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Valco Stroller For Your Baby Are you planning to get rid of your existing, non-functioning stroller and replace it with a perfect stroller that can help you take your child on walk with high comfort? If your answer is in ‘yes’, then it is the high time to switch over to a stylish, functional and convenient Valco stroller that can make you feel happy and contented when you go out of your house carrying your child in a small carry cart. The stroller is available in two colors: Grey and taupe. With its clean lines, padded interior and ultra-smooth swivel system, you can push the stroller effortlessly as it is ideally suitable for all sorts of rough terrains. The thing that makes the stroller first choice of all parents is its enhanced features and specifications. A 3 position swivel system is one of the most striking features of the stroller that makes it unique from all other available strollers. It also has a fully recllining seat, link brake system, toddler seat option and compact fold that make the baby carriage comfortable for seating needs. For ensuring smooth performance, the stroller has quick release wheels, adjustable handle with heights of - 950, 1030, 1100, 1250mm and tyre pump and pump pocket. Other features that make the stroller stylish and perfect for all newborns are its Peek A Boo Window, storage pockets and an expandable hood. Surprisingly, the stroller is capable of carrying a maximum weight of 22kg. You will rarely find this feature in other popular strollers. Some of the technical specifications of the stroller are: • Weight With Wheels - 11.5kg • Open Dimensions - 1120H x 640W x 1040H mm • Folded Dimensions - 860L x 640W x 540H mm

• Inside Seat Dimensions - 230L x 300W x 400H mm Like Valco Matrix, Valco Stroller also matter the most when it comes to having a perfect stroller. People interested in having a perfect child carriage can make a selection from Valco Snap 3 Stroller - Limited Edition Black Beauty, 4 Stroller - Limited Edition Black Beauty, Duo Wind & Rain cover, Duo Capsule Adapters or 3 and Snap 4 Capsule Adapters. You as well as your child will catch all eyes and make your presence felt by all when you take your child out of house in a superbly-designed Valco Matrix or Valco Snap stroller. When your child travels in a Vaclo stroller, you get a reason to feel delighted with the output rendered by the stroller. Shop Valco Strollers for your baby at really discounted prices online. Visit now:

Valco stroller for your baby