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Konferensie 2018

Algehele wenners! Nigel VLU trofee wenners van links Ronel Lombard, Suzanne Drotsky, Mabel van Staaden, Hettie Botha, Rina Murphy en AnnaMarie Axer. Volledige berig bladsy 2.

TEL: 011 100 5657 Irfaan: 083 601 5701 R289 900

R179 900

R139 900

2017 2017 MAZDA 2016 NISSAN TOYOTA ETIOS 1.5 XS/SPRINT CX-3 2.0 ACTIVE AUTOMATIC Micra 1.2 Visia+Audio 5DR(D86V)

R199 900

R284 900

2017 FORD 2015 FIESTA 1.4 AMBIENTE 5DR Hyundai Veloster 1.6 GDI T DCT

ABS, AUX Input, Adjustable Seats & S/Wheel, Air Conditioning, Airbags, Adjustable Seats, Adjustable Steering Alarm, Black and Grey Cloth Seats, Wheel, Air Conditioning, Airbags, CD Player, Campaign Gold Metallic Alarm, Black Cloth Seats, Bluetooth

AUX Input, Adjustable Seats, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Air Conditioning, Airbags, Alarm, Black Cloth Seats

ABS, AUX Input, Adjustable Seats, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Air Conditioning, Airbags, Alarm, Black and Grey Cloth Seats

ABS, AUX Input, Adjustable Seats, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Air Conditioning, Airbags, Alarm, Automatic Lights Function

R479 900

R219 900

R299 900

R154 900

R204 900

2015 TOYOTA 2016 KIA RIO 1.4 TEC 5DR Fortuner 2.5 D-4D Raised Body

2017 MAZDA CX-5 2.2DE AKERA AWD Auto

2016 KIA RIO 1.4 (4DR) SEDAN

AUX Input, Adjustable Seats & Steering Wheel, Air Conditioning, Airbags, Alarm, Automatic Lights Function, Black Leather Seats, Bluetooth

6 Speed Transmission, ABS, AUX Input, Adjustable Seats, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Air Conditioning, Airbags, Alarm

6 Speed Transmission, ABS, AUX Input, Adjustable Seats & S/Wheel,A/C, A/bags, Alarm, Arm Rest, Automatic Lights Function, Black Leather Seats

AUX Input, Adjustable Seats & S/ Wheel, Air Conditioning, Airbags, Alarm, Black Leather Seats, Bluetooth, CD Player, C/Locking, Diff Lock

ABS, AUX Input, Adjustable Seats & Adjustable Steering Wheel, Air Conditioning, Airbags, Alarm, Black Cloth Seats, Bluetooth

R289 900

R249 900

R249 900

R239 900

R214 900

2013 VW GOLF VII GTI 2.0 TSI DSG AUX Input, Adjustable Seats, & S/W, A/C, Airbags, Alarm, Auto Lights & On/Off, Black Leather with Red Stitching Seats, Bluetooth, CD, C/L

2016 2013 AUDI A3 RENAULT Sportback 1.8T FSI SE Stronic Duster 1.5 DCI Dynamique 4X4 Adjustable Seats, Adjustable Steering Wheel, A/Conditioning, Airbags, Alarm, Automatic Lights Function & On/Off, Black Cloth Seats, Bluetooth

63 Springs Rd,

6 Speed Transmission, ABS, AUX Input, Adjustable Seats, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Air Conditioning, Airbags, Alarm

Nigel, 1491

2016 Toyota Etios 1.5 XS/Sprint 5DR


2016 FORD Ecosport 1.5 TIVCT Ambiente

ABS, AUX Input, Adjustable Seats, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Air Conditioning, Airbags, Alarm, Black Leather Seats

ABS, AUX Input, Adjustable Seats, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Air Conditioning, Airbags, Alarm, Black Cloth Seats



Algehele wenners

JJC Kruger & Vennote Springs Parkland Kliniek Spesialiste Spreekkamer 011 812 4172


Drie Riviere - Vereeniging Umgenistraat 54, H/v Bashee Straat Drie Riviere, Vereeniging (By River Square kruising 016 423 3553


Sjampanje glase met die VLU embleem en versierings. ‘n geskenk wat elke konferensie bywoner ontvang het, tydens die groot geleentheid op 3 Maart. Die Goudrifstreek VLU dames het vanjaar se jaarlikse Konferensie gehou by die AGS Aquila Gemeente in Nigel met die Nigel VLU tak dames as gasvroue. Fondse is vooraf ingesamel om die kostes van hierdie groot geleentheid te dra. Ds Guilliaume Rocher het die spog geleentheid met skriflesing geopen waarna Chanté Bester, gaskunstenaar ‘n paar sang items gelewer het. Mev. Beverley Kleinsmidt het daarna die dames toegespreek, met die tema “Hef die vrou op buite die VLU.” Mabel van Staaden by die prag blomme wat sy vir die verhoog geskep het vir die 2018 Konferensie.

C.J.J. STEEL cc. ~ STEEL MERCHANTS ~ Cnr: Grootvlei Rd, and Partridge St, Strubenvale Tel: 011 815 4700/1/2 * Fax: 011 8153088 email: -



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38x20 .... R148.00 ..... R185.00 38x25 .... R160.00 ..... R196.00 50x25 .... R175.00 ..... R224.00 50x38 .... R225.00 ..... R259.00 76x38 .... R274.00 ..... R332.00 76x50 .... R296.00 ..... R362.00 100X50 ..................... R461.00

Stockists of Steel Sections, Rail, Piping Plante and Tubing

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MARCH 2018 SPECIALS LOOSE PALES 600mm....R 14.00 1.0m........R 20.00 1.5m........R 32.00 1.8m........R 39.00 2.0m........R 43.00

Nigel VLU dames het skitterend gevaar tydens die prysuitdeling. Ronel Lombaard stap weg met die trofee vir die beste Voorsitster, asook ‘n eerste plek vir haar Makataan en pynappelkonfyt. AnnaMarie Axer ontvang die trofee vir die beste Skakelbeampte en spog met eerste plekke vir haar Kollage van Knope en krale, masjienwerk, kreatiewe tafeldoek, asook ‘n tweede plek vir fotograf ie (mense in aksie) en ‘n verdere tweede plek vir blomme (Middelbaar blomme uit my tuin). Hettie Botha verower ‘n tweede plek vir

blomme (Beginners), ‘n derde plek vir masjienwerk,kreatiewe tafeldoek. Suzanne Drotsky ontvang ‘n eerste plek vir borduurwerk en ‘n tweede vir abstrakte kunstenaar. Mabel van Staaden is eerste met ‘n spesiale prys vir haar verjaarsdagkaartjie en ‘n tweede plek vir Makataankonfyt. Rina Murphy ontvang derde prys as abstrakte kunstenaar. Theresa Scholtz derde plek vir haar Makataankonfyt. Desiree Human ‘n tweede plek vir haar Jaarboek. Nigel tak word inderdaad as algehele wenners van die Konferensie aangewys.

Priorities and value your Family! At a sad moment in the life of the Heidelberg community with the loss of precious loved ones, do we all really take a moment to value our own families? We are all shocked and sad for the loss and suffering of these families and wish we could turn time back and change their cry in some way to joy and laughter. Do we really realize how quickly lives can be lost and situations change? None of the families who lost someone precious and dear to them knew on the morning of 3 rd March that they would come home to a family home later the same day with family absent because of injuries or loss through death. Do we really appreciate and value our family? We live in times where there is never enough time for everything that is labeled “Important”. This is true at work; in society and even at home with the result that the one most important component in life called family, gets neglected most. The Family we talk about here is not the extended bloodline relations who are happy to hear from you on Christmas, birthdays and New Year if that but the most important family members who should enjoy most of our attention and affection are those you share everyday life with; share a home with; share the bathroom and kitchen area early in the morning with – those are the once most often forgotten; ignored; abused and neglected. It is time to slow down, rethink what we allow to take the highest place on the priority list in our lives and put first things first. What do we use as the foundation or backbone of our family values and interactions? Are we really sharing life to

From the desk of Rev Elize Goddess, Heidelberg Methodist Church 083 228 4152 the fullest or merely exist together? It is only when we f ind our identity and purpose in God our Creator that life to the fullest can be experienced and enjoyed. Is that not what we wish for all our loved ones? It is not to late, let us draw closer as families in love and respect for each other and invite God to be Lord and King of our homes again. This is the most important aspect of family life and putting value to each one of them. It is only when we invite God to be the center of our individual lives and our togetherness that we truly understand value and can life a balances life nurturing every member in the family. Acts 10:2 He and all his family were devout and God-fearing; he gave generously to those in need and prayed to God regularly.(NIV) This is how God intended for us as families to live together on earth and to not only support one another but also those around us. The Heidelberg Methodist Church family want to express our deepest condolences with the Pelser and Duncan families, may you experience God’s close comfort in this time of grief. We will uphold you in prayer and continue to pray for the healing of the others injured in the accident.

10MM ....... R68.00 12MM ....... R89.00


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13 MARCH 2018

H/R SHEETS & PLATES 2450x1225x1.6........R592.00 2450x1225x2.0 .......R708.00 2450x1225x2.5........R856.00 2450x1225x3.0......R1027.00 2450x1225x4.0......R1462.00 2500x1200x5.0......R1812.00 2500x1200x6.0......R2195.00


57 Strydom Street, Heidelberg Tel: (016) 341-2437 “We exist to be like Christ, live like Christ, and share the exciting message of Christ to all people”.


Put your trust in the light while you have it, so that you may become sons of light.” John 12:36(NIV) Service times: 08h00 – Traditional Service (Mother’s Room available) 09h30 – Worship Service (Mother’s Room available) 18h00 – Evening Service (all welcome)

13 MARCH 2018



Stay clear of listerios by avoiding ready-to-eat meat products Ekurhuleni residents are urged to avoid all ready-to-eat food products such as viennas, russians, frankfurters, sausages and cold meats that are not typically cooked. This follows an announcement by Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi and the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) on Sunday, 4 March that the listeriosis outbreak, which has to date claimed over 100 lives nationwide, has been traced to originate from these food products from the Enterprise facility in Germiston. The City of Ekurhuleni environmental health practitioners also conducted tests which also confirmed this finding. Since November last year, laboratory tests conf irmed 22 cases of listeriosis in Ekurhuleni comprising of 10 adults and 12 four-week-old and younger infants. While Enterprise has committed to recalling all affected products, pregnant

women, new-born babies, elderly people and anyone with a weakened immune system are strongly advised to stay clear of all processed food products. Listeria is a bacterium that is naturally found in the environment and commonly occurs in soil, water, vegetation and in the faeces of some animals. The bacterium has contaminated a wide variety of food types, including meat and meat products, dairy products both pasteurised and unpasteurised, fresh and frozen produce (fruits, vegetables and sprouts) and ready-to-eat products. Tiger Brands, on behalf of its division Enterprise Foods, has committed to recalling products that are identified with listeriosis outbreak, but are conducting its own tests as well. Listeria has been traced to another Enterprise facility in Germiston on the East Rand, and a Rainbow chicken facility in the Free State, but further tests were

Alles wat jy moet weet oor die MPV-inenting Die staat wil meisies tussen 9 en 12 laat inent teen die uiters algemene servikale kanker. Sowat 4 250 vroue in Suid-Afrika sterf jaarliks aan servikale kanker en 3 800 aan borskanker. Dit is die tameletjie waarmee SuidAfrikaanse ma’s sit sedert inentings teen die menslike papillomavirus (MPV), die algemeenste oorsaak van servikale kanker, ál meer deur dokters en die staat aangemoedig word. Nou het die ANC regering aangekondig dat die staat laerskoolmeisies tussen nege en 12 van vandeesmaand teen MPV gaan laat inent. Dit maak Suid-Afrika die eerste Afrikaland wat dié immuniseringsinspuitings gratis toedien. Wat is MPV? Dit is ’n virus wat die mens se vel en mukusmembrane byvoorbeeld in jou mond, neus en geslagsdele affekteer. Die virus word oorgedra deur seksuele kontak, kontak met liggaamsvloeistowwe en aanraking met ’n oop seerplek op ’n besmette mens. Kan ma’s nee sê? Al beveel dokters die inenting aan, is dit nie verpligtend om dit te kry of vir jou dogter te laat kry nie. Menseregtegroepe

in Amerika het die inentings gekritiseer en beweer dit kan tieners aanmoedig om losbandig te wees, want “hulle is mos nou beskerm”. Dit is gevaarlik om dié faktore te ignoreer.” Die WGO het hul steun vir Suid-Afrika se nuwe inentingsprogram in skole uitgespreek en Hennie beaam dat ’n einde aan MPV-infeksies ’n einde aan servikale kanker kan beteken. Alhoewel dit deur die staat aanbeveel en goedgekeur is, is daar talle negatiewe uitsprake rondom die inspuiting gelewer. Slegte beriggewing het reeds bewys dat ouers deeglik ondersoek moet instel en nie alles wat voorgestel word moet aanvaar nie. In konsiderasie van die tydvlak waarin ons leef en die onhigiëniese toestand van mediese apparate moet elke ouer twee keer dink voordat jy jou tiener laat inspuit by die skole. Raadpleeg jou eie mediese praktisyn vir sy professionele advies aangaande die aangeleentheid. Veilige seks word reeds in skole bespreek en aanbeveel so hierdie moet vir elke ouer ‘n rooilig wees want losbandigheid is aan die orde van die dag!

needed as the sequence type was not yet known. "As a company that prioritises the health and safety of consumers above all else, we are committed to ensuring that all Enterprise products, as identified, will be recalled as part of the directive received. We are working very closely with the officials at present to conduct the process and will provide updates to the public on this matter," Tiger Brands spokesperson Nevashnee Naicker said in a statement. "The company proactively amplified its testing for listeria and can confirm that we had found a low detection of a strain of listeria in some products on 14 February but the presence of the ST6 strain [the outbreak strain] has not been confirmed by our tests. Motsoaledi said the National Consumer Commission has issued safety recall notices to the affected manufacturers and facilities, and the companies are now

responsible for coming up with the recall plan. The plan must be sufficient to cover their entire distribution chain, and the facilities will also have to resource and pay for the implementation. He said while polony was a definite source, other products such as Viennas, Russians, Frankfurters, other sausages and cold meats not typically cooked could also be affected due to the risk of cross contamination. Motsoaledi said retailers must clean their fridges, meat slicers, and either remove the ready-to-eat meat products or place them in plastic bags in separate fridges - ahead of the recall. "Any human being in the country who has these products in their fridge must take them out immediately." Motsoaledi said statistics on March 2 show that the outbreak has claimed about 180 lives and 948 laboratory-confirmed cases had been reported to the NICD.

Drug dealers apprehended Members of the Trio Task team and Nigel SAPS arrested 3 foreign nationals, for dealing in drugs at 115 Republic Street in Nigel. The operation for raiding drug dealers started early Friday morning where different role players took part in the operation. SAPS narcotic dogs had positive results on drugs that were found. This action also lead to crime committed at 150 Von Gesau street in Nigel. Items that were found on both premises were 319 small packets of drugs such as nyaupe, rock, cocaine, kat, dagga, crystal meth, 4 laptops cellphones, sim cards and documents that was all confiscated.

Spesialiseer in: Persoonlike-, kommersiële- en boerderyversekering * Professionele en vriendelike diens * Persoonlike aandag * Vinnige en effektiewe eisehantering * Baie billike tariewe

Klippies: 083 282 7577 Wayne: 072 266 6157 Kantoor: 011 814 8297 Kantoor ure: 08:00 - 16:30



13 MARCH 2018

Nuwe bestuur

Nuwe voorsitter Bets Grobler saam met die vorige voorsitter Anja Jordaan.

267 SKAKEL 083 6198 267 6198


Die Rensburg VLU het tydens hul vergadering in Februarie hul nuwe bestuur wat as volg daarna uitsien voorgestel: Voorsitter - Bets Grobler, Vise-voorsitter - Heilie van den Berg, Sekretaresse - Elma du Plessis, Tesouriere - Babsie Knoesen, Skakelbeampte - Hannatjie Venter, Adisionele lede: Thea Jordaan en Hannatjie du Plessis. Heilie van den Berg het vir die dames iets voorgelees wat daarop wys dat veranderinge nie altyd die beste einde instoor het nie. Sy vertel die verhaal van ‘n reddingstasie by die see, wat uitstekende werk verrig het, soveel so dat almal deel daarvan wou word oor die groot getal lewens wat gered is. Met almal se nuwe voorstelle is die reddingstasie so vernuwe dat dit in ‘n klub omskep is. Met die wou die mense nie meer uitgaan om die reddingswerk te verrig nie en daar is redders van buite gehuur om die taak te verrig. So is alwat ‘n reddingstasie is in ‘n klub omskep. So is daar ‘n string klubs gevestig, skepe kom en gaan nog steeds, maar talle mense verdrink want die reddingsaksies is gestaak. Op 26 Februarie het 9 lede van die tak die streeksinligtingsvergadering in Vereeniging bygewoon. Tydens die geleentheid is die 2018/2019 kompetisie artikels bespreek.

CRIME PREVENTION KEEP BURGLARS OUT (5) LIGHTS: Lights play an important part in the security chain. Thieves need time and somewhere to hide in order to go about their business, and the dark is ideal. Precautions: · Always leave both inside and outside lights on when leaving the house. · Don‘t get into a fixed pattern of always leaving the same light(s) on. · Never switch off all the lights in a particular part of the house when you are home. For example, if you are in the lounge, don‘t switch off all the bedroom lights. · Rather create the impression that there are people in various parts of the house. · Keep the curtains closed at night in order to prevent your movements being watched. · Outside lights are important. A searchlight at each corner of the house is an excellent security measure. The lights can be controlled by a time switch which can be reset every now and then so that the lights are not switched on and off systematically according to a fixed pattern. · Remember that lights left on during the day are a sure sign to the burglars that the people of the house are away. · Adequate street-lighting is also very important. Report broken street lights to the municipality immediately. WALLS AND FENCES: A garden without a wall or fence is an invitation to anyone to come in, and you can be sure that someone will accept this “invitation”, even if it is only in search for water or a toilet. Even a low wall or fence deters people and, obviously, the higher obstruction, the greater the deterrent – not only for getting in, but also for escaping once the crime has been committed. But, high walls are not recommended because they provide criminals with a place to hide out of sight of passers-by or your neighbours. A wire fence, lattice-work or wall that one can see through, is better. Next: Keep burglars out (6) – Burglar-proofing, security gates, etc. Reference: Crime Prevention – Stop Crime / Beveiliging van huis en haard – Smith LJL van Shaik Limited, Libi Building, Church Street, Pretoria. 1989 / Beveg misdadigers effektief – Buredell Publishers, Pretoria. 1989.

Rensburg VLU se 9 lede wat die Streeksinligtingoggend bygewoon het voor van links: : Betty van der Merwe, Babsie Knoesen, AnneMarie du Plessis. Agter van links is Bets Grobler, Anja Jordaan, Stien Venter, Thea Jordaan, Trudie Potgieter en Hannatjie Venter.

Nuwe bestuur voor van links is Bets Grobler (voorsitter), Annamarie du Plooy (streeks vise-voorsitter wat verkiesing kom behartig het), Hannatjie Venter (skakelbeampte). Agter: Thea Jordaan (addisionele lid), Babsie Knoesen (tesouriere), Elma du Plessis (sekretaresse), Heilie van den Berg (vise-voorsitter) en Hannatjie du Plessis (addisionele lid).

World salt awareness It’s World Salt Awareness Week next week (12-18 March)! As South Africans, we love salting our food, but the more salt we consume, the more at risk it puts us of heart disease and stroke, which annually claims the lives of 78 475 people in our country. A fascinating piece of research done by Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences in the US suggests that people who tend to salt their food more could be ‘supertasters’. In gist, supertasters typically add more salt to their food to cancel out the bitter taste the palate picks up, compared

to those with a more neutral sense of taste. Currently, SA’s discretionary salt consump-tion sits at 41% a day, which may indicate that many South Africans have been dealt the ‘supertaster’ gene, especially if one considers that in most other Westernised countries, the discretionary use of salt is in the region of 15%, pointing to a more neutral sense of taste. So, if you’re among the many South Africans that find themselves reaching for the saltshaker at every mealtime, there might be more to your urge than just a bad habit.

TEL: 011 819 1575 / 082 690 7591

13 MARCH 2018



War on Leaks Campaign Cash crisis hits Gauteng Registered indigents are entitled to nine kilolitres of free basic water per month, however the consumption in some households far exceeds this allocation due to excessive water leaks. This direct loss of water has called for the city to fix leaking water fittings at identified homes across Ekurhuleni. Close to 60 000 households have been identified based on their water consumption, with those with the highest water consumption being attended to first. The retrof itting project which includes public schools, entails the replacement of leaking urinals, damaged flushing devices, and taps for leaking basins, baths and showers excluding geysers. Refurbishments of leaking external underground water pipes connected from the water meter to the house will also be attended. Since the inception of the project in January, 227 stands have already been attended to and the project will continue across Ekurhuleni until 2020 for all registered indigents. Although the main focus of the municipa-

lity is external leaks, all internal leaks will also be attended to so that technicians leave each household without a leak. These efforts are part of the city’s War on Leaks Campaign, which is one of the fiveyear Integrated Development Plan (IDP) priorities. An indigent is a person who is unable to pay for the necessities of life, including payment for municipal services. Households whose combined or joint gross monthly income is less than the equivalent of two social pension grants per month qualify as indigents. Residents who meet this criterion are strongly encouraged to visit their nearest Customer Care Centres to be registered on the municipal indigent data-base for assistance. The field workers conducting retrofitting can be identified by their ID cards with the City of Ekurhuleni logo. Alternatively, residents can conf irm the workers’ legitimacy with Mpho Chuene on (011) 999 0166 or Thembi Khupuza on (011) 999 4187 from the Water and Sanitation department.

The inability of the Gauteng Department of Health to pay its creditors because of a cash flow crisis has extended to other departments. The Department of Infrastructure Development (DID) has, for many years, had diff iculty in managing its accruals. Accruals are incurred when a department is not able to pay its bills in a financial year because of cash flow problems. These bills are then rolled over to the next financial year. DID’s accruals rolled over from last financial year amounts to R564 million, which is 25% of the total budget. Because of financial difficulties, outsourced services such as security and cleaning staff have not been paid. This has led to a situation where these staff have threatened to strike. The funding gap has risen to an estimated R800 million. The financial problems in the department are exacerbated by the fact that the

Knocked down Heidelberg SAPS opened a culpable homicide case after an unknown pedestrian male was knocked down by a vehicle and certified dead on the scene. The incident took place on the N3 Freeway in the Johannesburg direction. According to police the deceased was dragged for about 50 meters. Anyone whose family member went missing on Friday, March 9 visit Heidelberg Forensic Pathology Service or contact 016 341 0343/0372. The body that was found dead

oversight of contractors is of such a poor quality, that they get away with substandard work and value for money is not obtained from the large sums of money being paid to them. Officials have cited the example of the implementation of an infrastructure delivery system called IDMS. The system was implemented by Accenture at a huge cost, but the system has not delivered the expected value because of a lack of training of officials and shoddy documentation. The cuts to infrastructure funding announced in the recent budget speech in Parliament will further exacerbate the f inancial pressure on the Gauteng government, resulting in reduced service delivery to citizens. This situation has largely come about because of poor policy choices and populist decisions of government without the ability to provide tangible outcomes.

Poging tot moord ‘n 54 Jarige huiseienaar van Dunnottar is gewond nadat 3 gewapende rowers toegeslaan het. Die voorval het op 9 Maart in Venter straat, Sharon Park afgespeel. ‘n Saak van huisinbraak en poging tot moord is geopen. Volgens die SAPS het die huiseienaar ‘n skietwond opgedoen en is sy 42 jarige vrou met ‘n yster voorwerp op haar hoof geslaan. Die egpaar het ernstige beserings opgedoen. Die man is in ‘n kritieke toestand na die Unie Hospitaal in Alberton per helikopter gehaas. Volgens die polisie het die 15 jarige tiener ‘n harde slag gehoor in die sitkamer waar ‘n ruit gebreek is en sy het haar ouers dadelik in kennis gestel. Met die nadere ondersoek is die ouers deur 3 gewapende rowers oorrompel. Die poging om van die verdagtes te ontvlug was tevergeefs. ‘n Skoot is afgevuur en die man is gewond. Die verdagtes het ‘n Plasma TV, twee selfone, 2 skootrekenaars en juwele gebuit en gevlug. Geen arrestasie is gemaak nie en persone met enige inliging kontak 08600 10111.

TEL: 016 341 2187/8 HEIDELBERG, 23 Schoeman Str. BALFOUR 93 Mury Str.

017 773 0220






2008 VENTER BUSH BABY FOR SALE. Ideal for the coming festive holidays. For people who love outdoors. Space for kitchenware, clothes, fridge, toiletware, f ishing equipment etc. Double bed upstairs as well as space for a single bed in bedside cabin. Contact 082 4533 794.

NIGEL PAVING - No job too big or too small!! 38 Years of experience in professional paving. All workmanship gauranteed. Free quote call CALLIE VOLSCHENK @ 082 560 0175 or 011 814 1058. Email



Voëls, voëlsaad, hokke, visse, viskos, akwariums. krieke, Hondekos, Avi-Plus. Bearded dragons, hamsters, spinne-koppe, meelwurms, hondehokke, honde jassies en bedjies. Honde, katte en hasies. Oop weeksdae 9:00 - 18:30, naweke en vakansiedae 09:00 - 16:00. Tel: 083 456 6601. 011 814 4514. SHOP 7, FERRYVALE SHOPPING CENTRE. NIGEL COMPUTERS / REKENAARS Matrix Warehouse Nigel. For all your computer requirements. 011 814 2156. BRIDAL / BRUIDE Wedding World Springs 011 811 5776/083 280 4584. Skitter in die rok van jou drome! Bring idee of prentjie vir asem-rowende skeppings deur Elize – ontvanger van internasionale ontwerper toekenning (Parys, Frankryk) vir kreatiewe styl. Koop, huur of kies uit ons groot verskeidenheid elegante trou & aandrokke. manspakke, hemde, dasse en onder-baadjies te huur. Bespreek jou plek vir jou matriekafskeid rok nou! Betaal af tot funksie datum. Redelike pryse. Professionele vriendelike diens. H/v 3de straat & 3de laan Geduld, Springs. BUY AND SELL WENDY’S

MOBILE PAWNSHOP Open 7 days a week. We buy, pawn, sell. Furniture/tools/ Gold Jewellery/TVs / Fridges / Washing machines. We come to you.Otto 073 937 9710 or Vanessa 074 235 7006. SHOP 011 739 4570

011-814-1266. 072-061-3409/076-0834449 STEVEN/LINDA. 48A Hendrik Verwoerd str. Nigel. DO YOU NEED CASH!!! We will come to you to pawn or buy almost anything. Heidelberg, Nigel & Dunnottar.

NIGEL - FRENCH Refrigeration & Airconditioning. Installation, repair and services. Contact 082 701 1946. or visit us at the cnr of North Street & 6 Avenue, TO RENT / TE HUUR TO RENT NIGEL - 3 bedroom 1 and 1/2 bathroom, double garage, duplex in secure complex to rent R5800.00 per month plus one month’s deposit immediate occupation available. Contact – Cecilia 011 814 3444 (Office Hours). TO RENT NIGEL - 4 bed house, 2 bathrooms open plan kitchen, dining & living room, electric fence, Lapa, in Ext 2 Nigel. R 7500.00 Available 1 April. Contact 071 605 9767.

13 MARCH 2018


Tiling from R40 per sqm. Excellent rates on plumbing and new batrooms. All burglar proofing, palisades & carports. No job to big of to small. Contact George 081 592 6252.

D.F. AIRCON Mobile Automotive Aircon & Repairs.

Aircon Repairs to Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Mining equipment, Combines “Stroopers”.

Daniel 082 348 4499/ 079 876 9896. All work guaranteed

A BEST BUILDER Building from R2500 PER SQM. All included. Building renovations and alterations.

NHBRC Reg. 35 years + exp. George 081 592 6252. POOLS & LAPA

RENBRO POOLS & LAPA. 4x3 Pool + 4x4 Lapa R37 000. 5x3 Pool + 6x4 Lapa R40 000.6x3 Pool + 7x4 Lapa R45 000. FREE Solar Panels, Braai, Poolnet. Call David 073 742 1533 GENERAL SERVICES ALGEMENE DIENSTE

LAUNDRY MATE Bring all your blankets, duvets, comforters, linen, curtains, clothing, etc. to us for a professional wash. We will take care of your laundry as if it is our own. Laundry can be fetched and delivered at a small fee within Nigel and Heidelberg Town areas. Contact us on 011 814 3597 / 072 511 4366

SMART KITCHENS & HOME IMPROVEMENTS For 3D Designer Kitchens or kitchen revamps, BIC, Bathr, Vanities, No compromise on Quality and Service. Free Quotations. Phone Andre at 082 738 1441

ANCIENT DAYS H/V HOSPITAAL & HF VERWOERDSTRAAT HEIDELBERG Skakel ons by 016 349 2175 of Wena 082 785 9108

Heidelberg AA Meetings Mondays & Thursdays from 19:0020:00 at the Heidelberg Methodist Church, 29 Strydom Street. Heidelberg. If you think you have a DRINKING or DRUG problem. Please come listen to the testmonies of sober recovered alcoholics and drug addicts. For any anonymous donations contact Marius. Contact Person: Marius 083 566 4569 or email


Bored to death

!!Expanding!! 23 Immediate openings. No exp req. Full training. Own car a must. App set by CO.

WE OFFER: * R12 000 to start, * Comm/Inc/Med * Petrol incentive Call 011 609 2119 SMS or Whatsapp name, area & age to

084 780 3136. VAS rares apply

13 MARCH 2018



Futuregrow th’s Fund invests in Heidelberg Mall In December 2017, Futuregrowth’s Community Property Fund acquired its 19th retail property with the purchase of the Heidelberg Mall south east of Johannesburg. The Community Property Fund, which invests in shopping centres in underserviced communities across South Africa, has unlocked signif icant value for investors in this space, delivering a

14.05% ungeared return in the 12-month period to December 2017. The Fund has had an exceptional 3 years, where the annualised return on an ungeared basis was 18.53% Futuregrowth and their partners Capital Land Asset Management (Capital Land) have built a strong reputation for rejuvenating struggling shopping centres, and portfolio manager, Smital Rambhai is

Beertjie projek

Beertjies wat deur die jaar gebrei word deur die VLU dames en dan vir liefdadigheid geskenk word. Petro Maritz, Streeks Skakelbeampte oorhandig dit aan Beverley Kleinsmith vir haar projek.

NOTICE / KENNISGEWING NOTICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT PROCESS Notice is hereby given in terms of the following Acts:· Regulation 43(1) of the regulations published in Government Notice No. R982 as amended under Section 24(5) of the National Environmental Management Act (Act no. 107 of 1998)· Subcategory 2.4 of R893 of the NEMA: Air Quality Act (Act 39 of 2004)· Section 21 of the National Water Act (Act 36 of 1998 (Stream Crossings) Activity & Locality: An Environmental impact assessment (Scoping and EIA) process for a proposed development of a diesel/petrol bulk fuel line (two lines) between Econ Oil fuel storage depot and the Transnet terminal near Heidelberg will be undertaken by Econ Oil & Energy. An application for environmental authorisation will be submitted to the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD) The proposed bulk fuel pipe lines will require an Air Emissions License (AEL) in terms of sub category 2.4 of GN 893 dated 22 November 2013 of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act (Act 39 of 2004). An application for an AEL will be submitted to the relevant authority. The crossing of drainage lines by the pipelines requires an application for Section 21 (c) and 21(i) water uses in terms of the National Water Act 1996 (Act 36 of 1998). An application for a water use authorization for these water uses will be submitted to the Department of Water and Sanitation. Municipality: Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality/ Lesedi Local Municipality Proponent: Econ Oil and Energy (Pty) Ltd Consultants: AGES Limpopo (Pty) Ltd, PO Box 2526, POLOKWANE, 0700. Tel/fax: 015 291 1577(J Botha) Tel : 010 612 0876(M Prinsloo) E-mail: In order to ensure that you are identified as an interested and/or affected party (I&AP) ONLY in terms of environmental issues regarding the abovementioned processes, please submit your name, contact information and interest to the contact persons given above before/on 10 April 2018. NO JOBS AVAILABLE

excited about the prospects for the Heidelberg Mall. “Capital Land has established relationships with all the major retailers and through our proactive approach we believe we can expand the current retail offering to further enhance Heidelberg Mall as the dominant shopping destination in the catchment area,” says Anton Raubenheimer, the financial director of

Capital Land. Prospects for Heidelberg Mall The Heidelberg Mall offers over 120 retail stores and caters to various LSM groups. Checkers, Game, PEP and Ackermans are anchor tenants, and there are a few retailers catering to upperincome earners too. “The days of shopping centres focusing exclusively on certain LSM groups are starting to fade as residential areas are becoming more integrated,” says Rambhai. One of the main new revenue streams the team has planned is outdoor advertising. “The mall’s position next to the N3 highway is hard to beat, and there is very little outdoor advertising in this area to compete with,” says Rambhai. “People often underestimate the value of outdoor advertising. Yes, advertising brings in revenue, but it is also an effective way to drive traffic to the mall.” Futuregrowth is also planning to relocate the existing taxi rank from the perimeter of the property to one of the main entrances. This will make life easier for employees, as well as elderly shoppers, and parents with small children. “Servicing the communities around our properties is essential and we will keep looking for new ways to improve their experience,” says Rambhai.

Cut the fat, don’t tax the poor The DA marched to make a statement that they reject the increase in vat to 15%. They reject this government’s plans to make up for their waste and their greed by taxing the poor even more. They reject the argument that the only way to dig us out of our financial hole is by making poor South Africans pay through a higher VAT rate and higher fuel taxes. They reject any solution that says “make the people who already can’t afford the basics, pay even more so that we can keep on looking after loyal cadres”. Because that’s exactly what this VAT increase, along with the 52 cents per litre hike in the fuel levy, will do. It will target the people who spend by far the biggest part of their income on food and transport.It will target the poor while the real reasons for the R50bn hole in our budget – the wasteful spending, the populist policies and our massively bloated government – remain off-limits to the Finance Minister. The answer lies in trimming the fat – in cutting spending where we can afford it and, very importantly, where it won’t hurt service delivery. The bitter irony of the ANC government’s budget is that the only significant cuts in

spending were all made in areas that affect poor communities. By slashing the funding to provinces and municipalities for school infrastructure projects and human settlements programmes, and by cutting 2000 personnel from the police service, it is only the poorest communities who will pay. So if not through a VAT hike and cuts in pro-poor spending, where should the former Finance Minister have found the missing money? We have one of the largest cabinets in the world, and we have just about the most foreign missions in the world. Why? Because that’s how the ANC rewards cadres. Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Ambassadors and all the other positions created by this enormous government – these are all part of an elaborate loyalty reward scheme. The fact is, we don’t need half of them. We can start by firing the leftover Gupta Ministers that the President failed to fire, like Malusi Gigaba and Bathabile Dlamini. We can trim our cabinet down to 15 ministries and we can cut our foreign missions by 69. That alone will save us close on R18bn.



13 MARCH 2018

Stoeiers meet kragte Stoeiers van Heidelberg Stoei klub het op 24 Februarie hul staal gewys en aan die Oos Gauteng Ope Stoei kampioenskappe by die John Barrable saal in Benoni deelgeneem. Die manne maak hul klub trots en bring elkeen ‘n medaltje huistoe. Agter: Pedre de Beer seuns 0/10 verower ‘n brons, trotse afrigter Phillip Venter en Sean Jansen wat spog met goud seuns 0/9. Middel: Duan Huyser verwerf ‘n 5de plek seuns o/9. Voor: Andorein Jansen behaal ‘n brons seuns 0/11. Afwesig: Johmar Labuschagne wat ‘n 4de plek seuns o/11 verower het. Die klub oefen Dindae en Donderdae aande van 18:00 tot 20:00 by die Leergimnasium se muurbal bane in Louw straat, Heidelberg. Vir meer inligting kan Phillip Venter by 072 421 3230 of Atwie Pretorius by 083 522 8601 geskakel word. Kom oefen saam.

011 739 2074 011 739 2083

Vehicle Parts & Accessories 25 Beverley Road. NIGEL Shop 4 & 5, Ferryvale Shopping Centre.

Het jy ‘n storie? Stuur jou klub se besonderhede asook oefentye vir plasing in jou plaaslike koerant, sodat die gemeenskap weet waar hul betrokke kan raak. Rekord lesers is nuuskierig om te weet waar hul 2018 kan aansluit om die jaar op ‘n fikse gesonde wyse af te skop. As jy ‘n nie-winsgewende sportorganisasie is stuur klubnaam, adres, oefentye, ledegeld asook kontak nommer na Alle ander sportinstansies is welkom om hul dienste te adverteer skakel ons kantoor vir tariewe asook datums. Stuur jul sportprestasies met die nodige foto en onderskrif aan ons vir gratis publikasie. Vertel ons jou storie ons wil graag daarvan hoor! Sportklubs kan hul inligting rondom oefentye asook kontak nommers aanstuur na

ELCO STEEL DEALERS TEL: 011 362-1551/2 FAKS: 011 815-3427 Cnr. Ermelo & Dagbreek Rds, Largo, SPRINGS Prices valid while stocks last / incl vat / E&OE INVERTER WELDER 200 Amp R1516.20 F/BAR 6MT


20X3 20X5 25X3 25X5 30X3 30X5 40X5 40X3 50X3 50X5

25X25X2 R 68.46 25X25X3 R 86.58 25X25X5 R 142.20 30X30X3 R 114.48 30X30X5 R 187.32 40X40X2 R 109.44 40X40X2.5 R184.14 40X40X3 R 149.52 40X40X5 R 249.54 50X50X4 R 293.10 50X50X5 R 307.62 60X60X6 R 441.18

R 41.94 R 56.88 R 49.92 R 71.04 R 61.02 R 86.52 R103.50 R 87.18 R101.76 R144.78


R67.32 R61.56 R79.92

R/BAR 6MT 6MM 8MM 10MM 12MM 16MM 20MM

R 19.20 R 31.38 R 44.28 R 75.54 R131.22 R216.30


R 79.92 R 96.90 R 89.88 R 83.25 R267.30

EXP/METAL 6320C R205.20 6320D R245.84 WHEEL KIT SETS 60MM R125.69 80MM R159.60

SHEETS/PLATES EA 2450X1225X1.6 2450X1225X2 2450X1225X2.5 2450x1225x3 2450x1225x4 2500x1200x5 2500x1200x6

R550.62 R643.00 R815.85 R960.00 R1345.00 R1675.00 R2000.00

PALISADES PALISADE PANELS 600mm High R380.00 900mm High R410.00 1.0mt High R460.00 1.2mt High R510.00 1.5mt High R560.00 1.8mt High R696.21 2.0mt High R752.30 2.4mt High R850.00 LOOSE PANELS 600mm R15.07 900mm R20.57 1.0mt R22.39 1.2mt R26.87 1.5mt R33.60 1.8mt R40.31 2.0mt R44.79 2.4mt R53.75

CHANNEL 76X38(6.70kg/mt) R 572.16 100X50(10.73kg/m)R970.20 152X76 R2018.34 178X54 R1734.42

RECT. TUBE 1.6MM 25X12 38X20 38X25 50X25 50X38 76X25 76X38 76X50 100X50

R110.28 R116.88 R141.66 R170.34 R198.24 R196.02 R249.00 R269.04 R312.36


2.0MM R130.08 R153.48 R168.72 R199.92 R244.62 R279.00 R317.04 R335.52 R409.02

1.6MM R2.0MM

20X20 25X25 32X32 38X38 50X50 76X76 100X100

R 77.52 R 93.48 R129.90 R165.54 R214.86 R321.84



19MM 25MM 32MM 38MM 42MM 50MM 76MM 100MM

R 63.84 R 85.80 R110.10 R131.28 R148.86 R186.30 R270.12

LIP CHANNEL 6MT 75X50X20X2 100X50X20X2 125X50X20X2 150X50X20X2 175X50X20X2 200X50X20X2

R274.50 R307.62 R334.08 R378.54 R441.18 R474.06

R 99.12 R139.02 R177.24 R184.32 R292.14 R389.46 R572.16

2.0MM R 88.98 R109.14 R142.20 R173.52 R208.32 R231.54 R351.72 R450.00

9.1MT R417.83 R461.91 R551.62 R588.58 R661.46 R731.21

DURA SPRINT R3799 Welding Rods 2yr warranty, 2x remotes, 4mt rack 5kg 2.5mm & anti theft bracket battery R115.43

ROOF SHEETING I.B.R 0.4MM CQ R59.99 I.B.R/CORR. 0.5MM R73.48 I.B.R/CORR.0.6MMR100.01 CORR 0.3MM FH R38.90

GALV SHEETS 2450X1225X0.5 2450X1225X0.6 2450X1225X10 2450X1225X2.0 2450X1225X3.0

R225.72 R292.16 R489.90 R848.92 R1701.15

A grade prices include vat subject to availability E&OE

Rekord - Nigel & Heidelberg  

13 March 2018

Rekord - Nigel & Heidelberg  

13 March 2018