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And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. James 5:15(a) PRAY FOR  DANA Dana Ciumac



She was born in Petrosani, Romania. At the age of 15 receives the Lord as her Savior. After high school graduation, she feels the Lord’s call on the mission field. She works for a bit with a christian organization in Romania, then she becomes a missionary in Republic of Moldova.

Serving the Lord in Moldova

Together with her husband, Dana is serving the Lord with “Operation Mobilization” in Moldova. Their goal and vision is to help place mission in the heart of the church and the church in the heart of the community. Through church based projects that Dana helps to run, lives and communities from Moldova are being transformed for Christ.



Already for 5 years, Dana has served God as a missionary in Moldova. Her desire to serve the Lord is her biggest joy. However, in these moments Dana is going through a difficult period of her life where she asks for your prayers. Last week, Dana was diagnosed with Leukemia. A serious blood d i s e a s e, b u t one that can be healed if you will join us in prayer. We will appreciate very much your prayers during Dana’s treatment. Right now she taking the chemotherapy in Bucharest, Romania where she will stay for the next few months. MD-2012 C.P. 2366 Chișinău Republica Moldova E-mail:

Key prayer requests now are for Dana to respond well to the chemotherapy over the next days. Pray that the Lord would work through the doctors and that He would give enough optimism to Dana as she g o e s t h ro u g h this. Then for one of her siblings to be the correct match for a transplant. We believe that if we will come with faith before God, He can heal her in a way that will serve as a testimony and bring Him the glory. Thank you for your support and prayer. May the Lord bless you.

Pray for Dana  

Pray for Dana

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