weighs significantly less and has improved torsion stiffness and bending flexibility. Significant weight reduction - saves energy and postpones muscle fatigue. Neutral foot position - Better balance, saves energy and more forward power. Design improvements - Better power transmission.

Rottefella Xcelerator  
Rottefella Xcelerator  

Rottefella Xcelerator