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EGC LEVEL III – PROMO 2013, 2014 &2015 Fall 2012: Friday, 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm. *This program is subject to change by the teacher to suit the needs of the students concerned. Week I F. Sept. 28

Session Content Getting to know each other Discuss class projects & topics Choosing a topic and giving your opinion

Homework/preparation Promo 2014 & 2015 Choose a controversial topic you would like to discuss in class, give your opinion and support it with research. Promo 2013 – prepare presentations of internship abroad

Week II F. Oct. 5

Presentations & discussions w/ questions Watching the “Daily Show” 3rd conditional: cultural awareness – case studies

Choose any aspect of medicine, health, hospitals, diseases etc., do research on it and present your findings to the class – may work individually or in groups of 2 or 3.

Week III F. Oct. 12

Vocabulary: Health, Illnesses, Accidents…. Special News Program ---------------------------------------Part 2 – to be presented by Group 1

Choose any university in the UK, USA or Australia and research admission requirements, tuition, degrees, etc. – may work in groups of 2, 3 or 4.

Week IV F. Oct. 19

Education – semester abroad, taking a gap year --------------------------------------------Part 2 – to be presented by Group 2

Choose a company you would like to work for, research it and explain why this is your ideal company.

Week V F. Oct. 26

Jobs – Motivation, perks, best & worst jobs

Enjoy your vacation!!!

US presidential elections – news report -----------------------------------------Part 2 – to be presented by Group 3

29 Oct. – 4 Nov. = Vacation – All Saints’ Day

Week VI F. Nov. 9

Money – Shopping – Banking Making a survey ------------------------------------Part 2 – to be presented by Group 4

Week VII F. Nov 16

Survey results Describing a process ----------------------------------------Part 2 – to be presented by Group 5

Week VIII F. Nov 23

!!!Surprise!!! ???????????????????????????????????????

Week IX F. Nov. 30

Final Project - Presentations

Finish your survey, send it to me for corrections and then have 15-20 people take it. Report on the findings in class on Nov. 16.

EGC Level III – PROMO 2013, 2014 & 2015 Fall 2012: Friday, 1:30 – 5:30

Instructor: Colleen Erba Greetings: Welcome to the top level English course in Corsica’s Business Management School! Since you have already achieved the required score on the TOEIC exam or have demonstrated your fluency in English through evaluations, this course is designed to improve your fluency in English/American. Hopefully you will find this course challenging and fun. Attendance & Expectations : Obviously, you are expected to attend all class sessions, especially since we only meet once a week. Participation is a vital element in this class. Absences and/or late arrivals (five minutes) will negatively affect your participation grade. You are responsible for completing all assignments on time. You are also responsible for bringing your English notebook, handouts, paper and pen or pencil to class – you are in a business school, right?

You are also expected to speak in English while in this classroom. Even when conversing with your neighbor I expect this to be done in English. Concerning cell phones, please put them on silence or turn them off. Objectives: The aim of this course is to enrich your vocabulary, increase your awareness of other cultures and improve your speaking skills. Grading: Participation: essential to learning a language. Practice makes perfect and while practicing we make mistakes so don’t be afraid of making mistakes when you speak. This includes your assignments which are mostly oral presentations.

Group Projects: 2 group projects: teaching a class and a final project of your choice

Evaluation: 40% = Final Exam 30% = Participation 30% = Group presentations (each group presentation will be evaluated according to the following scale – 70% content, 20% presentation, 10% peer evaluation)

Questions: If you have any questions or concerns about the course and/or assignments, feel free to see me before or after class. You can also arrange an appointment with me if you need more time to discuss your question or concern.

anglais annee 3  
anglais annee 3