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No need to panic The City of Ekurhuleni would like to assure its communities that there is no need to panic as there is no confirmed case of coronavirus disease in the region and in Gauteng at large. While we are aware that there is a sense of worry and panic throughout the country following the confirmed case of COVID 19 in KwaZulu-Natal, the City appeals for calmness as there is no need for panic at this stage. In our efforts to deal with any cases of Corona Virus in our space, the City has established and activated the Outbreak Team, which mainly consists of healthcare workers. The City of Ekurhuleni is also part of the Joint Operation Centre dealing with the outbreak consisting of officials from all spheres of government. There are no specific measures currently recommended to prevent COVID-2019. However, the following can provide protection against infection with coronaviruses and many other viruses that are more common in South Africa: Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water

are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer; Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands; Avoid close contact with people who are sick; Stay home when you are sick and try and keep distance from others at home; Cover your cough or sneeze with flexed elbow or a tissue, then throw the tissue in the bin; Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces; Avoid contact with farm or wild animals (alive or dead), animal markets, and products that come from animals (such as uncooked meat). While the f irst cases probably involved exposure to an animal source, the virus now seems to be spreading from person-toperson. Thus far the majority of cases have occurred in people with close physical contact to infected persons and healthcare workers caring for patients with COVID2019. Current symptoms reported for patients with COVID-2019 includes, mild to severe respiratory illness with fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing.

Reported illnesses have ranged from infected people with little to no symptoms to people being severely ill and dying. Anyone with any of the symptoms is advised to go to the nearest health care facility. It is a fact that currently there is no vaccine for COVID-2019. Off icials in China have intensified efforts to contain the spread of the virus. Leading the City of Ekurhuleni Outbreak Team is Dr Joseph Sepuya and Dr Ronnel Kellerman who can be reached at 082 826 1987 and 084 974 6051, respectively.

Spesialiseer in: Persoonlike-, kommersiĂŤle- en boerderyversekering * Professionele en vriendelike diens * Persoonlike aandag * Vinnige en effektiewe eisehantering * Baie billike tariewe

Klippies: 083 282 7577 Wayne: 072 266 6157 Kantoor: 011 814 8297 Kantoor ure: 08:00 - 16:30



10 MARCH 2020

Will Gauteng’s six new hospitals be built speedily within budget? Gauteng Premier David Makhura announced in his State of the Province (SOPA) last week that six new hospitals will be built in Gauteng in this decade. The concern is that the Gauteng provincial government has a poor track record in building health facilities - it usually takes double the estimated time and double the budget. Failed promises about

hospital buildings have been made before e.g. former Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi promised a new hospital in Soshanguve six years ago. It is estimated that about 2000 extra hospital beds are needed for Gauteng’s growing population, and new hospitals need to be in places where patients are currently grossly under served. Tembisa Hospital has the worst overcrowding which will be alleviated if the Kempton Park hospital is re-opened as well as the promised hospital in Diepsloot. Upgrading Lilian Ngoyi Clinic to a planned 556 bed hospital will take the strain

267 SKAKEL 083 6198 267 6198


Five Reasons Your Insurance Was Rejected A car is among the most significant investments made by everyday South Africans yet, on an annual basis, thousands are left severely out of pocket when their claims are either only partially paid or completely rejected. Here are five reasons why your claim could be refuted: 1. Your policy has exclusions (best to cover it up…) It is vital that you understand exactly what it is you are covered for. Don’t just assume that your household contents policy also includes vehicle insurance. Triple check what your policy actually covers (do you have car hire in the event of an accident?) and thoroughly review your policy wording. Ask your broker as many questions as you need to; that’s why he/she is there. 2. You told some white lies (in this case don’t cover it up) As the policyholder, the onus is on you to provide your insurer with all the necessary personal and risk information – truthfully. For example, if you bought a car for use by your teenager or student but it is registered and insured in your name, insurers are well within their rights to reject any claims should an incident occur. Full disclosure of information enables insurers to correctly assess potential risks and tailor the most suitable insurance cover for you. 3. You lost track of your tracker (and other security features) It is essential that you are – and continue to be – compliant with any security measures required as part of your insurance policy. If your policy validity is dependent on you having an active tracking device but you decide to cancel the service, should your vehicle be stolen, your claim can be rejected immediately on the basis of breach of contract. 4. You want to claim for your tyres (another pot hole?) A common belief is that motor insurance pertains to anything vehicle-related, however, it is important to note that most insurance policies do not cover issues related to maintenance (unless you’ve obtained an appropriate maintenance plan). A claim for the replacement of your vehicle’s worn out brake pads, tyres, battery, etc. will not be considered, but if you did hit a pothole or curb which caused damage to the chassis, it is another story. 5. You indulged in after-work drinks If it is established that drugs or alcohol were the cause of an accident, any related claim will automatically be rejected. Don’t drink and drive – ever! It is always best to seek the advice of your insurance broker – he/she is ideally placed to assess your needs, risk profile and financial position and could advise on the best form of cover for you. They are also able to take you through all the insurance jargon and clarify policy inclusions and exclusions. In the event of a claim, they can also manage the whole process on your behalf.

off the Chris Hani Baragwanath and Bheki Mlangeni hospitals in the Soweto area. A Daveyton hospital has long been promised as well as a new hospital to replace the decrepit Jubillee hospital. A new hospital is also needed in the Heidelberg area. Six new hospitals will cost about R9 billion. Government will need to find this money and make sure that costs don’t balloon because of corruption and inefficiency. Different parties doubt that the Gauteng Infrastructure Development Department has the ability to build these hospitals without delays and cost over-runs, so innovative arrangements involving the private sector should be sought. The Thelle Mogoerane Hospital was opened as a state-of-the-art facility six years ago but suffers from major building defects that will cost more than R11.5 million to fix. Most hospitals have the following defects: windows falling off when opened, poor flooring strength, sewer line blockage at Nurses Residence, cracks in the wall, major roof leaks, inadequate storm water drainage system.

The roof leaks are so bad that there has been flooding of upper level wards, and there are random leaks on other floors. Leaks which are caused by water pipe services not connected and sealed properly during the construction phase. According to Masuku “the estimated cost to fix the structural and design faults will only be available after the assessments, findings and recommendations have been completed by the consultants.” It is very disappointing that staff and patients are yet again suffering because of shoddy work by a building contractor that will cost a lot of money to fix. There should be penalty clauses to claim money from such a contractor. The provincial government should take special care in selecting decent companies to build the six new hospitals that are planned in Gauteng. It also has been reported that doctors and personell fear for their life’s when they are performing their duties because of the violence taking place in different hospitals. Surely enough securety systems would have to be in place with the new build hospitals.

TruLight boodskap vir die week - Is daar Krake in die Muur? ‘n Vriend besit ‘n huis . Toe hy die eiendom gekoop het, het die huis ‘n aantal diep krake in die mure gehad. In plaas daarvan om die krake net met kraakvuller te vul, besluit hy om die moeilike, duurder en tydrowende roete te volg deur eers die pleister af te kap, maasdraad teen die muur te plaas en die muur weer te pleister. Die resultaat hiervan is dat die mure na etlike jare nie weer op dieselfde plekke sal kraak nie. Ons ervaar dikwels dat mense maklike of vinnige oplossing vir hul probleme wil hê. Maar hul het ook gesien dat dit soms nodig is om deur die pleister te breek, die muur daaronder te ontbloot en dan van binne af die herstel te bewerkstellig. Hulle het ook gesien dat mens soms ‘n abses moet oopmaak sodat genesing kan plaasvind. Ons hou nie hiervan nie. Die feit is dat mense deesdae eerder op hul geloof staatmaak, eis in Jesus naam en daarop aanspraak maak of bid dat God sal ingryp, die situasie sal verander of sal voorsien. Dikwels sien ons nie dat God ons na ‘n berg bring nie of dat Hy toelaat dat ons deur ‘n vallei gaan en ons selfs die woestyn in lei nie, sodat ons van binne gesuiwer kan word, sodat ons geloof gebou kan word of sodat genesing kan plaasvind. Soms is dit nodig om ‘n persoon op sy knieë te bring, om die pleister van selfgeregtigheid, trots, ongeloof, selfsug, gierigheid, woede en meer te verbreek. Soos die Gaither vocal band sing:

“Sometimes it takes a mountain, sometimes a troubled sea; sometimes it takes a desert to get a hold of me.” Jesus het die kruis verduur. Jesus het self deur hel gegaan. Maar Jesus is op die derde dag opgewek. Net so staar ons dalk ‘n kruis in die gesig of gaan ons deur hel, maar binnekort sal Vader God ons opwek, as ons in Hom glo; as ons op Hom vertrou. Die Gaither’s het ook gesing “Your Love is so much stronger than whatever troubles me. Sometimes it takes a mountain to trust you and believe.” Vandag staar u dalk moeilike tye in die gesig. U staar dalk ‘n berg, ‘n onstuimige see of selfs ‘n woestyn in die gesig. Maar weet dat die Here met jou is. Hy sal jou nooit begewe of verlaat nie (Hebreërs 13: 5). God sal die beste in jou uitbring. Hy sal genesing, bevryding, vryheid en meer bewerkstellig, as ons Hom toelaat om die pleister af te kap of deur die vel te breek sodat genesing van binne mag geskied. Soek jy na ‘n oplossing gaan besoek ons Digitale Evangelis, tik die skakel in op Google – www.steps2heaven.co.za beskikbaar in Afrikaans. Sukkel jy dalk met kanker of enige kroniese siektes besoek ons webwerf www.battlecancer.co.za Wil u meer uitvind oor die Eindtyd, besoek die webwerf www.endtimetruth.co.za Of Luister na ons Radio via die Internet – www.trulightradioxm.org.za of besoek ons TV Kanaal by www.TrulightTV.org.za

10 MARCH 2020



Transformasie van wêreldekonomie beidsmag en die toetrede van die Milennial-generasie tot die arbeidsmark. Die huidige realiteit is dat mense geneig is om 'n paar keer van werk gedurende hul loopbaan te verander en dat die optrede van die ekonomie gesien kan word as 'n evolusie van die neiging. In 'n groot ekonomie bespaar ondernemings hulpbronne in terme van voordele, kantoorruimte en opleiding. Hulle het ook die vermoë om met kundiges kontrakte te maak vir spesifieke projekte wat te duur is om by die personeel te onderhou. Vanuit die vryskutperspektief kan 'n groot ekonomie die balans tussen werk en lewe verbeter in die meeste werkgeleenthede. Ideaal gesproke word die model aangedryf deur onafhanklike werkers wat werk kies waarin hulle belangstel, eerder as een waarin mense gedwing word om in 'n posisie te kom waar hulle nie die tydelike optredes wat hulle kan belê, kan haal nie. Die optrede-ekonomie is deel van 'n veranderende kulturele en besigheidsomgewing wat ook die deelekonomie, die geskenkekonomie en die ruil-ekonomie insluit. Volgens statistieke is daar reeds 64 miljoen individue in die VSA en die Europese Unie in diens van die gig-ekonomie. Die toekoms word geskep deur mense wat die idee van ‘n gewone werk laat vaar het. Verder is 63 miljoen mense in Afrika betrokke by een of ander vorm van selfwerksaamheid, en in Suid-Afrika is 3,9 miljoen

Stop buying stolen goods Gauteng MEC for Community Safety, Faith Mazibuko has urged established safety structures to work closely with the police in the fight against crime. Safety issues ranging from stolen goods, alcohol and substance abuse, rape, gender based violence, murder and school safety took centre stage. The summits were aimed at enhancing community participation in crime prevention and promotion of safety. MEC Mazibuko highlighted the need to reduce crime in the policing precinct and warned the residents against buying stolen goods. “By buying stolen goods you are contributing to crime. Cellphones get snatched from citizens and thieves knock at your doors selling cellphones and you buy them. Stop buying stolen goods and finish the market for criminals.” she said. The MEC pleaded with all to understand their roles and to work with the department as partners in the fight against the scourge of gender based violence. “One of the things you must do as Youth Desk, WASP

and MASP is to understand your roles and responsibilities and knowing what to do in the fight against gender-based violence (GBV). The MEC used the safety intervention programmes to engage and partner with all role players in the development of areaspecific and implementable action plans to deal with crime in their respective sectors and communities. MEC Mazibuko has mandated the Gauteng Youth Crime Prevention Desk (YCPD) in all police stations to renew their mandate during the months of March and April and the Provincial YCPD to renew its mandate in June. Community members are encouraged to join the Social Movement against crime through participation in Youth Crime Prevention Desk, Men as Safety Promoters (MASP) and Women as Safety Promoters (WASP) programmes. All these established structures are found at any local police station.

mense reeds besig met tydelike werk in plaas van ‘n tradisionele loopbaan volgens Stats SA. Of dit nou werk of korttermynwerk is, ‘n ‘sidestoot’ of deel van die keuse is om ‘n permanente vryskutoperateur te wees, hierdie soort werk begin om die salariswerk regoor die wêreld te vergroot of selfs te vervang. Die idee om ‘n bestaan te maak as ‘n bemarker op Instagram, het van eienaardige nuwigheid na die aanvaarde werklikheid beweeg, en sulke geleenthede maak deure oop vir miljoene mense en nie net in ontwikkelde markte nie. Dit is verbasend dat millenniërs die vinnigste aanpas by die optrede in die ekonomie. Sulke werkreëlings is byna altyd afhanklik van ‘n digitale platform om ‘n netwerk met voldoende breedte te skep vir maatskappye om giggers te vind en in diens te neem, sowel as om betaling te betaal. Of dit nou oor ‘n app of internetwebwerf gaan, netwerke word wêreldwyd geskep om die potensiaal van werk op aanvraag te benut, wat ‘n omwenteling gemaak het in die manier waarop ondernemings mensehulpbronne beskou. Navorsing deur Upwork en die VSAgebaseerde vryskuttersunie het getoon dat tydelike vryskutwerk wat deur meer as 57 miljoen Amerikaners voltooi is, elke jaar byna $ 1,4 biljoen bydra tot die land se ekonomie. In die Suid-Afrikaanse konteks het die Sentrum vir Ontwikkeling en Onderneming gesê die amptelike werkloosheidsyfer van 29,1% (38,5% as ‘n mens

diegene beskou wat as ontmoedigde werkers beskou word, wat almal hoop gee om werk te kry) is die wêreld se ernstigste. werkloosheidskrisis. Die CDE noem arbeidswette as ‘n groot struikelblok vir die opname van werkers in die formele ekonomie vanweë die koste en risiko verbonde aan die aanstelling van voltydse werknemers. Afleggings is die afgelope tyd gereeld in die nuus, en ondernemings bevind hulself in die posisie en sukkel om mense permanent in diens te neem. Werkers wat afgelê word, kan bou en bestuur aan hul eie span werkers en dit verhoog hul eie verdienstepotensiaal. Deur hul eie spanne te hê, sal dit hul leierskapvermoëns verbeter en hulle die nodige sakevernuf bied om hul ekosisteem winsgewend te maak. Namate die spanne en produkaanbiedinge groei en verander, sal mense ontwikkel tot ‘n nano-entrepreneurs. Die gig-ekonomie is buigsaamheid en kan as oplossings vir wydverspreide afdankings en werkloosheid beskou word.

JJC Kruger & Vennote Springs Parkland Kliniek Spesialiste Spreekkamer 011 812 4172 Drie Riviere - Vereeniging Umgenistraat 54, H/v Bashee Straat Drie Riviere, Vereeniging (By River Square kruising 016 423 3553


'N Groot ekonomie is 'n vryemarkstelsel waarin tydelike posisies algemeen voorkom en organisasies met onafhanklike werkers saamwerk vir korttermynaanstellings. Die term "gig" is 'n slangwoord wat "'n baan vir 'n bepaalde periode" beteken en word tipies gebruik om na musikante te verwys. Voorbeelde van gig-werknemers in die arbeidsmag kan freelancers, onafhanklike kontrakteurs, projekgebaseerde werkers en tydelike of deeltydse huur insluit. Die neiging na 'n groot ekonomie het begin toe 'n studie deur Intuit voorspel het dat teen 2020 40% van die Amerikaanse werkers onafhanklike kontrakteurs sou wees. Daar is 'n aantal kragte agter die styging in korttermyngeleenthede. Ten eerste, in die digitale era word die arbeidsmag toenemend beweeglik en kan werk toenemend van enige plek af gedoen word, sodat werk en plek ontkoppel word. Dit beteken dat vryskutwerkers tussen tydelike werkgeleenthede en projekte regoor die wêreld kan kies, terwyl werkgewers die beste individue vir spesif ieke projekte uit 'n groter poel kan kies as in enige gegewe gebied. Digitalisering het ook direk bygedra tot die afname in werkgeleenthede, aangesien sagteware sommige soorte werk vervang om die tydseffektiwiteit te maksimeer. Ander invloede sluit in finansiële druk op ondernemings wat lei tot 'n buigsame ar-


C.J.J. STEEL cc.


Cnr: Grootvlei Rd, and Partridge St, Strubenvale Tel: 011 815 4700/1/2 * Fax: 086 671 7253 email: cjjsteel@cjjsteel.co.za - www.cjjsteelcc.co.za

Stockists of Steel Sections, Rail, Piping Plante and Tubing




12x12 .... R 73.50 16x16 .... R 89.00 20X20 ... R 92.50.......R110.00 25X25 ... R104.00 ..... R148.00 32X32 ... R149.00 ..... R200.00 38X38 ... R185.00 ..... R235.00 50X50 ... R244.00 ..... R310.00 76X76 ... R367.00 ..... R460.00 100X100 ................... R600.00




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20MM .... R77.00..........R 94.00 25MM .... R96.00 ....... R115.00 32MM .... R126.00 ..... R168.00 38MM .... R148.00 ..... R196.00 50MM .... R200.00 ..... R250.00 76MM .... R300.00 ..... R385.00

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SQ BAR 6M 10MM ..... R62.00 12MM ....... R91.00

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TEL: 011 819 1575 / 082 690 7591



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10 MARCH 2020

MAXINE’S DOGGY FARLOUR 082 853 4071 rekord@rekordpaper.co.za PETS / TROETELDIERE

NOAH’S ARK PET SHOP Voëls, voëlsaad, hokke, visse, viskos, akwariums. krieke, Hondekos, Avi-Plus. Bearded dragons, hamsters, spinne-koppe, meelwurms, hondehokke, honde jassies en bedjies. Honde, katte en hasies. Oop weeksdae 9:00 - 18:30, naweke en vakansiedae 09:00 - 16:00. Tel: 083 456 6601. 011 814 4514. SHOP 7, FERRYVALE SHOPPING CENTRE. NIGEL

REFRIGERATION / AIRCONS NIGEL - FRENCH Refrigeration & Airconditioning. Installation, repair and services. Contact 082 701 1946. or visit us at the cnr of North Street & 6 Avenue, NIGEL.frenchrefridgeration@gmail.co.za

SMART KITCHENS & HOME IMPROVEMENTS For 3D Designer Kitchens or kitchen revamps, BIC, Bathr, Vanities, No compromise on Quality and Service. Free Quotations. Phone Andre at 082 738 1441

Heidelberg AA Meetings Mondays & Thursdays from 19:0020:00 at the SUIKERBOS OORD, FREEMAN STR, Heidelberg.If you think you have a DRINKING or DRUG problem. Please come listen to the testmonies of sober recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. Contact Person: Oliver 072 869 3163 / Eastrand office 011 421 1748 / AA Helpline 086 143 5722.


COMPUTERS / REKENAARS Matrix Warehouse Nigel. For all your computer requirements. 011 814 2156. nigel@matrixwarehouse.co.za/ FOR SALE / TE KOOP



Super Meubels, 42 Schoemanstr, Heidelberg, 072 317 7001 en 2 Milnerlaan, Noycedale, 079 378 1229 Totsiens Bokkie, ek gaan gou Super Meubels toe... Wow, hallo Oom, gaan dit goed. Ons het die Tannie lanklaas gesien, is sy darem ok? Ja Meisie, dit gaan goed met die Tannie, maar vandag is dit my beurt. Ek soek na ‘n nuwe bed vir die kinders, hulle kom die naweek kuier. Sjoe, maar hier is darem baie goed, gin wonder die Tannie bly so lank weg as sy dorp toe gaan nie. Nou moet ons eers besigheid gesels kindjie. Kry ons darem ‘n bietjie afslag, allemintag waar begin ons in hierdie winkel. Dis gepak vir jou hoor. Oom ons winkel is vol, en so vinnig wat dit uitgaan kom dit weer in. Kom Oom, ons gaan soek daardie nuwe bed, dan wys ek Oom sommer die ander nuwe voorraad wat ingekom het. Het Oom gesien hier is nuwe bande en nuwe yskaste uit die box? En sommer ook tandepaste, rys en sweets, maar gelukkig is dit nie 2de hands nie...hahahaha...net die verpakking was beskadig, dalk is daar iets vir die Tannie.....


DF AIRCON 082 348 4499

011 739 9000



011 814 1577

011 814 8297


Maxine’s Parlour SUPA QUICK

082 853 4071

016 334 341 2187 081 4956

BIRTHDAY WISHES Birthday wishes for CANDICE PILLAY, Bergsig, Heidelberg. Birthday wishes goes out to my estranged daughter who celebrates her birthday on 23 February. Hope you had a super birthday. Please convey the message to her if you know her and pass my contact details to my daughter...Your loving Dad who desperately wants to contact you. Segie Pillay. 2 Ayob Street Dundee 3000. Cell: 082 630 9339

Nigel DBV het dringend die volgende skenkings nodig:

‘n Petrol Weed Eater. Daar is geen elektrisiteit vir n elektriese een nie. Kos en water bakkies, komberse, lei bande, speelgoed en kantoor benodighede soos skryfbehoeftes, koffie, tee, suiker, long life melk. Koos van Staden looking for any “scrap” to sell. Available for garden duties, cleaning of garages and handyman work in and around the house. Contact 072 254 2945.

10 MARCH 2020



Ag nee, ons moet trek! Mense sug dikwels. . .Waarom moet ons verhuis? Om uit mens se gemaksone te kom, is gewoonlik ‘n taamlike vreesaanjaende stap wat gevoelens van onsekerheid en ongemak teweeg kan bring, en gaan dikwels gepaard met vrees vir die onbekende. Elke persoon reageer verskillend as hy ‘n skielike verandering moet ondergaan. Effekte van die verhuising na ‘n nuwe stad, streek of land: Om na ‘n nuwe stad, streek of selfs land te verhuis, is ‘n unieke ervaring en dit is die beste om voordeel te trek uit die nuwe geleenthede en dit gaan die manier wees waarop die situasie in mens se gedagtes verwerk word, wat sal bepaal hoe gelukkig of hoe ellendig lewe op die nuwe plek sal wees. Die nuwe omgewingsgeluk is dus byna geheel en al in mens se kop. Vriende Om nie sinvolle vriendskapverhoudings skielik te verbreek nie, is die regte ding om te doen, maar moet ook nie bang wees om inspirerende vriendskappe te skep nie. Deur vriende in die nuwe omgewing te maak, sal beslis ook ‘n nuwe lewensuitkyk gee op mens se identiteit en help om te definieer wie jy regtig is en wat jy regtig wil hê. Vryheid Verhuising weg van die ou stad, dorp of land is die perfekte geleentheid om die

vryheid te kry wat jy dalk nog altyd wou hê, so omhels dit met ope arms. Die wêreld is so groot soos jy dit maak, en as jy jou kop oopmaak vir die eindelose moontlikhede wat op die nuwe plek op jou wag, kan jy uit jou eie beperkende dorp stap en as individu of gesin groei en ontwikkel sonder dat die gewigte en boeie van ‘n ou lewe jou of jou gesin aftrek. Die sosioloog John D. Kasarda meld ook ‘n ander gewilde rede vir verhuising: “Mense meen dat stede deesdae gevaarliker is. Veral dwelmmiddels het tot ’n vinnige toename in misdaad teen mense en ten opsigte van eiendom gelei.” Sommige mense meen dat dit veiliger sal wees om in ’n voorstedelike gebied, in ’n klein dorpie of op die platteland te woon. In Bybeltye het Abraham sy gerieflike huis in Ur verlaat om God te dien (Genesis 12:1; Hebreërs 11:8). Selfstandigheid Dit is hoogs waarskynlik dat mens sal leer om jou onafhanklikheid te geniet. Om meester van jou tyd en geld te wees, is ‘n groot stap in die rigting van onafhanklikheid en om selfvertroue te beloon. Verhuising is ideaal om van nuwe werksgeleenthede gebruik te maak soos om ‘n nuwe huwelik of ‘n ander verhouding te begin, ‘n goeie loopbaanstap te neem, of om ‘n droomhuis te erf of te vind. Maar in die werklike lewe kan beweging

NOTICE / KENNISGEWING NOTICE OF A BASIC ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT APPLICATION DEA Ref: 14/12/16/3/3/1/2121 The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) has identified the need to improve road safety and ease road congestion by undertaking the construction of a second carriageway on the N3 Toll Road (southbound) between the Wilge Plaza and the Vaal River, approximately 4 km long (N3-9 km 74.6 to km 77.2 (at the Vaal River) and N3-10 km 0.0 to km 0.6). As a minimum, the new carriageway southbound will provide for 2 or 3 lanes and surfaced shoulders. Cross section width would be 11.1 m or 14,6 m wide respectively. Three new bridges will be constructed. One road-over-road, one road-over-rail and one roadover-river. The road-over-river bridge is the new Vaal River Bridge for the southbound carriageway. The bridges are designed with a cross-section width to accommodate 3 lanes in addition to surfaced shoulders; approximately 14.5 m wide. One concrete underpass, 3.85 m x 3.05 m, will be extended to accommodate the new dual divided carriageway. An application has been lodged with the Department of Environmental Affairs in order to fulfil the requirements associated with the Basic Assessment Process, as set out in the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations (2017) of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998). The activities which have been applied for are as follows: DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF LISTED ACTIVITIES ASSOCIATED WITH THE PROJECT

Listed activity

Description of project activity that triggers listed activity

GN R. 327 – Listing Notice 1 - Activity 19:The infilling or deposition of any material of more than 10 cubic meters into, or the dredging, excavation, removal or moving of soil, sand, shells, shell grit, pebbles or rock of more than 10 cubic meters from a watercourse.

A new bridge will have to be constructed over the Vaal River; several storm water culverts will have to be extended to accommodate the new carriageway.

GN R. 327 – Listing Notice 1 - Activity 56 The road will be lengthened by more +- 4 The widening of a road by more than 6 metres, kilometer. or the lengthening of a road by more than 1 kilometre-Ii) where the existing reserve is more than 13.5 metres. GN R. 324 – Listing Notice 3 - Activity 14 The development of (iii) bridges exceeding 10 square meters in size.

The construction work will fall within the ambient of potentially sensitive areas.

Following changes based on comments received, you are hereby invited to review the Draft Final Basic Assessment Report and provide any additional comments. Following the final review the application will be submitted to the Department of Environmental Affairs for approval. The document is available on the website www.environamic.co.za. The document will be available for comment for 30 days from date of publication. The upgrading of the N3 Toll Road forms part of the ongoing upgrade and maintenance program as required by the Concession Contract between SANRAL and N3 Toll Concession (Pty) Ltd.

Etienne van der Lith Environamic Environmental Consultants 28B Jeugd Road. Montana Park, 0159. Tel: 082 781 9454 Fax: 086 525 1007. E-mail: info@environamic.co.za

natuurlik ook gekoppel word aan negatiewe lewensgebeurtenisse. Immigrante moet moontlik na lae-inkomstegebiede verhuis met min maatskaplike steun weens taalhindernisse of diskriminasie in die huismark. Egskeidings, afdankings en sterftes in die gesin kan gebeurtenisse wees wat bewegings tot erger omstandighede dwing. Gesondheidsgevolge van verhuising As mense beweeg as gevolg van positiewe veranderinge in hul lewens, kan die resultate goed wees. Maar huishoudelike bewegings wat gewortel is in nadelige lewensveranderings lei tot verdere negatiewe uitkomste. Veranderinge in liggaamlike welstand wanneer mense verhuis is gesondheid een van die verskuiwings wat goed of sleg kan wees. ‘n Uitgebreide oorsig van wetenskaplike studies oor mobiliteit en gesondheid in verhuisings versterk die gevolgtrekking dat wanneer gesinne baie rondbeweeg, die gesondheid van kinders en adolessente kan ly. Alkohol- en dwelmgebruik, gedrags- en kognitiewe probleme, jeugmisdaad en tienerswangerskappe, alles hou verband met konstante veranderinge in gesinshuise. Gesinne wat voortdurend beweeg, meld ook slegter gesondheid aan en word gereeld deur nooddienste besoek. Twee van die onlangse navorsingsprojekte wat deur die Robert Wood Johnson stigting geborg is, dui daarop dat mobiliteit in woonhuise nie altyd geassosieer word met die agteruitgang van die gesondheid nie. Wanneer daar na die spesifieke maatstawwe van gewigsverandering gekyk word, is daar bevind dat die verhuising van huis na huis in die algemeen geassosieer word met ‘n laer risiko vir oormatige gewigstoename onder adolessente en jong volwassenes. In ‘n ander studie is ontdek dat die impak van mobiliteit op gewig heeltemal verklaar kan word deur veranderinge in die omgewing, insluitend hulpbronne soos parke en veilige strate. Daar is wel iets ontdek wat sin maak: stedelike verhuisers is minder geneig om vetsugtig te raak as hulle na woonbuurte met parke, ontspanningsentrums en laer misdaadsyfers verhuis. Gesinne wat verhuis ’n Gesin het dikwels min keuse in die saak. In Bybeltye moes die gesin van Elimeleg en Naomi na die naburige land Moab vlug toe ’n droogte Israel verwoes het (Rut 1:1, 2). Baie ouers bevind hulle vandag in ’n soortgelyke verknorsing. In ontwikkelende lande het droogte en omgewingsverwaarlosing miljoene verplig om na stampvol stede en noodlenigingsentrums of na ander lande te verhuis. In Westerse lande

het die verswakking van die ekonomie veroorsaak dat ’n menigte nywerhede en sakeondernemings moes toemaak. Boerderygebiede wat vroeër gefloreer het, is nie meer winsgewend nie. Werksgeleenthede het skaars geword. Ouers kan gevolglik dalk nie anders as om na ’n welvarender gebied te verhuis nie. Wat jongmense en kinders ervaar Jy kom van die skool af vol planne vir die naweek. ’n Dag by die strand, ’n balspel of ’n rustige aandjie om ’n bietjie te lees. Maar toe ma van die werk af kom, kon jy sommer aan haar gesig sien dat iets skort. ‘Hulle het my vandag ’n keuse tussen ’n oorplasing en ’n afdanking gebied’, sê sy. ‘Dit lyk my ons sal moet trek.’ Skielik sak jou moed in jou skoene. Jy voel dalk eenvoudig oorweldig wanneer jy daaraan dink. Jy vra dalk ontsteld: ‘Waarom moet ons trek?’ Waarom dit so moeilik is Volgens deskundiges op die gebied van geestesgesondheid word verhuising geïdentifiseer as ’n ondervinding wat jou ontwrig en emosioneel onder druk plaas selfs wanneer dit as ’n verbetering beskou word. Selfs wanneer almal daarna uitsien, “kan die verhuising aansienlike hartseer en bekommernis by gesinslede wek”, sê die tydskrif Parents. “Dit is omdat dit gevoelens van verlies en onsekerheid oor die onbekende wek wanneer daar afskeid geneem word.” Dit is dus nie ongewoon om allerhande gevoelens soos skok, woede, frustrasie sowel as depressie te ervaar nie. Soms duur negatiewe gevoelens voort ten spyte van jou beste pogings. Indien wel, moenie dit ignoreer nie. “’n Verslae gees” laat die gebeente uitdroog (Spreuke 17:22). Miskien behoort jy meer aandag te skenk aan jou behoefte aan rus, oefening of behoorlike voeding. Terselfdertyd moet jy oor jou gevoelens praat, veral met jou ouers (Spreuke 23:26). Laat hulle weet wat jou bekommer en waaroor jy besorg is. Wenke om verhuising maklik te aanvaar: Moenie toelaat dat gerugte en bangmaakstories aangaande julle nuwe tuiste jou verhoed om ’n positiewe gesindheid te behou nie. Doen voor die tyd navorsing en leer iets van jou nuwe tuiste of besoek selfs jou nuwe tuiste voor die tyd, indien moontlik. Skenk meer aandag aan jou behoefte aan rus, oefening of behoorlike voeding. Besoek jou gunstelingplekke vir oulaas voordat jy verhuis en neem afskeid. Neem tyd om van jou vriende en familie afskeid te neem en verseker dat julle in kontak bly. Jou afskeidstrane sal mettertyd opdroog, en jy sal die uitdaging die hoof kan bied om jou by jou nuwe tuiste aan te pas!



10 MARCH 2020

Eerste Plekke ingepalm

Students kick off with a bang Tenshinkan Karate Nigel students that attended the Vaal Championships in Benoni on February 15. They boast with 19 medals which vary from gold, silver and bronze. Students back from left are: Maricia Kruger, Pieter Steyn, Sensei Nathan, Brentt Franse, Paul de Jesus, Michelle Glen. Middle left: Cnr. Ermelo & Dagbreek Rds, Largo, SPRINGS Ywanke Engelbreght, Leon’e Valid while stocks last Gagiano, Pieter Weld Rods R1799.00 RECT.T 1.6MM 2.0MM Lourens. Front left: HITECH Q 11 690w 2.5X5kg INVENTOR WELDER 1500 R2699.00 25X12 R88.70 R126.00 Owen Robbertse, R131.56 38X20 R140.88 R177.48 Fabio de Jesus. 38X25 R157.50 R199.50 Absent: Marlize en F/BAR 6MT ANGLES 6MT 50X25 R183.50 R226.80 DTS R 43.40 25X25X2 R 67.10 Theunis van Rooyen, 20X3 R273.10 20X5 R 67.80 25X25X3 R 93.60 50X38 R222.50 EXPERT R304.60 Laruscha van den 25X3 R 54.20 25X25X5 R 149.00 76X25 R241.50 R346.40 MOTOR Heever. 25X5 R 84.80 30X30X3 R 114.50 76X38 R283.50

ELCO STEEL DEALERS TEL: 011 362-1551/2 FAX: 011 815-3427

Talitha Schoeman, talentvolle ruiter hier saam met Jodi, wat eerste plekke in beide MAASA en SANESA se “Hugerian en Korean dissiplines”, behaal het tydens die berede boogskiet qualifier by Bekker’s Equestrian Academy te Pretoria op Saterdag, 29 Februarie.

30X3 30X5 40X3 40X5 50X3 50X5

R 86.90 R101.70 R 86.80 R135.60 R108.50 R169.60


R66.60 R68.00 R97.60

R/BAR 6MT 6MM 8MM 10MM 12MM 16MM 20MM

R 21.60 R 40.00 R 48.90 R 70.30 R125.00 R195.30



90.40 128.40 107.20 105.20 279.80

EXP/METAL 6320C R217.30 6320D R262.00 WHEEL KIT SETS 60MM R154.20 80MM R214.00

30X30X5 R 183.10 40X40X2 R 106.00 40X40X2.5 R136.70 40X40X3 R 148.90 40X40X5 R 250.00 50X50X3 R 204.50 50X50X5 R 316.70 60X60X6 R 455.50 SHEETS/PLATES EA 2450X1225X1.6 2450X1225X2 2450X1225X2.5 2450x1225x3 2450x1225x4 2500x1200x5 2500x1200x6

R598.50 R807.50 R897.80 R1133.00 R1479.00 R1889.00 R2257.50

PALISADES PALISADE PANELS 600x3mm High R462.80 900x3mm High R532.90 1.0x3mt High R537.00 1.2x3mt High R638.60 1.5x3mt High R744.20 1.8mt High R849.90 2.0mt High R1012.30 2.4mt High R1061.20 LOOSE PALES 600mm R17.70 900mm R24.10 1.0mt R26.30 1.2mt R31.60 1.5mt R39.50 1.8mt R47.40 2.0mt R52.70 2.4mt R74.00

76X50 R310.80 100X50 R367.50

R386.40 R462.00

SQ. Tube 1.6mm R2.0mm 20X20 R 89.20 25X25 R104.90 32X32 R151.20 38X38 R189.20 50X50 R242.50 76X76 R367.50 100X100

R109.20 R150.40 R186.90 R227.80 R304.30 R472.30 R612.20

PIPE 1.6MM 2.0MM 19MM 25MM 32MM 38MM 42MM 50MM 76MM 100MM

R 69.30 R 93.40 R136.30 R143.90 R161.60 R193.20 R293.00


2450X1225x0.5 R238 2450X1225x0.6 R327 2450X1225x1.0 R545 2450x1225x0.2 R1139 2450x1225x3.0 R1580


R 84.00 R115.50 RED OXIDE 5LT R145.90 R177.50 R200.00 R239.50 BLACK GLOSS 5LT R363.30 R488.20

R267.95 R402.50

Lip Channel 6mt 9.1mt 75X50X20X2 100X50X20X2 125X50X20X2 150X50X20X2 175X50X20X2 200X50X20X2

R271.52 R344.94 R389.04 R430.02 R469.26 R508.20

R478.47 R520.81 R592.69 R655.14 R715.05 R778.99

MARCH SPECIALS PURLINES 6mt R240.40 Cold rolled Chane! 9.1mt R366.40 76x50x3x6m R57.49 p/m Incl Lip Chane! 150x50x20x3x6m CHANNEL ROOF SHEETING R87.40 p/m Including 76X38 light R662.50 I.B.R 0.4MM CQ R65.55 Lip Chane! 200x50x20x3x6m 100X50 light R864.90 I.B.R/CORR. 0.5mm R83.50 R104.65 p/m Including 152X76 R1871.00 I.B.R/CORR.0.6mm R109.50 Lip Chane! 300x75x20x3x6m 178X54 R1539.30 CORR 0.3MM FH R44.50 R155.25 p/m Including Lip Chane! 250x75x20x2.5x9m A grade prices include vat subject to availability E&OE R138.00 p/m Including

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Rekord - Nigel & Heidelberg  

10 March 2020

Rekord - Nigel & Heidelberg  

10 March 2020