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Die Wes-Kaap is ’n belangrike provinsie vir landbou-uitvoere en as die droogte nie binnekort eindig nie, sal dit beslis ’n baie negatiewe uitwerking op die langtermyn- ekonomiese groei van die provinsie en op die land se ekonomie hê. Die Wes-Kaap het onlangs reën gekry, maar die droogte is nog nie verbreek nie. Die Noord-Kaap, Vrystaat, Noord-Wes, Limpopo en KwaZulu-Natal is swaar deur die droogte getref. Volgens die weerdienste, ervaar Suid-Afrika tans die El Nino-effek wat temperature opgestoot het. Waarokal ons is moet almal hulle beywer om water spaarsamig te gebruik, hergebruik en herwin. Departemente, munisipaliteite en provinsies sal ernstig moet beplan om water tekorte aan te spreek. Die land is in nood, spaar waar jy kan!!


Droogte krisis

TEL: 011 362-1551/2 FAKS: 011 815-3427 Cnr. Ermelo & Dagbreek Rds, Largo, SPRINGS Prices valid while stocks last / incl vat / E&OE INVERTER WELDER 200 Amp R1516.20 F/BAR 6MT


20X3 20X5 25X3 25X5 30X3 30X5 40X5 40X3 50X3 50X5

25X25X2 R 71.64 25X25X3 R 86.58 25X25X5 R 142.20 30X30X3 R 116.88 30X30X5 R 187.32 40X40X2 R 110.22 40X40X2.5 R184.14 40X40X3 R 156.54 40X40X5 R 219.36 50X50X4 R 293.10 50X50X5 R 307.62 60X60X6 R 441.18

R 41.94 R 56.88 R 50.88 R 71.04 R 61.02 R 86.52 R103.50 R 87.18 R101.76 R144.78


R67.32 R61.56 R79.92

R/BAR 6MT 6MM 8MM 10MM 12MM 16MM 20MM

R 18.24 R 31.38 R 44.28 R 66.96 R127.62 R216.30


R 79.92 R 96.90 R 89.88 R 99.90 R267.30

EXP/METAL 6320C R205.20 6320D R245.84 WHEEL KIT SETS 60MM R125.69 80MM R159.60

SHEETS/PLATES EA 2450X1225X1.6 2450X1225X2 2450X1225X2.5 2450x1225x3 2450x1225x4 2500x1200x5 2500x1200x6

R550.62 R638.34 R815.85 R991.80 R1345.00 R1675.00 R2050.01

PALISADES PALISADE PANELS 600mm High R375.31 900mm High R463.11 1.0mt High R492.37 1.2mt High R550.89 1.5mt High R638.70 1.8mt High R726.49 2.0mt High R785.02 2.4mt High R902.07 LOOSE PANELS 600mm R15.07 900mm R20.57 1.0mt R22.39 1.2mt R26.87 1.5mt R33.60 1.8mt R40.31 2.0mt R44.79 2.4mt R53.75

CHANNEL 76X38(6.70kg/mt) R 572.16 100X50(10.73kg/m)R970.20 152X76 R2018.34 178X54 R1734.42

RECT. TUBE 1.6MM 25X12 38X20 38X25 50X25 50X38 76X25 76X38 76X50 100X50

R110.28 R116.88 R141.66 R170.34 R198.24 R196.02 R258.03 R289.68 R312.36


2.0MM R130.08 R158.76 R143.28 R199.92 R244.62 R289.32 R326.76 R360.12 R439.86

1.6MM R2.0MM

20X20 25X25 32X32 38X38 50X50 76X76 100X100

R 87.60 R 93.48 R137.22 R165.54 R214.86 R321.84



19MM 25MM 32MM 38MM 42MM 50MM 76MM 100MM

R 63.84 R 85.80 R110.10 R131.20 R148.86 R186.30 R270.12

LIP CHANNEL 6MT 75X50X20X2 100X50X20X2 125X50X20X2 150X50X20X2 175X50X20X2 200X50X20X2

R274.50 R307.62 R334.08 R409.56 R441.18 R474.06

R 99.12 R143.22 R177.24 R184.32 R292.14 R396.90 R572.16

2.0MM R 88.98 R109.14 R142.20 R175.32 R208.32 R231.54 R351.72 R517.08

9.1MT R417.83 R461.91 R512.58 R588.58 R661.46 R731.21

DURA SPRINT R3799 Welding Rods 2yr warranty, 2x remotes, 4mt rack 5kg 2.5mm & anti theft bracket battery R115.43

ROOF SHEETING I.B.R 0.4MM CQ R62.62 I.B.R/CORR. 0.5MM R73.48 I.B.R/CORR.0.6MMR100.01 CORR 0.3MM FH R46.44

GALV SHEETS 2450X1225X0.5 2450X1225X0.6 2450X1225X10 2450X1225X2.0 2450X1225X3.0

R225.72 R292.16 R498.90 R848.92 R1701.15

A grade prices include vat subject to availability E&OE



Safe to drink

JJC Kruger & Vennote Springs Parkland Kliniek Spesialiste Spreekkamer 011 812 4172


Drie Riviere - Vereeniging Umgenistraat 54, H/v Bashee Straat Drie Riviere, Vereeniging (By River Square kruising 016 423 3553


Ekurhuleni customers may have experienced an odour in water - this is due to the presence of geosmin that mostly occurs in the hot summer season. There is no need to be alarmed, the water is safe to drink. Geosmin is a naturally occurring compound produced by bacteria in soil and algae found in surface water. The intensity of these odours is related to the increased densities of blue-green algae that normally occurs on the water surface of the Vaal Dam during summer. Rand Water has put in place an extensive water quality-monitoring programme. Should there be an indication of an increase in frequency and duration of geosmin occurrences, precautionary measures will be taken to remedy the problem in due course. Geosmin is harmless, however those with a very sensitive receptor for the flavour of geosmin can offset the taste by: Using a carbon filter. While the filter may not eliminate the taste entirely, using one can improve the flavour and make water more palatable. Investing in a reverse-osmosis watertreatment system. This is the most effective system for removing all geosmin from the water. Cooling your water in the fridge. The colder water will make your taste buds less receptive to the flavour of geosmin (this is a temporary solution). Customers are advised to visit for information on the water quality in their area.

30 JANUARY 2018

Valetynsdans Die Witwatersrand Tak is deel van die Boeremusiekgilde wat ‘n nie-winsgewende maatskappy is. Die Witwatersrand Tak bedien die hele Oos en Wes Rand, Sentraal Johannesburg, Heidelberg, Balfour, Villiers en aangrensende gebiede. Dit is dus noodsaaklik dat die lede en belangstellendes van boeremusiek in hierdie areas ingelig word van tyd tot tyd. WITWATERSRAND TAK van die BOEREMUSIEKGILDE bied aan: Ons nooi die publiek uit om ons Valetynsdans by te woon.

Ons as gilde vier hierdie dag van liefde op Saterdag, 17 Februarie 2018 vanaf 18:00 tot 23:45 te Hoërskool Birchleigh, H/v Maroela en Olienhout, Birchleigh, Kempton Park. RSVP by Ilze 072 610 4913 of Adriaan 082 411 9983. Lesers wat betrokke wil raak of aan wil sluit kan met Adriaan Steyn, Voorsitter Witwatersrandtak, Boeremusiekgilde SA in verbinding tree. Julle is welkom om ‘n epos aan te stuur na of skakel Adriaan by 082 411 9983 of besoek

Do you want to be well…an invite to a healing service As people we want to see the miraculous signs and wonders that we read about in the Bible yet we are not open to calling on Jesus to bring miracles into our lives. On the other hand we experience miracles in different forms each and every day and yet we seem to look past them and do not acknowledge that they are miracles and that they are from God. I was chatting to a few kids the other day and we spoke about the development of a baby in the mother’s tummy from two little cells into a fully developed baby within 9 short months (although the Mom may not feel that it is a “short” time). We all agreed that this was a miracle from God…and yet we nearly never seem to see this “natural” event as a miracle. We f ind seven specific miracles in the Gospel of John. John chose to call the “signs” instead of miracles. In chapter 5 of his Gospel we read about the healing of the invalid man. This is the ONLY place where we f ind Jesus asking the question “Do you want to get well”? As Christians we look at the Bible not only as a message and teaching for the people living in Biblical times but also as a message and teaching for us TODAY. After all, the Bible is a living Word and we learn more about life each time we take some time to study the Word of God. With this in mind we know and experience miracles in our lives today on a regular basis.

Rev Goddess, Nigel Methodist Church With this understanding I would like to make a statement that may be a challenge to some, but in my mind it is Biblical. Jesus still asks you today “DO YOU WANT TO GET WELL”? I have been part of a healing service since 2007 (all glory to God and not to me) and we have literally seen hundreds of people healed (blind people see, people with cancer healed, deaf can hear, hole in the heart miraculously healed) by Jesus (NOT by me or my healing team). There will be a teaching by Rev Ray Goddess on healing and a time of healing at the NIGEL METHODIST CHURCH (c/ o Olifant and George Heriot Str) on Sunday 11 February at 09h00. Invite your friends and do not miss this opportunity to receive healing from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

30 JANUARY 2018




Classroom torched

A 30 year old male was arrested for exceeding speed limit after captured driving hid a gold Mazda 6 at 189km/h in a 120km/h zone. Two Gauteng Traffic Officers stopped the driver and made an immediate arrest when they discovered that the driver was drunk. A vehicle search was done and 3 transparent plactics containing dagga in the compartment of the right side of the steering wheel was found. They also found 3 huge bundles Zimbabwean dollars, 9 various brands of cell phones. Suspect was arrested.

An Arson case docket was opened after a classroom was burnt down. Stationary, tables, chairs and other items were destroyed in the fire. It was detected that suspect gain entrance through the hole on the steel palisade fence at the back of the school yard. Sharp instruments were used to cut-off the steel palisade fence. Ratanda Station Commander L/C Paul Selota is appealing to anyone with information to contact 016 343 6000.

Accident Councillors were shocked to see the cruel way community property was destroyed.

Body found A young woman between the aged 28 33 years was found dead in a open field with open wounds on the face head and burnt marks on both arms and thighs. She is estimated at 1.6 m tall, medium build, coffee colour and blond short hair. The deceased is unknown. Police are appealling to anyone with information to contact 016 341 0361/ 0372.

A reckless and negligence driving docket was opened after a white Nissan Bakkie pulling a trailor overturned and 2 passengers substained injuries. The 40 old year driver escaped unharmed. The road construction motor vehicle was travelling along the R23 road from Rensburg suburb towards Shalimar Ridge when the driver lost control of the vehicle and it overturned.

TEL: 016 341 2187/8 HEIDELBERG, 23 Schoeman Str. BALFOUR 93 Mury Str.

017 773 0220


Geen wet en orde! Huisinbrake is aan die orde van die dag en in meerderheid gevalle word daar buit gemaak van elektroniese toerusting en kontant indien beskikbaar. Daagliks vind inbrake in Nigel en Heidelberg plaas, waar sommige rooftogte slegs ‘n selfoon hier of vuurwapen daar of ander elektroniese toestelle is. Baie skryf dit toe aan die hoë werkloosheidsyfers ander beskuldig ouers, ander die regering, so gaan die lys aan. Mense word gemaan om niemand te vertrou nie en nie roekeloos te wees nie, maar ten alle tye waaksaam en paraat. Sekere wette is slegs daar sodat

almal regte kan hê of dit nou reg of verkeerd is. Korrupsie in elke vorm en hoedanigheid seëvier. Tenspyte van die “petty crime” soos dit bekend staan is nog ‘n groter probleem en bekommernis die beskikbaarheid van dagga en dwelmmiddels. Dit is verstommend hoeveel volwassenes by hierdie wetteloosheid betrokke is. Dit is vrylik bekombaar om elke hoek en draai ouers is raadop want dit is ‘n dodelike kettingreaksie met geen einde. Talle mense maak buit uit dwelm transaksies en daar word links en regs onderhandel, koop en verkoop.



30 JANUARY 2018

Disconnection of services Rehoming a pet Residents are advised that the City of Ekurhuleni issues out final notices in line with the City of Ekurhuleni’s Credit Control and Debt Collection policy which is informed by the Local Government Municipal Systems Act. Due to constant complaints concerning the credit control matters, the City of Ekurhuleni wishes to draw residents’ attention to the following facts: Monthly account due date represents the date on which the customer’s account becomes due and payable. The due date shall be as determined by the Council from time to time. Account due date will be reflected on customer account statement. Only payments receipted through the Councils financial system on or before account due date will be deemed to have been duly received. Payments by customers through 3rd party vendors, will be deemed to have been received when receipted through the Councils financial system. As per important notice 7 on the reverse side of your statement, 3rd party system payments must be made no later than 7 days prior to due date. If a consumer fails to pay the full amount due and payable on or before the account due date, the unpaid amount is in arrears and a final demand notice (Pre termination notice) shall be sent. This is to advise the consumer that their account is in arrears and qualifies for disconnection/ restriction. An administrative fee will be levied against the account of a customer in terms of the tariff provisions of the Council, in respect of any action taken in demanding payment from the customer or reminding the customer by means of notice delivered

by mail, by hand or any electronic means available, that account is in arrears. The Council or duly appointed agent may terminate and / or restrict the supply of water, electricity or in the case of pre-paid electricity withhold the selling of electricity in terms of the prescribed disconnection procedures, or discontinue any other service to any premises associated with the customer, whenever a consumer of any service, after the expiry of the Department of Communications and Brand Management Address: 47 Van Buuren Road, Bedfordview, 2007 Tel: 011 999 0098/ 0094/0111/0103/0169/1522 Fax: 011 437 2023 period for payment in terms of the final demand/ final notice referred above, fails to make full payment on the due date or fails to make acceptable arrangements for the repayment of any amount for municipal services, property rates or taxes or other amounts due. The City of Ekurhuleni has further, in addition to the monthly statements posted, also made alternative platforms available whereby any consumer who did not receive their statement on time can obtain a duplicate at This platform was created to help consumers register online and select various options including how to receive monthly statements. “It is therefore important to note that nonreceipt of a statement does not exempt any consumer from paying their accounts. To prevent the misfortune of receiving a pretermination notice or other implemented credit control process, the full monthly account must be paid before due date,” Spokesperson Themba Gadebe said.

C.J.J. STEEL cc.

As much as we’d love to live in a world where all pets, adopted or bought, are loved and cared for until their final days – as should be the intention when deciding to care for a pet – the unfortunate reality is that there are instances where pets need to be rehomed, whether it be out of sheer necessity or sheer inconvenience. The Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa (PFI) urges owners who are considering rehoming to do so in the kindest and most considerate way possible. With so many unwanted animals bursting out of shelters already, rehoming really should be a last resort. Issues such as behavioural problems can often be rectif ied with medical intervention of through behaviour modif ication in consultation with an accredited animal behaviourist. The cost of expensive medical attention may be reduced through the use of rescue medical facilities. Allergies can often be managed with medication or careful cleaning and restriction of pet’s access within the home. Please consider and investigate thoroughly any and all possible solutions before making the difficult decision to rehome. When rehoming truly is the only solution, the below tips may make the transition as kind as possible: Start by contacting the person or organization where you adopted or bought the pet from. Often, they may prefer to get involved in rehoming to ensure the correct checks are done. Connect with family and friends in case they are willing to take over caring for your pet. Please do home checks to ensure that all of their needs will be met. Networking and time are key but advertising that a pet is “free to a good home” is not advisable

as your pet may end up in an unsavoury situation, especially if you do not do the necessary background investigations. If possible, keep your pet in your home until a new owner can be found to limit the stress of multiple new environments. Do all you can to get your pet up to date with routine care (such as tick and flea control, annual veterinary checkups etc.) to limit the burden on a new owner. Make contact with local vets and rescue groups to find out if they can assist you in rehoming your pet or have the space to take your pet in. Rescue facilities are extremely busy and often have limited or no space, so please do not just show up on their door or worse yet, just drop the pet off unplanned or unannounced. Network with other pet-related professions and persons, such as trainers and pet lovers, as they may know of someone looking to adopt. Be honest about the reasons for rehoming a pet. If it purely a case of no longer wanting the pet, say so. Creating false reasons will reduce the likelihood of finding a new home for your pet or not disclosing issues will increase the likelihood of an unsuccessful match being made. Be clear and truthful about your pet’s personality and individual needs to maximize the chances of finding them the right home. If, for example, your dog does not do well with children, be upfront with the information so that he is not rehomed with young kids. Remember that rehoming a pet will be stressful for you and even more so for the pet. Every precaution and measure that you can take to make the change as stress-free as possible will assist in the transition.

~ STEEL MERCHANTS ~ Cnr: Grootvlei Rd, and Partridge St, Strubenvale Tel: 011 815 4700/1/2 * Fax: 011 8153088 email: -



12x12 .... R75.00 16x16 .... R85.00 20X20 ... R83.00.........R111.00 25X25 ... R100.00 ..... R150.00 32X32 ... R140.00 ..... R200.00 38X38 ... R184.00 ..... R233.00 50X50 ... R238.00 ..... R322.00 76X76 ... R367.00 ..... R441.00 100X100 ................... R609.00



38x20 .... R150.00 ..... R187.00 38x25 .... R162.00 ..... R199.00 50x25 .... R178.00 ..... R226.00 50x38 .... R228.00 ..... R262.00 76x38 .... R278.00 ..... R336.00 76x50 .... R300.00 ..... R367.00 100X50 ..................... R467.00

Terms & Conditions apply



Stockists of Steel Sections, Rail, Piping Plante and Tubing




20MM .... R72.00..........R100.00 25MM .... R91.00 ....... R117.00 32MM .... R125.00 ..... R189.00 38MM .... R140.00 ..... R217.00 50MM .... R200.00 ..... R256.00 76MM .... R290.00 ..... R378.00

EQ ANGLE 6M 25x25x3 .................... R116.00 25x25x5...................... R176.00 30x30x3 .................... R135.00 30x30x5 .................... R230.00 40x40x3 .................... R176.00 40x40x5 .................... R275.00 25x25x2 .................... R 80.00 30x30x2 .................... R109.00 40x40x2 .................... R127.00

Fibre Glass Sheeting R82.00 p/m

12X3 ........ 16x3 ......... 20x3 ......... 20x5 ......... 25x3 ......... 25x5 ......... 30x3 ......... 30x5 ......... 40x3 ......... 40x5 ......... 50x3 ......... 50x5 .........

R 36.00 R 40.00 R 48.00 R 61.00 R 58.00 R 74.00 R 70.00 R 91.00 R 93.00 R122.00 R123.00 R152.00

SQ BAR 6M 10MM ....... R68.00 12MM ....... R89.00


RT6 ......... R 78.00 RT13 ....... R 93.00 LIP/CHANNEL LIP/PURL RX7 ......... R 110.00 6M 9M 6M 9M F7 ............ R 90.00 75x50x20x2.....R299.00...R456.00 75x50x20x2.....R278.00...R459.00 F4B .......... R 225.00 100x50x20x2...R336.00...R512.00 100x75x20x2...R350.00...R575.00 ROUND BAR 6M IBR/COR SHEETING 0.5 125x50x20x2...R378.00...R576.00 6MM .......... R22.00 R74.00p/m Cut to size 150x50x20x2...R415.00...R632.00 8MM .......... R36.00 REINFORCING BAR/Y-BAR WE WILL MATCH OR BEAT ANY VALID 10MM ........ R48.00 10MM ............R 56.00 QUOTATION 12MM ............R 79.00 12MM ........ R69.00

NEW YEAR SPECIALS PALISADE PANELS 3mx600mm...R 428.00 3mx1.0m.......R 491.00 3mx1.5m.......R 682.00 3mx1.8m.......R 787.00 3mx2.0m.......R 829.00

LOOSE PALES 600mm....R 13.50 1.0m........R 20.00 1.5m........R 32.00 1.8m........R 39.00 2.0m........R 43.00

H/R SHEETS & PLATES 2450x1225x1.6........R600.00 2450x1225x2.0 .......R717.00 2450x1225x2.5........R867.00 2450x1225x3.0......R1040.00 2450x1225x4.0......R1480.00 2500x1200x5.0......R1836.00 2500x1200x6.0......R2224.00


TEL: 011 819 1575 / 082 690 7591

30 JANUARY 2018



Stealing R200 million from the poor The Hawks decided to finally take action against those responsible for stealing approximately R200 million from poor black farmers in Vrede, Free State. Reports last Friday confirm that the Hawks have begun a “search and seizure operation” relating to the Estina Dairy Farm project in Vrede – beginning with the off ice of Free State Premier, Ace Magashule. This is in order to find documents and information which would prove that Ace Magashule was involved in the siphoning of money away from the Vrede Dairy Farm project and into the pockets of ANC linked cadres, most notably the Guptas. The question is – why haven’t the perpetrators been arrested? Comprehensive evidence proving wrongdoing already exists, and has been in the Hawks possession for over 6 months. Moreover, this evidence is enough to arrest the Guptas, Ace Magashule, Mosebenzi Zwane and other ANC-connected individuals. In August last year Mmusi Maimane, DA leader went to the Hawks Head Office in Tshwane to hand over a legal indictment containing over 200 pages of concrete prima facie evidence outlining in detail how this money was stolen from the

poor black farmers, and provides sufficient evidence to support the criminal charges laid by the DA in this regard. DA Shadow Minister of Finance, David Maynier MP, laid criminal charges against several members of the Gupta family, their associates, and Minister Zwane. These charges include money laundering, racketeering, assisting another to benefit from the proceeds of unlawful activities, and acquiring, possessing or using the proceeds of unlawful activities in terms of the Prevention of Organized Crime Act 121 of 1998. The DA now call on the Hawks to immediately seek warrants of arrest against the Guptas, Ace Magashule, Mosebenzi Zwane and all other implicated in this scandal. It should make all angry that instead of empowering those who are left out of the economy, the ANC government used black South Africans as a front for a calculated scheme of grand corruption and money laundering to benefit the Guptas and their friends in the ANC. Between the Guptas and the ANC government, economic opportunity was stolen from black South Africans. The Vrede Dairy Farm project is a textbook case study of money laundering, collusion and corruption.

011 814 2103 11 Tulbach Str. NIGEL




99 p/kg























2.5kg Pre-Cooked MEAT WORLD Marinated Grillworld Spareribs KASSLERDELUX



99 p/pkt




99 p/kg




9499 R12999 p/kg







2008 VENTER BUSH BABY FOR SALE. Ideal for the coming festive holidays. For people who love outdoors. Space for kitchenware, clothes, fridge, toiletware, f ishing equipment etc. Double bed upstairs as well as space for a single bed in bedside cabin. Contact 082 4533 794.

Voëls, voëlsaad, hokke, visse, viskos, akwariums. krieke, Hondekos, Avi-Plus. Bearded dragons, hamsters, spinne-koppe, meelwurms, hondehokke, honde jassies en bedjies. Honde, katte en hasies. Oop weeksdae 9:00 - 18:30, naweke en vakansiedae 09:00 - 16:00. Tel: 083 456 6601. 011 814 4514. SHOP 7, FERRYVALE SHOPPING CENTRE. NIGEL COMPUTERS / REKENAARS Matrix Warehouse Nigel. For all your computer requirements. 011 814 2156. BRIDAL / BRUIDE Wedding World Springs 011 811 5776/083 280 4584. Skitter in die rok van jou drome! Bring idee of prentjie vir asem-rowende skeppings deur Elize – ontvanger van internasionale ontwerper toekenning (Parys, Frankryk) vir kreatiewe styl. Koop, huur of kies uit ons groot verskeidenheid elegante trou & aandrokke. manspakke, hemde, dasse en onder-baadjies te huur. Bespreek jou plek vir jou matriekafskeid rok nou! Betaal af tot funksie datum. Redelike pryse. Professionele vriendelike diens. H/v 3de straat & 3de laan Geduld, Springs.


BUILDERS/BOUWERK NIGEL PAVING - No job too big or too small!! 38 Years of experience in professional paving. All workmanship gauranteed. Free quote call CALLIE VOLSCHENK @ 082 560 0175 or 011 814 1058. Email


PLAAS UITKYK OF ELDERS: Troues, onthale, jaareindfunksies - ANLU Spyseniering. Markiestent, tafels, stoele, breekware en linne te huur. Kontak Annatjie 011 819 1679 of 083 469 7099.

Alle bouwerk en aanbouings. Bou van Nuwe Huise en Woonstelle (Granny Flats). Seel & verf van dakke Skakel Gerald 083 384 9599

REFRIGERATION / AIRCONS NIGEL - FRENCH Refrigeration & Airconditioning. Installation, repair and services. Contact 082 701 1946. or visit us at 143 Von Geusau Street, NIGEL.

Koos van Staden is opsoek na enige “scrap” om te verkoop. Beskikbaar om tuinwerk te doen. Bied dienste aan vir skoonmaak van motorhuise. Enige tyd beskikbaar. Skakel Annatjie 072 254 2945. TO RENT / TE HUUR

30 JANUARY 2018

D.F. AIRCON Mobile Automotive Aircon & Repairs.

Aircon Repairs to Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Mining equipment, Combines “Stroopers”.

Daniel 082 348 4499/ 079 876 9896. All work guaranteed



ODD JOBS: Huis verbeterings, Herstel werk in en om die huis. Generator Verkoop, herstel dienste. Skakel: 083 710 6661.

LAUNDRY MATE Bring all your blankets, duvets, comforters, linen, curtains, clothing, etc. to us for a professional wash. We will take care of your laundry as if it is our own. Laundry can be fetched and delivered at a small fee within Nigel and Heidelberg Town areas. Contact us on 011 814 3597 / 072 511 4366



For 3D Designer Kitchens or kitchen revamps, BIC, Bathr, Vanities, No compromise on Quality and Service. Free Quotations. Phone Andre at 082 738 1441

MOBILE PAWNSHOP Open 7 days a week. We buy, pawn, sell. Furniture/tools/ Gold Jewellery/TVs / Fridges / Washing machines. We come to you.Otto 073 937 9710 or Vanessa 074 235 7006. SHOP 011 739 4570

ANCIENT DAYS H/V HOSPITAAL & HF VERWOERDSTRAAT HEIDELBERG Skakel ons by 016 349 2175 of Wena 082 785 9108

011-814-1266. 072-061-3409/076-0834449 STEVEN/LINDA. 48A Hendrik Verwoerd str. Nigel. DO YOU NEED CASH!!! We will come to you to pand or buy almost anything. Heidelberg, Nigel & Dunnottar.

tt 77 Porter Rd. DUNNOTTAR

Heidelberg AA Meetings Mondays & Thursdays from 19:0020:00 at the Heidelberg Methodist Church, 29 Strydom Street. Heidelberg. If you think you have a DRINKING or DRUG problem. Please come listen to the testmonies of sober recovered alcoholics and drug addicts. For any anonymous donations contact Marius. Contact Person: Marius 083 566 4569 or email VACANCIES


Mntimande Carpet Cleaning. We specialize in carpet cleaning, couches, chairs and extraction of water. our offices are in Jameson Park. Email us on or contact Olaf Berg 082 874 4851/ Amos 082 353 2449.


IT Technician



Mntimande BnB in Jamesonpark. For Hosting Valentine’s Day (February 2018) Hosting parties for children. Church group for worshipping & fasting. Year end functions. Contact Hlobisile 079 994 9225 or Donsi 082 353 2449 or email:

ABBC WENDY’S LIONEL 078 2999 193. We do high quality of Wendy Houses with affordable prices. We offer 3 different types of wood and log cabin. All wood are treated with wax oil to prevent damages such as termites and water proofing. Prices on Pallet Wood 2mx2m R4 000. 3mx3m R5 200. 3mx4m R5 700. We move Wendy’s form point A to B. Call today.

The following are prerequisites: · · · · · · · · ·

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30 JANUARY 2018

Guptas are a flight risk The Democratic Alliance calls on Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa to take action today to ensure that borders and airports are put on alert in order to stop the Gupta family from trying to flee the country ahead of their reported imminent arrests. We should not allow them to leave South Africa, and certainly not with the assistance of government, like Omar alBashir was allowed to do. Following reports that warrants of arrest are being prepared for at least one Gupta brother as well as a high-ranking politician, our borders should be urgently secured to prevent the Guptas from slipping through the net. It is unlikely that the Gupta family will sit and wait for their arrest. There is a strong possibility that they will attempt to flee the country, if they have not done so already. Therefore, Ramaphosa should conf irm with Home Affairs Minister, Ayanda Dlodlo, whether the Guptas are still in the country and if so, must put all borders and airports on high alert as they are a flight risk. Ramaphosa must ascertain from Minister Dlodlo the following without delay:· Determine the whereabouts of the persons for whom the warrants of arrest have been reportedly been issued; Ensure that all exit points from South Africa are supplied with copies of the relevant arrest warrants; Ensure that all exit points from South Africa are placed on high alert and instructed to execute arrest warrants on sight. It is no secret that President Zuma is deeply compromised and implicated in this matter through his well-known relationship with the Guptas – and their joint State Capture efforts. When the President is compromised and unable to act in an impartial manner, the Deputy President as second in command, ought to take action in the best interests of the country. This was highlighted by the Western Cape High Court last year, when the court ordered that the Deputy President must appoint the new National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) as the President was compromised. The court said, on the facts at hand, it was “incongruous that, under those circumstances, President Zuma should be seen to be appointing an NDPP, since his conflict, both actual and perceived, is selfevident” and that “as long as the incumbent president is in office, the deputy president is responsible for decisions relating to the appointment, suspension or removal of the NDPP”. The Deputy President has been extremely vocal in condemning State Capture and corruption. Therefore, as Deputy President of the country – and second in charge – Ramaphosa must act without delay. The Guptas, along with President Zuma, must have their day in court for their role in the capture of the state. We call on South Africans who have information in this regard to come forward and alert the authorities on the whereabouts of the Guptas.


Lesufi must be relieved of his office as MEC The political agenda spearheaded by the Gauteng MEC for Education, Panyaza Lesufi, has plunged Gauteng into chaos, disorder, violence and racism. For some time now, the FF Plus has warned the Gauteng Legislature that Lesufi is not doing his job, but that his agenda is to get into the Cabinet, to deny Afrikaans speakers their Constitutional right to receive education in their mother tongue, to continually pick on Afrikaners and to refrain from building new schools and appointing enough teachers to educate the youth of South Africa. Lesufi, who is full of bravado in front of the cameras, is now targeting all singlemedium schools in the province as part of furthering his agenda. The FF Plus believes that Lesuf i’s behaviour is racist and that he is possibly spearheading an EFF agenda. The EFF loudly applauds every speech that Lesufi makes in the Gauteng Legislature and the FF Plus cannot help but wonder with which party Lesufi’s loyalty lies. The FF Plus is calling on the Gauteng Premier, David Makhura, to take immediate action against Lesufi’s laxity by relieving him of his office as MEC and by holding him accountable for all the violent outbursts at schools in the province. Philip van Staden, MPL

Hester Ludik ontvang haar 20 jaar diensknopie vanaf Anja Jordaan.

Mmusi Maimane Leader of the Democratic Alliance Foto regs: Dames by die speldboekies in die voorgrond wat tydens 11 Januarie se werkswinkel gemaak is. Voor links Betty van der Merwe en Hannatjie Venter. Middel Stien van Zyl, Babsie Knoesen, Elma du Plessis, Heilie van den Berg en Hannatjie du Plessis. Agter Bets Grobler, Thea Jordaan en Anja Jordaan.


Nuwe leerkragte vir Vossies

Hoërskool John Vorster spog met nuwe leerkragte. Me E Kleynhans gaan vir die graad 8 leerlinge EBW en vir die graad 10 & 11 leerlinge Besigheidsstudie aanbied. Mnr S Redgard, graad 8 Afrikaans. Me M Meyburgh, graad 8 Engels. Agter van links Me B Barkhuizen graad 9 Afrikaans, Me E van Niekerk graad 9 SW en Me A Potgieter graad 9 Wiskunde en Wiskunde Geletterdheid vir graad 10 en 11 leerlinge.

2018 is hier! Rensburg VLU het die jaar begin met hul eerste werkswinkel deur geskenkies te maak vir die konferensie van 2018. Die groot geleentheid vind 9 en 10 Maart in Drieriviere plaas. Hulle eerste vergadering het op 23 Januarie ‘n aanvang geneem. David van As van die GPF Rensburg het die dames toegespreek oor veiligheid en vertel dat alarms en sekuriteitstoestelle duursaam is en gevra lede van die publiek moet die ore en oë van die GPF wees. Anja Jordaan oorhandig Hester Ludik se 20 jaar diensknopie. Volgende vergadering vind 20 Februarie plaas.

Thea Jordaan bedank David van As.

267 SKAKEL 083 6198 267 6198




30 JANUARY 2018

Women’s cycling In a major boost for women’s cycling in South Africa, Demacon announced that they would be racing on HEAD bicycles in the 2018 season. Demacon captain Lynette Burger said HEAD would supply premium brand bicycles for their road racing commitments. “It’s ideal for us to be linked to them because no women’s team in South Africa have had a full equipment sponsor in terms of bikes,” said the former Continental and Cape Town Cycle Tour champion. “Obviously there are other teams out there who want to do the same, but with Heidi Dalton, Kim le Court, Carla Oberholzer and myself we have a quality outfit. “We are all good sprinters and have strong climbers and time-trialists, so we aim to go out there and win every race we can. “Heidi is the national road champion, Carla was brilliant last year and Kim is riding for Mauritius in the Commonwealth Games. So we all have something to prove.” Oberholzer, who won f ive major races including the Amashova Durban Classic and Jock Tour last year, was also a

011 739 2074 011 739 2083

Vehicle Parts & Accessories 25 Beverley Road. NIGEL Shop 4 & 5, Ferryvale Shopping Centre. The Demacon Women’s Cycling Team contender for the team to the Commonwealth Games in Australia, she added. With the Fast One in Meyerton where Oberholzer is the defending champion earmarked as their first race, Burger said they were in full training mode. They are also focusing strongly on the national champs in Oudtshoorn in early February and the Cape Town Cycle tour in March.

Inligting gesoek! Hoeveel plaaslike sportorganisasies is nog aktief in ons omgewing? Het talle sportklubs uitgesterf as gevolg van gebrek aan belangstelling? Hoeveel van die talle sportorganisasies bestaan nog en het wel lede? Is die gemeenskap meer gejaagd dat daar nie meer tyd is om spontaan vir die plesier aan een of ander sportklub te behoort nie? Indien dit nie so is nie stuur jou klub se besonderhede asook oefentye aan sodat die gemeenskap weet waar hul betrokke kan raak. Rekord lesers is nuuskierig om te weet waar hul 2018 kan aansluit om die jaar op ‘n fikse gesonde wyse af te skop. As jy ‘n nie-winsgewende sportorgani-

Is lesers ingelig en bewus van elke sport aktiwiteit in hul omgewing?

sasie is nie stuur klubnaam, adres, oefentye, ledegeld asook kontak nommer na Alle ander sportinstansies is welkom om hul dienste te adverteer skakel ons kantoor vir tariewe asook datums. Stuur jul sportprestasies met die nodige foto en onderskrif aan ons vir gratis publikasie. Vertel ons jou storie ons wil graag daarvan hoor!

Sportorganisasies word aangemoedig om hul kontak besonderhede asook oefentye deur te gee vir publikasie

12 Bank Rd. Kinross 082 080 6558

Rekord Readers are always interested in acknowledging sport achievements. Tell us your story! 011 814 8614

Rekord - Nigel & Heidelberg  

30 January 2018

Rekord - Nigel & Heidelberg  

30 January 2018