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Perfectly Arched It seems like brows are all the rage now! High arch. Low arch. To pluck or not to pluck! There are salons devoted solely to creating the perfect brow, and we have snagged one of the hottest PMU Artists in Chicago to give us her tips on microshading. And for those who are not quite ready to take the plunge, she walks us step-by-step through creating the perfect eyebrow arch.

Steps to the Perfect Arch Step One: Lighting is key. Find a well lit area before attempting to perfect your brow. Step Two: You will then need to identify the shape of your face (oval, round, square, rectangular, heart, or diamond) and natural brow (rounded, hard angle, soft angle, straight, or s- shaped).Your eyebrows need to complement your face. If your face is round, a sharp arch typically looks great. Step Three: We can then begin to prep. Make sure your skin is properly cleansed. Then lubricate to prepare the skin for plucking.

Step Four: Find your starting point, arch and tail. Your starting point should align with your nostril. Then fill with a pigmentor pencil which will allow you to pluck the right hairs. Step Five: Pull out your spoolie brush and trim individual hairs. Using a shaping razor, clean up any hairs which are too small to be plucked. Step Six: Do not forget to apply a cooling cream. Fill in the brows with pigment and set it in with a clear coat of mascara. Add some highlight to make the brows really pop. Now you have the PERFECT BROW!!!!

Do not over pluck your brows.

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