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17 JULY 2012

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Major road still in the dark!

This is a shocker! WHAT NEXT !?

dressed. “The safety of motorists should be a top priority”, he said. The lights were on after a cable theft last year, but then a second major theft occurred which has left the whole road in the dark. The prospect of the lights being repaired comes as good news for the hundreds of people who use this road daily. After dark it has become a dangerous route for many motorists. The lack of lighting on the road has also de-


One of the many light poles where not only the cables have been stolen but also the lights.

There are still no lights working on the Nigel to Dunnuttar Road through to Sharon Park and this is a result of the cables being stolen for the second time. The situation is proving hazardous for motorists as there are turn-offs on this road as well as a bridge and veld on both sides. Several accidents have occurred on the road and it is used by trucks, taxis and other vehicles, as one of the main routes to the Alberton and Duduza turn-offs as well as people travelling to Sharon Park and central Springs. The cable thieves have struck twice in the past year. Clr Wally Labuschagne told the Rekord he was very concerned about this unacceptable situation which will be addressed in the new financial year (July). He said he wants to assure people that he will not rest until this situation has been ad-

Greek Greek evening evening Saturday Saturday 28 July July 28



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terred many people who travel from Springs to Nigel to take advantage of the many good restaurants. Some of the poles have been removed and those pieces which were lying on the grass verge dividing the duel carriageway, were also removed. Cables hang from some of the poles as well. Labuschagne said he is determined to ensure that this busy link from Nigel will get lighting as soon as possible.

Belly Dancing, Greek Dancing & Breaking plates

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Double Blankets for Sunfield Fortuna

17 JULIE 2012

You can do it! From the desk of Rev Ray Goddess

Staff from Great Basin Gold Limited, Sunfield Fortuna and the SAPS. Sunfield Fortuna received 90 double blankets for the winter from Great Basin Gold Limited. Brenda Gouws, General Manager of Sunfield said thank you for this donation. Thank you to the SAPC that assisted with the transport of the blankets.”



ROBERT DYKE 083 266 5453 STEVE DYKE 082 428 7262

Life today is tough and the bad news is that is not going to get any better. As I chat with and work with young people (sometimes older people as well) I find that many are in fact on a way to a difficult and frustrating life. Let me explain. When I was younger we spent a lot of time investigating different careers, looking at the pros and cons of the job and deciding if this is what we wanted to do. Once we had decided what we were going to do we made every effort to find out how and where we can receive training so that we could become qualified in the specific career. In today’s world it seems that more and more young folk take whatever work they can find, stay there until they either get fed up with the work, the boss or the salary and then resign and move on – to another job in a TOTALLY different field. The other alarming fact is that many young people move from one job to the other – just for a small increase in salary – even if the new job has no future and the job resigned from had a future but needed some patience before getting promoted or an increase. I know that work is hard to get – but I am a firm believer that if a person (young or old) puts EFFORT into their career they will come out on top. On the 21st July we have a Men’s Breakfast at 06h30 and the title of the talk is RETRENCHED AND BLESSED. This testimony is a perfect story of how work can still be seen as “available” if we put effort into our career. This testimony is also a beautiful encouraging story to all those who are struggling (you can phone our office on 016 341 2437 to book a place. The cost is R45-00 per person). I have said it before and I will say it again. Those who are not employed have work. Their work starts at 08h00 and ends at 17h00 EVERY

Rev Goddess, Heidelberg Methodist Church day. Your work is to go out and look for work! While I believe that you can come right by sending out your CV by email or posting them on the web there are many jobs available by perseverance of walking from one place to the next, dropping off your CV in person and making yourself “known” to the market place. I know a lady who did exactly this. She got offered a job on a ”commission only” basis and walked from shop to shop, factory to factory selling the product. Today she is the Marketing Director of that same company! She did it – and SO CAN YOU. I would like to ask all the young folk to take time to think in what direction you would like your career to go, investigate the options and then go for it. Do not get impatient, put in the effort (it WILL be noticed by your employer – even if only later) and you will see that you will be laying the foundation to a long, interesting and rewarding career (no matter what you are doing – it is what you LIKE doing). Finally, remember that God wants you to be happy and He has blessed you with certain gifts. Use them to His glory and see just how happy you can be!

Oor serpe en voëls Frieda Jacobs, Anne Marie du Plessis en Anja Jordaan by die Junie vergadering van Rensburg VLU. Serpe en tuin voëls was van die temas wat onder bespreking was. “Ons kan voëls help deur hondeen katpille net nat te sprinkel en op grasperke te sit. Gee vir ons saadvreters ook ekstra saad. Vrugte eters hou weer van ‘n halwe lemoen. Kom ons help ons voëls want hulle help ons weer,” het Anne Marie gesê. Frieda was met haar pragtige gebreide spiraalserp die onderwerp van bewondering en sy het die vroue gewys hoe om met breipenne en die regte soort wol, self hulle eie pragstukke te skep.

57 Strydom Street, Heidelberg Tel: (016) 341-2437 Rev. Ray Cell 082 656 3123 “We exist to be like Christ, live like Christ, and share the exciting message of Christ to all people”. EXPERIENCE CHRIST’S LOVE AND OUR FRIENDSHIP

I will work diligently to provide for the needs of my family (“The Resolution” point 7 from the movie COURAGEOUS)


Service times: 08h00 – Traditional Service (Mother’s Room available) 09h30 – Worship Service (Mother’s Room available) 18h00 – C.I.A. Service (for Adults and Youth) H1342

17 JULIE 2012



ANC vat besighede glo oor Three illegal miners die verneem dat die situasie eintlik vrek snaaks is. Die enigste vulstasie op die dorp is aan ‘n skoonmaker gegee. Wel wetende dat hy niks van die besigheid weet nie, wou hy sy kontrak aan die huidige eienaar ”verhuur.” Die eienaar het net gelag, sy pompe wat hy self ingesit het, gevat en laat waai. Een groep het glo aansoek gedoen vir tien besighede en verhuur dit nou glo uit aan belangstellendes. Dit wil dus voorkom asof die saak nie veel met politieke “konfiskering” te doen het nie, maar wel met ‘n administratiewe gemors. Andries Breytenbach, voorsitter van die Afrikaanse Boere Volksraad sê die bewering dat die eienaars nie betyds aansoek gedoen het om verlenging van hul kontrakte nie, is onwaar. “Met die ANC se rekord van vrot administrasie kan aanvaar word dat hulle verskoning vir dié jongste roof nie water hou nie,” sê hy.

Sewentien blanke sakeondernemings in die geskiedkundige dorpie Pelgrimsrus is glo aangesê om hul deure te sluit en die besighede is nou aan swart eienaars oorgedra. Die Boere Afrikaner Volksraad het in ‘n verklaring gesê dit wil voorkom asof die ANC nou blanke besighede wil konfiskeer. Navraag deur Rekord dui egter daarop dat die sewentien sakemanne waarskynlik nie betyds volgens tender prosedures gereageer het om die besighede te behou nie. Tenders moet glo elke vyf jaar ingedien word. By die verstrekdatum het die eienaars glo nie hul tenders ingedien nie en is toe kennis gegee om die persele te ontruim. Sommige van die uitgesitte sakemanne sê egter hulle het wel getender. Appèl is glo aangeteken teen die besluit van die Departement van Openbare Werke aan wie die dorpie behoort. Rekord

The Dunnottar SAPS and Mine Rescue Services workers recovered three bodies from underground at Marievale Gold Mine. The victims are suspected to be illegal miners and they died of smoke inhalation. Two years ago Dunnottar SAPS had a successful crackdown on illegal mining at Marievale, but they were mainly operating from the surface and digging.

Kuns vir Beginners Kom leer teken en skilder soos jy nog altyd wou!

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Koekie snert op net versprei Te veel mense aanvaar alle inligting wat oor die internet versprei word as die waarheid. Talle mense is al met slenters gevang en het groot geld verloor. Ander instansies word weer beledig en belaster. Die leuen kom dikwels in die gedaante van ‘n ”veronregte” lid van die publiek na vore en word so netjies aangebied dat niksvermoedende lesers dit as die waarheid, die volle waarheid en niks anders as die waarheid aanvaar nie. ‘n Bekende landswye kettinggroep wat o.m. vars kos binne sy winkels by aansittafels bedien, is een van die instansies wat onder só ‘n leuen gebuk gaan. In ‘n e-pos wat in Rekord se besit gekom het, sê ‘n “vrou” dat die plek se klere en kos baie duur is en dat sy op ‘n dag

‘n resep vir koekies gekoop het. Tot haar skok moes sy op haar kredietkaartrekening vind dat sy R250 daarvoor opgedok het! Alle besware by die groep het haar niks gehelp nie. Sy is toe so “kwaad” en “verontreg” dat sy die hele koekieresep gratis versprei aan almal wat dit wil hê. Onderaan sê die vrou: “Versprei dit aan almal wat jy ken. Hierdie is nie ‘n grap nie. Dis die waarheid.” Navraag by die groep se Bestuurder Kliëntediens het die volgende antwoord ontlok. “Ongelukkig is die e-pos ‘n stuk onwaarheid (hoax) wat reeds jare lank versprei word en ons is ongelukkig nie instaat om die sirkulasie daarvan te keer nie.” Nou ja, dis natuurlik die probleem met die internet: Jy kan nie ‘n veldbrand met ‘n koppie water doodgooi nie.

Volledige tekenkursus Leer ken kleur Klassieke en moderne skildertegnieke

Klasse begin Augustus 2012 Hester van Rensburg: 072 260 9656 Lees artikel bladsy 9

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17 JULIE 2012

Vat ‘n skooldogter werk toe Blood donated at Ocean Basket Juhané van der Merwe, ‘n graad 11 leerder van Volkies, het op 25 Junie as deel van die projek Bring ‘n Skooldogter Werk Toe, die dag saam met me. Angela Kosterman deurgebring in haar spesiale Master Maths Wiskunde klas by die Hoër Volkskool. Juhané het haar slag getoon deur eers die onderwyseres en daarna die joernalis onder hande te neem met ‘n les of wat. Nou kan die joernalis ná meer as veertig jaar darem weer vaagweg onthou van Pythagoras se stelling! Angela is al sedert 2003 besig met die unieke multimedia Wiskundeklasse waartydens begrippe, stellings en oefeninge met grafiese voorstelling in kleur op ‘n eenvoudige wyse oorgedra word. Individuele aandag kan ‘n kind se begrip binne twee maande met 15% laat verbeter. Ná ‘n volle termyn kan ‘n kind ‘n aansienlike verbetering in sy punte toon. Juhané sê sy geniet die klasse baie en die atmosfeer en hele opset is aangenaam en kinder-vriendelik. Die koste vir Master Maths is R500 per maand met ‘n uur klas per week, vir laerskool. Bel Angela by 016-3412279.

Ocean Basket recently had a blood donation day on their premises at the Angelo Mall in Nigel when the SA Blood Services collected much needed blood to boost their blood supplies. People can donate blood at the Police Station every third Wednesday of the month while blood will be collected at the Angelo Mall every first and second Thursday of the month. Estelle Nel, Zane-Lee at the back, Michael Dyke who donated blood.

Heidelberg Hospitaal gewild

JJC Kruger & Vennote


Springs Parkland Kliniek Spesialiste Spreekkamer 011 812 4172 Drie Riviere - Vereeniging Umgenistraat 54, H/v Bashee Straat Drie Riviere, Vereeniging (By River Square kruising 016 423 3553

Sy sê die algemene idee om ‘n skooldogter werk toe te bring, is om die kind ‘n gevoel te gee van ‘n bepaalde beroep en om te bepaal of sy die nodige aanleg daarvoor het. Talle skole in Gauteng het daaraan deelgeneem.


Juhané van der Merwe, graad 11 leerder van Volkies en dogter van ‘n Heidelbergse argitek, wys haar wiskunde tutor, Angela Kosterman op ‘n foutjie of wat in haar berekenings!

Discover Nigel @

Die Heidelberg Hospitaal ondervind veral op Maandae en Dinsdae ‘n groot toeloop van pasiënte en die gange en toilette is veral op dié dae nie altyd netjies en skoon nie. Dit het ‘n bejaarde egpaar só onstel dat hulle met Rekord in verbinding getree het. Hulle sê die een toilet was so vuil dat die vrou dit nie kon gebruik het nie. Bowendien was daar om 06:00 die oggend toe hulle daar was, nie ‘n dokter aan diens nie.Rekord het die

hospitaal besoek om self ondersoek in te stel. Daar het ons met me. Adri Beyers van Springs gepraat. Sy sê dit is so dat alles nie altyd netjies is nie, maar daar is ‘n geweldige klomp mense wat veral op Maandae en Dinsdae die hospitaal besoek. Die ongevalle afdeling is altyd relatief skoon en die verpleegspersoneel vriendelik. Die dokters wat daar is werk lang ure. In vergelyking met ander soortgelyke hospitale is dit netjies.

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Nie-openbaarmaking van wesenlike feite deur Wayne Moorcroft

Elke korttermynversekeringsproduk op die mark bevat die volgende voorwaarde: Besonderhede wat die risiko beïnvloed, wanvoorstel of verkeerd beskryf, moet geopenbaar word. Kortliks beteken dit dat as u enige inligting wat die risiko kan beïnvloed nie sou verklaar nie, of versuim om dit te noem, sal die versekeringsmaatskappy u dekking kan opskort. Tipe vrae wat gevra word, is soos volg: Wanneer laas was u in ‘n ongeluk betrokke? Hoe lank bly u al in u huis? Wie bestuur gereeld u voertuig? In hedendaagse tye is almal te besig om ‘n aansoekvorm in te vul en daarom het versekeringsonderskrywers begin gebruik maak van “voice logging”. Dit stel hulle in staat om sommer telefonies u kontrak met u te sluit. Dit spaar u moeite en dis papierloos. Sodoende word die omgewing ook daardeur bevoordeel. Direkte versekeraars maak meestal gebruik van hierdie metode. Die groot gevaar hieraan verbonde is wanneer u nie ten volle eerlik op die vrae geantwoord het nie of iets belangriks verswyg het. U polis sal uitgereik word en u premies gevorder word tot en met die dag dat u ‘n eis aanmeld. Dan word u stellings ondersoek. Voorbeeld: Indien u verklaar het dat u vir 5 jaar aaneenlopende versekering gehad het, gaan hulle u vorige versekeringsmaatskappy kontak om dit te bevestig. Indien hulle vind dat u slegs 2 jaar in plaas van 5 jaar dekking gehad het, kan en mag u eis geweier word! Die probleem waarmee u te kampe het, is dat u stem u kontrak is en dit bewys kan word dat u dit so bevestig het. Mag dit so gedoen word? Ja, u, as kliënt, is die party wat nie die waarheid gepraat het nie en daarom sal u eis geweier kan word. Die doel van hierdie skrywe is nie om u bang te maak nie, maar om u in te lig. Luister aandagtig as die operateur u skakel en antwoord so deeglik as moontlik. Die veiligste is natuurlik om ‘n goeie makelaar te gaan sien en advies te kry. Advies is verniet! Maak gebruik daarvan!

17 JULIE 2012


Watch your step!

This vandalism to a manhole cover in Dunnottar poses a threat to pedestrians. It is situated on the pavement outside businesses and at first only one cover was stolen. Now concrete covers have been removed or smashed and the open holes are being used as rubbish dumps. Rekord is referring this to Ekurhuleni.


Interfering with electricity meters Residents put their lives and homes at risk, as well as businesses and the lives of other people by tampering with their electricity meters. Interfering with the meters is a criminal action and could result in the meter being disconnected and corrective action taken by the Metro. There are highly skilled and dedicated teams that conduct daily audits on meters. Their track records indicate high levels of success. So residents should take the warning about interfering with the meters and not put themselves at risk. If people are aware of anyone stealing electricity and tampering with meters, they should report it to the municiH1316 pality.

Metro reacts to complaints A response has come from the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality after Rekord received a complaint from a Dunnottar woman about the state of the suburb and other local issues. Regarding the state of some pavements, the Metro says it is the responsibility of home owners to maintain their pavements and also to dispose of their garden refuse at their nearest municipal garden refuse dumping site. The complainant is requested to submit a list of the streets that he/she has concerns with, to allow for investigation. The Council wishes to state that Dunnottar generally is not in a bad state. However, residents are requested to report their complaints to the Parks Department in Nigel or contact 011 999 9317. There is an on-going programme that is followed in all the Metro areas, as far as the pruning of trees is concerned, which includes

the spraying of herbicides. Residents are advised to contact the Nigel Customer Care Centre offices to lodge their complaints, in order to ensure a speedy response to their areas of concern. The Waste Management Services rolled out the 240lt wheeled bin system in the Nigel, Duduza areas. Residents were requested to put all their refuse, including garden refuse, in the containers. If a resident requires more than one refuse bin, the Nigel Waste Management Services should be contacted to deliver an extra bin. The Metro says there is no need for residents to dump illegally on open spaces as bulk containers and garden refuse removal services are rendered by the Waste Management Services at an extra cost. Illegal dumping is also removed as and when required by an appointed contractor.


Ferryvale Apteek 25 Beverley Street, Ferryvale - Nigel - 011 814 3231/5212 Navrae Gail - 011 814 3231

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WETENSKAPLIK * Beste kombinasie van mediese en dieetkundige wêreld. * Eet die kosse waarvoor jou liggaam geskape is en kan hanteer.

PERSOONLIK AANPASBAAR * Ons pas die dieet aan by jou lewensomstandighede

LANGTERMYNRESULTATE PROFESSIONEEL * Slegs by uitgesoekte apteke beskikbaar. * Kundige personeel * Kwaliteit ondersteuning

Sluit aan voor 31 Julie en kry 2 weke gratis konsultasie


* Maak dit ‘n aangename lewenswyse om jou gewig te kan beheer vir die res van jou lewe.


17 JULIE 2012


Resolution of men of God Stand up and be counted for God and their families. That was an undertaking given by some 26 men of the Heidelberg Methodist Church when they signed a Courageous Resolution on Saturday 7 July. The men were inspired by a video Courageous in which a young man gave his all to protect and save his family and keep them in the presence of the Lord. The video starts off where a man’s LDV (light delivery van) is being hijacked while he was filling up his vehicle. As the hijacker drove off, the young man ran, got hold of the cab, tried to pull the hijacker out, and eventually lost his grip and fell. However, that was enough distraction and the hijacker smashed the vehicle against a tree. Unbeknown to the viewers, there was a young baby in the van - and that was what inspired the man to put his life on the line. Courageous is a must for all Christians to see. Inspired by the young man’s guts and his fellowship with God, Heidelberg Methodist Church used the resolution from the video to follow the Lord, protect and teach their families and to live out forgiveness. The father of each household signed the document in the presence of his family and the document was witnessed by Rev Ray Goddess. Each family received a framed picture of the event to remind them of their undertaking.

Courageous is a must for all Christians to see. Inspired by the young man’s guts and his fellowship with God!!

All the men with their framed resolutions captured after the ceremony.

R295.00 (24 sachets)

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17 JULIE 2012

Birthday bash at the Angelo Mall The Angelo Mall in Nigel celebrated its third birthday with a host of activities for the whole family. The highlight of the day was the “strongman” event when teams of two strongmen were harnessed to the cab of a truck used in carrying abnormal loads. They then pulled the massive vehicle and showed what real fitness

267 6198 SKAKEL 083 267 6198


is! The crowd cheered them on as they all managed to go the distance and were timed. There was a flea market offering a wide variety of goods for sale, including scarves, lipstick, jewellery, ornaments and many other products. Face painting was popular and there was even a “bucking bronco” to try out for those with good nerves and balance! A display of trucks attracted a lot of attention

and there was plenty of entertainment in a variety of singers. The children especially showed just what talent they have and were widely applauded. For the hungry there was a braaivleis and this was an occasion to really suit shoppers, who packed their goods into cars and then enjoyed the birthday celebrations. This was a birthday bash for the whole community.

EEN TE VEEL, SIES! Stap vanoggend by my voordeur uit om die motor hek oop te maak en my dagtaak te begin. Word begroet met vrolik wapperende papiertjies op die lamp paal voor my huis, wat ek al geruime tyd in ons dorp opmerk. Ek kyk links en regs in die straat en merk dat al die lamppale en ook elke ander moontlike oppervlak soos kragbokse aan die agter kant wettige en onwettige advertensies op het. Ook verkeerstekens ens is aan die agterkant op die manier versier. Seker onnodig om vir enige inwoner van Nigel oor die inhoud van die advertensies en die dienste daarop in te lig. Ja, reg geraai —een of ander “dokter” wat sy produk adverteer. Vererg myself liederlik, skeur die goed na die beste van my vermoë af en kontak die plaaslike munisipale kantore met die volgende navrae: 1. Het hierdie persoon enigsins toestemming om op hierdie wyse te adverteer? 2. Is daar dan nie regulasies waaraan adverteerders moet voldoen om in die algemene publiek - en stadsraad se omgewing te adverteer nie? 3. Wat van my- en ander inwoners se regte, wat aanstoot neem met die advertensies wat onder andere, aborsie dienste aanbied - om nie eens te praat van die verleentheid wat die ander advertensies vir baie mense skep nie? 4. Ons probeer spog met ‘n relatiewe skoon dorp met hoë morele waardes wat dan op só ‘n manier ontsier en besoedel word (dit lyk regtig slordig). Wat word gedoen om die probleem op te los en wie gaan die koste dra vir die skoonmaak? Die antwoord wat ek kry is tweeledig: Die plaaslike owerhede is bewus van die probleem maar die verantwoordelikheid rondom openbare advertering berus by ’n instansie in Springs genaamd “Outdoor Advertisement”. Kry die betrokke persoon in die hande wat my meedeel dat hierdie praktyk wel onwettig is en dat hulle ook bewus is van die verskynsel. Hulle sukkel egter om die probleem op te los aangesien hulle nie die persoon kan opspoor nie! Hulle sukkel ook om die goed te verwyder - baie goeie gom wat die ou gebruik. Ek is die versekering gegee dat die saak aandag sal geniet. Ek sou sê dat die skuldige/s spoedig opgespoor moet word, die nodige boetes opgelê en verantwoordelik gehou moet word vir die skoonmaak, soos met enigeen sal gebeur indien hulle die wet sou oortree. Ek glo ook dat die persoon redelik maklik opgespoor kan word aangesien sy telefoon nommer op die advertensies verskyn. Sien ook dat pamflette by verkeersligte en stopstrate, met sy besonderhede daarop, uitgedeel word. Miskien kan die SAPD en/of die Metro Polisie help. Sal graag ander inwoners se sienswyses in hierdie verband wil verneem. Rassie - Nigel.

SPCA animal run Nigel will be one of the East Rand SPCA’s to participate in the annual “Animal Run” by bikers on September 2, by having a stall at the event and being able to share profits made with the other SPCA’s. Nigel SPCA will be having a food stall and kennel manager, Hazel McLuckie, says this annual event is always a success and brings in much needed funds to all the SPCA’s involved. Nigel SPCA needs to get sponsors for their stall and donations of prizes. Contact Hazel on 084 485 7020 to help.

17 JULIE 2012



Top kunstenaar Hester van Rensburg deel haar kennis Hester van Rensburg van Heidelberg is ‘n talentvolle kunstenaar wat landswyd bekendheid verwerf het met haar pragtige blomskilderye en interieurs. Sy is al twaalf jaar lank ‘n professionele kunstenaar en deel graag haar kennis met mense wat wil leer. Sy geniet dit om enige onderwerp te skilder en is ook bereid om opdragwerke uit te voer. Sy sê sy leer al die afgelope veertien jaar potensiële kunstenaars om te teken en te skilder. “Die meeste van my studente is persone wat “nie eers ‘n stokmannetjie” kon teken nie. Ek glo daaraan om ‘n goeie fondasie daar te stel met ‘n volledige tekenkursus. Dit is die “a b c” en die “do-re-me” van beeldende kuns. Daarna begin ons kleur leer ken deur die gebruik van kleurpotlode en pastelle. Ek volg dit op met ‘n reeks lesse in die meng van kleur met akrielverf. As ons dan begin verf met olieverf is ‘n goeie grondslag reeds gelê. Ons doen gewoonlik eers die klassieke skildermetodes sodat die student vertroud kan raak met dié medium voor ons dan elke eerste les van die maand met ander interessante tegnieke eksperimenteer, soos bv. getekstueerde oppervlakke, drukwerk en collages. Baie van die kennis wat ek met my studente deel, is nie in boeke te kry nie. Ek deel graag my ervaring van twaalf jaar se voltydse skilder. Die klasse bied nie net die deel van kennis nie. Vriendskappe word ook gevorm en die terapeutiese waarde om iets te skep waarop jy trots kan wees, is ‘n groot bate. Daardeur word jou selfvertroue verbeter, dit help om spanning te ontlaai en natuurlik leer jy om die wêreld deur ander oë te sien! Ek werk die afgelope twaalf jaar as professionele kunstenaar. Van my skilderye is aan kliënte regoor die wêreld verkoop. Vir tien jaar het ek by “Artists Under the Sun” in Johannesburg uitgestal.

Couple teams up as Rotary Presidents A husband and wife team has respectively been induced as the Rotaries’ new President of the Rotarians and the Rotary Anns in Nigel at an official glamorous Induction Dinner that took place in the Italian Club on 3 July. Robert Arnoldi has taken over the Presidency from Ruben Smart and Adele Arnoldi from Georgina Scott who held the position as President of Rotary Anns for the past term of three years each. Scott said in her farewell speech that “our heavenly Father blessed the Anns abundantly to reach their goals and make a difference in the lives of people. “ She thanked the ladies for their dedication, willingness, time and caring for the community. “They are a great team,” she said. She also thanked their families, friends and the community for their support. A special word of thanks went to the Rotarians for their donation of blankets, dictionaries and assistance with the Route 42 Rotarians Race. She also thanked her father Nick Fourie who taught her from an early age to care for others. “He was my mentor and best friend,” she said. In an addendum to her speech, numerous activities of the Anns are listed. They are, e.g. involved with Vita Nova, Nigel Old Age Home where a fete will be held in October. They also supplied the old people with socks and alice

bands in August 2011. The Anns are also involved with the Freedom Recovery Centre for Alcohol and Drugs at Holgatfontein. Food was delivered to 38 people, of whom 29 were involved with drugs and alcohol. Bibles, pants and pens were donated in January. Children are high on their priority list and an annual Christmas party is being held every year. A total of 143 children were hosted last year. In addition, children at Laerskool Hannes Visagie, Laerskool Tini Vorster and the Methodist Church were also supported. On Christmas day last, two families were supplied with lunches. The Home of Safety in Nigel received a gift in the form of a Jungle Gym, while two children of Villa Liberi received school uniforms. On 15 April the Anns were involved with the Route 42 Cycle Races where they helped out with the children. The Anns also have a Caring Group who visits members when they are sick or have other problems. A quick calculation indicates that the Anns contributed almost R75 000 in the past year towards the causes they are involved in. The new President of Rotary Nigel, Robert Arnoldi said that the Rotaries support a learner in one of the schools with his annual school expenses. A laptop computer is among the equipment that was given to the child. The Rotaries also helped the Anns with the annual Route 42 Cycle Races and also distributed blankets for the poor.

Hierdie jaar, soos vorige jare het ek ‘n suksesvolle uitstalling gehad by “Art in the Park” in Pietermaritzburg. Van die galerye waaraan ek my werke verskaf sluit o.a. “The Gallery” in Clarens en “Dimitrov’s” in Dullstroom, in. Nuwe beginnersklasse vir persone van hoërskoolouderdom en ouer begin in Augustus by my ateljee in Heidelberg. Ek oorweeg dit ook om weer in 2013 kunsklasse vir kinders aan te bied. Laat weet as jy belangstel.” - Selfoon: 072 260 9656; e-pos: en Face Book: Hester van Rensburg Artist. Sien Advertensie bladsy 3!

Botox Cosmetic contact Dr Johann Snyman 016-341 4121 NeoStrata products contact Linda Smit 074 894 3678

Mon - Fri: 07h00 - 17h00

Mr. President and Mrs. President! The couple Robert and Adele Arnoldi are the new Presidents of respectively Nigel Rotaries and Nigel Rotary Anns.




139-3rd Street, Springs Tel: Fax:

NKUNA 082 795 5339

011 362 5237 011 362 5238 R114 950

‘06 VW Beetle 2.0 Highline

R99 950

‘02 BMW 330D A/T, (E46), F/L, P/S A/C, ABS, E/W WAS R104 950

R139 950

‘09 Mazda 2 1.5 Individual. Balance of service plan and warranty WAS 149 950

R109 950

‘05 Mercedes Benz C180 Kompressor A/T Black leather interior RETAIL R115 000

R89 950

‘09 Diahatsu Sirion 1.3 Fuel saver with all the bells & whistles WAS R104 950

R139 950

R119 950

‘10 VW Polo Classic 1.6 Comfort Great family car with FSH! Fantastic Calue RETAIL R140 000

R89 950

‘04 BMW 320D E46 F/L Black leather interior 6Speed WAS R159 950

‘07 Tata Indica 1.4 DLX P/S, E/W, C/L WAS R59 950

R119 950

‘06 Mercedes Vito 114 2.2CDi Excellent condition. Great Workhorse WAS R134 950

R129 950

‘05 Mercedes Benz Sprinter P/V Great workhorse, Good running condition WAS R149 950

JOE 073 737 4334 KEEGAN 082 729 9471 JOHAN 078 136 2835 R129 950

R89 950

‘04 Jetta 4 1.8T Executive Black on Black, sunroof, 135KW WAS R94 950

R89 950

‘07 VW Jetta 2.0 TDi A/C, P/S R/CD, E/W, A/B, Airbags WAS R139 950

R229 950

‘02 BMW 530D A/T E39 Exceptional car at an exceptional price WAS R109 950

‘05 BMW 730D (E65) F/H Immaculate WAS R289 950

R79 950

R129 950

‘03 VW Passat 1.8T 6 Speed, seat warmers, leather interior WAS R84 950

‘05 VW Sheran, A/C, P/S, E/W, Mags, C/L WAS R134 950

R189 950

R139 950

‘07 BMW X5 2.0D Black on Black Exquisite family vehicle WAS R279 950

‘05 BMW X3 2.0D Immaculate condition, 6 Speed WAS R149 950

R129 950


‘10 Mazda 2 1.3 Active Balance of Service plan & Warranty WAS R139 950

R199 950

R139 950










‘08 Mercedes Benz 115 Vito Crewcab 2.2CDi Nudge bar, Side sills, Viano seats. A rare gem!

R189 950

R89 950

‘10 Toyota Yaris T1 3Dr A/C WAS R109 950

R94 950

‘10 Ford Bantam 1.3i Only 65 000 km! Immaculate! WAS R109 950

R109 950

R109 950

‘03 Crysler Voyager 3.3 LTD F/H WAS R129 950

R469 950

‘03 Crysler Voyager 2.4 SE A/C, P/S, E/W, WAS R144 950

R499 950


‘11 Toyota Yaris Zen 3 ACS Ideal run-around, ultra reliable. Retail R121 000

‘03 Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG 363KW pure hardtop convertible RETAIL R564 000

R189 950

‘09 Ford Ranger 3.0TDCI XLT S/C Great workhorse with canopy! RETAIL R212 000

R99 950

‘04 Peugeot Boxer 2.8DT Great value for your business WAS R129 950

R59 950

R59 950

‘05 Fiat Strada 1.6 ELX Great Workhorse WAS R64 950

‘09 Honda Jazz 1.5 IEX Auto, Very low km’s, Full House WAS R159 950

‘09 Toyota Prado 4.0TX A/T King of luxury 4 x 4’s WAS R399 950

R39 950

‘06 BMW M6 E64 - FULL HOUSE ‘07 Toyota Avensis 2.4 Executive A/T Full House RETAIL R140 000 RETAIL R575 000

R199 950

‘08 Mitshibishi Triton 2.4MPI D/C Rubberised, Towbar, A must view WAS R199 950

R139 950

R349 950

R129 950

‘07 Mercedes Benz C200 Kompressor A/T Avantgarde Package A must drive RETAIL R151 000

R109 950

WAS R219 950

‘04 BMW X5 3.0D Immaculate ‘06 Ford Territory 4.0 TX, A/T Ideal for larger family WAS R169 950 vehicle. Must drive WAS R209 950

R49 950

17 JULIE 2012

‘01 Opel Corsa 1.6 GSI Sunroof, Leather interior WAS R49 950

R189 950

‘09 Hyundai Hi 2.4 GLS, P/V, A/C Balance of factory warranty WAS R209 950

R79 950

101 Check on all vehicles

‘05 Fiat Strada 1.7TD EL Great run around, Fuel Saver! WAS R69 950

‘06 Tata SFC 407 DLSLB TURBO P/S, Workhorse WAS R89 950

17 JULIE 2012


BERGSIG - R2.200 000

BERGSIG - R850 000

DRINGENDE VERKOOP!!! Klein Kompleks OF Aparte 3 Slaapkamer, 2 Badkamer Eenheid vir R800 000.

PRYS VERLAAG!!! Pragtige Meenthuis met 1 Slp Woonstel + Swembad. 3 Slp, 2 Badk, Oopplan, Braaikamer met Jacuzzi. 1 M/H, 2 Carports.

SENTRAAL - R2.800 000 SENTRAAL - R700 000 (O/H)

HISTORIESE HUIS 1865 GEBOU!!! Pragtig en Stylvol Binne Gerestoreer. 3 Slaapk, 3 Badk (En-Suite) Gaste Badk, Studeerk, Sitk met Kaggel, Leefk, Groot Plaaskombuis/Eetkamer met Stylvolle Kaste (Graniet). Pragtige Komvensters. M/H vir 3 Motors, Afdak, Swembad, en vele meer.

DUPLEX IN SECURITY COMPLEX WITH SWIMMING POOL!!! 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, Large Open Plan, Private Garden, Tandem Garage for 2 Cars.


BERGSIG - R870 000

NETJIESE WONING OP GROOT ERF!!! 3 Slaapkamer, 2 Badkamer, Oopplan, Lapa, 2 M/H PLUS Afdak en Bediendekamer.

HETTIE - 073 653 1496 HETTIE - 073 653 1496 HETTIE - 073 653 1496 HETTIE - 073 653 1496 HETTIE - 073 653 1496 OVERKRUIN - R1.650 000 SENTRAAL - R1 000 000 RENSBURG - R984 000 OVERKRUIN - R1.550 000 RENSBURG - R980 000

NUUT GEBOU!!! 200 M² Huis Met 3 Slaapkamer, 2 Badkamer, Oopplan, Aparte Opwas/Wask, 2 Garages.

NUUT GEBOU!!! 3 Slaapkamer, 2 Badk, Gaste Toilet, Baie Ruim Oopplan, Sit/Eetkamr, Komb, Opwas, 2 M/H.

NETJIESE FAMILIE HUIS!!! RUIM GESINSWONING!!! 3 Slp, 2 Bdk, Sit/Eetkmr, Kombuis, Granite Tops, 2 3 Slaapkamer, 2 Badkamer, Sit/Eetkamer, Sonnige Leefkamer, Wask, 2 M/H + 2 Afdakke. Garages vir 4 Motors.Studeerkm r met Eikehout kaste.

RENOVATERS DREAM IN PEACEFULLAREA! 4 Bedr, 2 Bathr, Livingroom, Kitchen, 2 Carports + 1 Bedr, Sit, Bath, Kitchen Flatlet on Large Stand.

HETTIE - 073 653 1496 HETTIE - 073 653 1496 HETTIE - 073 653 1496 HETTIE - 073 653 1496 HETTIE - 073 653 1496 JORDAANPARK - R1.995 000

SENTRAAL - R890 000

BEAUTIFULL DOUBLESTOREY IN EXCELLENT AREA. FAMILY HOME ON A CORNER STAND. 4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom,EasyflowLivingAreas,DblGarage, Situated on a big stand. 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Main Bedroom has a balcony Swimming pool & Lapa, Dbl Garage

HELAY - 072 848 4003 CENTRAL - R2.250 000

HELAY - 072 848 4003 SENTRAAL - R2.170 000

RENSBURG - R830 000

BERGSIG-R1.710 000

LOOKING FOR A BIG HOUSE? 5 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom, Spacious Living Areas. Lapa + Swimming Pool. Double Storey with 5 Room office.

Winkel in Sentraal. Deeltitel eenheid. Baie parkering. Groote 126 m². Te Huur Ook!!!

HELAY - 072 848 4003 HELAY - 072 848 4003 JORDAANPARK - R1.730 000

SENTRAAL - R815 000

EXTREMELY NEAT MODERN TILED TOWNHOUSE. 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Spacious Open Plan Living. Private Garden. Double Garage.

HELAY - 072 848 4003 SENTRAAL - R2.900 000

TOP RANGE GOLDEN OLDIE. 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Spacious Livingroom, Dining, Lounge, Study, Kitchen with Big Scullery, Entertainment Area. 1 Bedroom Flat. Swimming Pool. Double Garage.

VERY NEAT AND SPACIOUS FAMILY HOME. “GOLDENOLDIE” 4 Bedroom, 3 Bathr, Surrounded By A Beautiful Lovely Old Wooden Floors. 3 Spacious Bedr, 2 Bathr, D/BGarage, Beautiful Garden and Entertainment Area. Garden. Swimming Pool, 2 Garages.

LOVELY FAMILY HOME IN A QUIET AREA! 3 Bedr, 2 Bathr, Living, Dining, Familyroom, Kitchen with Scullery. Double Garage with Carport.

HELAY - 072 848 4003 HELAY - 072 848 4003

HELAY - 072 848 4003 HELAY - 072 848 4003 HELAY - 072 848 4003

NOYCEDALE - R495 000


Stewige Huis met Uitsig oor Blesbokspruit. 3 Slaapkamer, 1 Badkamer, M/H, Groot Erf. Het Baie Potensiaal.



GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY!!! 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 1 Garage, Security, Modern unit in very small complex. You will love this one! Come and have a look!

NIC - 082 746 9295

LOW MAINTENANCEAND GREAT PRICE 3 Bedr, 1 Bathr, 1 Garage, Openplan Kitchen Living Area. Excellent buy - Very Neat

NIC - 082 746 9295

FERRYVALE - R2.800 000 (NEG)

LIEFLIKE LUUKSE WONING!!! 4 Slaapkamer, 2 Badkamer, Baie Mooi Kombuis, Groot Eetkamer en TV Kamer. Prag Lapa. Woonstel, Swembad - Eie Bioskoop!!! Wat meer wil jy he?

NIC - 082 746 9295

NOYCEDALE - R780 000

NICE FAMILY HOME! 3 Bedr, 2 Bath, Playroom, Study, big Diningroom, TV room, Pool, Rondawel, Beautiful Kitchen, Laundry, 2 Storerooms, 1 Garage, 1 Carport

NIC - 082 746 9295

NIC - 082 746 9295

NIC - 082 746 9295


GERIEFLIKE MOOI FAMILIE HUIS 4 Slaapk, 2 Badk, 2 M/Huise, Groot Afdak, Sitk, Eetk, TVk , Mooi Kombuis

PRYS VERLAAG! 3 Slaapk, 2 Badk, 1M/Huis, 1 Afdak Stil straat

NIC - 082 746 9295

HALLGATE - R2.400 000 VISAGIEPARK - R490 000 EXTENSION 2 - R820 000

Goedontwikkelde,Netjiese2.2HAPlotmetbaiemooiWoning en Buitegeboue wat maklik omskep kan word in ‘n Woonstel. Baie Water. Puik veiligheid. Implemente en 2 Trekkers ingelsluit, ook te koop sonder implemente

NIC - 082 746 9295

LOTS OF POTENTIAL! 3 Bedr, 1 Bath, Kitchen, Diningroom, Living room - Low Maintenance

NIC - 082 746 9295


PRYS VERLAAG - BAIE MOOI! KOM KYK SELF! Luuks gerestoreer, 3 Slaapkamer, 1 Badkamer, Studeerkamer, Sitkamer, Eetkamer, Prag Kombuis, Opwas, Toegemaakte braaistoep, 2 Motorhuise

MODERN!!! 3 Bedr, 2 Bathr, 1 Garage, Carport, Braai area, Heated Swimmingpool

NIC - 082 746 9295 FERRYVALE - R550 000

BY SKOOL 3 Slaapkamer, 1 Badkamer, Kombuis, Woonvertrekke, 1 Motorhuis - NETJIES!

NIC - 082 746 9295

NIC - 082 746 9295



GOEIE AREA! MODERNE HUIS! 3 Slaapk, 2 Badk, Prag Kombuis, Oopplan, 1 Motorhuis. Puik Omgewing en baie veilig

NIC - 082 746 9295

BARGAIN! GREAT PRICE! 3 Bedr, 2 Bathr, New Kitchen, New cupbaords in Bedrooms, 1 Garage, 2 Carports, Living area, Quiet Area

NIC - 082 746 9295



19 K er k Str eet, NIGEL Tel: 011 739 5733 Ker erk Street, Opposite Licence Department

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17 JULIE 2012

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17 JULIE 2012



Briljante bokstoernooi ‘n gespierde bolyf was duidelik ‘n groot gunsteling onder die skare. Sy bokshandskoene dra dinamiet en sy teenstander Johan Kruger het dit gou agtergekom. Baie van die gevegte is met uitklophoue beklink terwyl daar twee gevegte was waar boksers nie aan die begin van ‘n ronde met die gevegte wou voortgaan nie. Nel se volgende Rolling Thunder toernooi word op 4 Augustus in Heidelberg by die Leërgimnasium beplan waar dertien gevegte aangebied sal word. Skakel Estelle by 079-352-1727vir nadere inligting. Foto’s Adele Martinson, Picture Perfect. 083-757-2993.



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Rocky Jacobs ontvang sy wenbeker van Paul Jacobs van Angelo Spar.

PROBEER ONS GERUS Toyota finansiering Lae depositos Bekostigbare paaiemente Inruilings welkom 016 341 6107 Jaco 082 323 7041

KITAAR LESSE Leer kitaar speel by ‘n professionele kitaarspeler wat met Internasionale kunstenaars sowel as Nasionale kunstenaars gewerk het. Leer enige styl: * Blues *Metal * Country * Klassiek Jy is nie te jonk of te oud om te begin speel nie!! Lesse beskikbaar by Heidelberg Musiekskool (Hoër Volkskool) Roelof: 074 589 3006 of


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(Act No. 36 of 1947)

Riaan 083 268 9949

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Contact 011 814 8614 if you did not received your copy

New distributors Copies of the Rekord can be collected at our office cnr of Kingsway & Van Riebeeck Road

D.F. AIRCON guar work



Mobile Automotive Aircon & Refrigeration Repairs. Aircon Repairs to Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Mining equipment, combines “Stroopers”. All

Daniel 082 348 4499 E/F Services t/a

LOW BUDGET Racing and Repairs

* Service of car and trucks * Specialising in: For quotes or - turbo conversions repairs call.... - clutch overhauls EDDIE 082 925 6624 - brake overhauls - engine, gearbox, diff overhauls * any repairs - No job too BIG or too SMALL!

Ensures cleaner carpets & quicker drying time! SPECIALISING IN: * Carpets * Upholstery * Ceilings * Blinds * Pre-occupation Cleaning * Fabric Protection * Leather & Suede * Vehicle Interiors * Flood Extraction

Discount on upholstery when carpet cleaning service is booked 086 1101 750 082 925 5717

Liesl Claassen (Branch Director)



Wat ‘n onvergeetlike aand van ontploffende boks en wat ‘n triomf vir Anton Nel, kampioen boksafrigter van Nigel! Nel, ‘n voormalige professionele SuidAfrikaanse swaargewig bokskampioen, en sy sakevennoot, Michael Stoltz het die Rolling Thunder toernooi vir liefdadigheid gereël en die koffers van Vila Liberi van die AGS Kerk Aquila in Nigel met ‘n allemintige R10 000 gestyf. Ses en twintig boksers het hulle alles gegee om ‘n ware boksfees aan die skare te bring. Christoffel Pretorius het die Spar Wisseltrofee as bokser van die aand ontvang. Hy het sy geveg teen Dwayne Potgieter met punte gewen. Rocky Jacobs, kort , fris en met


INDEX / INDEKS 1 Pets / Troeteldiere 2 Tours / Toere 3 Job Wanted / Betrekkings Gevra 4 Announcements / Aankondigings 5 Vote of Thanks / Bedankings 6 Rewards / Belonings 7 Funeral Services / Begrafnis Dienste 8 Entertainment / Vermaak 9 Found / Gevind 10 Churches / Kerke 11 In Memorial / In Memorium 12 Personal / Persoonlik 13 Lost / Verlore 14 Computers / Rekenaars 15 Builders & Building / Bouers en Bouwerk 16 Sports Equipment/ Sporttoe-rusting 17 Lift Corner / Saamrygeleenthede 18 Beauty & Health / Skoonheid en Gesondheid 19 General Service / Algemene Dienste 20 Spyseniering / Catering 21 Money & Loans / Geld & Lenings 22 Childcare / Kindersorg 23 Music / Musiek 24 Tuition / Onderrig 25 Repairs / Reparasies 26 Garden Services / Tuindienste 27 Nurseries / Kwekerye 28 Transport / Vervoer 29 For Hire / Te Huur 30 Muscellaneous / Allerlei 31 Furniture / Meubels 32 Vehicles / Voertuie 33 Caravans / Woonwaens 34 Motorcycles / Motorfietse 35 Parts / Onderdele 36 TV Services / TV Dienste 37 Employment / Betrekkings 38 Accommodation / Akkomodasie 39 Resorts / Vakansieoord 40 Wanted / Gevra 41 Townhouses / Meenthuise 42 Houses to Rent / Huise te Huur 43 Flats to Rent / Woonstelle te huur 44 For Sale / Te Koop / Plotte & Plase 45 Wanted to Rent / Te Huur Gevra 46 Houses for Sale / Huise te Koop 47 Flats for Sale / Woonstelle te Koop 48 Stands for Sale / Erwe te Koop 49 For Sale / Te Koop 50 Businesses / Besighede 01 Pets / Troeteldiere

NOAH’S ARK PET SHOP: Voëlsaad, visse, viskos, koikos, akwariums, hondekos (3 in 1) Avi-Plus produkte. Bearded dragons, hamsters, krieke, meel wurms, hondehokke, hondejassies en honde bedjies. Dae oop per week 9:00 17:00 Naweke en vakansiedae 09:00 16:00. Tel: 011 814-4514. By mini Zoo, Noordstraat 132, Nigel. 08 Entertainment / Vermaak

FUNKY JUMPING CASTLES FOR HIRE Contact: Magda 084 461 4151 or Wickus 082 880 4955 12 Personal / Persoonlik Nigel Methodist Church - Centre of Concern Infoline. This FREE Service will assist anyone with contact details of various emergency and social service organisations in the Nigel area. Phone: 071 781 7065. Phone between 07h00 - 19h00, 7 days per week.

17 JULIE 2012




Personal / Persoonlik

General Services / Algemene Dienste

TV Services / TV Dienste

12 Personal / Persoonlik Seeking for employment. I am a stable person with excellent sets of values eg. intergity, honesty, punctuality & reliability. Can work under pressure. Work experience: Teaching,receptionest, secretary, invoicing, wages and typing. Computer skills: windows xp, home, 2000, 1998, excell & word. Contact Leann 011 814 1082 or 071 368 6447.

MAD ABOUT PLUMBING LOODGIETERS. Spesialiseer in alle loodgieter behoeftes. Op versekering panele, Absa, Nedbank, Hollard, Santam, Mutual&Federal, Standard Bank en nog vele meer. Hanteer eis onmiddelik. Doen Solar Geysers en “Heatpumps”, alternatief tot Solar (50-80% besparing op krag). PIRB en IOPSA geregistreer. Skakel Tersia of Pieter by 016 349 5666 / 082 491 9093 / 083 547 4037

15 Builders/Building/ Bouers/Bouwerk

BOUWERK, LOODGIETER & VERFWERK Geysers, toilets, drains,

gebarste pype, skrynwerk, teëls ens. Seël van dakke & plaveisels. Skakel: 082 646 9928

BOUWERK Alle bouwerk en aanbouings. Bou van Nuwe Huise en Woonstelle (Granny Flats). Seel & verf van dakke Skakel Gerald 083 384 9599 N.H.B.R.C. Geregistreerd

18 Beauty & Health / Skoonheid & Gesondheid

FOR ALL YOUR BEAUTY NEEDS!! * Nails * Manicure * Waxing * Pedicure * Tinting * Make-up * Diet’s Contact: 082 788 5880 (cell) or Tel: 011 814 6269, Nigel Flexi Hours: Monday’s - Friday’s 19 General Services / Algemene Dienste ROMMEL VERWYDERING / BOOMFELLING. Verwyder enige rommel. Felling van enige boom. Opruiming van gestorte / beskadigde vragte (ongelukstoneel rehabilitasie). Algemene vervoer. Beste pryse. Gratis kwotasie. Suikerbos Transport . Skakel Hennie 082 890 9516.


fully installed to one point. PREMIER COMMUNICATIONS (016) 341 2233 / 082 417 7149 41 B Voortrekker weg, Heidelberg

SMART KITCHENS & HOME IMPROVEMENTS For 3D Designer Kitchens or kitchen revamps, BIC, Bathr, Vanities, Wall to Wall Carpets and Laminated Flooring. No compromise on Quality and Service. Free Quotations. Phone Andre at 016 349 5052 or 082 738 1441

Seeking urgent employment. I am a hard working and people’s person. I thrive working under pressure. Computer skills: Windows 95, Internal Mass (SAPS), Microsoft office. Work experience: Detective Inspector ( Certificates), Risk Loss manager, accident report, disciplinary hearings,control of fleet, drivers and deliveries to customers, installation of network cables and optic fibre. Please contact me Tiaan at 083 458 8939 or 011 814 7968 I am urgently seeking a job. I am hardworking and honest person. Do have Pastel and Payroll Certificate. Work experiences: carpenter with contract installations, despatcher, spindler, store manager, sales, admin, data capturing, I.T work, supervising of office workers, caretaker and maintenance. Please contact Johan at 079 701 7208.



37 Employment / Betrekking


Granitetops tops **Granite * Bathrooms Kitchens **Kitchens * All Repairs Laminatedflooring flooring **Laminated

Property development environment. * Assistant in the Heidelberg region. * Must have own transport. * Cell phone card will be provided. *Remuneration, depending on experience. Send CV to Fax: 011 688 4425

Contact: 082 471 0916 / 082 637 6963


LAUNDRY MATE For a professional LAUNDRY service, contact Laundry Mate at 011 814 3597 or 072 511 4366. Domestic & Corporate, including Curtians, Table Cloths, Blankets, Comforters, ect. 20% discount for Pensioners on Wednesdays. Collect and deliver in Nigel/Heidelberg town area.

MEDICAL PLANS From R300 that refunds un-used benefits. For more information please phone: 086 111 1254 Includes insurance products underwritten by Resolution Insurance Company Limited. FSP No: 13888

20 Catering / Spyseniering RUMOURS RESTAURANT: For professional catering of all events. Weddings, Parties, Spitbraais, Platters and Potjies. Nothing too big or -small. Your venue or ours. Phone Piet at 011 814 1428 / 072 470 2187. TO HIRE: Cutlery, crockery, large selection of table cloths, overlays, tables and chairs etc. Phone Sonnette 082 926 1515

21 Money & Loans / Geld & Lenings “LOANS” U need a loan from R1000 to R100 000. Even if you blacklisted or Garnished. We also do consolidation. Please call Thandi 079 469 6868.

30 Muscellaneous / Allerlei Phasha Meat Factory. Smoked, Pickled MEATY Pork Loin Ribs @ R35-00 per kg. Cheese Grillers @ R49-00 per kg. Econo Russians @ R15-00 per kg. Contact John at 011 815 5378 or 073 363 7027. Fax no: 011 815 5378

We never lose sight of who’s on the other side of our glass

REPRESENTABLE WINDSCREEN CHIP REPAIR TECH. No experience required. Must have licence. Own transport. Motorbike. Salary neg. Ages: 20-30 011 362 4508, Springs 43 Flats to Rent / Woonstelle te Huur

Woonstel te huur: 2 Slaapkamer woonstel met oopplan kombuis en leefarea, badkamer met stort. R2200-00 pm. Skakel Driekie 017 779 0459 of 076 791 0192. 41 Townhouses / Meenthuise NIGEL - Nuwe, moderde, 2 slaapkamer, 2 badkamer, kombuis met granietblaaie, baie goeie sekuriteit, toesluit motorhuis, naby aan Angelo Spar, Huur R4200.00 pm. Vanaf 1 Augustus of vroeër. Skakel 082 926 2024

FOR SALE R520 000.00 Townhouse Nigel 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Laundary room, lounge, garage plus parking for extra car. A must see newly renovated no work to be done. Just move in. STUNNING! Contact Angelique on 073 265 8134 NEXT ISSUE WILL BE ON JULY 31, 2012.

17 JULIE 2012



49 For Sale / Te Koop Te Koop: Pragtige GOUE LABRADOR RETRIEVER hondjies. 5 Reuntjies en 3 Tefies. KUSA Gerigestreerd, Microchip, Inspuiting + ontwurm. 1 Kg hondekos gratis. Skakel Nick by 072 997 1496 of 082 788 5880 of 011 814 6269.

50 Businesses / Besighede

To advertise your property contact 011 814 8614

R&I Afslaers, 699 Voortrekkerstr, Brakpan, 011 740 0477 / 011 744 3544. Nuwe tyres, puncture repairs, fitting, balancing & new valves. Vir u tyre behoeftes skakel Ivan vir ‘n kwotasie. SUPER MEUBELS: Waar anders as Schoemanstr 42 , Heidelberg. Tel: 016 341 4445. Staal rakke R400 elk, stationary kaste, 4Laai liaseer kaste, kantoorstoele, lessenare, ou hout meubels, Nuwe Kar en Bakkie bande, hondemandjies en kombersies, los ronderug stoele, kombuiskaste, bunkerbed, beddens, babgoed, Pers sitkamerstel, NUWE VOORRAAD WEEKLIKS - Super groete.

ANCIENT DAYS Antiques - oudhede. Ons koop, verkoop en restoureer meubels. Groot verskeidenheid nou beskikbaar. Kom loer gerus in. Skakel ons by 016 349 2175 of Wena 082 785 9108

26 B Marshallstraat, Heidelberg.

Tel: 016 341 3391 Fax: 016 341 4253

Fully equiped workshop All warranty work welcome Service all type of vehicles.

Accredited Terms & Conditions apply

J DONALDSON APPLIANCES Free collection and delivery & Quotations 77 Porter Road, DUNNOTTAR. Tel: 011 734 2812 Fax: 011 734 2041


* Fridges * Freezers * Stoves * Washing machines * Tumble dryers Establised 1978

JANIC WALLING DANIE 073 628 5826 082 454 3830 NICOLENE 076 921 4766

* Betonmure * Verlengging s* Staalpalisades * Skuifhekke * Lemmetjiesdraad * Afdakke * Hekmotor

Herstelwerk op bogenoemde


VAKANTE POS Enkellopende kroegdames dringend benodig in Leandra. Basiese salaris R3500 plus goeie kommisie. Woonstel op perseel ingesluit. Geen ondervinding. Skakel Natasha 073 304 2214 of Charles 076 208 0512


N o t i c e


Geely approved workshop




Botes en Botha spog met eerstes Danie Botes en Andre Botha se name pryk nou ook onder die uitgelese groep duiweboere wat ná ses wedrenne in die nuwe OERF seisoen van die Heidelberg Posduif Klub met ‘n eerste plek of meer as een kan spog. Andre het in die sesde wedren van die seisoen skoonskip gemaak deur eerste plekke in albei afdelings te behaal en het in die vierde wedren sy eerste oorwinning van die seisoen in die ope-afdeling ingeryg. Danie het met mag en mening na vore gekom toe sy duiwe in beide die vierde en die vyfde wedren die eerste en tweede plekke behaal het. Danie en Andre bevind hulle nou in die uitgelese geselskap van Willem Matthee, Ferdie Pienaar, Paulse Alroy, die Klingbiels en Henk Pienaar. Die vierde wedren was van Bloemfontein af oor 367 km in bewolkte toestande met ‘n ligte weste wind en die vyfde wedren van Reddersburg af oor 410 km terwyl ‘n ligte suid-weste wind gewaai het. In die vierde wedren was die uitslae soos volg, met die ope-afdeling in hakies. Danie Botes, 1, 2, 19.(2, 11, 30), Andre Botha 27 (1, 9, 22), Babore Lofts 26 (27), Botha Koos en Bets 25 (24, 25, 26) M+Y Klingbiel 9, 18, 28 (23). Klingbiel Y+M 6, 11, 16, 24. (4, 6). David en Derrick 7, 10, 17, 23 (3, 7), Willem Matthee 3, 15, 22. (8, 10, 12, 15, 29), Alroy Paulse 14, (20, 21), Ferdie Pienaar 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 30 (14, 17, 19, 28), Henk Pienaar 20, 21, 29 (13, 16, 18). Die

duiwe het ‘n dag laat gevlieg omdat die weer op Saterdag te sleg was. Hulle het in Bloemfontein oornag. In die vyfde wedren het altesame 206 duiwe in die ope afdeling en 159 jong duiwe deelgeneem. Die volledige uitslae met die opeafdeling in hakies, was soos volg: Babore Lofts 23, 25 (43), Danie Botes 1, 2, 24 (32). Andre Botha 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 16, 16, 18, 26 (2, 11, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20). Derrick en David 47 (13). Klingbiels Y + M 13, 21, 27 (8, 9, 12). Klingbiel M+Y 14, 28, 30 (1, 10, 27) Willem Matthee 2, 6, 11, 14, 21, 23, 24, 30. Alroy Pieterse 49 (4, 7, 22). Ferdie Pienaar 4, 10, 17, 19, 20 (6, 6, 26, 28). Henk Pienaar, 22, 29 (3, 16, 29). In die sesde wedren van Edenburg af oor 430 km was die uitslae vir jong duiwe (met die uitslae van die ope afdeling in hakies), soos volg: Babore Lofts 25 (29), Danie Botes 4, 6 (22). Andre Botha 1, 5, 10, 16, 20, 21, 26, 27 (1, 10, 15, 16, 21). Derrick en David 19 (25). Klingbiel M +Y 3, 9, 13, 15, 17, 22 (6, 23, 28). Klingbiel Y+M 7, 18, 24, 30. Willem Matthee 12, 14 (5, 11, 19, 20, 27). Alroy Pieterse 37 (3, 4, 13). Ferdie Pienaar 2, 4, 8, 11, 23, 29 (9, 17, 18, 24, 26). Henk Pienaar 51 (2, 7, 8, 12, 14, 30). Die lug was skoon met ’n noordewind wat gewaai het. In die ope afdeling het 232 duiwe en in die afdeling vir jong duiwe het 178 deelgeneem.

17 JULIE 2012

Koue staak hengelaars nie Op ‘n tipiese winter-oggend het Suikerbos Harriers vroeg-oggend vertrek om op 7 Julie by Wilgedraai, Vaaldam, te gaan hengel. Altesame 35 hengelaars het met ‘n oes van 53 visse met ‘n totale massa van 34,511kg huiswaarts gekeer. Uitslag senior mans was: 1. Leslie Lloyd met 5 visse, massa 4,778 kg. 2. Johan Nienaber met 4 visse, massa 4,095 kg. 3. Pierre

Cronjè met 5 visse, massa 2,983 kg. Uitslag meesters: 1. Andrè Bezuidenhout met 7 visse, massa 3,364 kg. 2. Johan du Toit met 4 visse, massa 2,136 kg. Uitslag dames: 1. Monica Lloyd met 4 visse, massa 3,428 kg. 2. Elize Backhouse met 3 visse, massa 2,320 kg. Uitslag juniors: 1. Nathan Bailey met 2 visse, massa 1,074 kg. 2. Dillan Lloyd met een vis, massa 0,575 kg. Uitslag penkoppe: 1. Pieter Cronjè met een vis, massa 0,335 kg.

Die wenners van 7 Julie. Van links na regs voor, Pieter Cronjè. Middel, Monica Lloyd, Elize Backhouse, Nathan Bailey en Dillan Lloyd. Agter, Leslie Lloyd, Johan Nienaber, Pierre Cronjè: Andrè Bezuidenhout, Johan du Toit.

Boer en Brit klap ‘n dop! Boer en Brit gaan op 3 November by die Val Hotel naby Greylingstad saam dans, koeksisters eet en pret maak ter herdenking aan ‘n ligte oomblik in die AngloBoereoorlog. Tydens dié gesellige oomblikkie aan die einde van die 1890’s het die boere ‘n “whisky” trein ontspoor en sommer lekker geknetter geraak op die ou gawetjie, so veel só dat hulle selfs die gevange Tommies in hul gelukkie laat deel het! Rita Britz van die Val Hotel, sê die fees gaan heel gepas Boer en Brit genoem word. ‘n Wynplaas wat die Boer en Brit wyne bemark, het toestemming verleen dat hulle naam daaraan gekoppel word. ‘n Monument ter herdenking aan die gesellige feesviering in die oorlog gaan opgerig word. ‘n Beeld van ‘n Boer en ‘n Brit wat hand om die lyf staan, sal op die monument gesandspuit word. Die monument sal deur David Scholtz opgerig word. Dit gaan ‘n fees der feeste afgee en Rita soek nou na mense wat graag aktief by die projek betrokke wil raak. “Ons nooi graag mense soos doedelsakspelers en dansers, of mense wat stalletjies vir die dag wil huur, om met ons in aanraking te kom.” Val Hotel is in 1896 gebou en die Boere het ‘n plek 6 km van die stasie af gekies om ‘n trein te laat ontspoor. Die Val Hotel is reg oorkant die plek waar die ontsporing plaasgevind het

Heidelberg: 23 Schoeman Str TEL: 016 341 2187 / 8 FAX: 016 341 6702


in die enigste straat van die dorpie. Niemand was gedood of beseer nie. Die storie agter die storie waarby Jack en Gert van den Heever van die Heidelberg Kommando betrokke was, verskyn op bl. 83 van die boek “Op Kommando onder Kommandant Buys.” Jack en Gert van der Heever van die Heidelberg Kommando het op 29 Desember gewag op die trein. Hulle het dinamiet laat ontplof. “‘n Paar trokke het omgeval dat die kaste so rol. ‘n Stuk potyster, wat van die onderstel van ‘n trok afgeruk is, het soos ‘n dikgevrete aasvoël hier by ons verby galop.” Die res van die Boere Kommando het opgedaag en die Engelse gou oorrompel en dit was weer ‘n vet buit. Die trein, wat bekend gestaan het as die “whisky”trein, het omtrent alles bevat wat ‘n mens in ‘n groot winkel met ‘n kantien aan die een kant kan kry; blikke poeding, vis, groente, vrugte en vleis, en kaste en kaste van enige soort drank. Party van die kaste het met die vallery oopgebreek en blikke en bottels het deurmekaar en oop gelê - net gereed om te neem, te eet, en te drink. Jack was gedehidreer van die lang wag in die son dat hy enigiets gegryp het om te drink. “My dors was egter so groot dat dit ‘n hele paar soorte drank gevat het om dit te les. Die deurmekaar spul in my leë maag het baie gou my kop aangetas en toe moes die arme Tommies in my vreugde deel. Ek het elkeen ‘n

Die Val Hotel behoort nou aan Andre en Rita Britz. Belangstellendes wat aan die fees wil meedoen of die heerlike dag wil geniet kan meer uitvind deur Rita te skakel by 082 5505540 of haar te e-pos by Webwerf:

Lekker hondepretskou Rita en Andre Britz wat die fees aanbied bottel gegee, en aangemoedig deur uitings soos: “hy’s ‘n lekker kêrel”, (For he’s a jolly good fellow) het ek begin om kaste en kaste drank vir hulle aan te dra.” So het elkeen ‘n wonderlike tydjie geniet. Die plek van die ontsporing is uitgewys deur Quinton Smith, ‘n afstammeling van Joseph Smith wat die Val Stasie gebou het.

‘n Hondepretskou met ‘n miernes van aktiwiteite wag Saterdag op die publiek wanneer die skou by Laer Volkskool in Heidelberg aangebied word om fondse in te samel vir mense wat gebreke aan die gesig en kop het. Die opwindende skou begin reeds om 09:00. Valerie Damon, een van die organiseerders, sê “Skryf jou hondjie vir net R30 in en ontvang ‘n gratis geskenkpak. Daar is vyf katogorieë waaraan die honde kan deelneem om as wenners uit die stryd te tree. 1. Grootste volwasse hond, 2. Kleinste volwasse hond. 3. Vetste hond, 4. Mooiste baba hond en 5. Bes geklede hond waarvan die “baas Iyk soos sy hond. Daar is ongelooflike pryse om te wen!” Na afloop van die skou sal die Suid-Afrikaanse Polisiehonde Eenheid die publiek saam met die Ingrypingseenheid vermaak met hulle vertonings. “Kom kyk gerus hoe ver kan só ‘n hond ‘n kar sleep .... en vele meer. ..!” Baie vlooimarkstalletjies en eetgoed na almal se smaak. Dis ‘n fondsinsameling vir die ‘God’s Special Angel Trust Fund’ in samewerking met ‘Pansie’ organisasie wat kinders met gesigsgestremdhede probeer help. Vir navrae kontak Valerie Damon 0828725127, Pamela Steenekamp 0824111077 en Alete Greyling (0725164016). Die naam ‘Pansie’ staan vir: S-Support, I-Image, en E-Empathy. Sien jul daar!

Discover Nigel @

17 JULIE 2012





17 JULIE 2012


NIGEL TEL: 011 814-8300 HENNIE 071 GYS 083 BHEKI 083 CAREL 082

710 647 334 453

V isit www .autocity .co .za www.autocity to view more vehicles!

5733 8711 7502 3794

TEL: 016 079 082 082 082 082 074


341 694 637 654 491 953 465

3509 6360 7542 4921 9295 4420 8700

Join us for 2007 PEUGEOT 207 GTi2005 MAZDA RX8 HIGH POWER

R129 900

R99 900


on Saturday

R109 900

Lots of Prizes to be won

19-21 July @ Heidelber g Auto City Heidelberg Discount on selected cars. Open Saturday until 5pm

VIEW MORE AT - Finance can be arranged 20k - 120k No deposit required. We buy cars 4 cash Call 011 739 5862 - Joe: 082 602 5082 - Lazzy: 072 974 7519 - Sajid: 071 540 5323 - Bee: 072 243 0771

R49 999

1995 Tazz 130, Anti Hi-Jack, Central-Lock, Radio

R73 999

2001 Corolla 160i GL, Radio, Anti HiJack, IMMO, Mags, Aircon

R59 999

R49 999

1998 Honda Ballade 150,Radio, Aircon, Sunroof

2006 Golf Citi 1.4i, Radio, Sunroof, Mags

R48 999

R87 999

2005 Toyota Hilux 3.0D, Aircon, Ruberised, 2 To choose from

2007 Nissan 1400, IMMO, G/L, Alarm, Mags

R49 999

R45 999

1994 Mitsubishi Pajero V6 4X4, 1998 Mercedes Benz Turbo Diesel, Aircon, Radio, Mags, L/S Radio,Aircon, L/S, P/S, Mags

Nafisa 011 739-4226 Open daily 08h00 - 17h00 (Closed Friday 12h00 14h00) Saturdays 08h00 - 13h00

R67 999

2000 Stallion, Central lock, Mags, Aircon

R59 999

2000 V.W. Beetle 2.0, Radio, C/L, L/S, Mags

R49 999

1997 Nissan Sabre, Aircon, P/S, Radio, Mags

R35 999

R49 999

R42 999

R45 999

1998 Sentra 140 Si, Radio, C/L, 1998 Hyundai Tiburon, P/S, Aircon, 1995 Masda mx6 Grey, Aircon, L/S, E/W, P/S, Radio, Mags, C/L, IMMO, Mags, E/W Mags, Aircon

R73 999

2006 Opel Corsa 1.7 DTi,P/S, Aircon, Radio, Mags, Canopy

R69 999

1998 Nissan Hardbody V6 3.0 Petrol 4x4, Radio, Aircon, Gearlock

R79 999

R55 999

1993 VW Caravelle 2.5i, Radio, E/W, C/L, Mags

R79 999

2004 Mazda 6, Aircon, P/S, E/W, Radio, Mags

R49 999

1993 Toyota Camry 220 A/T, 2004 Audi A3 6Speed 2.0 TDi, Masda Rustler 130, IMMO, Alarm, Canopy Radio, Aircon, Mags 3 to choose from Radio, E/W, P/S, Mags

R41 999

1997 Audi A4 100 Avant Red, Radio, A/C, L/S, E/W, C/L

R28 999

1998 Hyundai Sonata, Radio, E/W, G/L, Mags

R49 999

1994 Toyota Corolla 160 GLE, Radio, Aircon, P/S

Siraj 084 561 3717


Rekord - Nigel & Heidelberg  

17 July 2012