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2017 Grant Reporting Community

2017 Highlights...


78 $394,764 granted to...


Art & Culture $93,766

charitable organizations

received in new gifts Asset base of


2 $117,000 new funds established

impact grant

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Health & Wellness







A Message from the Brandon Area Community Foundation Chair

2017 was a banner year for the Brandon Area Community Foundation. We saw our assets exceed the $12,000,000 mark, and we awarded over $500,000 in grants to deserving organizations in Brandon and western Manitoba. Our 100 Women Who Care initiative is succeeding in boosting our Women’s Endowment Fund, with the added benefit of being able to give four smaller organizations a financial boost.

area never ceases to amaze us. The BACF received some remarkable donations in 2017. Stay tuned for an official announcement about one of these, coming mid-2018.

The generosity of the people in Brandon and the surrounding

Bev Cumming, Chair

The BACF has a group of individuals with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds acting as Directors for our Board, and stewards of our funds. It’s been a privilege to act as Chair for this capable group.

Brandon Area Community Foundation

BACF Board Members Back Row:

Harvey Laluk, Hope Switzer, Mayor Rick Chrest, Michelle Hood, Brian Cottom Middle Row:

Dan Robertson, Aggie Buhler, Bob Patterson Front Row:

Janet Shaw-Russell, Bev Cumming Inserted:

Terri Roulette-McCartney, Jaime Pugh-Clemmensen

Westoba Credit Union Designated Fund Westoba Credit Union believes in staying connected and engaged in our communities. Each year, Westoba gives hundreds of thousands of dollars away in donations and sponsorships to a variety of organizations and programs. Westoba also has dedicated staff who believe in the power of giving back and volunteering thousands of hours collectively to local

events, causes and projects. From coaching, to flipping burgers and baking treats, to picking weeds or canvassing donations door-todoor, it’s easy to find a Westoba employee helping out. They are happy to support the people and communities they not only work in but live in too. With their initial contribution of $50,000, BACF is thrilled to have the Westoba Credit Union

create their Designated Fund with the Brandon Area Community Foundation. The BACF Board of Directors and staff would like to thank the Westoba group for entrusting us as the stewards of their fund. We look forward to working with them and together helping make a difference to the people and projects in our community.

Thank you!

BACF would like to thank Margaret “Ruth” Kent for leaving a generous donation to the Foundation in hope that someday her gift will assistance in restoring and maintaining community park projects within Brandon.


Thank you!

BACF would like to thank Mrs. Audrey Lindsay for becoming an invested supporter of the Foundation. Mrs. Lindsay’s generous gift will make an huge impact to help BACF fund future community needs and projects.

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Brandon Area Community Foundation 2017 Financial Statements Statement of Financial Position as at December 31, 2017 Summary Statement of Changes in Net Assets for the year ended December 31, 2017 2017




New capital contributions



Flow-through funds received









Grants disbursed



Flow-through Grants disbursed







Balance, beginning of year

Share of administration expenses Share of net investment income Grants returned

Unrealized gains on held for tracing assets

Transfers: (116,143)


Other funds to income



Deferred contributions







Operating reserve to income

Balance, end of year



$694,246 2,226

$352,654 2,319











Deferred Contributions



Managed Funds









Designated Endowments



Donor Advised Endowments



Market Restricted Endowments



Operating Reserve









ASSETS Current Cash Accounts Receivable Prepaid Expense Investments Land LIABILITIES Current Accounts Payable

Net Assets Unrestricted Endowments Field of Interest Endowments

Unrealized gains on held for tracing assets

The above information are excerpts from audited financial statements dated December 31, 2017 reported by Sensus Partnership of Chartered Accountants

YMCA Designated Fund The YMCA has been a fixture in the heart of Brandon for over 130 years. In that time, the “Y” has served tens of thousands of children, adults and families through the provision of health, fitness and recreation. Up until the 1970’s, the “Y” was the place where you learned to swim in Brandon. Today the YMCA continues to serve over 5,000 individuals annually, with approximately 15% of them requiring some form of financial assistance to be able to attend. For the past 20 years the YMCA has run their Strong Kids campaign to raise funds so that no one from the community is turned away because of the inability to pay. This year the YMCA chose to establish a designated fund with the BACF, with an initial commitment of $10,000. The YMCA and their supporters wish to ensure that there will be future income available to support the Strong Kids program and that there will always be accessibility to all. BACF look’s forward to helping build the YMCA fund so many more community members can enjoy this great facility well into the future.

$117,000 Grant to the Keystone Centre Brandon Area Community Foundation has granted their largest amount to date to the Keystone Centre! The grant of $117,000 will fund necessary upgrades to the Keystone Centre’s Production Suite. The Production Suite is responsible for the graphic and video capabilities on the Main Arena score clock. The Production Suite is located off the main concourse of the Keystone Centre. It houses a variety of technical equipment including upgrades through this project: character generator, media software, production switcher, headsets and additional digital equipment. I The Production Suite sends a signal to the video screen on the score clock in the Main Arena. These images enhance the show – be it on the ice, in the show ring or on stage, in the Main Arena.

Schumacher, General Manager, Keystone Centre. “The Production Suite upgrades have been on our Capital Plan for a number of years and were pushed back until the point of being emergent, then we had Brandon Area Community Foundation step up to fund the entire first phase of the project. It’s incredible! It means the equipment is upgraded and usable and our funds go even further thanks to their generosity.” This grant came from the Brandon Area Community Foundation’s Community Grants program. “We are happy to be able to fund equipment that is such a vital part of the public’s experience at the Keystone Centre,” said Bev Cumming, Board Chair of Brandon Area Community Foundation.

“This is a major project with a hefty price tag,” said Jeff

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BACF awards their first Canada 150 Grant of $12,000 to the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra! We all know how powerful music can be. Certain songs can instantly lift your spirits and yet others can leave you with a feeling of melancholy. The Adventures in Music series presented by the WSO to schools throughout Manitoba is an opportunity for students in grades four to six to experience music in a way that may otherwise not be possible. “For many students it will be the first time going to a concert and for some it may be the only time they get to go. Music is a really important aspect of life. It transmits culture and is a really beautiful way to give a student an experience they might not otherwise have,” said Lindsay Woolgar, WSO Education Programs Coordinator. Two concerts took place in Brandon on May 16th with 25 schools from western Manitoba attending. The WSO has been offering the Adventures in Music program for over 20 years. “It would have been difficult to make this happen without the funding we’ve received; we definitely appreciate the support

of the BACF. It’s expensive to bring an entire orchestra to Brandon, but it’s important for us to ensure that the students in the Westman region get this experience,” said Woolgar. The funding for the concert series was made possible as a result of the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th. The fund is a collaboration between BACF, Community Foundations of Canada and the Government of Canada. “We were pleased to be able to support this year’s Adventures in Music program organized by the WSO; what a great fun way to learn about our Canadian heritage through music,” said Laura Kempthorne, BACF General Manager. As the theme of this year’s concert series is to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, the

concert fit well with the criteria of the grant. The program consists of all Canadian repertoires with music from all over Canada, representing different cultures. Nearly the entire orchestra, consisting of 67 musicians, performed for Westman students. The pieces were carefully chosen with the students’ enjoyment in mind. In addition, students from nine different schools had the opportunity to perform with the professional orchestra in chorale, percussion, recorder or string ensembles. “It’s unique to have the students perform with the orchestra like this. For many kids it is a very powerful experience,” said Woolgar.

Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba $10,000 Canada 150 Grant! 2017 is a year for celebration. Our entire country celebrated the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation and to mark this milestone, the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba (AGSM) expanded by launching new exhibition space with the help of the Brandon Area Community Foundation. In addition to the main gallery and the community gallery, the AGSM now has an outdoor exhibition space on the corner of 7th Street and Rosser Avenue in downtown Brandon. AGSM Executive Director, John Hampton, said the project had been in the making for a little over a year and it is exciting to see the concept come to fruition.

Brandon. The map pre-dates Brandon, but shows how the shallow, natural crossing was a big part of why Brandon is a community today. “The river was a real barrier before bridges, that crossing was a very important part of the economic and cultural trade between people so that they could move between the territories. Colleen looked at that space as a gathering of different cultures and tribes recognizing the people of this nation,” said Hampton. The original artwork has been enlarged to 12 feet x 30 feet to fit the new exhibition space. It was installed on the exterior of the

second floor of the AGSM. “The project would have been impossible without the support of the Brandon Area Community Foundation. Having that support to do this large and very visible project with community consultation has been really wonderful and essential. I’m very grateful.” The project for the new exhibition space is supported through an initiative of the Community Foundations of Canada, BACF and the Government of Canada.

“In order to have a strong value-based community you need a variety of components - recreation, culture, sports, history, education, music and art. That’s why it’s so important for BACF to support projects that help to enhance our community and make it a better place to live. This project combines history, culture and art and is there for everyone to enjoy” said Laura Kempthorne, BACF General Manager. The AGSM Billboard project received a $10,000 grant from BACF. The first piece of art showcased on the billboard is called The Crossing. It is an oil pastel on tar paper created by Colleen Cutschall, a Lakota artist and long-time resident of Brandon.


The artwork presents a map of a crossing that occurs on the Assiniboine River just east of to contribute, visit


Legacy Orchard Assiniboine Food Forest $8,000 Canada 150 Grant Rooted in Community. This slogan for the Brandon Area Community Foundation (BACF) has deep meaning for this organization that proudly supports many worthwhile projects in southwestern Manitoba. Its meaning runs even deeper, especially when it comes to one of their latest projects. The organization will be literally rooted in the community as they have provided the Assiniboine Food Forest Inc. (AFFI) with a grant to develop a Legacy Orchard. David Barnes, Chair and Founding Member of the AFFI, said that the organization always had the idea to eventually develop an orchard, but without the funds to do so it was impossible to bring the concept to fruition. “The orchard has been part of our plans for a long time, but we couldn’t have gotten it off the ground without BACF. We’re a charitable organization and there’s no orchard without them,” said David. BACF worked with the Community Foundations of Canada to establish a grant for AFFI. Laura Kempthorne, BACF General Manager, said the orchard will become an integral component of Brandon’s community garden network and the $8,000 investment will go a long way to make this happen.

“Creating something of this nature that has such long-term effects for not only members of the AFFI, but for the general public as well, is very meaningful. We believe that this project represents Canada’s historical generosity, neighborliness and rich ecological heritage. Leaving this legacy for future generations is a lovely way to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Canada,” said Laura. “150 years ago, Canada was being born. The relations between First Nations and the colonial culture was one of sharing food. First Nations people taught us all kinds of ways to survive Canadian winters, how to find food, forage and hunt. The relationship to food on the natural landscape and our survival have been directly linked, that’s the connection to the past that makes this orchard so symbolic,” said David. AFFI leases 40 acres of land in the east end of Brandon with a vision to develop a healthy community in ecological balance. They currently have a nature trail system that is

15 kilometers long, but most recently volunteers have turned their attention to building the orchard. “There will be a large collection of different plants, but the orchard will be dominated by apples and cherries. They produce good volumes of very nutritious fruit without too much investment in techniques, management or chemical inputs. We’re dedicated to doing this organically. We will also grow small fruit like saskatoons, raspberries, plums and pears. Basically, if it’s a fruit and it grows in Manitoba, we’re going to plant it,” said David. As this is a community orchard, the fruit will not be for sale; the general public will be able to come and pick the fruit. “No matter what happens, no fruit will ever hit the ground and rot. That’s not a good practice in any orchard, nor will it be done here. The fruit will always be harvested and any surpluses will go to the food bank,” said David.

Daly House Museum $3,000 Canada 150 Grant Spectacles – Then and Now For many of us, taking a photograph is a fairly common occurrence. In fact, in all likelihood we may snap a photo every day or at least every week. With easy-to-use, accessible technology we have the ability to capture special moments with the gentle touch of a screen. This certainly hasn’t always been the case, however. It almost seems surreal to know that it was just 190 years ago that the first photograph was ever taken. But it wasn’t until the beginning of the twentieth century when the art of photography evolved because of smaller cameras and film formats. Photographers were able to make images quickly under difficult lighting conditions, but when you compare this to photography in today’s world, it definitely wasn’t just a click of a button. That’s precisely why it’s so fascinating to explore the images currently on display at the Daly House Museum in their latest exhibit - Spectacles Then and Now: A Century of Recreational Activities in Brandon and Western Manitoba.

that time is pretty unique,” said Eileen. This new exhibit (which opened in November 2017 and ran until the end of February 2018), was made possible with funding from the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th, an initiative of the Community Foundations of Canada, the Brandon Area Community Foundation (BACF) and the Government of Canada. “We support a variety of projects that help to shape our community today and into the future, but as a Community Foundation it’s also important to look back every now and then to remind ourselves of where we’ve come from,” said Laura Kempthorne, BACF General Manager. The entire collection consists of over 1200 photographs, but the majority have never been seen before. The images are distinctive

The exhibit consists of a collection of images that were believed to have been taken by J.B. Whitehead around 1909 or 1910. Whitehead was the owner and editor of the Brandon Sun from 1903-1937. “These one of a kind, historic photographs provide a unique opportunity to explore the social lives of our citizens when Brandon was transforming into a modern city,” said Eileen Trott, Daly House Museum Curator. “What makes these images so remarkable is that J.B. Whitehead was just an amateur photographer. To go out to contribute, and get such clear pictures at visit


because they are mostly action shots that were taken in a day when most images were staged or posed due to the limitation of the technology. “This exhibit would not have been possible without the support of the Brandon Area Community Foundation. We wouldn’t have been able to produce high quality images to share with the public. We’re so very grateful to have them (BACF) in our community to help support exhibits and projects like this one,” said Eileen.

New Playground is here!

$5,000 Grant Awarded to Wawanesa School Playground November 8th, 2017 was a very exciting day for students at the Wawanesa School as it was the day they finally got to try out the new playground structure that had been installed. The group and community have been fundraising for the past five years to build a new playground structure for the school, daycare and community to use. As with many communities, their current equipment was aging and had many safety concerns that needed to be addressed. Wawanesa School draws students from five communities – CFB Shilo, Nesbitt, Treesbank, Dunrea and Ninette. With promotion of physical activity, the school and community members felt adding some play space would make a positive impact on students and community users. Total cost of the playground project was $63,000. Fundraising efforts have ranged from student

groups, school canteen, grad committees, local businesses, and parents contributing to everything from hat days to silver collections at the Christmas concert. The Brandon

Area Community Foundation was pleased to be part of this fundraising group by granting the $5,000 needed to finish their project.

Western Manitoba Science Fair - 3 year $15,000 commitment The Western MB Science Fair (WMSF) has been in operation since 1969. The Brandon Area Community Foundation (BACF) is pleased that we have been able to make the financial commitment of a yearly $5,000 grant for 3 years to the WMSA. Each year 500 students from grades 1 through 12 from schools in Brandon and Southwestern Manitoba compete and showcase their scientific efforts for parents, teachers, media and the community at the WMSA. BACF would like to assist the WMSF in fostering an enthusiasm for science in students by encouraging their natural curiosity and creativity while acquainting them with the proper use of scientific methods. “Brandon Area Community Foundation’s 3 year commitment to support the Western Manitoba Science Fair has changed us from a functioning non-profit organization that depended on sponsorships and donations to stay afloat each year, to a dynamic organization that is able to make improvements to our annual fair and expand on the

resources we provide to our local teachers” stated Trevor Maguire, Chairperson of the WMSA. He goes on to say that in 2018 we will be able to increase the number of WMSF finalists that we will take to the Canada Wide Science Fair, which has been a goal of ours for several years. We have also been able to put some funds into the promotion of WMSF, which has led to increased visibility and increased sponsorships. Another big step we’ve taken is moving venues to the Healthy Living Centre to strengthen our relationship with Brandon University; financially this big move would have been too risky prior to BACF’s support. Thank you Brandon Area Community Foundation!


Will Week 2017 We all have “Will Power” to leave a Legacy! To make sure that your wishes for the future of your family and community are met, turn your wishes into a will. BACF would like to thank attorneys Kate Jones and Bob Patterson for presenting two estate-planning seminars to the public during “Will Week” April 24 - 28, 2017. The lawyers provided great information on how to create a will, update your existing will and how you can easily make a charitable gift within your will. BACF would like to thank our hosts at the Brandon Court House, and Debbi Brown at Rotary Villas for providing us the space to host these free public seminars. Thank you to all those who attended!

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local charities in our community. Westman Aphasia Inc., Project Linus, St. John Ambulance Dog Therapy Program and Rapid City First Responders were awarded the donations. Since our start in May 2016, the group has granted $27,200 to eight charities in the Westman area.

$13,200 Awarded! The 100 Women Who Care group had their second successful year in 2017. Women from the Westman area made an impact by way of collectively giving $13,200 to four

annual grants supporting women, girls and their families. Tying in the initial contribution to this Fund with “100 Women” membership adds impact and brings awareness to one of the many funds held with BACF.

Unique to the Brandon and area chapter of “100 Women Who Care” is the initial commitment to the Women‘s Endowment Fund at BACF.

We are women who share the common desire to give back and inspire local philanthropy in our community. As women, we know what it is like to be stretched for time and resources but still feel the strong pull to help others in our community – that is why we’ve created this group.

The Women’s Fund was created in 2002 by Erin Kille in honour of her mother, Mona Kille. The Women’s Fund is designed to give back to the community by providing

To become a member of 100 Women Who Care, Brandon and Area, contact the Brandon Area Community Foundation at (204) 571-0529 or email info@bacf.ca.

Youth in Philanthropy On May 24, 2017, Elton Collegiate Youth in Philanthropy students were hosts for the annual YIP grants evening. With 26 students participating in the program this year, a total of $10,000 was granted to 21 organizations in the community. From the youths’ perspective, the YIP students developed a genuine interest in philanthropy, foundations and the opportunity to make a difference. The students were appreciative of the power and responsibility associated with control over grant monies, useful skills

and leadership opportunities relevant to this evening’s event. The students gained valuable experience from this program when seeking employment, applying for scholarships, or earning community service credit for school. Most importantly, they became community minded, demonstrated care about their community, and in many cases, become strong volunteers and advocates of the many charities they met with.

Thank you to the YIP students for their contributions, and for a job well done! The students and BACF would like to thank the United Way Brandon & District for their partnership in the YIP program. The community at large benefits from The United Way’s involvement with youth, both now and in the future.

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BACF 2017 annual report  

BACF 2017 annual report  

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