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VOLUME 131, No. 1-2 Wi n t e r / S p r i n g 2 0 0 9 - 2 0 1 0 (ISSN 0893-2964)

Leroy Colombo Swim Center Front Cover The Graduating Class of 2010 release the balloons at the “Brick Ceremony” featuring the color of the class, purple and white.

Table of Contents Cover Story 10-13.......................................Graduating Class 2010

Features 4.......................................... National Heritage Awards 5.................................. Fourth Annual Diamond Event 6-7...............................................Jr.NAD 22nd Biennial National Conference 8...........................................................Sweet Creations The Third Annual Holiday Window Event at the Scarborough Building

9...................................................... HOY X Tournament 14................................. The Future of the Technology Richard Ladner met TSD students through video conference

15..................... Revived and New Resource from the Educational Resource Center on Deafness 16-17................................................Other Happenings 18-19..........................................Home of the Rangers 20......................................................... TSD Foundation


Governing Board

Claire Bugen Superintendent

Walt Camenisch, President

Avonne Brooker-Rutowski Director of Instruction Gloria Seidlin-Bernstein Director of Student Support Services Gary Bego Director of Business and Operations Russell West Director of Residential Services 2  Lone Star • Winter-Spring 2009-2010

Connie Sefcik-Kennedy, Vice President

Letter from the Editor Thank you for your patience with this Lone Star. It sure has been a busy year for TSD and that delayed our publication. I wish we could feature more content but our space is limited. As always thanks to all the supporters, writers and photographers that keep submitting material for this magazine. I truly hope that you enjoy the articles and the visual display of this Lone Star. Thinking about the future we are contemplating ways to make the content more accessible and immediate for all our readers. Along that line, we are hoping to soon have a Lone Star on-line where you will be able to access the current events and keep well informed of all the happenings at TSD. Send your letters and comments. We are always happy to get your feedback. Thank you,

Fernando Muñoz

t: (512)-462-5327 | e: 1102 South Congress Avenue. Austin, Texas 78704.

Lone Star Editor/Art Director: Fernando Muñoz Contributors: Claire Bugen, Keena Miller, Chris Hamilton. Special thanks to: Cynthia Foss, Diana Poeppelmeyer, Chris Hamilton. Photography: Richard Norton, Fernando Muñoz, TSD staff and students.

Sha Cowan, Secretary

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from the Superintendent

Dear TSD Community,

Please forgive our publication delay here. While this issue focuses on last year’s events, we are well into the new fall semester. Spring on our campus is so busy it’s impossible to capture all the events; field days, end of school celebrations, proms, finals, sports banquets and of course, graduation. Our students and staff were nothing short of super-heroes as they tackled these events. In this issue I always pause to recognize our TSD Valedictorian and Salutatorian. They are respectively Miss Claira Oberrender and Miss Kalie Kubes. On the evening of June 4, 2010 the entire 800+ audience gathered in R.L. Davis Auditorium to get a taste of true brilliance. Claira’s theme was built around the famous Disney quote, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” She inspired each of us to “Dream Big”---and not to be intimidated by challenges and obstacles. After all, Claira kept telling us, “this whole thing started with a dream and a mouse” giving reference to everything Disney in this world. And speaking of Disney, she was magical. Claira is currently attending Gallaudet University. Kalie Kubes was no less inspirational as she described her emotional journey as a hearing child with cancer to the beautiful young deaf woman she is today. She told us what it means to have a place like TSD to learn, grow and belong as she struggled with a variety of obstacles only to become a shining star on our campus. A talented artist, she culminated her speech with a tribute portrait that she had painted of another young child who lost her battle with cancer. Kalie will be attending the University of Texas in Austin this year. And finally only someone with the charm, intelligence and grace of Dr. Alan Hurwitz, newly appointed 10th President of Gallaudet University, could have followed the speeches of these young women and done an equally inspirational job. In closing, as you read of the success of our Annual Diamond Event which features our Culinary Arts Program and our TSD Foundation, please take a moment to appreciate all the work our Foundation does to support the efforts of our students. Scholarships to the first annual Deaf, Youth, Future Conference is a shining example of how the Foundation changes lives. Sincerely,

Claire Bugen Journal of the Texas School for the Deaf  3

National Heritage Awards Austin Sertoma presented the awards to TSD Middle Schoolers By Keena Miller Pictured are Austin Sertoma members Chuck Banks (L) and Steve Hull (R) with National Heritage finalists from the Texas School for the Deaf (L-R) Runners up: Niko LutesStein and Deltona Markel; First Place Winners: Nigel Burkhalter and Tamel Smith; Second Place Winners: Nicholas Holton and Ian Hennig.


n March 31st., the Austin Chapter of Service to Mankind (SERTOMA) recognized middle school students at the Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) as a part of the organization’s National Heritage Freedom & Democracy Program. Chartered by SERTOMA International, the Austin Sertoma Club sponsors the annual competition for Texas School for the Deaf middle school students, and kicks things off each February during United States Freedom Week. Following a tour of the Texas State Capitol with

4  Lone Star • Winter-Spring 2009-2010

the Sertoma club, students were given creative latitude to demonstrate what “My American Heritage Means To Me”. Their presentations included written essays and guided tours through virtual museums they developed electronically. Austin Sertomans have provided support and sponsorships to individuals and groups in the Austin community since 1963, and has worked with TSD for more than 30 years, providing scholarships and assistance to deaf and hard of hearing students in Texas. To learn more, visit:

TSD Culinary Arts students.





e x a s s c h o o l f o r T h e D e a f f o u n D aT iTSD oFoundation n silent auction. FUNDRAISING GALA SHOWCASES STUDENT TALENTS



n May 6th, under the guidance of Hilton’s Diamond Chef Mark Dayanandan, students from the Texas School for the Deaf ’s (TSD) Culinary Arts career training program were the featured talent in an evening of exquisite dining and delight. Guests indulged in gourmet, winepaired courses, thrilled to silent and live auctions, and enjoyed special entertainment featuring TSD students. Sponsors this year included Joe Koen & Son Jewelers. This was a special treat for TSD as we re-established a connection to the Koen family. Joe Koen established his jewelry business in Austin in 1883 and also served on the Board of Directors of TSD where his daughter Betty attended school for a time. One of our high school dorms honors Mr. Koen’s dedication and

service by bearing his name. Brad Koen, Joe’s great grandson, continued this service to TSD by becoming a major sponsor. Other sponsors included Image Microsystems, PCSI, Inc., H-E-B, Kramer Financial, Texas Association for the Deaf, Elephant Productions, Evolved Ideas, Chandra Design and Texas Monthly. And because of the dedication and passion the Hilton has shown to TSD over the years, Chef Mark and the Hilton staff were chosen as TSD’s 2010 Partner of the Year later in the spring. The annual Diamond Event is TSD Foundation’s largest fundraising endeavor. This year brought more than 200 esteemed supporters of TSD and its Outreach programs. Funds raised will be used for deaf and hard of hearing students all across Texas.

More than 200 suppoters enjoyed the evening.

Brad Koen congratulates Lee Braun, the winner of the 1-carat diamond sponsored by Joe Koen & Son Jewelers.

Journal of the Texas School for the Deaf  5

Deaf. Youth. Future.

Jr. NAD 22nd Biennial National Conference a huge Success!

Information from the Student Life Newsletter.


ith 30 schools across the nation represented and over 140 attendees, the Jr. NAD 22nd Biennal National Conference was a big event at TSD. During the conference we emphasized the motto, Deaf. Youth. Future. In order to bring the students into the future, they need to be guided, to have their leadership potential watered, and their confidence boosted. This is what the conference was all about. Our agenda included workshops, special projects, a Scavenger Hunt down South Congress Avenue, Main Event Entertainment, Mr. & Miss Jr. NAD Pageant, and a special banquet on the 17th floor of the Hyatt Regency Austin. 6  Lone Star • Winter-Spring 2009-2010

“Junior NAD focuses on advocacy, awareness, commitment, friendship, ideasharing, leadership skills, cooperation, and positive attitude.” - Allie Rice, Coordinator of Youth Programs

A group of students demonstrated global citizenship by participating in the Austin Empty Bowl project focused on fighting hunger. Other highlights from the Conference were the George W. Veditz Video project that documented the experience on video, and the Frederick

C. Shreiber Roundtable & Action Plan that allowed students to collaborate, discuss, and ensure effectiveness of the general meeting. Thirteen Jr. NAD members from TSD attended the conference. Our TSD Jr. NAD President, Claira Oberrender noted “Students often feel they do not have a voice on current issues. By being part of Junior NAD, we are given opportunities that build our confidence and encourage us to stand up and be heard on any important and controversial matters.” We are proud to say that again TSD demonstrated great organizational capacity and thanks to the help of all the volunteers, teachers, staff and students we had a great conference and left a great impression on all our guests.


2 6




“Sweet Creations”


“Welcome to Candy Land” The Third Annual Holiday Window Event at the Scarborough Building By Fernando Muñoz


n downtown Austin, just a few blocks away from the Capitol, the windows of the historic Scarborough Building were turned into a Winter Candy Land from Thanksgiving through the end of the Holiday Season. TSD students created different art pieces from 3-D works, to digital prints and videos that were featured in the window displays. The “Sweet Creations” theme represented a classic child’s holiday playland, with a touch of Deaf culture to remind you that the Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) is a unique home to students where they LEARN, GROW and BELONG. Our decorated tree called attention to the visual beauty of ASL. TSD photography students posed to demonstrate a number of ASL signs that were indicative of the holiday season and inspired by Andy Warhol’s work. TSD elementary students used Popsicle sticks and adornments to create ornaments in the whimsical shapes of hands.

8  Lone Star • Winter-Spring 2009-2010

“Signs of the Season” was created by Alexandria Blancett and featured her classmates demonstrating the “signs” of the holiday season. “Reach for the Stars” (Photo 7) was created by Marivel Holguin. Laura Lower created “Hands on Holidays” (Photo 5) and Keisha Hernandez “Holiday Surprises” (Photo 2). Kalie Kubes created “Marissa in the Box of Memories” Laura Garza created “Reindeer on the Sky”

(Photo 3) and “Happy Holiday Tree” by Matthew Parsley (Photo 6); Desiree Contreras presented “TSD Elves take five” (Photo 4).

Also part of the exhibition was the “Toyland Sleigh” created by the Mill and Cabinetmaking class and “Holiday Masks” created by 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders. Tsunami Studio presented two video compositions “Holiday Vignettes” and “Tsunami Shorts”. Teachers Mary Wallace-Green, Bobbie Guerra, Dan Guerra and Mindy Moore guided the students.

Te Schoxa o

s lf

For t he d ea




HOY X Tournament The tenth Hoy Tournament was held for the first time in Texas By Fernando Muñoz


uring April 23 and 24 our school had the privilege of hosting the tenth Hoy tournament for the first time in Austin, Texas. Texas School for the Deaf welcomed other schools from across the nation to compete in the sports that meant the most to and honored “Dummy” Hoy, the first inductee to the American Athletic Association of the Deaf.* Our guests in this landmark event included: California School for the Deaf - Fremont, California School for the Deaf - Riverside, Indiana School for the Deaf, Maryland School for the Deaf and the Model Secondary School for the Deaf (Washington DC). TSD worked hard to prepare for this event and we were happy to visit with old friends, make new ones and above all, promote good sportsmanship and camaraderie while participating in “America’s favorite pastime”. In the softball results Maryland took first place with TSD placing second; Indiana was third and Riverside came forth. In baseball, Fremont placed first by defeating MSSD. Most valuable players were Michelle MansfieldHom from MSD, and Zac Kohler from CSDF. All-Tourney Softball category the players were: Trista Taylor, MSD; Claire Tucker, MSD;

Liv Polzin, MSD; Ashlee Lambert, TSD; Keisha Hernandez, TSD; Mysty Ayala, TSD; Kate Fetzer, ISD; Montana Murphy,CSD-R; Chelsea Lee, MSSD; Samantha Hyland, CSD-F. All-Tourney Baseball: Carlos Lopez, CSDF; Christian Reyes, CSD-F; Cody Mitchell, CSD-F; David Mullowney, MSSD; Richard Navarro,MSSD; Ryan Baldiviez, MSSD; Tyler Crace, ISD; Ryan Bingham, ISD; Luis Estrella, CSD-R; Todd Bonheyo, MSD. About the Hoy Tournament The Hoy Tournament is named after William Ellsworth “Dummy” Hoy, who was a professional baseball player with a remarkable career and life. He started playing professionally in 1886 in Wisconsin, and played in different teams in Washington, Boston and Cincinnati until 1903. After retiring from professional baseball, Hoy retained his enthusiasm for the sport. He joined a local amateur team, coached Deafcommunity teams, and kept his contacts with old friends and players. Hoy was unanimously voted the first player to be enshrined in the American Athletic Association of the Deaf ’s Hall of Fame (1951). He died in 1961, a few months short of his 100th birthday.

Journal of the Texas School for the Deaf  9

Graduation Class o Inspired by Dr. Alan Hurwitz the 2010 Graduating Class Celebrated Achievements By Claire Bugen


n June 4th TSD finished the school year celebrating with the graduating class of 2010 as sixty Texas School for the Deaf students reviewed their achievements and looked to their future. Kalie Kubes, the Salutatorian, set the bar high for an evening of superb speeches with her opening inspirational message of overcoming obstacles, discovering your talents, and giving back to the world. Those who know her, understood that her words were merely a reflection of the beliefs and attitudes she embodies. The same could be said for the words that followed from the Valedictorian, Claira Oberrender. She dreams big and she encouraged all to aim high in their own visions for the future. Her rousing speech was based on the Walt Disney quote “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Exhorting the students and the audience to pursue their dreams and work hard to make them come true, she pointed out that the huge success that a man with little mouse and a mighty vision had created in the magic of Disney. Only a commencement speaker of the caliber of Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz, could have followed these two eloquent young ladies and ratcheted the inspiration up another notch. Dr. Hurwitz, President of Gallaudet University, used his life-time of experience to lay out for the seniors a picture of possibilities that await for those willing to seize and take advantage of every opportunity. The students were well aware of Dr. Hurwitz’s considerable achievements and felt honored that he had cleared his very busy schedule to pass his wisdom on to them. Juan Munoz said, “this is truly inspiring to have Dr. Hurwitz be a part of our graduation.” Valedictorian,

10  Lone Star • Winter-Spring 2009-2010

Claira Oberrender, Valedictorian.

Kalie Kubes, Salutatorian.

of 2010 Superintendent Claire Bugen with Matthew Parsley and Juan Muñoz.

Claira Oberrender, agreed “this is a big thing!” and Morgan Campbell, 2010 Benedictorian said, “this is really cool for those of us who will be going to Gallaudet in Washington D.C. this year.” The heady speeches were topped off by the TSD Sign Choir doing a beautiful rendition of “Seasons of Love” from the musical Rent. Finally, Superientendent Bugen, closed the evening giving credit where credit is due by praising the Graduating Class of 2010 for their commitment to TSD, great level of participation and involvement, academic achievements and for truly embodying our school motto: Learn, Grow, Belong. Dr. Hurwitz is the tenth president of Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. Before joining Gallaudet in January 2010, Dr. Hurwitz spent a successful career at the National

Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) where he held positions that included president, vice president and dean. Prior to his 40-year tenure at NTID, Dr. Hurwitz worked as an associate electronics engineer and senior numerical control programmer for McDonnell Douglas Corporation.

(Top from left to right) TSD School Song performed by the Class of 2022.

Throughout his career, Dr. Hurwitz held executive and board positions with a number of organizations, including the Rochester School for the Deaf in New York, and the National Captioning Institute. He formerly presided over and remains active in the National Association of the Deaf, and he is a past president of the World Organization of Jewish Deaf. Dr. Hurwitz is also a widely published author and lecturer. Dr. Hurwitz holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from Washington University at St. Louis, a masters of science in electrical engineering from St. Louis University, and a doctorate of education, curriculum and teaching, from the University of Rochester.

Graduating Class walks to the Auditorium.

Graduates Daniel Cantu and Morgan Campbell.

Commencement Speaker, Dr. Alan Hurwitz. TSD Choir performing “Seasons of Love”.

For more pictures visit: news/tsd_endyear_2010. html

Journal of the Texas School for the Deaf  11

Congratulations to the G Orren Aden

Mysty Ayala

Adrian Barajas

Rick Bertling

Gabriella Beyer

Krishondra Bradford

María de la Luz Cervantes

María del Carmen Cervantes

Trannon Cheek

Cedric Cooksey

Ernesto Cornejo

Phillip Cox

Marcus Gentry

Jordan Gilland

Macaulay Gillilan

Forrest Godfrey

Andrea Green

Debria Greenwood

Matthew Jackson

Myeisha Justice

Kalie Kubes

Laura Lower

Juan Muñoz

Michelle Ngwu

Chris Ramirez

Tia Rice

Victor Ruiz

LaRod Smith

12  Lone Star • Winter-Spring 2009-2010

Francisco Rodriguez Riccardo Rodriguez

Graduating Class of 2010 Lance Bullington

Charlene Burleson

Morgan Campbell

Daniel Cantu

Noe de la Pena

Jairo DeLeon

Ivan Felipe

Ana Flores

Darrion Gabriel

Roberto García

Ryan Harbison

Lauren Hawkins

Raul Henriquez

Karen Hernandez

Leonard Hernandez

Kenneth Jay Hill

Edwin Nirider

Claira Oberrender

Matthew Parsley

Keith Phelps

Victor Pompa

Ryan Radons

Jose Tamayo

Emmanuel Treviño

Nickolas Vasquez

Emmanuel Urquiza

Xavier Wells

Scot White

Kirsten Coahran

Desiree Contreras

Journal of the Texas School for the Deaf  13

A conversation about the future of the technology University of Washington Professor and Microsoft Software Engineer, Richard Ladner, met TSD students through ClassInFocus video conference By David Coco plications. He then discussed the future of the


n January 30th, students from Texas School for the Deaf met with Richard Ladner, University of Washington Professor in Computer Science, and Chris Sano, Software Engineer at Microsoft. Both of these men were in Seattle, Washington and our students joined them via ClassInFocus, an online platform that uses webcams, microphones, and PowerPoint to facilitate remote interpreting and remote captioning in classroom environments. Given that technology was the vehicle for the meeting, it was appropriate that the two men spoke to the students about careers in computing fields, the UW’s Summer Academy for Advancing Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Computing. Richard began by talking about the ways in which computing has changed the world and the way we access information. Computing as a field is expected to contribute more than half of the growth in science and engineering occupations in the next 10 years! A job in this field requires teamwork to build and design with others, problem solving skills, and a strong math background. It is often highly paid and a great way to make an impact and influence change. Richard also talked about what is on the forefront of technology: web applications, cell phones, computer games, and embedded ap-

14  Lone Star • Winter-Spring 2009-2010

technology as it relates to Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals and focused on sign language recognition, automatic captioning, and mobile videophones. Next, Chris Sano talked about his personal experience as a Deaf engineer. He described his background and undergraduate degree at RIT in Information Technology and his current work for Microsoft on their open source sharing software. He largely works in teams in a very open environment and collaborates with others through a full time interpreter. In addition to his regular job, Chris has founded DeafCode with two other Deaf software engineers. DeafCode has produced (among other things) CaptionFish, an online source for finding captioned movie showings and watching captioned trailers. The TSD students were very interested in the presentation and many asked questions through a “hot seat” laptop equipped with a webcam. They asked things like how CaptionFish captions their trailers, what classes they should take before college, what is Chris’s favorite video game, and how to apply to the Summer Academy. The final question shows that the speakers got the students’ attention and their interest in becoming involved in computing and engineering fields.

Clockwise: The ClassInFocus screen showing the powerpoint slides, Chris Sano, a roster of people, captions (not being used), the TSD (dark so that they could see a projected display), and Richard looking on. From left to right: Richard Ladner observing, Interpreter Chris Lyles voicing, Chris Sano explaining his background and career in computing. ClassInFocus is running on a laptop. Overhead display of a TSD student asking a question.

Spotlight on Revived and New Resource from the Educational Resource Center on Deafness By Diana Poeppelmeyer


very year ERCOD tries to expand the audience that can access outreach services. Though all of our face-to-face programs such as Family Weekend Retreat, Summer Programs, Discovery Retreat, and Communication Skills Workshop continue to grow, we also want to increase services to students, families and professionals who may not be able to attend these events. The easiest way to extend our reach is through technology and this year we capitalized on the Internet to bring back one popular program and to add a new resource.

FamilySigns The original FamilySigns program of in-home sign language instruction for families statewide had been dormant for a number of years as we had lost the funding for the videophones and teachers that made this project a success. We have been able to revive the program using free Internet based video calling software (Skype and ooVoo) and volunteer instructors from advanced ASL classes in deaf education and interpreter training programs. Using the registered parents’ schedules as the starting point, our FamilySigns Coordinator, Lisa Bosson,

Useful Links www.texasdhhresources

matched parents with volunteer instructors. The instructors would then make a video call to the parent each week to provide a 30 minute sign class via the Internet. With this new FamilySigns model, we were able to serve 47 parents from 38 cities throughout Texas. To find out more about the program, see

ERCOD Resource Website Annually, the ERCOD staff receives and answers approximately 2000 calls and emails requesting information and resources. Much of the information is available on the Internet but across a wide variety of websites representing different agencies or different topics. For those frequently asked questions, our staff had created files of bookmarked websites that we routinely referred to because we knew they contained the most often requested information. Some of these answers had been easy to find and others had taken us time and perseverance to ferret out. We decided that we should make the content of our

files available to consumers statewide by creating a resource website that would serve both as a portal to other websites and as a repository of information most pertinent to the education of deaf and hard of hearing children in Texas. Our goal was to make it easier for students, families, and professionals to find first Texas specific information and resources and second to find general information and resources available nationwide. The site also has pages available in Spanish. Come visit www.texasdhhresources. org and let us know what you think. The website is a work in progress and we are constantly adding new information. Are there resources missing that you would like to suggest or see? Do you have suggestions for improving the site? We are always open to ideas for improving any of the resources that come to you through the Educational Resource Center on Deafness. To see a list of all the resources available from ERCOD, please visit www.tsd. Journal of the Texas School for the Deaf  15


Winter Spring

Ranch-O-Rama With infromation from The Deaf Texas, Vol. 95, Issue 2, Spring 2010.

On May 8th, 2010, for the first time since 1968, the Texas Deaf community participated in a statewide western themed, Ranch-ORama (ROR). For many years, the ROR was the most popular social gathering in the Texas Deaf community and was held biannually near the “Y” in Oak Hill. Families came from across the state dressed up in western attire and participated in old-fashioned games like horseshoe throwing, pig chasing, potato sack races, and greasy pole climbing. The wonderful fellowship and Texas Association of the Deaf spirit were the highlights of the event. For 42 years the tradition had been dormant but Paul Rutowski , cur-

rent President of Texas Association of the Deaf, worked with a team to bring ROR back to life at the Pioneer Farms in north Austin. The event was a huge success with more than 500 people attending and everybody had a great time enjoying the food, exhibits, tours and other nineteenth-century recreations. Children loved the old-fashioned activities – some of the same ones from 1968 - potato sack races, a petting zoo, hayrides and wagon pioneers. The day was especially poignant for those who remembered the Ranch-O-Rama from their childhood days. Many old memories combined with making new memories at an event that will hopefully continue on. The WEST is not Dead in Texas!

Former TAD presidents gather for this rare group photo with current TAD President Paul Rutowski (holding TAD logo) at Ranch-O-Rama. Each person is either a former teacher or TSD graduate. L- R: Steve Baldwin, Kent Kennedy, Dot Johnson, Paul Rutowski, Kathy Walters, Carl Brininstool and Larry Evans (Photo courtesy of TAD).

S T N U O C H M AT Ro c ks! T

exas School for the Deaf participated at the math competition held annually at RIT/NTID in Rochester, NY. This competition was for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students across the country and the contest was hot given that 59 students from 16 schools were involved. Our students went well prepared by their coaches, Dawn Kidd and Dana Stoddard, and continued their reign by winning big. Ilan Ben-Moshe, took 1st Place in the Individual Competition and then contributed to a team effort with Daniella Reyna, Amelia Hamilton, and Emma Craw- Back: Dana Stoddard, Amanda Wolf, Amelia Hamilton, Emma Crawford, Ilan Benford to take first place in the Team Competition. In the Moshe, Kylene Etkie, Dawn Kidd and Dr. Gerald Buckley. Front: Faith Weatherford, Countdown Round, Ilan came in 2nd and Daniella took Sarah Counts and Daniella Reyna. 5th place. kie. Being a part of the MATHCOUNTS event meant that these students were top performers in math and TSD is proud Other team members who represented TSD well were Faith of all of our students who put their time and energy into honing Weatherford, Sarah Counts, Amanda Wolf, and Kylene Et- their skills to compete at the national level. 16  Lone Star • Winter-Spring 2009-2010

International Festival The Elementary students participated in the International Festival, featuring India. It was a great experience with lots of activities that included food, arts and crafts, games and educational pieces focused in the Indian culture.

Back: Shannon Hoyt, Robbie Foster, Xavier Morris, Anahly Tristan, Ashlene Etkie. Front: Kennedy Toynes, Jordan Leach, Jewel Rocha, Chloë Kuhns, Shane Dever, Grace Soechting.

Shane Dever, Robbie Foster, Kacie Ketchum, Shannon Hoyt, Jewel Rocha, Cage Hall, Grace Soechting, Anahly Tristan and Xavier Morris having fun at the arts and crafts table.

Special Needs Fun


By Fernando Munoz

2009-2010 was a busy year for Special Needs students and we had a year filled with learning activities and fun. At the end of the year, we celebrated with two culminating activities. • Super Students

Noe DelaPena, Xavier Wells and Michael Bonner.

On May 27 we held the Super Students award ceremony. This event celebrates all of our students from elementary to those students who are 22 and in the transition program.

SND students partipating in the Transition to Life Ceremony.

In an audience packed Deaf Smith Center, we awarded our students for their spirit, effort and hard work. • Senior Trip

Lydia Esqueda awards Nickolas Vasquez, Andrea Green is seeing in the back.

The SND senior trip took place on June 1st at the Main Event. The students had a great time bowling, playing laser tag and participating in other fun activities to cap off a great year. Josh Paul.

SND at Main Event Bowling at Main Event, Xavier Wells and Cedric Cooksey (left); Nickolas Vasquez and Jordan Gilland (right).

Armando Molina.

Journal of the Texas School for the Deaf  17



Sports Banquet By Chris Hamilton

The Athletic Department hosted the annual sports banquets on May 11th for the Middle School athletes and May 13th for the High School athletes. Once again we gathered together and mingled in the TSD cafeteria prior to the ceremony. All of our Ranger athletes were recognized and praised for their dedication to TSD Athletics. The many accomplishments of each individual were beyond our expectations. Hosting a sports banquet takes a lot of work to prepare but renders great rewards when you watch the athletes bursting with pride as they accept their awards. Each athlete knows that it takes dedication, motivation and commitment to their sport to be recognized. Congratulations to all the TSD Rangers who exemplified hard work and excellent sportsmanship. You ALL represented TSD well and made us proud. Congratulations to the following young students of TSD for outstanding athletic achievements for the 2009-2010 school year. Adrian Barajas, Gabriella Beyer, Marcus Gentry and Chris Hamilton

Middle School Awards Fall

5/6 Flag Football Ranger Pride Dylan Sicoli Most Improved Zachary Richardson 7/8 Tackle Football Ranger Pride Ilan Ben-Moshe Most Improved Justin Akers Volleyball Ranger Pride (5Th/6Th) Mia Upchurch Most Dedicated (5Th/6Th) Alexus Moreno Ranger Pride (7Th/8Th) Kylene Etkie Ranger Pride (7Th/8Th) Emma Crawford Most Dedicated (7Th/8Th) Amelia Hamilton


Boys Basketball Ranger Pride (5Th/6Th) Tanner Ketchum Most Improved (5Th/6Th) David Hernandez Ranger Pride (7Th/8Th) Jesus Gonzalez Most Dedicated (7Th/8Th) Iosif Shayman Girls Basketball Ranger Pride (5Th/6Th) Gunita Schmidjorg Most Improved (5Th/6Th) Mia Upchurch Ranger Pride (7Th/8Th) Kylene Etkie Most Dedicated (7Th/8Th) Hope Price

18  Lone Star • Winter-Spring 2009-2010

Ms Wrestling Ranger Pride Most Dedicated


Dalton Taylor Gabe Hinton

Track & Field Ranger Pride (5Th/6Th) Yasmin Watkins Ranger Pride (5Th/6Th) Michail Sullivan Ranger Pride (7Th/8Th) Patrick Henderson Most Improved (7Th/8Th) Erin Craig Tennis Ranger Pride (5Th/6Th) Cody Upchurch Most Dedicated Anna Oberrender Most Improved Ketsi Hoover-Simon Ranger Pride (7Th/8Th) Tamel Smith Most Dedicated Ulysses Hampton Most Improved Nigel Burkhalter Softball Ranger Pride Faith Weatherford Most Dedicated Daniella Reyna

Major Awards

Female Athlete Of The Year: Erin Lambert Male Athlete Of The Year: Ulysses Hampton Female Scholar-Athlete Of The Year: Kylene Etkie Emma Crawford Male Scholar-Athlete Of The Year: Ilan Ben-Moshe

High School Awards Fall

Most Valuable Wrestler Coach’s Award Most Dedicated

Ivan Felipe Orren Aden Player Juan Munoz

Football Spring Offensive Player of the Year Jay Hill Boys Track Defensive Player of the Year Adrian Barajas Most Valuable Trackster Jay Hill Most Dedicated Player Orren Aden Most Outstanding Trackster Marcus Gentry JV Football Most Outstanding Trackster Kyle Winter Offense Player of the Year Guadalupe Castellon Most Improved Trackster Austin Hill Defense Player of the Year Erick Sotelo Girls Track Volleyball Most Valuable Trackster Jasilyn Williams Most Valuable Player Gabriella Beyer Most Outstanding Trackster Myeisha Justice Most Outstanding Player Ashlee Lambert Most Dedicated Trackster Marivel Holguin Ranger Award Myeisha Justice Softball JV Volleyball Most Valuable Player Ashlee Lambert Most Dedicated Player Amy Johnson Most Outstanding Player Mysty Ayala Coach’s Award Sylvia Gondowicz Coach’s Award Marti Lail Cheerleader Tennis Most Spirited Cheerleader Krishondra Bradford Most Valuable Player (boy) Forrest Godfrey Most Spirited Cheerleader (MEDAL): Amy Johnson, Sylvia Coach’s Award (boy) Edwin Nirider Gondowicz, Marisa King Special Awards Winter Manager of the Year (female): Jessenia Gonzalez Boys Basketball Manager of the Year (male): John McClymond Most Valuable Player Marcus Gentry Sportsmanship Award (female): Marivel Holguin Most Valuable Player Jairo De Leon Sportsmanship Award (male): Richard Bertling Most Improved Player Akeem Guidry Ranger Pride Award (female): Mireyda Bustos JV Boys Basketball Ranger Pride Award (male): Juan Munoz Most Outstanding Player Kyle Winter BFS Award (female): Marivel Holguin Most Outstanding Player Dalton Etkie BFS Award (male): Guadalupe Castellon Girls Basketball Rookie of the Year (female): Marika Beyer Most Valuable Player Gabriella Beyer Rookie of the Year (male): Dalton Etkie Most Improved Player Marivel Holguin Athlete of the Year (female): Gabriella Beyer Swimming (MEDALS) Scholar-Athlete of the Year (female): Mysty Ayala Margaret Kopp Darby Layton Stephanie Cain Jose Manrique Athlete of the Year (male): Marcus Gentry Christian Escamilla Edwin Nirider Adrian Barajas Wrestling Scholar-Athlete of the Year (male): Orren Aden Most Valuable Wrestler Adrian Barajas

TSD Wrestling team a successful year By Chris Hamilton


he TSD wrestling team enjoyed a great season this year finishing at 15-2. We won CO-National Champions!! And our own Adrian Barajas won Wrestler of the Year 2010!

We couldn’t be more proud of our hard working and motivated athletes this year. The 2009-2010 season was led by a great group of seniors who posted a 66-25 combined individual record. The team flew to Maryland School for the Deaf for the National Deaf Wrestling Duals and finished with an amazing 2nd Place!! We placed 5th place last year at this very same tournament. In January, the team won 1st Place out of 25 Austin schools at the McCallum Dual Tournament. TSD Wrestling team in alphabetical order: Orren Aden, Adrian Barajas, Austin Bishop, Tyler Bishop, Joshua Eziashi, Ivan Felipe, Derrick Gamble, Ryan Harbison, Ronald Hurne, Cameron Luke, Alton Markel, Biron Moreno, Juan Munoz, Joe Quintilla, Emmanuel Trevino, Omar Valdovinos.

Journal of the Texas School for the Deaf  19

Lone Star Winter/Spring 2009-2010  

Lone Star Journal of the Texas School for the Deaf V O L U M E 1 3 1 , N o . 1 - 2Wi n t e r / S p r i n g 2 0 0 9 - 2 0 1 0( I S S N 0 8 9...