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21 March 2012




Criminals let rip! Do the police have the capacity to protect us?


rime is now totally out of control in our suburbs, with more and more reports of criminals being armed and not afraid to use their weapons. This has proven to be the case in the last week, with residents being shot by criminals operating in our neighbourhoods. Do the police have enough resources to cope with this crime epidemic? We do not think so, particularly with some of the sector vehicles being off the road for repairs. This is one of the issues which will be discussed by the Joint Chairpersons at their next meeting. We need visible policing in our suburbs in order to keep the criminal element at bay. Wednesday morning, 14 March 2012, at 3am, during the calm hours while everyone is asleep is when you would expect to be resting from your hard day’s work, halfway through a week. The last thing you expect is to wake up hearing people ransacking your home. That is the rude awakening that Mr. Manuel Ferreira Jnr had this past Wednesday morning when 5 men jumped over the neighbour’s wall to gain access to his home in Davidson Street, Rynfield. Four of these men were armed and made their way into the house through a window, going to the parents’ room and switching on the light, hushing them at gunpoint to keep quiet while they ransacked the room. With all this commotion Mr Manuel Ferreira Jnr. woke up and went to investigate and came across the assailants, resulting in shots being fired, severely injuring Mr Ferreira in the stomach and leaving him for dead on

the ground. Hushing the parents to lie on the ground next to their injured son, they continued to pillage the residence. After the assailants left the police and ambulance were contacted and Mr Ferreira Jnr. was taken to hospital in a critical condition, but alive. Emergency surgery was performed but he was not yet out of the danger zone. Mr Ferreira Jnr is currently recovering in Union Hospital, Alberton. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family and we wish him a speedy and complete recovery. Late afternoon on the same day, 3 armed robbers entered a shop in Actonville and we understand the owner was shot in the chest by the suspects before they took off with an undisclosed amount of money. On Thursday 15 March 2012, a Benoni North businessman, Mr Hennie Greeff, returned to his home in Hodgson Road, only to be confronted by an armed robber who was waiting for him inside the garage. Mr Greeff was shot in the head and dragged into the house, where 2 further armed suspects were waiting for him, having already tied up his wife and the domestic worker. The suspects wanted money from the safe and once they had the cash, shot Mr Greeff again in the head and took off in his vehicle, which was later recovered abandoned in High Road. Mr Greeff was initially transported to Linmed, but was later moved to The Glynnwood Hospital where he has undergone surgery to remove bone fragments. Unfortunately one of the bullets cannot be removed at this time due to its position.


At the time of going to press Mr Greeff’s condition was stable. We can only pray that he makes a recovery.

Manuel Ferreira

Attention, all law abiding citizens This is an important notice to all people who wish to own a firearm or have one and wish to become more proficient. Crime in Benoni, particularly violent crime has spiraled out of control. East Rand Shooting Club is a body of free individuals who believe in the right to self defense, and the safe and responsible use of firearms. The East Rand Shooting Club wishes to promote the concept of private firearm ownership and have as their core mission, the facilitation and training of other law abiding citizens in the craft of responsible firearm ownership, as an effective deterrent against violent crime. The East Rand Shooting Club wll be hosting a discussion on how to obtain a firearm license and how to reach a high level proficiency at the premises of Rampage Model Agency located at the Northmead Square Admin Building, on the evenings of the 19th and 26th of March and 2nd April @ 19:00 The East Rand Shooting Club will discuss: 1. How to become a Firearm owner. 2. The licensing procedure for firearms. 3. How the East Rand Shooting Club can facilitate this. 4. The correct mindset and methods of use of a firearm. 5. Advanced Courses offered. 6. General advice and questions from the floor. 7. How to dispose of unwanted firearms There is a R20 cover charge for the use of the facility.

For more info or should you have any questions:


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PCN 21 March 2012

Fire on Mercury


ust before 7am on the morning of Sunday 18 March 2012 the control room received a call that a house was on fire in Mercury Street, Farrarmere. The

fire department were already on scene, working quickly and efficiently to put out the flames. The cause of the fire is unknown.

Beatles Songs Find and circle all of the songs by The Beatles that are hidden in the grid. The remaining letters spell the name of an additional Beatles song.

Car thieves nabbed in MVA

A motor vehicle accident occurred just before 09h40 on Saturday 17 March 2012 at the N12 Tom Jones offramp. Three people got out of one of the vehicles, two of which ran towards the dam and the third ran into a drainage tunnel. On checking the vehicle’s registration number, it was soon discovered that this





Council puts onus on residents

Name: __________________________________________________________________ Contact Number: ________________________________________________________ Answer: ________________________________________________________________

THE PRECINCT COMMUNITY NEWS Tel: 011 578 5600 Fax: 086 683 7228 Email: Join our group on facebook! Just do a search for The Precinct Community News Editor Tel: 011 578 5674 Design & Layout Tel: 011 578 5624 Tel: 011 578 5668 Advertising Pam Fourie Tel: 083 206 9463 or 011 578 5668

vehicle had in fact been stolen from the Northern Cape. As a result of a quick response, two of the suspects were apprehended by members of SAPS. It is believed that the third suspect was later found, but further details could not be obtained at the time of going to print.

The Precinct Community News is published by the Joint Precincts. Contributions are submitted at the senders risk. The Joint Precincts do not accept responsibility for material lost. The Joint Precincts reserve the right to make changes to any material submitted for publication. All rights reserved. All crime statistics are those logged by the commuinty control room and are those logged by the community control room and are not necessarily those of the newspaper. Reproduction without written permission of the Editor is strictly prohibited. To enquire about reproduction of any material contained in this publication please email info@ CODE OF CONDUCT: This newspaper has committed itself to report news truthfully and accurately, and to publish comment that is fair in accordance with the highest standards of journalism, as set out in the Press code of South Africa. Complaints that this code has been breached may be lodged with the office of the Press Ombudsman. Written complaints with a copy of the report concerned may be sent to the press ombudsman at fax: 011 484 3612 or email


Our ward councilor R e f l o e N t ’s e k h e recently posed some questions to the MMC : Roads and Stormwater regarding the flooding of many of the roads on the plots, particularly Mollison

and Jurgens. The residents of these areas were asked by the roads engineer from Benoni to dig trenches on their properties to allow the water to follow its natural flow. The trenches are then directing the water towards the roads. These roads do not have storm water drainage systems, resulting in flooding. Some residents’ electricity boxes are now sitting in water because they were built quite low at the time of installation. One of the questions raised was “What is the electricity department doing to assist the residents to avoid hazards which could be caused by electricity boxes getting in contact with water?” The response from Ekurhuleni was: “In terms of the EMM ELECTRICITY BY LAWS: (COUNCIL RESOLUTION: MI195/2001 dated 29 November 2001 and CL71/2002 dated 26 March 2002) (Date of Commencement: 24 April 2002). Section 25: “where required by the council, an owner shall, at no expense to the council, provide and maintain an approved enclosure for

accommodating the Council’s and Consumer’s supply equipment in a position determined by the Council.” In the event where the initial position indicated is no longer acceptable such consumer / owner shall then have to move the meter box at his or her expense. These specific boxes are not Council equipment. The site was inspected by our department and the area was under water but the boxes in question were not affected in a way that there is any risk or unsafe condition. It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure that “Electrical Meters” and any other electrical structure is not situated in drainage paths, water logged areas or poorly drained positions. Council cannot be held accountable for poor planning / placement of these structures.” There is clearly a contradiction in that on the one hand “an owner shall, at no expense to the council, provide and maintain an approved enclosure for accommodating the Council’s and Consumer’s supply equipment in a position determined by the Council.” Later it says that “Council cannot be held accountable for poor planning / placement of these structures.” The position of these structures were determined by Council in the first place, therefore the ‘poor planning’ was theirs. The residents should not, therefore, be held responsible for, nor have to bear the costs of, Council’s mistakes. Another example of Ekurhuleni shirking their responsibilities at the expense of the community.

PCN 21 March 2012 At our monthly committee meeting last week, we were able to obtain some feedback from our Ward Councillor, Andre du Plessis, on various issues. Council have been replacing stolen manhole covers throughout the area. It is also intended to replace street name signs and traffic signs throughout the area where necessary. With regard to an update on developments at the Vlei, Clr du Plessis reported that he will be calling for a public meeting within the next few weeks. It is believed that work is planned for the winter months, but we need a commitment on what is going to be done


Tell us your story! Email: or Phone 011 578 5674 and when. Clr du Plessis also briefed the committee on ACSA developments on Atlas Road, which could have a detrimental effect on Atlasville (see article on left). We would like to encourage residents to register as ‘interested and affected parties’ so that we can at least be kept aware of what is happening there. The last thing we need is to fix the vlei problem, only to be faced with another. An update was also given regarding water flowing from Ashton College, which has been addressed by Council. It would appear that there is a leak and the location of this leak needs to be identified and fixed. There is also a problem relating to rainwater but this is expected to be resolved with the installation of an underground pipe from the sump into the culvert. Then the area can

be rehabilitated. Clr du Plessis also gave an update on the issue of the development of erven 267 and 268 Goedeburg Ext. 28 on the corner of Venus and Mercury Streets. Building plans were submitted to Ekurhuleni in April 2010, after construction had commenced. Ekurhuleni then granted permission to commence construction prior to final approval of the plans in terms of Section 7(6) of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act No. 103 of 1977. (Work had already commenced.) This consent was not to be seen as approval of the building plans. 2 petitions have been handed to the Mayor of Ekurhuleni at Council meetings, one in November 2011 and a second in January of this year. These petitions will go before a special petitioners committee who will scrutinise the merits


of the application and provide feedback. Should any resident who has not already signed a petition wish to do so, they can contact our Ward Councillor, Andre du Plessis on 083-655-8187. Although it has been reasonably quiet on the crime front in the past week, we urge our residents to remain alert and continue to report anything of a suspicious nature. We believe this type of communication between our residents, your chairman, and our Control Room have played a major role in keeping crime to a minimum in our suburb. Please continue to check the outside of your premises for any ‘markings’ and remove anything that should not be there. We take this opportunity to give special thanks to our patrolmen as well as our Sector vehicle/Boksburg North SAPS who have been highly visible in our area recently.



lr Andre Du Plessis , the Ward Councillor for ward 23, which incorporates the following affected suburbs, Impala Park, Witkoppie Ridge, Clearwater Estates, Atlasville, Bonaero Park and Parkhaven, has requested residents within these suburbs who did not attend the two previously advertised open days, to PLEASE study the attached map of the proposed development, and make contact with the Environmental consultants, (details listed below), in an attempt to still register as ‘INTERESTED AND AFFECTED PARTIES’, even though the original deadline date has already lapsed. This will entitle you to be incorporated in all further meetings and discussions, as well as being included in the circulation list for future correspondence and information. In the event that the consultants do not want to register you, please feel free to forward me your contact details, for example, full name and surname, physical address, identity number, Cell phone number and Email address, then I will keep you informed of all future progress on these proposed developments. Please note that these various and numerous developments will have a major effect and

impact with regard to the following: Increased traffic on Atlas Road of large interlink delivery trucks, as well as possibly through the suburbs of Bonaero Park, Impala Park and Witkoppie Ridge. Stormwater run off out of these developments that will flow into Clearwater Estates, Bonaero Park, Atlasville, Impala Park, and Parkhaven. Noise and dust pollution, additional traffic of construction vehicles, and a possibility of increased crime during construction. Noise from vehicles, after completion of the developments. For example, reverse hooters of delivery trucks after hours and on week ends. PLEASE GET INVOLVED. Details of the Environmental consultants ; ENVIRONOMICS Debbie Claassen Cell 0823787201 Fax to mail , 0865147856 Email , PO Box 400 Midstream Estates 1697 Clr Andre du Plessis can be contacted on 083655-8187 or via email at andre.duplessis@

Suspects grab one handbag too many For quite some time now, domestic workers in particular, as well as other pedestrians, have been robbed in the street. The good news is that 2 of these robbery suspects were apprehended on the morning of Thursday 15 March 2012. Our patrolman was stopped by a domestic worker at the corner of Miles Sharp and Kerr Muir Street just before 8am. The domestic worker reported that she was walking along the road on her way to work when a blue car stopped beside her, got out of the vehicle, grabbed her handbag, jumped back into the vehicle and drove off. Thanks to the alertness of the domestic worker, she was able to provide us with a vehicle description and registration number. Our patrolman immediately radioed the information to the control room and took off in the direction the vehicle had taken. The Controllers quickly contacted 10111 and gave a lookout for the vehicle over the air. Our patrol vehicle spotted the suspects’ vehicle and managed to pull it over to the side of the road. Shortly thereafter SAPS vehicle BE11 arrived on scene and the two suspects were arrested. It is believed that these 2 suspects may be linked to other street robberies. It took approx 30 minutes from the time of the report until the time of the arrest. Wish we could see much more of this. Well done and a big ‘thank you’ to everyone for their prompt response and action.


Pawn star caught

At approximately 23h00 on Saturday 10 March 2012, a staff member at a pawn shop in Jet Park pressed the panic button. Our patrol vehicle r e s p o n d e d immediately and was on scene within a



few minutes. Apparently the suspect had been caught on camera stealing electric motors from the premises the previous day. When the suspect came into the shop again on the Saturday, he was recognised by staff as he was a regular customer, and they raised the alarm. The suspect was detained until BN30 arrived within a short space of time and arrested the male suspect, believed to live in the Lakefield area.


PCN 21 March 2012

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This weeks recipe...

Rump steak with blue cheese sauce

Preparation time: 10 mins Cooking time: 30 mins Ingredients • • • • • •

4 rump steaks 100g blue cheese 250ml cream 100ml white wine 100g butter Seasoning

Method ( 4 Servings ) Heat a pan to hot and add 1/2 the butter. Season the steaks and sear. Add the other half of the butter when you turn them over. 5 minutes each side should give you a rare steak. Remove from the pan and rest on a cutting board. Deglaze the pan with the wine and reduce for a minute or 2. Add the cream and then the cheese (crumble it in). Reduce on a low heat for about 7-10 minutes. Season to taste. Serve the steak and sauce with mash and greens or a simple baked potato and salad.

My week with Marilyn In the early summer of 1956, 23 yearold Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne), just down from Oxford and determined to make his way in the film business, worked as a lowly assistant on the set of 'The Prince and the Showgirl'. The film that famously united Sir Laurence Olivier (Kenneth Branagh) and Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams), who was also on honeymoon with her new husband, the playwright Aurthur Miller (Dougray Scott). Nearly 40 years on, his diary account The Prince, the Showgirl and Me was published.


Directed By: Simon Curtis Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Kenneth Branagh, Michelle Williams

March 23rd 2012 CRICKET – ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier, M65 - Loser M57 V Loser M58, SS7 CRICKET – ICC World Twenty20 Qulaifier, M68 - Winner M57 V Winner M58 CRICKET – • Wi Cricket - ODI Series, West Indies v Australia 4th ODI GOLF • European tour, Trophee Hassan II Day 2, SS5 March 24th 2012 CRICKET – Nz Cricket - National Bank Test Series, New Zealand v South Africa 3rd Test Day 2 RUGBY • HSBC Sevens World Series, HSBC Hong Kong Sevens - Games 13 - 15 • HSBC Sevens World Series, HSBC Hong Kong Sevens - Games 16 - 18 SOCCER • SA SCHOOLS SOCCER - SA Schools Shootout, Paballelo v C4, SS4 • FA Cup - Barclays Premier League, Week 33: Arsenal v Aston Villa March 125th 2012 MOTORSPORT • F1 - Malaysian Grand Prix Main Race

Zoo Animals Find and circle all of the zoo animals that are hidden in the grid. The words may be hidden in any direction.

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en o

nl y

PCN 21 March 2012


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At a

cinema near you!


Dj Giggs Superstar’s 3rd offering is proving his name- Superstar. His latest 14 track album includes the radio hits and some great songs which without a doubt will be our classics in the future. Edmund Mnisi better known as Dj Giggs Superstar was raised in the East Rand; his love for music or Dj’ying in particular started at Benoni High School were after matriculating he went out there and decided to pursue his passion. He is another star rising out of Soul Candi Records. His 2011 chat topper – ‘I don’t care’ was well received as one of the hottest dance songs for the year. His new album ‘sounds of a Superstar Volume 3’ lives up to the expectations from his previous album. The album features the hit song ‘Say Yes’ featuring RnB singer Mario Ogle, Remix of MiCasa’s - These Streets and Harrison Crump - No, No, No. if you are a laid back, tapping toes type then this is for you, for the love of good dance music Dj Giggs Superstar is really making super music. You can catch him on twitter on @giggs_superstar



Northmead Square, Tel: 011 425 0137

Safe House

Denzel Washington


Robert Patrick

Director: Daniel Espinosa Cast: Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds adn Patrick Robert A young CIA agent is tasked with looking after a fugitive in a safe house. But when the safe house is attacked, he finds himself on the run with his charge.


contact PRESS Pam: 083 206-9463 or Email:

Courtesy of Ster Kinekor,

Ryan Reynolds



The darkest hour


This means war

Hugo Cabret

by Tshidi Thamana

In his newest action conspiracy thriller, like in a majority of his films, Denzel Washington performs strong and does it convincingly and effectively. But the bigest surprise in Safe House is how well executed Ryan Reynolds brings life to his cliched character. He's now redeemed himself after agreeing to do the terrible Green Lantern. The film as a whole has decent action sequences and the developed characters are present. Safe House overall isn't anything that hasn't been done before but it's very entertaining and is the action flick that it wants to be, except with better acting than your average action vehicle

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don't PANIC!... Acitvate

Paws Corner...


s in your e n o h p ll e c e n all th


21 March PCN 2012


1. The Panic Button function •

You speed-dial 5 on cellphone:

The call connects, you hear a short recorded message. • Your details are displayed as a prioritory PANIC on the screens in the CMS Control Rooms. • The call is automatically routed to a CMS controller, who answers your call. • If you hang up without speaking, the controller attempts to call you back - the name and cell phone number of the person that has pressed 5 is displayed on the screen. If there is no reply - immediate armed response to the known physical address.


1. The Sms Notification function At the same time as a client presses 5:

The system automatically triggers sms messages to all the cellphone numbers that the client has chosen to notify when any member of the household speed dials 5 on their cellphones. Everyone that receives an sms alert is immmediately aware of a possible emergency involving a member of their household. This is the CellRESCUE emergency early warning system.

COST OF THE NOTIFICATION ADD-ON R10 /month (incl. VAT) per cellphone number that the client chooses to notify bysms when a panic is triggered by anyone inthe household.

James Tindale passed away on 1 April 2011 and was a long-standing member of the community and co-founder of Tailwaggers Dog Academy. His passing will be commemorated at the planned event on Sunday 1 April 2012.

TO PARTICIPATE: Let the community come to you. Become the CellRESCUE pick up point for your area. Advertising space is a full colour 2x2 space & run weekly. Book your participation for a minimum of 4 publications at a cost of R364.80. Call Pam on 083 206 9463 or email on

To apply:

Pick up and drop off your cellRESCUE Application Forms at these convenient locations:

CMS Control Room Sheridon Shopping Centre, Farramere

Mannys Build It Cnr Great North & Louisa Rd, Brentwood Park 011 578 5600

BP Garage Webb street Northmead

ace our sp

ace our sp

be y

ould This c

be y

OR REGISTER ONLINE and click on the cellRESCUE logo on the home page. Enquiries: Paul on 082 499 3552 or email: FAX TO: 086 224 1157 OR Email a scanned copy to

Sunday 1 April 2012


09H00 to 13H00

VENUE: 32 Doreen Road (off High Road) Norton’s Home Estates, Benoni

Any enquiries regarding the event may be directed to Liezel Pienaar on 084 777 5557

All members of the general public welcome. No entrance fees. All dogs must be on a collar and leash throughout the event. Planned Displays.

• Paws For People Demonstration • Search Work Demonstration • Showdog Display • Tailwaggers Social Dog Club Demonstration • SAPS Search and Rescue Dog Display • Dog Competition - Children Under 12 • Catering and Refreshments • Please bring along picnic baskets • Liquid refreshments will be on sale • Braai fires will be available

Rebel Fruit and Veg Star street Atlasville

ould This c


Have you got


Share it with others across the East Rand and join the

CANSA Relay For Life

23/24 March 2012


Teams of 10 - 15 members at R100.00 PP & SHOW YOUR SUPPORT

Become a sponsor with great advetising benefits!

Boksburg Stadium

Join us for great entertainment stalls and candle lighting ceremonies

For more information, please contact CANSA Staff partner, Rina Burke at 072 604 9342 / or Relay For Life Event Chair, Ursula Spennato at 082 441 4245 /

PCN 21 March 2012


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Classifieds Tel: 011 578-5624 Fax: 086 683-7228


Adverts will only be accepted on a cash and EFT (transfer) basis before being published, e.g. property, lifts, for sale, employment wanted, gardening/cleaning, etc. (Always have your ID no / CO Registration no ready)

All advertisers must have a telephone number PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING Proof of Payment MUST be faxed through to: 086 683-7228 Reference number PCN + Telephone number must appear on proof of payment


Conditions of acceptance. Advertisers Please Note: 1. Although every effort will be made to meet the client's wishes, the date of publication, distribution, the form and position of the entries, the name and/or title and format of the advertisement, the number of copies and place of distribution, shall be at the sole discretion of


These are a few snippets of just some of the crimes that have been reported in the last week:

MARCH 12 A vehicle was stolen from Melkweg Street, Atlasville. Suspects broke in through the roof of a premises in High Road, Benoni North and stole a laptop. A window and burglar bars of a business in Malherbe St, Rynfield were forced open, with computers stolen, as well as the client’s bakkie. 2 TVs were stolen from a business in O’Reilly Merry Street. MARCH 13 A break-in occurred in Mars Street, Atlasville, where suspects forced open the sliding door and stole a laptop and cameras. A business in Stanley Road, Benoni North was broken into by forcing open the window and burglar proofing. Computers were stolen. A break-in occurred in North St, Putfontein, where suspects stole a computer. A motor vehicle was broken into in a complex in Stanley Rd, Benoni North. A laptop was stolen. Another vehicle was broken into in a complex in Beyers Park, and another laptop stolen. A computer was stolen from a business in Mowbray Ave, Western Ext. The front door was forced open at a home in Goodman Street, Rynfield. Suspects stole a TV. Suspects broke into a home in Eugene Marais Street, Farrarmere and stole a TV and computer. A handbag was stolen out of a vehicle in Pretoria Road, Rynfield. The glass was removed from a vehicle at Northmead Square, and suspects took a laptop and cash. MARCH 15 A bakkie was hijacked in Elston Avenue, Benoni CBD. Suspects broke a window and stole a laptop at a premises in Klip Street, Farrarmere. Computers were stolen at a break-in in Totius Road, Crystal Park. A window and burglar bars were forced open at a premises in Miles Sharp Street, Rynfield. Suspects stole a TV, laptop and other items. The front door was forced open at a home in Platinum Street, Goedeburg, where a TV, computer, laptop and jewellery was stolen. A radio was stolen out of an unlocked vehicle in a complex in Bayley Street, Farrarmere. MARCH 16 A hijacking by 4 armed suspects took place in Carp Road, Bonaero Park. MARCH 18 Suspects forced open the door of a home in Douglas Street, Farrarmere and stole various items. A home in Jukskei Road, Farrarmere suffered the same fate.

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Crime snippets

the publisher. 2. Errors and omissions must be reported within the first week of insertion. 3. When querying an advertisement a reference number MUST be quoted. 4. Credit will not be given for typographical errors which do not

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