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We’re so excited to have you as our holiday cover mom! Tell us how you’re enjoying motherhood. What have you learned, what do you love most and what is one thing that surprised you?


Motherhood has made me a much stronger person and has really taught me what life is really all about. My two babies always bring me back down to earth and remind me that every single moment in life should be taken in. Every second should be appreciated. KENDRA WILKINSON |

What do you think is the greatest challenge of motherhood and how are you tackling that?

Elephant: Manny and Simon from J.Crew, Giraffe: Manny and Simon


Definitely the work/ life balance and finding a way to make it all work. KENDRA WILKINSON |

You welcomed a new little one this year, your daughter Alijah! Tell us how you decided on her name.



I was at Sundance and the

driver [with me] was on the phone with his daughter [whose] name was Elijah. Before that day, I had been looking for the perfect unisex name— like Jaden and Parker and Ryan. Then I went to Sundance and sat in this man’s car and it all changed. I freaked out the second I heard the name, I knew immediately that it would be my daughter’s name. I went home and Hank and I agreed on it, so we chose Alijah with an “A.” How did you go about preparing your son for a new baby in the house?


I told my son about my pregnancy the moment I found out because it was important to me that he was just as much a part of the journey as I was. He was SO excited. We talked about it every day while [Alijah] was in my belly. He learned how to have a relationship with her even before she was born, how to kiss and hug her before bedtime and love her. When she was finally born and he got to meet her, I’ll never forget that. Now they have an extra special bond and really need each other. She has a really special smile whenever he is around. KENDRA WILKINSON |

Mini Magazine Holiday 2014, Kendra Wilkinson  

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