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Sugar The proposed tax on sugary drinks is likely to be introduced in April 2018, Treasury deputy director general Ismail Momoniat announced in parliament. However, there is still disagreement on the exact level of tax, with businesses wanting a revised tax every three years, while Treasury wants to implement its current proposal of approximately 10% on a soft drink can, and increase this over time, reports BusinessDay. The tax was first propositioned in former finance minister Pravin Gordhan’s 2016 budget speech, with government proposing that these drinks be taxed at a rate of 2.29 cents per gram of sugar, with the idea

that drinks with large amounts of added sugar will be taxed more. Drinks which contain natural sugars – like unsweetened milk and 100% fruit juice – would not be taxed, while sugar-sweetened drinks where the sugar content is not disclosed on the packaging would be taxed at a fixed sugar level of 50 grams per 330 ml. The proposal was later reportedly changed to look at both intrinsic and added sugars when calculating the tax. Treasury had also proposed a new threshold that would make the first 4g of sugar per 100ml beverage exempt from the sugar tax.

Fears of job losses Momoniat said the problems facing the sugar industry pre-existed the introduction of the health promotion levy, with ANC MP Derek Hanekom adding that the levy proposal might act as a welcome catalyst to tackle these problems. However, businesses and unions say that they are still concerned about the effect of the new tax on jobs in the sector. “This has been one of the most extensive public consultations on a bill,” said Cosatu’s Matthew Parks. “We don’t want to collapse government’s health. Not a single Cosatu member does not have a family with diabetes, cancer and

so on. But we are talking of unemployment of 36% to 38%. We are concerned with job losses.”

ELCO STEEL DEALERS TEL: 011 362-1551/2 FAKS: 011 815-3427 Cnr. Ermelo & Dagbreek Rds, Largo, SPRINGS Prices valid while stocks last / incl vat / E&OE INVERTER WELDER 200 Amp R1516.20 F/BAR 6MT


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Welding Rods DURA CONDO ACDC R3799 2yr warranty, 2x remotes, 4mt rack 5kg 2.5mm & anti theft bracket battery R115.43

ROOF SHEETING I.B.R 0.4MM CQ R62.62 I.B.R/CORR. 0.5MM R73.48 I.B.R/CORR.0.6MMR100.01 CORR 0.3MM FH R46.44

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A grade prices include vat subject to availability E&OE




JJC Kruger & Vennote Springs Parkland Kliniek Spesialiste Spreekkamer 011 812 4172


Drie Riviere - Vereeniging Umgenistraat 54, H/v Bashee Straat Drie Riviere, Vereeniging (By River Square kruising 016 423 3553


The City of Ekurhuleni urges residents not to provide gifts to the employees of Waste Management Services, be it monetary or any other form and especially alcohol, as this negatively affects the rendering of the services. In an unfortunate case where employees harass residents for gifts, residents are urged to get employees’ names or/and vehicle registration number. These incidents need to be reported directly to the Divisional Head Waste Management Operations Mr. Shirleigh Strydom on 061 432 5378.

12 DECEMBER 2017

Noodlottige draai! Verskeie verbeterings is in Nigel aangebring onder andere spoedhobbels waar nodig, asook die verf van paaie en herstel van talle padtekens, wat verblydend is. Die eienaar van 71 Ferrybridge Laan, Nigel poog egter tevergeefs vir die afgelope 5 jaar om die munisipaliteit te oortuig om ‘n spoedhobbel by die gevaarlike draai wat vanaf Johan van der Merwe Rylaan in Ferrybridge uitloop te beveilig. Talle ongelukke het die afgelope 5 jaar om hierdie draai plaasgevind, waarvan sommige wel aangemeld was en ander nie, party ernstig en ander minder ernstig. Versekeringsmaatskappye bly opdok en dan is daar wel die gevalle van oortreders wat geen dekking het nie, waarvoor die huiseienaar die volle aanspreeklikheid moet aanvaar.

Volgens die munisipaliteit is hul bereid om die spoedhobbel aan te bring, nadat ‘n petisie saamgestel is, dan selfs is daar nog steeds kostes wat deur die aansoeker vereffen moet word. Tot dusver is daar geen lewens geeis met enige van die vorige ongelukstonele nie, maar nou met die komende Desember feesmaand is hierdie ‘n kommerwekkende situasie. Die vraag is sal die munisipaliteit eers wakker skrik en reageer as daar ‘n noodlottige ongeluk plaasvind en ‘n lewe dalk geeis word. Daar is talle ander spoedhobbels op verskeie gevaar paaie geplaas, wat sal die rede wees dat hierdie draai dit nie regverdig nie.

267 SKAKEL 083 6198 267 6198


Die laaste voorval 2 uur in die oggendure, Vrydag, 8 Desember.

ATM waarskuwing Lesers word gemaan om waaksaam en oplettend te wees tydens hierdie Desember vakansie tydperk. Die SAPD waarsku lede van die publiek die volgende aanpassings te maak wanneer kontant by ‘n ATM teller getrek word. Almal word daarop gewys om nie groot hoeveeelhede kontant op eenslag by die ATM tellers te trek nie.

Dit sal wys wees om altyd iemand saam te neem tydens kontantontrekkings. Maak seker niemand agtervolg jou nadat jy die ATM verlaat het nie, selfs voertuie, ry maar eerder na jou naaste polisie stasie indien jy iets vermoed en verander altyd jou roete of roetine. Maak seker jy het al die noodnommers op ‘n plek waar dit maklik bekombaar is, Moenie hulp van ander aanvaar by enige ATM’s nie.

57 Strydom Street, Heidelberg Tel: (016) 341-2437 Rev. Ray Cell 082 656 3123 “We exist to be like Christ, live like Christ, and share the exciting message of Christ to all people”.



18h00) 16 December 2017 Service times: 08h00 – Traditional Service (Mother’s Room available) 09h30 – Worship Service (Mother’s Room available) 18h00 – Evening Service (all welcome)

12 DECEMBER 2017



How do fireworks affect you animals? Lighting up the night sky with a magnificent display of pyrotechnics is a popular and fun way to usher in a new year, but while it may be enjoyable for us, it is hellish for our four-legged companions. Fireworks, along with thunderstorms and owners who have gone away, are the main causes of lost or stray animals over the holidays. Several hundred animals are picked up by the SPCA over the festive season. The group again urges people to think of pet safety. It appeared as if people show a complete disregard for animals with their New Year’s celebrations. Microchip Owners can do a microchip implanted between the shoulder blades of the animal, and is permanent. Should your pet go missing report this to Nigel or Heidelberg SPCA. There are various ways to prepare your pet for thunderstorms or fireworks: Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise earlier in the day. Try a light jog or brisk walk, play a game of Frisbee or fetch to tire it out. Jogging with cats is not recommended. Keep pets indoors when thunderstorms or fireworks are expected, preferably with human companionship. Close all windows, curtains and doors where possible to block out flashing lights and sounds. Provide toys, treats and other distractions to keep pets occupied. A frozen treat like a chicken stock popsicle

is advised. Try to stay at home with your pet if fireworks or thunderstorms are expected. Make sure your pet is microchipped or appropriately tagged for easy identifi-cation if it gets lost. Speak to your pet’s vet about supplements and medication available for managing anxiety caused by loud noises. Music The best way to keep an anxious or scared pet calm, is to turn on music or the television to muffle the sounds of thunder or fireworks. Nothing too loud – classical music is great. It is most effective when you first play the music well before the thunderstorm or fireworks start, at a time the animal is already peaceful and relaxed. It will begin to associate the music with being calm and content. Then play the music a couple of hours before the storm or fireworks start and continue to play through bedtime. Don’t fuss over or punish your pet if it becomes agitated with the sounds, doing so only makes the behaviour worse. Act as if all is normal and ignore the fearful behaviour, unless it is hazardous to your pet. Provide a secure place, preferably indoors, so your pet can’t escape your property if startled by loud noises. Allow your pet to hide in a “safe place” if it chooses. This might be a blanket-lined cupboard or pet cave. When scared of sounds the location of which they cannot pinpoint, pets often prefer small, enclosed areas. If your pet runs to hide in a corner or under the bed, don’t try to coax it out; let it be where it feels safe. Ensure that you are calm and stress-free so that your pet’s fear doesn’t mirror your fear. Once you ride out the first thunderstorm or fireworks display, you will get better at managing your pet’s fear and anxiety. Like they say we cannot prevent thunderstorms, but we can prevent the noise created by fireworks. Remember, there is always the option of no or low-noise fireworks.

29 Second Ave, NIGEL 011 814 4368/9



12 DECEMBER 2017

011 814 - 3345 143 Von Geusau str. Nigel

Shop 4 Nigel Shopping Centre, Cnr Kerk & First Ave. 011 814 3036


May the holidays refresh your spirit and bring you new inspiration for 2018. Thank you for your support.

082 7011 946 Hot Pot Paints





18 Smith Street, Heidelberg (016) 349-5886 Fax: (016) 349 6945

016 341 3075 Wishing you a bright Festive Season & a star for each day of the New Year.

Warmest thoughts & best wishes for a excited Festive Season. Happy New Year. Thanks for the support!

Thank you for your support. 21 Marshall Str. HEIDELBERG

Geseënde Feesseisoen en Gesonde 2018 aan elkeen. Dankie vir die ondersteuning. Tel: 011 814 1284 Cell: 082 808 5846/Faks: 086 502 8153

Dr Siewert Alkema

Wense vir ‘n Opwindende PR:0359661-000212GP

feesseisoen en suksesvolle 2018. Dankie vir die ondersteuning.

016 341 4121 62 Ueckermann Str, Heidelberg

DR. M.J. OPPERMAN Tandar ts/Dental Surgeon

Voorspoedige 2018!

‘n Genotvolle Feestyd en Opwindende reis vir 2018 word u toegewens!

NIGEL SCRAP METALS TEL: 011 814-4727 / 072 981 9583 20 Joubert Street, Ext 2, Nigel

QUENTIN BAIRD 082 922 0906


44 Schoeman Str.


011 814 4962/072 190 9799

Mag jul oorweldig word met vreugde die feesseisoen. Ons wens u ‘n oormaat van seëninge toe vir 2018. Dankie vir u ondersteuning!

C.J.J. STEEL cc. Cnr: Grootvlei Rd, & Partridge St, Strubenvale

011 815 4700/1/2

Ndou Projects t/a Naude’s Refrigeration & Airconditioning

083 656 3272

016 349 6526 Baie dankie, aan al ons kliënte, vir die volgehoue ondersteuning.

‘n Geseënde Feesseisoen & voorspoedige 2018 aan elkeen.

Geseënde Kerstyd en Puik 2018 aan elkeen! Dankie vir die ondersteuning

12 DECEMBER 2017


Ons is aan die einde van nog ‘n jaar. Aan al ons Rekord Adverteerders en Lesers wil ons graag ‘n Geesvervulde Gesonde en Voorspoedige feesseisoen toewens. Mag 2018 ‘n jaar wees vol van liefde, eengesindheid, saam staan in geloof, dat ons Ons Hemelse Vader ten volle sal vertrou en in Sy wil sal beweeg. Psalm 91.






FESTIVE MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE MAYOR Another protracted year has swiftly passed leaving us overwhelmed with its burdens, challenges achievements and tribulations. 2017 marks the first year of the current administration and naturally teething problems have been present. However, we must appreciate the efforts and dedicated team of the entire city towards the transition. The year has seen a number of major initiatives implemented, which seek to strengthen service delivery and build from the gains and achievements of the previous administration. The City of Ekurhuleni continues to strengthen its identity as a synergised and integrated city, getting rid of the “nine towns” stigma. Through the Siyaqhuba rapid service delivery programme, we have managed to

016 341 2590 ‘n Feestelike & Veilige Feesseisoen word u toegewens. Mag ‘n Geseënde, Gesonde & lewenslustige 2018 u deel wees. Dankie vir die ondersteuning.

harness relations with our communities. It is with humble appreciation that the programme has become synonymous with service delivery. The commitment demonstrated by our departments indicates that Siyaqhuba can only grow from strength to strength. Our joint efforts in all levels of the city will ensure this outcome. I wish to thank each and every one of you for making the City of Ekurhuleni function as effectively as possible. Our external corporate image has improved and we maintain standards of fiscal prudence. As we usher into the festive season, I urge everyone to rest, indulge and more importantly spend time with family. During the year we are all embroiled in the system of governance; at times this requires immense sacrifice which affects the most important institution, the family.

Happy Holidays Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a prosperous 2018.

011 812 4000

12 DECEMBER 2017

12 DECEMBER 2017



New state of emergency laws The presidency is currently in the process of drafting new regulations to deal with a potential state of emergency in the country. According to a copy of the proposed laws seen by Rapport, the regulations – which were first drafted in 2016 – had recently been sent to the SA National Defence Force for urgent input. The regulations specifically deal with the measures that should be followed should the president decide to declare a state of emergency – including the authority to cut communication channels (including a national internet shutdown) as well as the authority to arrest or detain any person to maintain peace and order within the country. Speaking to the Rapport, Jacob van Garderen, national director of Lawyers for Human Rights, said that the proposed regulations were similar to those seen under the 1980s apartheid government –

especially because of the far-reaching powers they would give to security personnel within the country. He said that the reasons for drafting the regulations were also troubling given the context of the Marikana incident as well as past xenophobic attacks in the country. Human Rights Commissioner, André Gaum, said that the regulations would have to be redrafted as they currently infringed on a number of Constitutional rights in their current form. The Constitution currently states that the decision to announce a state of emergency can be overturned by the High Court, and can not last longer than three months. Emergency laws is when a government or other authority declares a state of emergency in an area, it introduces special measures such as increased powers for the police or army, usually because of civil disorder or because of a natural disaster such as an earthquake.

Verdere stygings Gaan jy meer vir brandstof in Desember betaal? Die pryse van brandstof kan na verwagting in Desember skerp styg weens die verdere styging in die ruolieprys en die verswakking in die wisselkoers. Volgens die jongste inligting van die Departement van Energie het die prys van petrol 93 (ULP & LRP) op Woensdag, 6 Desember met 71,9c per liter en die prys van diesel met ‘n 0,005% swaelinhoud met 61,1c per liter verhoog. Vakansiegangers sal hul huiswerk deeglik moet doen vir hierdie Desember se wegbreek, aangesien die brandstofprys ‘n groot inpak op meeste beurse gaan hê. Die AA het verwag dat petrol met 74c per liter sal styg, diesel met 63c per liter en paraffien met tot 75c per liter. Volgens die AA kan die prentjie nog verder vererger voor die einde van die maand. Ons kan nie die tekens ignoreer dat SuidAfrika moontlik voor Desember verdere afgraderings in die gesig staar nie.” Volgens die AA kan kommer oor die regering se f iskale dissipline die rand

verder negatief beïnvloed en kan dit saam met die stygings in internasionale oliepryse verdere brandstofprys verhogings vir die res van 2017 en selfs tot vroeg in 2018 tot gevolg hê. Die prys van petrol het begin November met 4c per liter gestyg, diesel (met ‘n swaelinhoud van 0.05%) met 23c per liter en diesel (met ‘n swaelinhoud van 0.005%) met 27c per liter. In Oktober het 93-oktaan-petrol met 25c per liter gestyg, terwyl die prys van 95oktaan-petrol met 29c per liter gestyg het. Die prys van albei grade diesel het met 42c per liter gestyg. Volgens internasionale bronne het die gemiddelde daaglikse Brent ru-olieprys hierdie maand tot sy hoogste vlak sedert Junie 2015 van $64,27 per vat gestyg. Weens die styging in die ru-olieprys kan die gemiddelde internasionale prys van petrol moontlik met 45,7c per liter styg en die prys van diesel moontlik met 34,3c per liter in die dieselprys. Brandstofprys verhogings is onvoorspelbaar lesers word vermaan om voorsorg te tref en die ergste te verwag.

TEL: 011 819 1575 / 082 690 7591

C.J.J. STEEL cc.


Cnr: Grootvlei Rd, and Partridge St, Strubenvale Tel: 011 815 4700/1/2 * Fax: 011 8153088 email: -

CLOSED DEC 22 - JAN 8, 2018 1.6MM


12x12 .... R75.00 16x16 .... R85.00 20X20 ... R83.00.........R111.00 25X25 ... R100.00 ..... R150.00 32X32 ... R140.00 ..... R200.00 38X38 ... R184.00 ..... R233.00 50X50 ... R238.00 ..... R322.00 76X76 ... R367.00 ..... R441.00 100X100 ................... R609.00



38x20 .... R150.00 ..... R187.00 38x25 .... R162.00 ..... R199.00 50x25 .... R178.00 ..... R226.00 50x38 .... R228.00 ..... R262.00 76x38 .... R278.00 ..... R336.00 76x50 .... R300.00 ..... R367.00 100X50 ..................... R467.00

Terms & Conditions apply




Stockists of Steel Sections, Rail, Piping Plante and Tubing



20MM .... R72.00..........R100.00 25MM .... R91.00 ....... R117.00 32MM .... R125.00 ..... R189.00 38MM .... R140.00 ..... R217.00 50MM .... R200.00 ..... R256.00 76MM .... R290.00 ..... R378.00

EQ ANGLE 6M 25x25x3 .................... R116.00 25x25x5...................... R176.00 30x30x3 .................... R135.00 30x30x5 .................... R230.00 40x40x3 .................... R176.00 40x40x5 .................... R275.00 25x25x2 .................... R 80.00 30x30x2 .................... R109.00 40x40x2 .................... R127.00

Fibre Glass Sheeting R82.00 p/m

12X3 ........ 16x3 ......... 20x3 ......... 20x5 ......... 25x3 ......... 25x5 ......... 30x3 ......... 30x5 ......... 40x3 ......... 40x5 ......... 50x3 ......... 50x5 .........

R 36.00 R 40.00 R 48.00 R 61.00 R 58.00 R 74.00 R 70.00 R 91.00 R 93.00 R122.00 R123.00 R152.00

SQ BAR 6M 10MM ....... R68.00 12MM ....... R89.00


RT6 ......... R 78.00 RT13 ....... R 93.00 LIP/CHANNEL LIP/PURL RX7 ......... R 110.00 6M 9M 6M 9M F7 ............ R 90.00 75x50x20x2.....R299.00...R456.00 75x50x20x2.....R278.00...R459.00 F4B .......... R 225.00 100x50x20x2...R336.00...R512.00 100x75x20x2...R350.00...R575.00 ROUND BAR 6M IBR/COR SHEETING 0.5 125x50x20x2...R378.00...R576.00 6MM .......... R22.00 R74.00p/m Cut to size 150x50x20x2...R415.00...R632.00 8MM .......... R36.00 REINFORCING BAR/Y-BAR WE WILL MATCH OR BEAT ANY VALID 10MM ........ R48.00 10MM ............R 56.00 QUOTATION 12MM ........ R69.00 12MM ............R 79.00

DECEMBER 2017 SPECIALS PALISADE PANELS 3mx600mm...R 428.00 3mx1.0m.......R 491.00 3mx1.5m.......R 682.00 3mx1.8m.......R 787.00 3mx2.0m.......R 829.00

LOOSE PALES 600mm....R 13.50 1.0m........R 20.00 1.5m........R 32.00 1.8m........R 39.00 2.0m........R 43.00

H/R SHEETS & PLATES 2450x1225x1.6........R600.00 2450x1225x2.0 .......R717.00 2450x1225x2.5........R867.00 2450x1225x3.0......R1040.00 2450x1225x4.0......R1480.00 2500x1200x5.0......R1836.00 2500x1200x6.0......R2224.00







2008 VENTER BUSH BABY FOR SALE. Ideal for the coming festive holidays. For people who love outdoors. Space for kitchenware, clothes, fridge, toiletware, f ishing equipment etc. Double bed upstairs as well as space for a single bed in bedside cabin. Contact 082 4533 794.

Voëls, voëlsaad, hokke, visse, viskos, akwariums. krieke, Hondekos, Avi-Plus. Bearded dragons, hamsters, spinne-koppe, meelwurms, hondehokke, honde jassies en bedjies. Honde, katte en hasies. Oop weeksdae 9:00 - 18:30, naweke en vakansiedae 09:00 - 16:00. Tel: 083 456 6601. 011 814 4514. SHOP 7, FERRYVALE SHOPPING CENTRE. NIGEL COMPUTERS / REKENAARS Matrix Warehouse Nigel. For all your computer requirements. 011 814 2156. BRIDAL / BRUIDE Wedding World Springs 011 811 5776/083 280 4584. Skitter in die rok van jou drome! Bring idee of prentjie vir asem-rowende skeppings deur Elize – ontvanger van internasionale ontwerper toekenning (Parys, Frankryk) vir kreatiewe styl. Koop, huur of kies uit ons groot verskeidenheid elegante trou & aandrokke. manspakke, hemde, dasse en onder-baadjies te huur. Bespreek jou plek vir jou matriekafskeid rok nou! Betaal af tot funksie datum. Redelike pryse. Professionele vriendelike diens. H/v 3de straat & 3de laan Geduld, Springs. BUY AND SELL WENDY’S

MOBILE PAWNSHOP Open 7 days a week. We buy, pawn, sell. Furniture/tools/ Gold Jewellery/TVs / Fridges / Washing machines. We come to you.Otto 073 937 9710 or Vanessa 074 235 7006. SHOP 011 739 4570

48A Hendrik Verwoerd str. NIGEL Fridges. Washing Machine. Tumble Dryers. TV. All appliances welcome. Gold Jewellers. Computers. Laptops. Car Radio/Sound Systems. 072 061 3409/076 083 4449. Steven 011 814 1266 Linda

CATERING & VENUES PLAAS UITKYK OF ELDERS: Troues, onthale, jaareindfunksies - ANLU Spyseniering. Markiestent, tafels, stoele, breekware en linne te huur. Kontak Annatjie 011 819 1679 of 083 469 7099.

12 DECEMBER 2017

BUILDERS/BOUWERK NIGEL PAVING - No job too big or too small!! 38 Years of experience in professional paving. All workmanship gauranteed. Free quote call CALLIE VOLSCHENK @ 082 560 0175 or 011 814 1058. Email

BOUWERK Alle bouwerk en aanbouings. Bou van Nuwe Huise en Woonstelle (Granny Flats). Seel & verf van dakke Skakel Gerald 083 384 9599

D.F. AIRCON Mobile Automotive Aircon & Repairs.

Aircon Repairs to Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Mining equipment, Combines “Stroopers”.

Daniel 082 348 4499/ 079 876 9896. All work guaranteed


REFRIGERATION / AIRCONS NIGEL - FRENCH Refrigeration & Airconditioning. Installation, repair and services. Contact 082 701 1946. or visit us at 143 Von Geusau Street, NIGEL.

Koos van Staden is opsoek na enige “scrap” om te verkoop. Beskikbaar om tuinwerk te doen. Bied dienste aan vir skoonmaak van motorhuise. Enige tyd beskikbaar. Skakel Annatjie 072 254 2945. ELECTRICAL / ELEKTRIES J.J.J. ELECTRICAL - JAN 084 952 0997 We specialize in the following: New Electrical Installations. Maintenance. Certificate of Compliance. Gate motor Installations. Garage Door & Motor Installations. Intercom Installations. Generator Change Over Switching.


LAUNDRY MATE Bring all your blankets, duvets, comforters, linen, curtains, clothing, etc. to us for a professional wash. We will take care of your laundry as if it is our own. Laundry can be fetched and delivered at a small fee within Nigel and Heidelberg Town areas. Contact us on 011 814 3597 / 072 511 4366

SMART KITCHENS & HOME IMPROVEMENTS For 3D Designer Kitchens or kitchen revamps, BIC, Bathr, Vanities, No compromise on Quality and Service. Free Quotations. Phone Andre at 082 738 1441

ANCIENT DAYS H/V HOSPITAAL & HF VERWOERDSTRAAT HEIDELBERG New Installations Maintenance Electrical Private Prepaid Meters Contractor Private Meter Readings COC’s Werner 083 417 8157 TO RENT / TE HUUR

RENTAL UNITS available in Springs Secure complex. 24-hour security.

Close to Selcourt towers, Blue Crane Eco Mall 1km, school 1km, N17 Highway & 8km from Springs Central.”

SPRING SPECIAL 2 Bed-, 1 Bathroom – R3 100 p/ month. 1 Bed-, 1 Bathroom - R2 900 p/month. Deposit: 1 months’ rent + R300 key deposit + R 100 once off admin fee.

Amanda 065 943 7962 Office 012 809 2044 TBC’S offer valid until 30 NOV. 2017

Skakel ons by 016 349 2175 of Wena 082 785 9108


DEFY OUTOMATIESE WASMASJIEN IN GOEIE TOESTAND TE KOOP. R1 800 of naaste aanbod. Skakel 073 702 3459.


CARPET CLEANING Mntimande Carpet Cleaning. We specialize in carpet cleaning, couches, chairs and extraction of water. our offices are in Jameson Park. Contact Olaf Berg 082 874 4851/ Amos 082 353 2449. BED & BREAKFAST Mntimande BnB in Jamesonpark. For accommodation bed and breakfast. Hosting parties for children. Camping site for church group. Year functions. TO RENT / TEend HUUR Contact Donsi 082 353 2449 or Olaf Berg 082 874 4851 or email:

Heidelberg AA Meetings Mondays & Thursdays from 19:0020:00 at the Heidelberg Methodist Church, 29 Strydom Street. Heidelberg. If you think you have a DRINKING or DRUG problem. Please come listen to the testmonies of sober recovered alcoholics and drug addicts. For any anonymous donations contact Marius. Contact Person: Marius 083 566 4569 or email

NOTICE FOR SUBMISSION OF PROPSECTING RIGHT APPLICATION Notice is given in terms of section 16(4) of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (Act 28 of 2002) to carry out the following activity. DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY: Proposed coal prospecting right application by B and H Mining Pty Ltd LOCATION: the proposed projects are situated on the following farms in the Magisterial District of Balfour: Rietfontein 504 IR PTN 06, 20 and 23. Landowners, lawful land occupants’ and interested and/or affected parties are given the opportunity to access more information on the proposed activities and to give comment on the process .Please submit your name, contact information, and comments and/or requirements in writing before 24 December 2017 .A Background Document Information (BID) is available on request. CONTACT PERSON: Bruce Maloi, Mob: +27 (0) 83 557 1381 Fax: 0865700006,

12 DECEMBER 2017

NIGEL/HEIDELBERG REKORD - ONLINE EDITION gesinslewe? Meng dit in met konsentrasie? Moet jy opgradeer na nuwe data-pakkette omdat die lugtyd/ data op is voor die maand om is? Is die selfoon die eerste ding 22% volwassenes en 47% tieners antwoord waarna soggens gegryp word, al is die oë nog kwalik oop? hulle fone selfs daar. Soos met enige ander verslawings het die Hoor hulle soms die foon in hul gebruiker meer en meer daarvan nodig, verbeelding terwyl hy eintlik tjoepstil is? anders tree onttrekkingsimptome in. Is jou vingers-op-die-foon in onvanpaste Slimfone is verslawend omdat hulle plekke soos die kerk, fliek of konserte? “psychoactive” is, dit beteken hulle kan Hoe keer ek selfoonverslawing by my ons bui verander en genoeglike gevoelens kind? Nellie Prinsloo, ‘n kliniese sielkundige, sê skep. ouers kan selfoonverslawing by kinders Is jou kind (of jy dalk) verslaaf? Kenners beskou die volgende as tekens keer. Hier is haar raad. Neem jou kind se van selfoonverslawing. Toets jouself behoeftes, ontwikkelingsvlak en persoonlikheid in ag voordat jy vir hom ‘n selfoon sommer ook. Het jy nodig om kort-kort te kyk vir nuwe gee. “Jy ken jou kind, en weet watter kind boodskappe. Verloop daar minder as tien minute tussen elke keer wat daar gekyk moet word? Is die foon altyd byderhand. Kan jy eenvoudig nie die huis verlaat sonder jou foon nie? Voel jy verlore sonder ‘n foon. Meng die foon in met skoolwerk of

Slimfone verslawend Presies hóé verslawend is slimfone? Vir baie het slimfone ‘n kommunikasienaelstring geword. Ongelukkig het slimfone ‘n hoogs verslawende faset. Al ‘n paar tieners dopgehou wat bymekaar sit, maar doof vir mekaar, sit en musiek luister, elkeen met ‘n eie slimfoon in die hand en eie oorfone in die oor? En boonop nog besig om te Facebook of te SMS dat jy net die duime sien beweeg? Slimfoonverslawing is ‘n wêreldwye neiging. Een uit elke drie volwassenes en 60% tieners het erken hulle is erg verslaaf aan hul fone. Meer as die helfte van volwassenes (51%) en 65% van tieners het erken hulle gebruik hul slimfoon terwyl hulle sosialiseer met ander, met byna ‘n kwart van die volwassenes (23%) en ‘n derde van die tieners (34%) wat hul slimfone tydens etes gebruik. Nie eens badkamers is slimfoon-bestand nie, want

It’s a Festive Christmas at Heidelberg Mall It’s all things Festive at Heidelberg Mall this December with a Fun Filled Family Holiday entertainment programme running from the 08 until 21 December 2017. Activities include photos with Father Christmas, Kids play area, Arts & Crafts and a Go Kart track for the adrenalin enthusiasts. Kids also get to enjoy the old time children’s classic films at the Pop up Movie theatre while Mom and Dad continue their Christmas shopping with ease at their favourite stores in the Mall. For our shoppers’ convenience, our friendly Father Christmas helpers are available to magically wrap your gifts. The “Tintanic” Exhibition (a model ship replica of the real Titanic) is still on display at the FNB Court, customers have an opportunity to see artefacts, tapes, great reads and anything Titanic at the “Tintanic” showroom this December. Do not miss out on a chance to see this great work before it sails away from our shores at the end of December. The “Tintanic” construction DVDs will also be available on sale at the showroom, giving customers an opportunity to watch the inspiration behind this remarkable model and how it was built. “A percentage from the Tintanic DVD sales will be donated to a local charity organisation in Heidelberg” said Clinton Janse van Rensburg, Heidelberg Mall General Manager. There is no better place to be these holidays but at Heidelberg Mall.

Offices closed The City of Ekurhuleni wishes to inform its ratepayers of the closure of Council offices between Christmas and New Year. All administrative off ices, libraries, selected rates halls and pay-points will be closed from 13:00 on Friday December 22, 2017 and will re-open on Tuesday, January 02. However, emergency and essential services such as refuse collection, electricity and water services will not be affected by the recess. Residents are advised to utilize the following numbers in cases of emergencies: Life Threatening Emergency Line - 011 458- 0911 or 10177 - 112 from mobile phones. Municipal Services Call Centre - 0860 543 000. The municipality wishes all residents a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

PAGE 11 dalk heeltemal oorboord sal gaan met ‘n slimfoon. Onthou, die finale besluit oor wat jou kind kry, berus by jou. Dis heeltemal onnodig om vir ‘n jong kind ‘n slimfoon te koop. Kry kinders betrokke by ‘n gesprek deur vrae te vra en hul aandag af te trek van hul fone. Kort voor lank mis niemand meer hul selfone nie. Deur selfone in gesinstyd en aan etenstafel te verbied, skep jy vir jou kind sekuriteit, want jy help hom om te leer van balans tussen sy sosiale behoeftes, sy gesin en vriende en die nodigheid van selfdissipline. Nellie voel baie sterk daaroor dat kinders nie alles moet kry wat hulle begeer nie, en se dis noodsaaklik dat ouers sterk leiding neem in die vestiging van kinders se waardes.



12 DECEMBER 2017

011 739 2074 011 739 2083

2018 gly of gedy Vetsug onder kinders het kenners wêreldwyd bekommerd, maar Suid Afrika word as die land beskou waar dit die vinnigste toeneem. Hoeveel ure van die dag spandeer die meeste kinders tyd voor die TV en/of rekenaar, moenie die selfoon uitsluit nie. Doen ouers regtig moeite om hulle kinders te inspireer om te beweeg en aktief te wees. Dan is daar natuurlik die “mediese tydbom” en sommige medici beweer ons kweek ’n “siek generasie, omrede kinders so jonk as twaalf jaar medikasie vir leefstylsiektes soos diabetes en hoë bloeddruk gebruik. Oor die talle redes kan lank en breedvoerig uitgewei word. Kinders speel nie meer nie. Veiligheidsoorwegings veroorsaak dat hulle nie meer vryelik op fietse kan kerjakker en skool toe stap nie. Selfone, TV en rekenaars is hul gunstelingmaniere van ontspan (die sogenaamde “skermgenerasie”). Oorwerkte ouers misluk boonop om kinders gesonde oefen- en eetgewoontes te leer. En die gebrek aan balans in ons eie lewe spoel oor na ons kinders. Die oplossing is veelvlakkig: Skole, ouers en die regering moet hande vat. Ouers se rol Jong kinders tot en met graad 9 moet minstens ’n uur per dag speel en hardloop. ’n Liefde moet by hulle gekweek word vir skop, rol, en vang. Sportwetenskaplikes vertel dat f isieke ontwikkeling ’n regstreekse invloed op hoe kinders op skool vorder het. Dis noodsaaklik vir dinge soos liggaams-

koördinasie, hand- oog- en voet-oogkoördinasie, ritme, tydsberekening, motoriese vaardighede, balans en spiertonus. Jou kind kan rekenaarspeletjies speel én oefen. Maar soos met alles in die lewe, is balans belangrik en daarvoor moet die ouer sorg. Kinders funksioneer die beste binne reëls en daar moet grense gestel word. Skole se rol Die hoof se ingesteldheid bepaal hoeveel aandag L.O. kry. Boonop is daar ’n behoefte aan goed opgeleide onderwysers in kinder kinetika. En by minder bevoorregte skole ook aan geriewe. Soms maak skole ‘n groot ophef van kinders met sporttalent want húlle kry positiewe erkenning. Die outjie wat nie in sport uitblink nie, voel later hy is net goed genoeg om voor die TV te sit. Maar sport is nié net vir eerstespan-spelers nie.” Volgens kenners moet die positiewe uitwerking van sport op jou liggaam meer beklemtoon word en word daar nie genoeg klem gelê op sport en oefening vir goeie gesondheid, genot en sosiale interaksie nie. Kinders wat nie in sport presteer nie, wat die meerderheid is, moet ook betrokke raak by speel en oefen. Snoepwinkels en kafkos Snoepwinkels by skole is ook ’n groot probleem. Dis noodsaaklik om jou bloedsuikervlakke stabiel te hou, wat ’n kind se konsentrasie verbeter en hiperaktiwiteit kan verminder. BEWEEG SÁÁM MET JOU KINDERS

Jou voorbeeld is belangrik. Staan dus self van die rusbank af op en moedig jou kinders aan om saam met jou te beweeg.

Vehicle Parts & Accessories 25 Beverley Road. NIGEL Shop 4 & 5, Ferryvale Shopping Centre.

CLOSED 25 & 26 DECEMBER 2017

TEL: 016 341 2187/8 HEIDELBERG, 23 Schoeman Str. BALFOUR 93 Mury Str.

CLOSED DEC 20 - JAN 3, 2018

017 773 0220

Rekord - Nigel & Heidelberg  
Rekord - Nigel & Heidelberg  

12 December 2017