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6 December 2016 VOL 12 NO 23


Government in the hot seat Gauteng Health Workers paid late again Thousands of Community Health Workers in Gauteng were informed that they won’t be paid end of November but only by 6 December. This late payment is outrageous as CHWs only earn R2500 and have bills to pay like everyone else. They are expected to play a key role in preventing and treating HIV/Aids but weren’t paid timeously. This is what one CHW said in a WhatsApp message “they really don’t care, people are

going to be homeless, no food for our kids no Christmas clothes”. SmartPurse, the controversial company that is being paid R87 million to pay about 7000 CHWs over a three-year period should be fired as they haven’t solved the long-standing problem of late payment to CHWs. It’s one more mishandling by Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu who still resists accountability for the deaths of 37 psychiatric patients sent to unsuitable NGOs.

MEC Lesufi must act against the cash for jobs scandal The DA has once again told Gauteng Education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi to act on cash for jobs scandals. Replying to the Education Annual Report debate at the Legislature, the MEC expressed that he won’t treat SADTU as gogo (monster). The excuse given by MEC Lesufi that he is waiting for the national minister to act isn’t good enough. Promotions and recruitment must be based on merit, not on union membership. SADTU has been influencing decisions to appoint certain individuals not because they are the best for the job, but because they are friends and affiliates to the union. Some teachers were even asked for sex to receive a promotion. There is much evidence to prove this, and the department has failed dismally to protect the interests of excellent teachers

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and learners. There are always disputes lodged regarding the f illing of vacant positions in Gauteng. Not enough is being done to ensure that the best people are appointed as HODs, Deputy Principals, and Principals. One case in point is Oakdale secondary school in Ennerdale where the SGB chairperson refused to take a bribe and reported the matter to both police and the department. The fight against corruption can only be won if there is political will. Whistle blowers are prepared to f ight corruption, but they need support from the government. Appointments of undeserving individuals have a huge impact on the running of schools and the quality of education received by learners.



Newly built home for Duduza family

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In his duty to restore dignity to the young and the elderly, City of Ekurhuleni executive mayor Mzwandile Masina handed over a brand new house to a grandmother in Duduza. On Thursday, December 1, Mayor Masina accompanied by MMC for Human Settlements Cllr Lesiba Mpya handed over keys to Elisabeth Maria Thanyane’s (65) newly built house in Ward 87. In October 2015 a raging storm gutted the house of Thanyane. The house roof was badly damaged and cracks had widened in the walls. Thanyane had to move in with relatives after her ordeal. She shared the house with her brother’s son. A good Samaritan seeing Thanyane’s plight came to her rescue. Maziya Contractors volunteered to build the house from scratch. It had to be razed to the ground to make way for new beginnings. The property was completed a few weeks ago and is now ready for occupation. Mrs Thanyane and her brother’s son will have their dignity restored when they are handed keys to their new home.

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Misleading I am refering to my observations on the article Disastrous results, printed in the REKORD dated 29 November 2016 on page 5. I find it very disconcerting that people in a public position can give out such misleading information to the public. Rohypnol (or as it is commonly called the date rape drug or ruffies) does not render women sterile, it is in no way a contraceptive drug that can cause women to become sterile or unable to conceive. The drug is used as a sleeping medication or prescribed by doctors as a pre anaesthetic drug to help anxious people to relax.

I have confirmed this information with a medical Doctor, forensic criminologist and myself as a registered nurse. This information is easily available on the internet also. It is so unfortunate that someone did not do their back ground research and untrue misinformation is being written, this poor woman has enough to cope with without the added worry of becoming sterile, this is totally untrue. Note from Editor: This release was received from the SAPS. Maureen Fourie Registered Nurse.

Do you know HIM? From the desk of Rev Ray Goddess As we draw closer to Christmas most people are excited with all that is happening. Some are going on holiday, some are looking forward to a few days off, some are anticipating the joy of opening and giving of gifts, some are looking forward to a family or friend gathering over a Christmas meal and then there are some who are anticipating the celebration of Jesus’ birth. But wherever you fit in I am pretty sure that most if not all know that Christmas is a time when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. But here is the question I have for all of us. We can know OF Jesus but how many of us have taken the time to get to KNOW Jesus. It is easy to say that “Jesus is the reason for this season”. It is also easy to say that we celebrate Jesus’ birthday at Christmas and it is also easy to say that “I am a Christian” and yet not actually knowing Jesus. The truth is that there is a big difference between knowing of Jesus and knowing Jesus. To experience the JOY, HAPPINESS and PEACE that is only afforded by Jesus to His followers we need to understand that just knowing of Jesus is not enough. We need to take time to get to know Jesus as our personal Saviour. We need to get to know Jesus as our friend, mentor, protector, provider, guide….Jesus should and needs to be everything in our lives. Then, and only then will we experience His presence in a special way. Then and only then will we experience the joy, happiness and

Rev Goddess, Heidelberg Methodist Church peace that so many Christians talk about and share. I am sure there are many people reading this article who wish to have a life changing experience like they have seen others experience in their Christian journey. Well the good news is that this life is promised and available to ALL people who give their life to and believe in Jesus as Saviour. So what is your wish for Christmas this year? Why not give yourself the biggest present that you can ever get – JESUS. It costs nothing – because Jesus has paid the price on the cross. Take some time this Christmas to get to know who Jesus is. Change your life forever by getting to know WHO Jesus is and not just knowing of Jesus. Jesus is the reason for this season……

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CHRISTMAS CAROLS with CROSSROAD CHRISTIAN BAND @ 4 Seasons Nursery (17h30 for 18h00) 16 December 2016 Service times: 08h00 – Traditional Service (Mother’s Room available) 09h30 – Worship Service (Mother’s Room available) 18h00 – Evening Service (all welcome) H2321




Debates on roads & transport Dire states of our roads and safety hazards unattended. Escalating claims and litigation regarding Gauteng’s transport need against the Department now exceed R1.2 billion. The Gautrain expansion Feasibility Study, couched in secrecy, seems to have been funded by good fairies. The Auditor General’s staff pointed out that the existing extremely poor contract favours the concessionaire over Gautrain Management Agency, such that the patronage guarantee will never be eliminated. G-Fleet, which once had a budget of almost a billion Rand, has shrunk to R700 million under poor management. It could, with the right management, be a shining example of a successful state entity. Despite valuable input from the Portfolio Committee, SCOPA, and Treasury, the entity is incapable of collecting its income from other government organizations. “Transport plans must be visible on the

ground” According to MPL Justus de Goede the Integrated Transport Master Plan 2025 should see the light of day in two years’ time, 3 years after formulation and 8 years from the deadline. Inactivity on the part of off icials has left the plan unimplemented. The relevant municipalities have responsibility for the day-to-day running of the Centers, but Province has a supervisory and regulatory role. He has called on the Department to assist citizens by at least giving attention to small but important issues, like repainting road markings and basic traffic safety measures; seeing these improvements would do much to mend fences with the public.

Travel tips It will take some time before our roads are up to standard, and a lot of hair pulling moments. It’s very frustrating since tax payer’s money isn’t spent wisely to improve the roads we, the mortals, travel daily. But until then, during this festive season we urge you to drive with great caution. Here a few tips: see that everyone is buckled up, don’t drink & drive and keep your distance; don’t overload your vehicle; respect the speed limit; if the vehicle behind you are speeding, switch lanes; don’t get agitated; vehicle must be serviced before hand; get sufficient sleep; stop every 2 hours to stretch legs; handsoff your cell phone while driving; wear sunglasses; have drinking water in your vehicle; drive with your lights on, even during the day.

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Will you continue to remain silent on e-Tolls? Revelations by the South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) that it is owed more than R11 billion in outstanding e-Toll fees is the strongest indication to date that motorists in Gauteng refuse to be taxed for making use of public roads. Two years ago Gauteng Premier, David Makhura, established a review panel to look at the socio-economic impact e-Tolls would have on residents of the province. A welcome move, the report f indings raised numerous issues including the lack of alternative affordable public transport in the province, as well as the slow progress. However, after pressure from the ANC’s national structures, Premier Makhura’s hand was forced to ensure the Provincial Government backed the project with minor adjustments to the fee structure. Two years down the line, Gauteng’s motorists remain resolute in their stance

against e-Tolls. Earlier in the year, the ANC in Gauteng were punished at the polls in the Local Government Elections, and as the Secretary-General of the party, Gwede Mantashe, claimed – e-Tolls were one of the major contributing factors to the downfall of the party in the province. “Premier Makhura must now make the hard choice, either he is with the people of Gauteng– as the active and responsive Premier he claims to be, or he can remain silent and continue to prove that ultimately he takes his orders from Luthuli House with little regard for the plight of the provinces residents” said DA spokesperson. The DA will continue to fight against this unjust taxation of our roads and will continue to support organizations like OUTA who have pledged to defend citizens against SANRAL’s bullying tactics.

GUIDELINES WHAT TO DO IN THE EVENT OF AN ACCICENT Stop your vehicle. Do not move the vehicle in the event that there was death or injury. Information. Obtain the other driver‘s personal detail as well as that of the vehicle. If the vehicle belongs to another person as the driver, record that detail as well. Also give your particulars to the other driver. Admission of guilt. Never admit that you may have caused the accident in any way! Eye witnesses. Obtain the personal details of any witnesses as well as that of any police or traffic official. The accident. Make a note of where the accident happened; street names, suburb or district if not in a suburban area. Date and time. Make a note of exactly when the accident happened. Circumstances. Make a note of weather conditions at the time, visibility and road conditions. Site drawing. Do a plan sketch of the position of the (all) vehicles involved in the accident. Take photos. Reporting. A traffic accident must be reported to the police within 24 hours. Take the gathered information and sketches with you. Place of accident:____________________________________________ Date:_________________Time: ________________________________ DETAIL OF THE OTHER VEHICLE Name of the driver: _____________________________________________ Residential address: ____________________________________________ Postal address: _________________________________________________ Name of owner: ________________________________________________ Contact numbers : Driver: ______________ Owner: ___________________ Make & model of vehicle: ________________________________________ Vehicle registration number: ______________________________________ Witness (1):___________ Address and contact detail: __________________ Witness (2):______________Address and contact detail: _______________ Witness (3):______________Address and contact detail: _______________ Police office: ______________ Case number: ________________________ Reference: Short-Term Insurance – Guidelines for Policyholders Robbie Stutterheim; Compliance Practitioner




Bold Bright & Beautiful If bold, bright and beautiful is what you are after, then December’s companions are right up your alley. Celosia offers up a colour feast of red, orange, yellow, hot pink, rose, mahogany and magenta which are vivid and remain so for about eight weeks while Portulaca, our versatile little companion is available in scarlet, pink, orange and yellow for the bolder gardener. Celosia Celosias are exceptionally hardy little plants and are very wind tolerant so this would be a particularly good choice for gardens exposed to strong winds as well as coastal gardens. Location: Originating on the dry African slopes should give some clues as to the type of home you should look at providing these lovelies. Full sun and well-draining soil is a good start! They are perfect for borders, in beds, to fill gaps in rockeries or even to brighten up those sunny patio pots. Watering: Celosias prefer to grow slightly drier rather than wetter. Try not to plant them with other annuals or plants that require regular watering, especially if you’re using an automated sprinkler system. Not that one generally requires a reason to enforce the benefits of water- wise plants, but celosia is also prone to root fungus, which is just

one more reason to ensure you keep the watering to a minimum. Care: The blooming time that normally lasts about eight weeks, undaunted by our unrelenting sun, can be stretched even longer with deadheading. That being said, they really don’t enjoy the cold, so expecting them to last past the first frosts might be a tad optimistic. Getting them into the ground as early in spring as possible will ensure the longest possible show.

Portulaca Plant up your portulacas in rockeries, hanging baskets, pots, between stepping stones and even as a ground cover if that is what you need. Their eye-catching colours will make any of these areas impossible to miss. There is no need to deadhead portulacas, but giving them a good (few inches) haircut in late summer when they get leggy will afford you another blooming burst in autumn. An added feature, which not many people are aware of is that they attract bees in their droves! Don’t get a fright if your flowers die after the bees have visited though because it’s perfectly natural for them to do so about an hour after pollination.

Pot Choice Angelonia, more affectionately known as summer snap dragons, is our pot choice for December and are perfect for hot summer gardens. The colours are cool in comparison to our other bold choices, offering a range of colours from lilac and purple to pink and even white. Angelonia need little water to establish themselves affording them the honour of carrying the prestigious water wise label. They are care-free continuous bloomers that spread to approximately 30cm at maturity. For more, go to

SA’s Nuclear plan It has become apparent that the nuclear industry is losing its appeal as a source of energy for several leading countries around the world with a global decline in new start-ups. Why is our government hellbent on blindly proceeding with a potentially dangerous (if not detrimental), secret nuclear plan, especially since the country simply cannot afford it? If the Public Protector’s State Capture report is anything to go by, South Africans need to be wary of secret deals that involve government, international suppliers and large sums of money. Reminiscent of the contentious Arms Deal, SA citizens need to take a stand and hold

government accountable for making decisions that may harm their future. According to SAFCEI’s Energy and Climate Change spokesperson, Liz McDaid, “Nothing about this nuclear deal seems to be above board and government stubbornly ignore all evidence that nuclear is the worst option available. The costs of nuclear (financial, human and environmental) are too high. South Africans can’t afford a trillion-rand nuclear deal amid a volatile rand, the ongoing drought, and increasing unemployment, especially with other, safer and more affordable energy available”. What happens in the case of an accident? Will SA have enough money to deal with

the fallout of a nuclear disaster? While supporters of the nuclear claim that it is a safe form of energy, history forces us to acknowledge the vast risks associated with nuclear, risks that South Africa is simply not prepared for. Since nuclear comes at such a high cost, SA’s nuclear planning can’t be done with so much secrecy and suspicious dealings that deliberately excludes the public. The PP’s State Capture report provides a grim insight into the level of corruption in SA, making it even more important that government keeps its dealings above board. SA’s future generations could be in for a rude awakening if we don’t act now.

The Southern African Faith Communities’ Environmental Institute (SAFCEI) and Earthlife Africa Johannesburg (ELA-JHB) have initiated legal proceedings against the government, to ensure that these decisions are made openly and transparently, with full public participation and information (as required by our laws and the Constitution). The court case is scheduled for 13 and 14 December in the Cape High Court.

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Feesseisoen die tyd om te gee!

Hoe gejaagd is die samelewing nie en elkeen besig om sy doelstelling vir elke jaar te bereik. Maar in hierdie gejaagde sameloop is daar steeds diegene wat ‘n passie het vir die minderbevoorregtes in ons gemeenskap. Vanjaar het die Nigel Rotary Ann’s weer met die hulp van die gemeenskap en baie guns en goedheid daarin geslaag om seker te maak dat elke minderbevoorregte kind van Laerskool Tini Vorster en Hannes Visagie deel het aan daardie een geleentheid per jaar, waar almal met afwagting daarna kan uitsien om iets spesiaals te ontvang buiten dinge soos voedsel en klerasie wat mens nodig het. Hierdie geleentheid het Saterdag, 3 Desember vir die 25ste jaar by Laerskool Hannes Visagie se skoolsaal afgespeel. Twee honderd en een kinderharte het geklop van opgewondenheid met die wete vandag kry ek iets spesiaals. Die Rotary Ann’s wil hul dank betuig teenoor elkeen wat in hoe ‘n hoedanigheid ookal, bygedra het tot hierdie 201 geskenke en snoeperye wat met dit gepaard gegaan het. ‘n Spesiale dank aan die Scott kinders, die 87 jarige ouma Lauise en Yvonne van den Heever wat hierdie geskenke so uniek toegedraai het. Van links is Bianca, Georgina, Hendrietta, Iona en Ina van Nigel Rotary Ann’s by die talle geskenke wat uitgedeel moes word.

Kabouterland Kleuterskool geniet kersboom plesier en opgewonde kleuters verlustig hul in die lekkerste lekkernye, springkasteel pret en oopmaak van geskenkpakkies vol verrassings. Hannelie spreek haar dank uit teenoor al die ouers wat hierdie dag spesiaal gemaak het vir die kinders. Hannelie saam met haar trotse kleuterspan.

TEL: 016 341 2187/8

HEIDELBERG, 23 Schoeman Str.




Geysers, toilets, drains, gebarste pype, skrynwerk, teëls ens. Seël van dakke & plaveisels. 082 646 9928

Contractor & Handyman Services Gates, palisades, spanish-bars, safety doors, electrical fencing, roof sealing & painting. Riekus 078 399 4999. PETS / TROETELDIERE

NOAH’S ARK PET SHOP: Voëls, voëlsaad, hokke, visse, viskos, akwariums. Hondekos . Avi-Plus. Bearded dragons, hamsters, krieke, spinnekoppe, meelwurms, hondehokke, honde jassies en bedjies. Honde, katte en hasies. Kaarte welkom. Oop weeksdae 9:00 - 18:00, naweke en vakansiedae 09:00 - 16:00. Tel: 083 456 6601. SHOP 7, FERRYVALE SHOPPING CENTRE. NIGEL COMPUTERS / REKENAARS Matrix Warehouse Nigel. For all your computer requirements. 011 814 2156. BRIDAL / BRUIDE Wedding World Springs 011 811 5776/ 083 280 4584. Skitter in die rok van jou drome! Bring idee of prentjie vir asemrowende skeppings deur Elize – ontvanger van internasionale ontwerper toekenning (Parys, Frankryk) vir kreatiewe styl. Koop, huur of kies uit ons groot verskeidenheid elegante trou & aandrokke. manspakke, hemde, dasse en onder-baadjies te huur. Bespreek jou plek vir jou matriekafskeid rok nou! Betaal af tot funksie datum. Redelike pryse. Professionele vriendelike diens. H/v 3de straat & 3de laan Geduld, Springs.


LAUNDRY MATE Bring all your blankets, duvets, comforters, linen, curtains, clothing, etc. to us for a professional wash. We will take care of your laundry as if it is our own. Laundry can be fetched and delivered at a small fee within Nigel and Heidelberg Town areas. Contact us on 011 814 3597 / 072 511 4366

SMART KITCHENS & HOME IMPROVEMENTS For 3D Designer Kitchens or kitchen revamps, BIC, Bathr, Vanities, Wall to Wall Carpets and Laminated Flooring. No compromise on Quality and Service. Free Quotations. Phone Andre at 016 349 5052 or 082 738 1441

H/V HOSPITAAL & HF VERWOERDSTRAAT HEIDELBERG Skakel ons by 016 349 2175 of Wena 082 785 9108

R&I TYRES & MAGS Bekostigbare BANDE vir jou motor en bakkie. Ons praat Afrikaans en ons diens is ons trots. Kontak Ivan of Darren by 699 Voortrekkerstr, Brakpan, 011-740-0477 of 011-744-3544


N & M Automotive Services 93 Voortrekker Street, Heidelberg (next to Total Garage). TEL: 060 631 1165. Repairs & services on all makes of Tractors, Cars, Bakkies, Trucks. Quality workmanship on all work done.


Goodman Wendys. Wendys from palletwood. 2x2m R3 500 and 3x3 R4 000. We also shift the wendy. Call Goodman: 061 982 8481.

Heidelberg AA Meetings Thursday 7pm Heidelberg Methodist Church, 59 Strydom Street &Friday 6pm Acts Family Church, Extension 23 6027, Nyathi Street If you think you have a DRINKING or DRUG problem. Please come listen to the tes,monies of sober recovered alcoholics and drug addicts. Contact Person: Marius 083 566 4569 (

NIGEL - FRENCH Refrigeration & Airconditioning. Installation, repair and services. Contact 082 7011 946. or visit us at 143 Von Geusau Street, NIGEL. FURNITURE / MEUBELS SuperMeubels, 42 Schoemanstr, Heidelberg, 016-341-4445SMS 071 545 3868, EPOS “ A MASSIVE lot of 2nd hand & old wooden furniture, including NEW Siestabasesets with a 5 year service warranty, prices from R1395 - NEW tyres cash&carry, ALL under one roof.....”


D.F. AIRCON Mobile Automotive Aircon & Repairs.

Aircon Repairs to Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Mining equipment, Combines “Stroopers”.

Daniel 082 348 4499/ 079 876 9896. All work guaranteed




AGN Wendy’s - Wendy’s for sale. We build Wendy,s of any size big and small. We treat for waterproofing, window and door free. 3x3 R5000, 3x4 R6000, 3x6 R7500, 4x4 R7500. Contact James 0781646973.



TRAINEE MANAGERS 25 Trainee managers/reps Co. expanding

R12000 to start + High comm + Incentives and trips + Petrol incentives To start immediately No experience Full company training 1914 Apptmnts set by co MUST HAVE OWN CAR

Call 011 609 2119 or whats app name area and age to 084 780 3136


Small business/office space available to rent in safe complex close to SAP and SARS , in Hendrik Verwoerd Street, Nigel. Contact 082 881 2481. ELECTRICAL SERVICES

Position available for a Domestic worker/ Caregiver from January 2017 – Vereeniging area – Sleep-in. Must be between 22 and 48 years old. Sms name and age to 083 441 4900

Take 5 Electrical. Electrical, commercial and industrial maintenance and repairs. CC TV, gate motors, electric fences, etc. Spesializing in LED’s. 24/7 available. Contact 073 451 0758.

Vakature beskikbaar as Skoonmaakster / Versorger vanaf Januarie 2017 Vereeniging area - inbly moontlikheid. Moet tussen die ouderdom van 22 en 48 jaar wees. Sms jou naam en ouderdom na 083 441 4900.


Walk the Bible - Walk through the Bible kurses, vir n jaar, begin in Nigel vanaf Woensdag 1 Februarie 2017. Aangebied deur Ilse van Dijk van Heidelberg. Alle belangstellendes kan Rita Lubbe kontak 011 814 6628/063 698 1066.


SteakMasters - Good times last forever... 41 Strydom Str, Heidelberg. 016 341 3222. B&B Rooms available @ R550pn. Including light breakfast/ dinner. Rooms available from R3500pm. Fully furnished & services, aircon, Wifi, DSTV. All included in the rate.

Should you know of some-one or anyone not receiving a Rekord Newspaper every second Tuesday please contact 011 814 8614

NEEM KENNIS Indien jy nie die Rekord elke 2de Dinsdag ontvang nie gaan haal hom af by ons kantoor of Spar in jou area OTK, Rensburg 24 & MEATWORLD




Sterre van Nini Dagsorg in die kollig!

Nini Dagsorg het hul jaarlikse eindkonsert gehou en begin deur alle eer aan die Hemelse Vader te betuig vir Sy hand oor hul skooltjie. Kleuters was fraai geklee in hul prettige klere. Die jongspan het hard gewerk en ’n skare van oor die 250 mense het gedreun onder ‘n gejuig, fluite en applous vir die sterre van die aand! Hierdie kleuters het

vol vertroue opgetree en daar is beslis vir hul elkeen ‘n kans in die kollig! Marlene, eienaar vertel dat die kindertjies dopgehou moet word in die toekoms hier gaan nog groot sterre gebou word! Die kleuter konsert was gevolg deur Alwyn Oberholster se sang vermaak. Dankie aan borge soos Ferryvale Apteek,

Topline DVD, Bananaboo, Carla Du Plessis, Annamarie Kruger, Johan Kotzé, Nico Botha, Christo Botha, en spesiaal vir Sunette van Rumours Restaurant, Nigel vir haar raak-vat met die opmaak van die saal, vir al die hulp en raad. Dankie aan Kosie Symington van J.P.S Paneelkloppers vir jul flinke, vinnige

betroubare diens toe ons in die nood was! Dankie aan ons personeellede by Nini se Dagsorg vir al julle harde werk en opofferings deur die jaar, julle word opreg waardeer! Aan almal wat die aand saam met ons spandeer het, dankie uit die diepte van ons harte!

South Africa has a shortage of skilled artisans The shortage of skilled artisans creates a ripple effect of problems for just about every industry. In 2006 Pierrie Palm realized that if this shortage of skilled personnel was not addressed immediately, the consequences would be fatal and established CNC Production & Training Centre situated at 117 Northern Street, Nigel. CNC Production & Training merged with Msele Trading 24 and is a BEE level 2 contributor. A total of twelve permanent staff from surrounding areas are employed. Msele Trading 24 established itself as a brand in the mining, pharma, agricultural & automotive industries by providing only high-quality products and service to their customers. They aim to please with work of high standards and by being innovative. Trainer Tyrone Meyer can adapt the way he presents the course to make it easier for the trainee to understand. Hearing impaired Alexander Potgieter managed to complete the courses presented by CNC Training Centre. He is successfully employed today! Msele Trading 24 recently piloted an apprentice program exclusively for grade 10 to grade 12 pupils and is only presented during school holidays. The one-week course is free of charge. Thereafter it costs R1870-R2800 including vat for the second and third courses, and down payments are offered.

Courses offered are Quality Control, Basic Operator & Programmer, Practical Setter, Advanced Lathe Programming, Basic Milling, and Edge Cam. The trainees are taught to work with manual as well as CNC machines. Every trainee receives a certificate after successful completion. Several trainees were employed by companies closely observing the succes-ses of the center’s students. The production facility operates Mon-Fri from 08:00-

16:00. The training facility operates Mon-Fri 08:00-15:00. Part time courses are presented on Saturdays from 08:00-16:00 for a 3-week period. Msele Trading 24 offers the best prices, and you can contact them per landline on 011 845 7797 or e-mail . Join their Facebook competition to stand a chance to be number 1000 to like their page and be the lucky winner of a complete course.

011 845 7796/7 Alexander Potgieter and Trainer Tyrone Meyer

117 Northern Street, NIGEL * * * * * *

General Engineering CNC Turning CNC Milling Gear Cutting Fabrication CNC Training




SA Rugby in chaos For the general public December represents an opportunity to put the feet up, recharge and relax. December is looking increasingly like a crucially important month in terms of decisions to be taken to shape the future of South African rugby. Crucial decisions over the future of the Springboks, coach Allister Coetzee, competition formats and constitutional changes at SA Rugby are all set to take place over the next couple of weeks. How SA Rugby manages these issues moving forward is surely the biggest test president Mark Alexander and the new leadership have faced so far, and the decisions will be watched closely. Of course, the most pertinent issue in the public’s eye is the future of Coetzee. thought to be the meeting that would decide Coetzee’s future. All readers agree on the poor state of South Africa rugby and does not expect the situation to change soon. Although South African rugby has a plethora of problems most citizens observed the lack of leadership from the game’s administrators. The most important thing is that people should pull in the same direction. At the moment, it is just chaos. Everyone has their own agendas. Lack of discipline

plays a major role in their performance. Supporters believes it’s going to be a while before things improve, but as South Africans we would like to see a huge change for the 2019 World Cup in Japan.

Defeated Springsboks, who feels the same as the audience!

ELCO STEEL DEALERS TEL: 011 362-1551/2 FAKS: 011 815-3427 Cnr. Ermelo & Dagbreek Rds, Largo, SPRINGS Prices valid while stocks last / incl vat / E&OE PURLINES 6MT 9.1MT 75X50X20X2 R307.74 R370.01



20X3 20X5 25X3 25X5 30X3 30X5 40X5 40X3 50X3 50X5

25X25X2 R 68.88 25X25X3 R 92.46 25X25X5 R 149.82 30X30X3 R 110.52 30X30X5 R 184.62 40X40X2 R 106.14 40X40X2.5 R114.54 40X40X3 R 137.76 40X40X5 R 249.00 50X50X4 R 241.86 50X50X5 R 278.28 60X60X6 R 474.48

R 43.86 R 59.04 R 57.30 R 67.74 R 69.06 R 98.22 R129.42 R 92.46 R109.62 R159.12


N/S R62.16 R85.02

R/BAR 6MT 6MM 8MM 10MM 12MM 16MM 20MM

R17.16 R27.96 R45.00 R59.40 R107.04 R204.36


R68.04 R82.20 R86.40 R91.92 R226.08

EXP/METAL 6320C R178.44 6320D R213.18 WHEEL KIT SETS 60MM R109.38 80MM R143.31

SHEETS/PLATES EA 2450X1225X1.6 2450X1225X2 2450X1225X2.5 2450x1225x3 2450x1225x4 2500x1200x5 2500x1200x6

R486.56 R599.07 R701.10 R811.02 R1117.14 R1528.84 R1900.00

PALISADES PALISADE PANELS 600mm High R333.00 900mm High R411.00 1.0mt High R436.00 1.2mt High R488.00 1.5mt High R560.00 1.8mt High R644.00 2.0mt High R699.00 2.4mt High R799.00 LOOSE PALES 600mm R14.69 900mm R19.98 1.0mt R21.75 1.2mt R26.11 1.5mt R32.63 1.8mt R39.15 2.0mt R43.50 2.4mt R52.11

CHANNEL 76X38(6.70kg/mt) R 527.34 100X50(10.73kg/m)R1027.02 152X76 R1725.18 178X54 R1373.28

RECT. TUBE 1.6MM 25X12 38X20 38X25 50X25 50X38 76X25 76X38 76X50 100X50

SQ. TUBE 20X20 25X25 32X32 38X38 50X50 76X76 100X100

PIPE 19MM 25MM 32MM 38MM 42MM 50MM 76MM 100MM

R108.78 R125.22 R145.02 R154.98 R214.98 R239.10 R235.02 R309.96 R379.56

2.0MM R111.24 R159.96 R180.00 R229.02 R280.02 R302.52 R353.04 R378.30 R450.00

1.6MM R2.0MM R80.04 R82.02 R133.98 R154.98 R214.98 R340.02

1.6MM R69.96 R80.04 R125.28 R150.42 R163.02 R199.98 R300.96


R99.78 R136.20 R182.28 R219.00 R290.04 R449.58 R585.00

2.0MM R86.58 R100.02 R175.50 R188.10 R200.70 R250.80 R376.26 R536.28


75X50X20X2 R267.20 R376.77 100X50X20X2 R257.52 R392.50 125X50X20X2 R306.96 R467.86 150X50X20X2 R301.74 R459.91 175X50X20X2 R312.54 R476.37 200X50X20X2 R323.34 R495.88 DURA CONDO ACDC Welding Rods 5kg 2.5mm 2yr warranty, 2x remotes, 4mt rack & battery free R3023.28 R112.75

ROOF SHEETING I.B.R 0.4MM CQ R55.96 I.B.R/CORR. 0.5MM R66.03 I.B.R/CORR. 0.6MM R84.02 CORR 0.3MM FH R34.50

GALV SHEETS 2450X1225X0.5 2450X1225X0.6 2450X1225X10 2450X1225X2.0 2450X1225X3.0

R230.98 R243.20 R426.51 R724.70 R1454.29

A grade prices include vat subject to availability E&OE

Spesialiseer in: Persoonlike-, kommersiële- en boerderyversekering * Professionele en vriendelike diens * Persoonlike aandag * Vinnige en effektiewe eisehantering * Baie billike tariewe

Klippies: 083 282 7577 Wayne: 072 266 6157 Kantoor: 011 814 8297 Kantoor ure: 08:00 - 16:30

Rekord - Nigel & Heidelberg  

06 December 2016

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