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Stroller Rental Orlando: An Introduction T o T he C ity

Welcome to Orlando, F lorida!

If you have brought your own stroller with you on vacation rather than finding a stroller rental,

Orlando International Airport and what you’ll go through there as you gather all your baggage and a trolley to put it on and keep a toddler or two from riding off on the baggage carousel (“Are we at Disney World yet, Mommy? This is a fun ride!”)

Probably it won’t seem as welcoming. This isn’t the best start to your vacation, which is why renting a stroller for your Orlando trip makes good sense.

For many people interested in stroller rental, Orlando is more or less synonymous with

“D isney W or ld�

and you’d almost be forgiven for thinking that this city sprang up after Walt Disney’s theme park was constructed beside L ake Buena V ista.

However, this isn’t the case – after all, Disney World only went up in the early 1970s, during a time when many modern parents were in baby strollers themselves.

Orlando has been around for a lot longer than that and has an extensive history.

So, to go along with our stroller rental Orlando service, here’s a quick history of the city you plan to spend your vacation in.

The original name of Orlando was Jernigan, named after one of the early settlers of Orange County

and if you take a day trip to explore the city itself rather than the theme parks, then you can find a memorial plaque in his honour in the suburb of Or lo V ista.

However, Mr Jernigan was rather notorious and pressure was put on the locals to get the name changed, and Orlando became Orlando in 1857, 15 years after the township was founded.

Exactly where the name Orlando came from is a mystery.

Popular legend has it that the city got its name from a soldier who was caught up in the hostilities between the Seminoles and the settlers.

Supposedly, Orlando Reeves was a soldier who was killed while on sentry duty, but was able to warn his comrades by firing warning shot – or maybe he was killed before he could fire off the warning shot; the legend varies.

Unfortunately for the legend, military records from the time that Orlando Reeves was supposed to be knocking about don’t turn up anyone with this name, and the tale is likely to be just a legend.

Even more colourful is the suggestion that Orlando was named after the Shakespeare character from the play A s Y ou L ike I t.

Certainly, one of the main streets in Orlando that you might very well take a stroller down as you explore the city is called R osalind A venue, and Rosalind is the name of Orlando’s lady-love in this Shakespeare comedy.

However, this could be a “ chicken and egg� situation – did Rosalind come first, or did Orlando come first? Yet another possible origin for the name attributes it to an early cattle rancher.

The origins of the name aside, Orlando grew and became reasonably sizeable even before the arrival of Walt Disney

and it’s likely that people would have been looking for stroller rental Orlando even if the theme park hadn’t been built.

The climate in Orlando is mild and pleasant, making the area a pleasant retreat for those who live in cooler parts of the country.

and many tourists came to the area during winter as an escape from the cold.

The lakes and wetlands were also attractive, as they gave opportunities for keen fishers and lovers of wildlife and watersports to enjoy themselves.

The fresh food was another drawcard – Orlando is in the heart of Orange C ounty – in fact, it’s been the seat of Orange County since.

When you touch down at Or lando I nter national A ir por t, you’re seeing another part of Orlando’s history that contributed to its growth.

This airport was originally part of the McCoy Air Force Base – you could say that its the real McCoy – that was developed extensively in the years after World War 2 and in the ensuing Cold War.

The military planes have long been gone, but Orlando International Airport still keeps its Air Force Base airport code.

Orlando today? Well, it’s a busy, bustling city and the best way to learn more about it is to visit and spend some time here – stroller rental Orlando is just part of making that easier.

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Stroller Rental Orlando - Introduction of the City  

Renting a stroller in your Orlando trip will make practical sense. Orlando today? Well, it’s a busy, bustling city and the best way to learn...