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Brandon Festival of the Arts Designated Fund For over 80 years, this annual multi-disciplinary celebration of the performing arts has filled the halls, churches and public spaces in Brandon, Manitoba with the sights and sounds of dance, music, and speech arts. Thousands of participants from dozens of communities, and countless volunteers and supporters, contribute to the ongoing success of the Brandon Festival of the Arts. The Brandon Festival of the Arts dates back to 1928, when the Brandon School Board founded the Western Manitoba Schools Music Competition Festival. Throughout the decades the Brandon Festival of the Arts has provided individuals the opportunity to participate in the performing arts at all levels. Many performers have gone on

to make significant contributions to the arts, and many have also achieved international acclaim. Equally significant, thousands of performers have participated for their own enjoyment and growth, and have been encouraged to make the arts an integral part of their lives. BACF would like to thank the Brandon Festival of the Arts board of directors for entrusting us as the stewards of their designated fund.

Digital Marketing for Non-Profits Workshop Thank you to Steve Langston, owner of Dirty T Shirt Productions, and Ryan Shields, Shields Real Estate Group, two industry professionals who shared basic digital marketing techniques that can help nonprofit organizations engage a larger audience and help tell their story.

Artist in Health Care Grant Matthew Zimmerman is one of the many musicians who perform regularly at the Brandon Regional Health Centre. He is a very talented musician who has the compassion to play in a medical environment for which everyone is eternally grateful. The financial support for this endeavor provided by the Brandon Area Community Foundation grant offers a welcome diversion to the patients, families and staff.

“Playing soft soothing songs I’ve been able to lower the blood pressure of incubated babies as well as heavily sedated patients” Matthew states. “Sometimes tears are a very real part of the job. It is when I get requests for my services in the Palliative Care Unit that it really hits home. I have played for people in their final hour with loved ones all around. These are the hardest performances but I feel the most meaningful. “

The rotation for Matthew is to perform in the Rehabilitation Unit, Palliative Care Unit, Cancer Care, Centre for Adult Psychiatry, Neonatal Unit, hospital foyer and Fairview Care Home.

As for the future Matthew hopes to continue playing within the health authority. “I feel I’ve helped people get through hard times and difficult experiences

during their stay at BRHA. The patients are able to take a few minutes to focus on the live music instead of what is happening to them”.

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Brandon Area Community Foundation 2016 Financial Statements Statement of Financial Position As at December 31, 2016 Summary Statement of Changes in Net Assets for the year ended December 31, 2016 2016




New capital contributions



Flow-through funds received


Balance, beginning of year

Share of administration expenses Share of net investment income Grants returned







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$181,052 2,560





















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LIABILITIES Current Accounts Payable

Deferred Contributions

Grants disbursed

Other funds to income

$352,654 2,319

ASSETS Current Cash Accounts Receivable Prepaid Expense



Operating reserve to income




Unrealized gains on held for trading assets


Managed Funds

Net Assets Unrestricted Endowments Field of Interest Endowments



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Operating Reserve













Unrealized gains on held for trading assets

The above information are excerpts from audited financial statements dated December 31, 2016 reported by Sensus Partnership of Chartered Accountants

$6,000 Donation - One evening at an Air Hockey Tournament While attending a conference in Toronto, Brett McGregor, President of Guild Insurance Brokers was the winner of an air hockey tournament that finished with a $6,000 donation to the Neil Andrews Fund with BACF! “I chose the Brandon Area Community Foundation Neil Andrews Fund as Neil was part of the insurance group before his death and many members in attendance knew Neil

personally so this was a good fit” Brett stated. The evening started with participants donating $1,000 to the winner’s charity of choice then conference attendees contributed an additional $1,500 cash to be donated to the Neil Andrews Fund if Brett won bringing the donation to $2,500. Guild Insurance matched the conference donation with an additional $2,500, and then Incite Performance Group added $1,000 bringing the grand total

of the donation to $6,000 in memory of Neil. Congratulations Brett! With a simple action, what a difference you can make!

Norman Roziere Scholarship Norm Roziere will always be remembered as a very hardworking man, teaching his children that hard works pays off, and any job worth doing was worth doing right. Norm was very community-minded, helping out whenever he could. He was an extremely positive, energetic man who found the good in everyone, and was not afraid to stand up for his beliefs. Norm had a great sense of humour, and could make everyone feel welcome. At work, Norm was proud to be a firefighter with the Brandon Fire Department for 35 years. He was a well-respected lieutenant, always willing to lend a hand

where he was needed; all of his colleagues were his work family. This respect and caring was reflected in the way his fellow fire fighters supported him in his final weeks.

financial assistance to future emergency services students who lead by example and show compassion to others as Norm did during his career and throughout his life.

Brandon Area Community Foundation is honoured that Norm’s family and friends have chosen to establish the “Norm Roziere Scholarship Fund” with us. This scholarship will be award annually to a student at the Manitoba Emergency Services College who embodies the qualities that Norm showed throughout his life. The permanence of this scholarship fund will provide to contribute, visit


MB Auto Museum Grant

Gord & Diane Peters Family Fund In 2009 the Brandon Area Community Foundation received an amazing gift from Gord and Diane Peters, $1 million dollars of shares they personally owned in Cando Rail Services. 7 years later, from that initial gift $1,195,248 has been granted to various community projects with the remaining shares at the end of 2016 valued at $1,472,753. For Gord & Diane, giving is a very direct way to share their business success with their community. They are very proud of their rural Manitoba roots, both coming from families and communities that believe in the spirit of “giving back”. BACF’s hope that this innovative donation can be a model and catalyst for other business owners, the amount and creativity of Gord and Diane’s gift is felt throughout the community and we are extremely grateful for their generosity.

$1 million gifted in 2009

$1.19 million granted to date

$1.47 million fund value as of Dec 2016

Isaac Clarkson, “Ike” to his hundreds of friends, had a boyhood dream of being able to collect and display for future generations some of the machines of his youth; and here, the dream came true. Ike undertook to preserve a part of Manitoba’s history which might have otherwise ended up in scrap metal heaps. His genuine interest in the restoration of old cars spurred him to collecting vintage automobiles and miscellaneous parts. During his lifetime, he had traveled thousands of miles gathering a variety of early makes and models. For Ike, his greatest dream had come true in 1967 when a museum, in his hometown of Elkhorn, Manitoba, on the Trans-Canada highway was opened. Today the museum is home to restored vehicles, parts, farm equipment and antique household effects. Due to the shortage of indoor storage space, the museum has had to display their farm implements outside. To extend the life of the farm equipment, the Elkhorn Restoration Club will be building a 5,000 square foot shed that will house the farm equipment as well as host car shows and other events that will be held on museum grounds. Brandon Area Community Foundation is pleased to provide a $10,000 grant to help complete this project. It is these types of long lasting community endeavors that BACF is proud to support in the Westman area.

Murrays Driven to Give Back Inspired by the work of Samaritan House Ministries, lifelong Brandonite and community booster Mildred Murray led the charge in Murray Auto Group’s latest philanthropic endeavour.

friendly hallway. There are seven full-time staff members and one part-time driver at Samaritan House. Some 200 volunteers come through the building per month.

The group, Murray Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC and Murray Chrysler Westman donated a $250,000 contribution for upgrades at Samaritan House through the Murray Auto Group Fund as well as Laurie and Doug Murray and Mildred Murray.

"They’re doing good work here, and mom could see a clear need to support it," said Mildred’s son, Doug Murray, CEO of Murray Auto Group. "Like a lot of old buildings, it needed some upgrades. So we just felt we could save them a bunch of time and effort and come up with a good donation for them, and do our thing to help," Doug said.

"If you have done well, you want to give it back," Mildred said. "Obviously there is a need and so you do what you can to help." Samaritan House runs a food bank, resource centre, shelter and literacy programs in Brandon. Currently, the food bank provides between 80 to 100 hampers per day, and the need continues to grow. The donation has allowed Samaritan House to build new office space for staff and work on accessibility for future classroom space through a wheelchair-

Excerpts from the Brandon Sun print edition April 20, 2017 - TIM SMITH/THE BRANDON SUN

Alta., Winnipeg and Brandon. Fourth-generation family members are now starting to come on board. “We do feel we’re just a small part of many, many contributors in Brandon, and we’re just trying to do our share," Doug said. "We’re proud of some of the things that we do, but we’re also proud of some of the things that other organizations and groups have done. It’s really important and it makes our city and our community a better place."

The donation was a joint effort, with Mildred contributing $100,000, while Doug and his wife Laurie Murray provided $25,000. The Murray Auto Group, which includes 30 dealerships across Western Canada, matched the $125,000. It’s a true family business, with all four of Clair and Mildred Murray’s sons operating dealerships in Lethbridge, Alta., Strathmore,

Doug Murray, Mildred Murray & Thea Dennis, ED Samaritan House Ministries

Youth in Philanthropy 2016 May 11th, Crocus Plains High School were hosts for the annual grants evening. The event was held in the cafeteria with a popcorn bar, dessert table and refreshments for the guests to enjoy. The room showcased many art pieces created by Crocus art students as well they had one of their music students playing a baby grand piano before the presentations. The evening included participation by students at Crocus, Elton, Neelin, and Vincent Massey high schools plus guests from the community. A total of $10,000 was granted to 21 organizations. All YIP students are to be commended on their presenting of grants. Each student spoke to the charity of their choice, what the charity does within the community and what the grant

money will be used for. The students and BACF would like to thank the United Way Brandon & District for their partnership in the YIP program. The community at large benefits from their involvement with youth, both now and in the future. With their support for this program, we are engaging and training future community leaders!

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O N E - H U N D R E D

women W H O





What if YOU could be part of a group of women that raises $5,000 for charities in your community in 1 hour? Local Brandon and area women are doing just that! Through the Brandon Area Community Foundation (BACF), a Brandon and area chapter of “100 Women Who Care” has been formed. Each member donates $50 at every meeting; in addition they pay $100 as a commitment to the group which is directed to the Women’s Endowment Fund held with BACF. With their registration, they represent a charity of their choice to be drawn and voted on at the four meetings. Within this process and having a wide range of women, from all age groups and all backgrounds; we have had the opportunity to learn more about charitable organizations, what they mean to our members and what our $5,000 donation can help provide to those charitable organizations. As one member stated: “This group is exactly

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what I’ve been looking for! I’m a single mom raising 2 children, time and money is always a concern but this is something I can do to make a difference. My small donation with 99 other women will make an impact to any of the organizations chosen. I like that!” In the first year of “100 Woman Who Care”, $8,200 was raised and contributed to the Women’s Endowment Fund; $14,950 was distributed among Crohn's and Colitis Westman, Women’s Resource Centre, Helping Hands Centre of Brandon and Special Olympics Manitoba Westman Region.

To date we have increased our membership but are still looking for more women to become involved. We have the potential to donate $20,000 a year to charitable organizations in our community. Commitment to “100 Women Who Care Brandon and Area” is open to all women; JOIN US!

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