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#29 BRC2

acclimessence 1

adaptable modules


2 1. Assembly 2. Joinery System 3. Footprint

biologics Our intention is to take as original of an approach as possible to create a living organism rather than mimic biological processes seen in nature and apply them to inanimate objects. Therefore, we induced that in order to live, all organisms must: 1. Adapt to environmental pressure(s); During spring, we inferred that Cal Poly Canyon poses two main pressures to respond to: the unpredictable qualities of natural terrain and high-speed winds. 2. Respond and interact with other organisms within the same environment. Organisms present in environment are humans.

self-acclimating membrane system Our membrane, a composite hexagonal-triangle network, is designed to combat the two Cal Poly Canyon pressures we induced: 1. Three-dimensional curvatures; the overall surface can curve in three dimensions. This allows for easy placement of columns regardless of slope or agitated terrain. 2. Thin members; half-inch thick members allow wind to penetrate the structure without applying much suction force. For long-term use, an adhesive epoxy can easily be applied to protect the connections from wind vibrations. The membrane is composed of an impulsive module: 1. The triangle creates an array of direction in the XY plane. 2. The rotating planks create rotation in the XYZ planes.

responsive illumination The membrane also responds to different human stimuli: 1. The exterior LED`s respond to a camera flash at night. 2. A motion sensor gives light and life to the interior space once activated by visitors.

material + fabrication The entire structure is made out of 12mm Russian Baltic Birch plywood: 1. We needed a material strong enough to resist tension, compression and torque throughout membrane. 2. Solid members were cut to a .001 tolerance in 16+ CNC milling hours; each member is sanded and chamfered. 1,500 washers and screws were used to adhere the modules together. In total an average of 150+ hours was spent on intensive labor.

Design Village 2014