Issuu on Google+ First, you have to understand what causes back acne.

Over-active oil glands in your skin

Dead skin cells

Skin bacteria

A bad diet

The clothes you wear

Excess oils and dead skills cells find their way into your pores, and that creates a blockage in your skin. The normal reaction from your body is to turn this into a blackhead to get the blockage out, but if bacteria finds its way into the blackhead, it will turn into an acne outbreak.

Your back and face have more oil glands than the rest of your body, which is why acne breakouts happen here more than anywhere else. So here is how you can change a few of your daily habits and clear up your acne at the same time. Your Clothes Can Cause Back Acne Most people would never think that the clothes they wear could cause an acne outbreak on their back, but it can. And the reason acne breakouts are more common among teenagers is because heavy school backpacks are also responsible for acne problems. If you wear tight clothes every day (specifically, a tight shirt), every time you move body, your shirt rubs against your skin. Tight shirts cause more pressure, and thus more irritation on your back. The oils and dead skin cells can't except from your body either, so instead they are rubbed against your back all day. Those oils and skin cells will infect your skin and cause an acne outbreak.

School backpacks are filled with tons of books, papers and everything a student needs at school. They are worn on your shoulders, and they're so heavy that they can easily irritate the skin and instantly cause an acne outbreak. To solve these problems, wear loose-fitting clothes whenever possible. If you're a student in school, carry your heavy books in your arms instead of your backpack. This will allow loose oils and skin cells to fall away from your body more easily, and reduce your chance of an acne outbreak. Find more secrets tips to get rid of your acne forever at

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