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The New Times Arrival of the Japanese Embassy

March 17, 1860, the Japanese Embassy arrives to San Francisco. The ship that brought these nice fellows here was the U.S.S Powhatan. There was a rumor around that America forced the Japanese to open trade with us. This doesn't seem very American of us, but is a possibility that this was the reason why they would open

called the Kanrin Maru. The Powhatan

their doors to our foreign country. If

came twelve days later.

none you folks knew, the Japanese closed its doors to the outside world and only traded with them Dutch and Chinese. The Powhatan wasn't the first boat from the Japanese that came to our San Francisco, it was another boat

When these good people came to our San Francisco, we all saw it. They wore dresses I think, which might seem weird. This could possibly their thing, men in Japan wear dresses. This tells all of us that the Japanese are different but

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Volume 1, Issue 1

...Japanese are different but we should respect them all, because we are America, our proud and free country. And this is a really big mark in history of America; we will be able to trade with the Japanese now! Another ally to our country! We give them our goods and they give us their goods. We learn their way of life and we learn their way of life. Some people say that these Japanese are savages and they call them "dog - eaters". We shouldn't say such insults to them; I bet they are civil just like all of us.

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The New Times

Should America Trade with Japan? Some people have very different opinions if Japanese should trade with America. Jimmy here thinks that Japanese are diseases. He said, “We know that the Japanese were pretty strong during that time, but still, the Americans threaten the Japanese to open their doors and trade with the other countries. This shows how weak they are to be threatened so easily. We don’t know who they are, what they do, what they think of us, and how come they closed their doors on us. We know nothing of them.” Albert on the other hand says, “I think America and Japanese should trade. This will help us gain money easier because we have another country to trade with. I have never seen the Japanese’s goods and having their goods here in America; we might be able to learn something from them and help improve our society. We might even learn some of their ways of life and we can use it for our lives. If they could live their lives closed out to other countries, we might be able to learn how they did it.” Sandy also having the same opinion said, “The American and Japanese should open up trade because Japanese have good quality items for daily life use. Japanese have very good ideas in saving water, money, and items. Japanese people’s houses are very clean and recycle a lot, if we open trade with them, we

might be able to learn from them. If American open trade with Japan we can be able to earn much more money.� Currently a lot of people think that opening trade with the Japanese is a good idea, it is an obvious advantage for America to trade with the Japanese, because we will opened up to a whole new view that no one else have seen.

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Editor: Sandy Chen Researcher : Albert Wu Jimmy Lin 2nd Period


The Arrival Of Japanese Embassy  

The Arrival Of Japanese Embassy.