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Brain Development

Baby Development Milestones (0-12months) ck? Is Your Child On Tra A first smile. A first step. A first word. These are the milestones that parents are eager to share with family and friends. But they are not the only milestones your baby will achieve that first year. Each month, your baby will master important skills that serve as the building blocks for continued growth and development. Throughout your baby’s first year, growth and development are measured in inches, pounds, and milestones—predictable skills that all normal children are expected to achieve at some point in time. Knowing when children typically achieve various milestones can help parents recognize developmental delays early on and seek appropriate care. Your child’s health care provider will discuss various milestones with you during your child’s check-ups to ensure that your child is growing as expected. Developmental milestones are divided into five categories: Gross motor skills. These skills involve the body’s large muscles (trunk, arms, legs, and neck). Examples of gross motor skills include controlling the head, sitting, standing, walking, running, jumping, and riding a bike. Fine motor skills. These skills require precision movements of the hands and fingers: picking up a pea, writing with a pen or pencil, painting a picture, or playing a flute.

Brain development in the early years a baby’s brain grows faster than at any other time. What they feel, see and hear at this time affects how their brain develops. ‘Good’ experiences lead to good brain development. Babies need warm, loving people to care for them and to respond to their needs kindly and consistently. They need to feel safe and secure in the world. This helps them to develop confidence and trust. In their first few weeks, babies like looking at faces. If a face is close, they'll focus on it and follow it. By the two weeks, most babies begin to recognise their parents. It's essential to encourage your child's learning in these early weeks, and talking to your baby is a great way to start. A health professional, usually a health visitor, will carry out a new baby review during these weeks. They'll talk to you about feeding your baby, becoming a parent and how you can help your baby to grow up healthily. As a minimum, your baby should be weighed with no clothes on at birth and again at five and 10 days. Babies have feelings from birth. They may feel content or uncomfortable but are not able to think about why they feel that way. They may ‘pick up on’ and ‘match’ your feelings such as when you are happy, calm or upset. From birth babies may:

0-3 Mths

Watch your face when you talk to them Turn to the side to suck when their cheek is touched Blink at sudden noises such as hand claps or door slamming Open their eyes to normal speech sounds just as they doze off Suck well from breast or bottle. By 8 weeks they may: Smile at you Move both eyes together most of the time Lift their head when lying on their tummy Kick both legs strongly Seem to listen to you and watch your face Make sounds other than crying, and ‘talk back’ to you Have sleep patterns which vary greatly. By 2–3 months they should follow your face or a moving light with their eyes.

Language skills. Early language skills include communicating through facial expressions, body movements, crying, cooing, and laughing. Babies build on these early skills to develop the ability to communicate with words. Social and play skills. These skills are essential to interacting and playing together, as well as solving problems collaboratively. They include giving, sharing, taking turns, and engaging others in play. Cognitive skills. Your child’s ability to solve problems, adapt to new situations, and know right from wrong are examples of cognitive development.

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Profile for Mummys Market

Baby Market Shopping Magazine April 2016  

Baby Market, the BIGGEST Baby Fair in Southeast Asia! (29Apr-1May, Singapore Expo Hall 4)

Baby Market Shopping Magazine April 2016  

Baby Market, the BIGGEST Baby Fair in Southeast Asia! (29Apr-1May, Singapore Expo Hall 4)