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Nic Bottari Toyota has dedicated the month of August and September to fight back against a tough economy by turning up the savings. So while there are many things affecting your pocket we can’t do much about, the one thing we can ensure is that with us, your money can go further. Just another testimony of how we are leading the way in value.


Nic Bottari Toyota offers free vehicle valuations to its valued customers. Click on the link and send an email containing the relevant info for an instant guideline of your vehicles value. For a binding offer please make an appointment with the Automark Manager for a formal evaluation. Requirements: 1. Your contact details 2. Vehicle Description 3. Year of Registration (Year Model) 4. Mileage 5. Colour

In line with Toyota’s global policy, Toyota SA Motors has initiated a recall campaign to check front airbags in all Toyota Models produced from 2003 until current and replace them if need be. We urge all our customers to make contact with us so that we can book an appointment to evaluate

your Toyota’s front airbags.

1. When a car hits something, it starts to decelerate (lose speed) very rapidly.

2. An accelerometer (electronic chip that measures acceleration or force) detects the change of speed.

3. If the deceleration is great enough, the accelerometer triggers the airbag circuit. Normal braking doesn't generate enough force to do this.

4. The airbag circuit passes an electric current through a heating element (a bit like one of the wires in a toaster).

5. The heating element ignites a chemical explosive. Older airbags used sodium azide as their explosive; newer ones use a different, safer formula.

6. As the explosive burns, it generates a massive amount of harmless gas (typically either nitrogen or argon) that floods into a nylon bag packed behind the steering wheel.

7. As the bag expands, it blows the plastic cover off the steering wheel and inflates in front of the driver. The bag is coated with a chalky substance such as talcum powder to help it unwrap smoothly.

8. The driver (moving forward because of the impact) pushes against the bag. This makes the bag deflate as the gas it contains escapes through small holes around its edges. By the time the car stops, the bag should have completely deflated.

Apart from keeping your body and mind healthy, sport has the ability to build character, improve confidence, instil discipline thus keeping children focused and away from the many bad things

that face them on the streets today. Most importantly it also brings the people in our community together. At Nic Bottari Toyota we are committed to taking an active role assisting in the future of sport in Nigel. We were approached by two local teams that belong to the Nigel football association, The J.S.T Valentines "The Lovers" U17 and The Nigel Shamrocks FC “The Rocks� U17 to sponsor kits for this soccer season. Nic Bottari Toyota wishes both teams all the best for the upcoming season and know that the boys will do their utmost to make the Nigel community proud.

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Nic Bottari Toyota Newsletter  

2017 August - September

Nic Bottari Toyota Newsletter  

2017 August - September