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MINI: Congrats on your enormous blog-

ging success and new book! How did you come up with the idea for Weelicious? What inspired the name? CATHERINE MCCORD: When I first had my son, Kenya, I knew I wanted to make homemade baby food. After years of buying foods at our local farmers markets, I wanted to figure out a way to make kids great eaters from day one! As for the name Weelicious, I spent all day online trying to figure out a name that represented what I wanted to do. When I thought about it and figured out that the URL was available, I was thrilled! MINI: What has motivated you most on your journey of healthy eating for both you and your kids? CM: Watching my kids get excited about such a variety of foods is really cool. I hear from people all the time that they’re kids won’t try certain things. To me, it is so important to educate kids on a variety of nutritious foods and allow them to understand which foods are good for their bodies and which aren’t. MINI: Which recipes do you make most often for your own children, Kenya and Chloe? CM: We eat seasonally, so our meals are based on the foods at our local farmers market. I get them involved by letting them pick some of the foods we eat. We tend to eat salmon or some type of fish on Sundays, chicken on Mondays, pasta on Tuesdays, a rice dish on Wednesdays, and so on. Variety really is the spice of life!

Catherine and company all love the Roast Chicken with Carmelized Lemons, Cherry Tomatoes and Olives. BOTTOM McCord jokes her kids would eat whole wheat pancakes or waffles 24/7 if they could. TOP

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