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Hi #MeetUp Moms and Dads Being a parent is a baptism of fire that nothing can prepare you for. Well-meant advice usually doesn’t provide the answers and may actually increase the confusion. Parenting is not only a minefield we are not prepared for, but also a task that can be very isolating. Feeling alone and adrift as you parent your little one is common ground for new moms and dads. With this in mind I am delighted to bring you ‘Sense worth Sharing’ at this year’s #BabyMeetUp. Today, your mind will be expanded. You will leave feeling understood and knowing more about your own thoughts on subjects such as sleep, calming, stimulation, finance and feeding. My deepest thanks go to Clicks BabyClub who had the vision to embrace something wildly new. And to my incredible speakers who really truly have something to share. And to you, parents who care enough to be the best parent you can be and nurture your child with insight and understanding!







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DURBAN – PROGRAMME FOR THE DAY Please note the line-up has changed for Durban 09:00 – 10:40

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Opening Welcome

Enjoy your bump! – Sonya Naude Bonding – Marietjie Strydom What’s so natural about breastfeeding? – Dr Britta McClaren New baby toolkit – Jenni Johnson A beautiful journey – Jeremy Olivier TEA BREAK 10:40 - 11:10

11:10 – 13:05

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Dream, plan, do great things – Priya Naicker Juggling the working mother ball – Michelle Pitt Real Man, Real Dad – Craig Wilkinson COLLAB weaning – Kath Megaw Toxic tech & tots – Nikki Bush LUNCH BREAK 13:05 - 13:45

13:45 – 15:45

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Slow down: More is not better – Dr Melodie de Jager Magical moments of play – Liz Senior Infants are little scientists – Prof Mark Tomlinson Sleep Secrets – Wisdom with Sense – Ann Richardson The colic toolkit – Meg Faure DAY ENDS 15:45


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Pregnancy is a journey like no other. It is the start of a new human life. It is also the birth of a mother who, over nine months, changes in every possible way – physically, emotionally and socially. Your nutrition, wellbeing and emotions during this wonderful time play a large role in defining the rest of your baby’s life. The experience must be safe and containing for you to provide your baby with the ultimate start and shape his potential. These talks will shed insight into how to: nurture, prepare for and give birth to your baby.

SPEAKERS 3 Sonya Naude – Enjoy your bump! 3 Marietjie Strydom – Why love matters 3 Dr Jacky Searle – The illusion of choice 3 Dr Britta McClaren – What’s so natural about breastfeeding? 3 Jeremy Olivier – A beautiful journey 3 Heather Wood / Jenni Johnston – New baby toolkit


Sonya Naudé Sonya is a sought-after media veteran, she has judged numerous industry journalism awards and has appeared on television and radio. Sonya was appointed to her current position as Editor of Caxton’s parenting magazine, Living and Loving in 2014, a position she says that has allowed her to better understand the many dynamics and challenges faced by modern moms, and to indulge in her love for children now that her own are growing up. Sonya is mom to Maxine and Wesley, and her passions include yoga, reading, cooking and travel.

Enjoy your bump! Adjusting to your pregnancy bump can be surprisingly stressful. Lots of expectant women have mixed feelings about being pregnant, although few are brave enough to admit it openly. Morning sickness, a changing lifestyle and fluctuating hormone levels that play havoc with your health and emotions all can contribute to what can be a turbulent time in your life. My own first pregnancy was fraught with anxiety, fuelled by uncertainty about the future of my job, financial difficulties, and an unprovoked seizure. But many years on, I can look back on this period of my life and acknowledge the mixed feelings I had about my pregnancy and realise that they weren’t unusual and that there are ways of tackling these issues which can make carrying a baby easier.

Sense worth Sharing

Keep a pregnancy photo diary Look after your body Connect with your baby Express your feelings Listen to music

Plan a treat every week Make the most of being calm Go out on date nights Choose trusted advice


Marietjie Strydom Marietjie Strydom is a consultant social worker and play therapist with twenty years experience working with children, their carers, families and teachers. Her practice centres around dealing with children’s big feelings, which often result in behavioural issues, through attachment therapy. Part of her work is providing trauma therapy and EMDR to children who have experienced trauma and/or abuse, or who have been diagnosed with PTSD. Behavioural issues can impact on every area of a child’s life including academics.

Why love matters The attachment relationship and sense of connectedness you establish with your baby will form the foundation of your parenting in the years to come. Babies are born with immature, underdeveloped brains and as parents we (in theory) have fully matured brains. Babies cannot self-regulate and are dependent on an adult with a mature brain to co-regulate all their needs. Understanding how the attachment with your baby develops and how to facilitate it based on neuroscience empowers every parent to build that close connection with their baby that they desire.

Sense worth Sharing Babies are born with immature and underdeveloped brains. Babies can not self regulate and are dependant on an adult with a mature brain to coregulate all their needs. Building brains and building relationships happen simultaneously and takes time. As parents we need to understand and take care of ourselves to facilitate a positive attachment experience for baby. Everything your baby will learn about relationships they will first learn from you as their parent. The foundations for a lifetime of healthy social and emotional functioning is established if you establish a secure attachment with your baby. Perfection does not mean connection – A secure attachment is a process.



Parenting that makes sense ...

... starts with a sensible pregnancy. Get your copies of Pregnancy Sense Baby Sense, Sleep Sense, Sense, Sense and Toddler Feeding Sense, Sense – best sellers from our top authors packed with valuable advice and information to ensure your child’s optimal development from conception to the toddler years – NOW.

Dr Jacky Searle Jacky Searle is an obstetrician/gynaecologist. She offers honest and sensible guidance to pregnant women, empowering them and helping them achieve a safe and spectacular outcome.

The illusion of choice When it comes to pregnancy and birth, there is a place for choice. Sometimes though, this is an illusion of choice, and is false. I see three instances of this illusion: For many women worldwide, and countrywide, there is no choice. There are areas where not even basic health care is available, and women certainly don’t have any choice regarding how they deliver, where they deliver or who manages their pregnancies. On the other hand, empowered women with access to information often feel that they have complete control over their pregnancies and births, and this false perception of being in control may result in profound disappointment if things don’t turn out as expected. The third situation is where interventions or management options are recommended when there is no valid reason for these interventions - and decisions are made which benefit the health care providers rather than the pregnant women and unborn baby. Your obstetrician and midwife should be respectful of your birth preferences and provide accurate information with honesty and integrity.

Sense worth Sharing Pregnancy and birth are a journey, and the path often has to be adjusted along the way. No midwife or obstetrician can predict the course of pregnancy, the time of labour or the outcome of labour. It is normal to have preferences, or choices, when it comes to pregnancy and birth. Understand that situations might occur which will alter those choices. Information is empowering, but information overload and precise planning often give a false sense of control over pregnancy and birth, setting one up for profound disappointment if outcomes don’t meet expectations. Inform yourself of the options that you do have regarding pregnancy and birth, but strive to accept the things that you can’t change.


Dr Britta McLaren Britta is a paediatrician and mom to Rachel, who taught her more about babies than any of her degrees! She runs a practice from the Morningside Medi-clinic and is currently doing a fellowship in paediatric pulmonology. Her special interests are breastfeeding, feeding difficulties and allergies. Britta is a naturalist at heart and tries to avoid unnecessary interventions and treatment at all costs. She loves working with children!

What’s so natural about breastfeeding? It’s the obvious choice, isn’t it? Almost all expectant moms also expect that they will breastfeed, and often that is where the preparation for breastfeeding ends. Except maybe, for a couple of minutes (or if you’re lucky, an hour of your antenatal class). An overwhelming majority of mothers experience difficulty at some point in their breastfeeding journey, and a smaller percentage will face even greater challenges. This can be heartbreaking for any mom. It was heartbreaking for me. Our breasts are a source of life for our babies and although breastfeeding provides the most miraculous foundation of nutrition, immunity, hormones and growth factors, it is also so much more. It symbolises nurturing, love, provision and intimacy and is an expression of so many overwhelming emotions that a mother feels for her newborn child. It’s no doubt that the biggest risk of postnatal depression lies with moms who intend to breastfeed but don’t succeed. This talk uses a personal account of my extremely difficult breastfeeding journey to give you a glimpse into some of the realness of breastfeeding and how you can be better prepared.

Sense worth Sharing

Be determined about breastfeeding – it’s worth it. Identify a lactation consultant that you trust before your baby is born. Be pedantic about your baby’s latch. Get the best breastpump you can afford. Get help early.


Jeremy Olivier Artist/Musician/Songwriter/Husband/Father of five beautiful souls. Sometimes life throws us a major curve ball that changes everything. The way we see things, the way we think, the decisions we make ... nothing is ever the same again. That is what happened to us in 2009. And this song was a result of that experience. This is our story of how our Brokenness turned into something Beautiful ...

Beautiful Pretty little girl With the weight of all the world On her mind Walking home alone So ashamed of all she’s done She looks up to the sky Everything has changed What would Mama say If she knew New born baby in her arms And she’s thinking she’s too young To see this whole thing through So with fear like thunder And tears like rain She lays him down In a field of pain Walking away ... never to return Another day, another room A mother mourns her empty womb Baby’s gone She thinks of all she has Counts the blessings in her hands And she looks up to the sky But everything has changed Her heart’s been rearranged By this loss

Then one day they get a call About this little baby boy And she knows just what to do With heart on fire And trembling hands She holds him close And she understands This is so much bigger ... than what she could have planned CHORUS How does this happen God only knows From something so broken, something beautiful grows Suddenly open for wonders to fall What you thought was lost can be found and made beautiful ‘Cause there’s time and there’s love and there’s hope in this life for you So keep strong and hold on ‘cause you know that you will get through What you thought was lost can be found and made beautiful


Heather Wood New baby toolkit Bringing your new baby home can be the most exciting and terrifying experience of your life, after birthing your baby. It can feel like a big ask to take your very small person home and keep them alive and well on a daily basis, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Sense worth Sharing Breastfeeding tools: apps, chairs and clothing Dad/partner tools: what not to say, how to be present Sleeping tools: options for the best sleep possible for all. Settling tools: equipment for settling your baby when she fusses.

Jenni Johnson (Durban) New baby toolkit The excitement of the pregnancy, the preparation for the birth, the miracle of becoming a parent and it’s time to take your baby home!

Sense worth Sharing

Attend the best antenatal classes you can and start building up a relationship so that when baby is born you’ll be comfortable with the support offered. If you have a caesarean or baby is in the nursery, mum may not be able to feed immediately so you will be in charge, Dad. Tuck baby into your t-shirt for bonding time. Restrict visitors to set times. Try to have the first few days at home be Mum, Dad and baby only. If in doubt feed, feed, feed! Plan a 2 week date, a walk along the promenade, getting out will give you a sense of ‘family’ and normality and prevent cabin-fever setting in.


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PLAN TODAY FOR YOUR CHILD’S TOMORROW From the moment we become parents we plan to provide for our children as best we can. While we look after their day-to-day needs it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Sometimes, nurturing their dreams can come with a list of unexpected expenses as long as your child’s potential is great. We can help you plan for your child’s future and the unforeseen costs along the way, call us today.


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Old Mutual is a Licensed Financial Services Provider

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Pregnancy is a journey like no other. It is the start of a new human life. It is also the birth of a mother who, over nine months, changes in every possible way – physically, emotionally and socially. With all the focus on pregnancy and having a newborn baby in the house, very little thought is given to how becoming a parent changes our relationships and finances. Going from adulthood to parenthood is a huge and often underacknowledged shift in our world and taking the time to ponder on and visualise this chapter in our lives, both practically and emotionally can be a huge benefit to entire family unit. These talks look at your finances, life transition and fatherhood.

SPEAKERS 3 Derek Lottering / Priya Naicker – Dream, plan, do great things 3 Jo-Ann Strauss / Michelle Pitt – Modern mommyhood 3 Craig Wilkinson – Real Man, Real Dad 3 Nikki Bush – Toxic tech & tots


Derek Lottering

Priya Naicker

Dream, plan, do great things From the moment we become parents we plan to provide for our children as best we can. Every parent dreams of what their child will become one day - a doctor, an engineer, a chef. The potential of our children should never be underestimated. While we look after their day-to-day needs it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and nurturing their dreams can come with a list of unexpected expenses. With the right advice and plan, parents can equip themselves to ensure that they are working towards the dreams and goals they have for their families.

Sense worth Sharing As a parent, you are the most important person in your child’s life. So make sure you are taking care of yourself too. Financial wellbeing is essential to emotional wellbeing. One of the most important roles a parent plays is setting their children up for success. As a parent, you can be proactive in this regard by identifying the most important aspects (for example education), so that you can start taking action as early as possible to activate those dreams.


Jo-Ann Strauss Jo-Ann attended Stellenbosch University where she graduated with a B.Comm (Law) degree in 2002. She has gone on to become one of South Africa’s top TV personalities and is a media entrepreneur who has produced and hosted various shows and online properties. She serves on the boards of the University of Stellenbosch’s Graduate School of Business as well as Media24, VNL and M&C Saatchi Abel. UNICEF appointed her as Goodwill Ambassador in 2016. She is an international speaker who has hosted over 200 events across the globe and has travelled extensively with her work in media. She enjoys spending time with her family and traveling with them to fun destinations. She has a keen interest in social media and has produced one of the world’s largest social media competitions.

Modern mommyhood Now more than ever, moms are juggling more balls than the most talented clowns at the Cirque Du Soleil have ever been able to manage. Motherhood is not for sissies ;-) You find yourself earning many frequent flyer miles on the longest guilt trips when trying to balance work, life and mommyhood. Modern Mommy is a blog, which was started by South African Media Entrepreneur, Jo-Ann Strauss. It was initially meant as an outlet for her thoughts on motherhood, but is now planned to evolve into a venture capital fund for moms wanting to start and grow their own businesses. The talk will be looking at various ways to make motherhood more manageable for moms and has a few generous jabs of humour and personal anecdotes.

Sense worth Sharing

Ideas on how to attempt to balance work and motherhood. How to grow your network and develop your own business. Coping and thriving in your new role as mom. Travel tips for moms and babies (from a mom who took her 4-month-old daughter to Berlin Fashion Week and justified it as an educational outing). Breastfeeding –why I do my best to be an advocate for it and my work with UNICEF as an ambassador for Early Childhood Development.


Michelle Pitt Michelle is a Wellness Coach who loves working with woman and specifically moms. She has many years’ experience in the Wellness Industry, as well as international accreditation from Cidesco. Bits and Bobs officially launched in July 2016 in Johannesburg South Africa. Michelle, one of the founders has a true passion in helping moms live happy, healthy, balanced and fulfilled lifestyles. As a Wellness Coach for Moms she has completed many workshops, talks and Toolkits, with moms and moms-to-be. As a mom herself she felt very overwhelmed becoming pregnant and a new mom.

Juggling the working mother ball Becoming a mom for the first time can be difficult. The only thing you can be sure of in this new challenge, is the fact that your life will never be the same again. Your entire world will change. The search for a new balance and calm will come more easily to some than to others. This talk is about finding your balance. This is quite different for each new mom, but by understanding the key trigger points most moms face, you will be able to accept and even thrive in this wonderful new journey of motherhood.

Sense worth Sharing

Know your and your partner’s new roles. You don’t look like you anymore and how to find peace. Exhausted and full of emotions, how to balance your hormones naturally. Stress management tips for new moms. Going back to the right career with less mommy guilt.


Craig Wilkinson Craig is an inspirational author and speaker with a passion for seeing men and women fully alive. For the last 10 years Craig has worked in the Non Profit sector in the areas of experiential education, socio-economic development of men and fathers. He is the Founder of Father A Nation (FAN), a NPO that works with men in communities. He lives in Cape Town with his wife Martinique and two children, Luke and Blythe.

Real Man, Real Dad The way a man fathers his children will impact their hearts and minds deeply and forever – for good or for harm. There are deep questions on every child’s heart that only their dad can answer. And these questions are different for boys and for girls. We father our children out of who we are as men; we can only give what we have inside to give and what we do have inside we will impart. This means that great parenting is a parallel journey – being and becoming a whole man or woman as we raise our boys to become whole men and our girls to become whole women. To do so we need to understand the impact our own childhood had on us and we need to understand the hearts of our boys and girls and what they need from us.

Sense worth Sharing

What drives your own heart and how your childhood affected you as a parent. The deep question on a child’s heart that only a dad can answer. How to impart to your children what they need from you. What wounds the hearts of boys and girls. The four great gifts every dad needs to give his children.


Nikki Bush Creative parenting expert, Nikki Bush, has helped hundreds of thousands of parents to build fabulous relationships with their children by turning very ordinary, everyday moments into extraordinary memories. Nikki helps today’s busy parents to future-proof their children despite their busyness. Nikki’s work is fuelled by her passion for play, connection, and relationships. She is the go to person for the media regarding anything to do with child development and parenting, racking up over 140 interviews a year including a weekly slot on SABC 3’s Expresso and Radio 702.

Toxic tech & tots In an increasingly digital world, screens are finding their way into ever younger hands with babies of just a few months old being handed smart phones to play with by their parents, or even to pacify them. Toddlers can be found in the company of their parents in public with their eyes glued to a screen or device. This talk looks at how screens impact on development in babies and tots – a critical period that lays important foundations for a child’s future. It will highlight some of the tech traps parents need to avoid.

Sense worth Sharing Why movement rather than being sedentary must be encouraged. The body is the architect of the brain. How exploration beyond a screen helps a child create true understanding and meaning about their world. Why it’s essential to provide experiences that exercise your little one’s visual system. The important difference between knowing how to do things on a screen and knowing how to do things in the real world. Why dealing with emotions and falling asleep without the aid of a screen are such vital life skills. How avoiding the temptation of the distractions of screens will help your child develop their ability to concentrate and pay attention at will.


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Congratulations on your new baby!... now what? The early months of having a new little person in the home brings overwhelming joy, but also many very new challenges for the whole family. Navigating new-baby challenges need not be overwhelming. Simple guidance on sleep, calming your baby and nutrition will empower you with confidence to nurture your baby. Making life a little easier so you can connect and engage with your little one. These talks look at how to soothe your little one, establish good sleep, nourish and play with your child.

SPEAKERS 3 Meg Faure – The colic toolkit 3 Kath Megaw – COLLAB weaning 3 Ann Richardson – Sleep Secrets – Wisdom with Sense 3 Prof Mark Tomlinson – Infants are little scientists 3 Dr Melodie de Jager – Slow down: More is not better 3 Liz Senior – Magical moments of play


Meg Faure Meg is an Occupational Therapist with a special interest in babies and toddlers – specifically irritable infants; sleep problems, emotional engagement difficulties and fussy feeding. Her clinical practice is in Cape Town and she consults and speaks internationally too. Passionate about parenting babies, Meg seeks to assist parents to nurture their baby’s emotional world in all her areas of work. Meg has co-authored Baby Sense, Sleep Sense, Feeding Sense, The Baby Sense Secret and Pregnancy Sense. Her sixth book, Weaning Sense launches this year.

The colic toolkit The early months of parenting is a period of upheaval for both parents and little ones. While babies are adjusting to the world, their sleep-deprived parents are trying to meet their little one’s needs, all while needing to bond and engage. This talk looks at the start of a dance – the backward and forward interaction between mother and child. By understanding the cycle of engagement, parents will effectively soothe their little ones, babies will signal their needs and settle with greater ease and both will enjoy each other to a greater extent, creating a magical foundation for falling in love.

Sense worth Sharing Infant immaturity in both the gut and the brain makes little ones unsettled. Settle your little one’s digestive system by preventing and managing lactose intolerance. Read your little one’s signals – this not only validates her attempts to ‘communicate’ but also helps you to settle her. Interpret her cues for her, giving her words for how she is feeling. Soothe her sensory world when she is overstimulated helping her to adjust to her new world.


Kath Megaw Katherine Megaw qualified in 1995 as a registered dietitian and then studied a specialist diploma from Johns Hopkins in the USA where she qualified as a clinical paediatric dietitian. She is passionate about helping both the medical community and the public navigate through an abundance of nutritional information and their do’s and don’ts. She then interprets this information and teaches its practical application. Katherine currently runs a paediatric dietetic practice in Cape Town and consults via Skype both nationally and internationally. She has coauthored Feeding Sense and Weaning Sense, with Meg Faure, The Low Carb Solution for Diabetics, and has authored Real Food for Happy Healthy Children.

COLLAB weaning Weaning is the process of gradually introducing a baby to what will be its adult diet and withdrawing the supply of mother’s milk. As your baby grows so will their nutritional needs. Your baby’s usual milk combined with a healthy balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables, grains and meats will provide all the nutrients your baby needs. In many cultures around the world, weaning progresses with the introduction of feeding the child food that has been pre-chewed by the parent along with continued breastfeeding.The practice was important in human history in that it naturally gave a child a greatly improved protein source and prevented infant iron deficiency. COLLAB weaning is a team approach to early introduction of solids. It is an approach that considers your baby as central in the process – his/her age, development and sensory personality. Very importantly, COLLAB weaning. COLLAB is an acronym that will become a way of parenting for you. It stands for: • Cues • Own person • Low pressure • Led by science • Age appropriate • Baby friendly


Ann Richardson Qualified Nurse and Midwife Ann Richardson, has worked in the midwifery and paediatric fields for over 30 years and has numerous certificates in child health, sensory integration, vaccinology, asthma and allergy, nutrition, travel and sleep medicine. Ann runs a busy well-baby clinic in Johannesburg focusing on child health, travel health, immunization, nutrition, growth and development, and specializes in the treatment of “fussy babies and toddlers”, in particular those with feeding and sleeping disorders. Ann has co-authored international bestsellers, Baby Sense, Sleep Sense and is the author of the international best seller Toddler Sense.

Sleep Secrets – Wisdom with Sense Most people take sleep for granted and know it is vital for our physical and mental wellbeing. But for new parents, sleep deprivation is very real. Sleep deprived parents often think that by simply keeping their children awake all day, this will ensure sleep all night. Not so. A healthy, overtired baby will show certain signals (often misinterpreted as colic) when ready for sleep, and will require extensive intervention for this to occur. This intervention may become habitual in the healthy older baby who no longer requires sensory and nutritional support. These signals include lack of eye contact, fisting, back arching, general fussiness and tantrums. If baby is given some space to “zone out” (assist with rocking, nonnutritive sucking and environmental modulation), she will be able to self-regulate to enable her to go to sleep unassisted.

Sense worth Sharing Healthy sleep cycles are determined by the (age appropriate) amount of time spent awake before overstimulation occurs. Until 3-4 months of age, infants are unable to self-regulate, so do require some help to enter into a calm state to ensure sleep occurs. Age appropriate sleep habits can be encouraged from a young age. Healthy infants from 6 months of age do not require nutritional support during the night. Age appropriate sleep modification is not to be feared, rather encouraged.


Mark Tomlinson Mark Tomlinson is a clinical psychologist and has a PhD from the University of Reading in the UK. He is passionate about his family, cinema and politics. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Stellenbosch University. His scholarly work has involved a diverse range of topics that have in common an interest in understanding infant and child development in contexts characterised by poverty, violence and adversity. He is an Associate Editor of Infant Mental Health Journal. He is the lead editor of a forthcoming volume from University of Cape Town Press Child and Adolescent Development in Africa in the Context of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Infants are little scientists In 1890, William James one of the founding fathers of psychology described the world of the infant as a “blooming, buzzing confusion�. This misapprehension was by no means unique, with countless scientists believing, as late as the 1950’s, that infants could not recognise faces or distinguish colours, and that essentially the infant had few means by which to understand the world. Since then, we have undergone a revolution in our understanding of the capacities of infants. Just as scientists develop hypotheses to then test in the laboratory, infants and toddlers are particularly adept at creating theories about how the world works which they then actively test in the real world (often to the consternation of their caregivers). In this talk I will describe the world of the infant, and show how far from being a blank state at birth they have a rudimentary knowledge of the laws of physics and even basic numeracy. I will also show how they are primed for human interaction and are in fact adept at exploring, imitating, manipulating and playing with the world in the most amazing and fascinating ways.

Sense worth Sharing

Infants are born with a rudimentary understanding of the laws of physics. Infants are primed for social interaction from the first moment of life. Infants have a surprising capacity to control parts of their world. Infants and toddlers revel in experimenting with their parents. Infants develop philosophical theories about those around them.


Dr Melodie de Jager Dr Melodie de Jager is the founder and author of ground breaking programmes and books on preconception care, birth, child development and quality of life – irrespective of age. Although Melodie’s education has been broad and diverse she whole heartedly admits that most of her learning takes place at home amongst her children and grandchildren. Melodie regularly hosts workshops, is a frequent guest on radio and TV, and much in demand as a keynote speaker. She is listed on the American Biographical Institute as one of the Great Women of the 21st Century. Melodie is also the published author of 12 books, some of them have been translated into 7 languages including BabyGym, One + One = Three {The wondrous journey from preconception to birth}, brain development MILESTONES and learning, Play Learn Grow (birth to 3) and Play Learn Know.

Slow down: More is not better John Medina the author of ‘brain rules for babies’ says it is mind-boggling why anybody would willingly become a parent. You give. They take. This makes parenting one of the most challenging, and the most rewarding experiences on earth. Parenting is less about feeding, cleaning and sleeping and more about developing. Nature gives every parent a hand to track if baby is becoming confident, independent, strong, flexible and clever. Development unfolds in stages over time and are marked by generally accepted milestones. Milestones are not cast in stone because no two babies or toddlers develop the same. Every infant milestone is a marker that shows a parent there is progress - another part of the brain has just developed.

Sense worth Sharing

While milestones are markers, the race towards milestone achievement is not the focus. Taking time with your child is usually more useful as a means to bed down milestones. Milestones consolidate when it looks like nothing is going on. ‘Hot-housing’ a child or chasing milestones with age-inappropriate toys may not aid the journey. Earlier isn’t better. Faster isn’t smarter.


Liz Senior Liz Senior is an Occupational Therapist working in the field of child development. Her passion for early stimulation and its impact on the developing brain lead her to create the franchised business Clamber Club. She has developed and produced a range of action song music CDs and DVDs for young children and is co- author of the book `Growing up with a Smile’. Along with Occupational Therapist Kate Bailey she has produced a parenting series of DVDs called `Stimulate your Baby’. She is frequently interviewed on local and national radio and has written many magazine articles. Liz is also a qualified infant massage instructor through the International Association of Infant Massage.

Magical moments of play Recent research shows that when it comes to play and interaction with our babies, it’s not what we do to them, but how we interact with them that builds a better brain. This back and forth process, coined `SERVE AND RETURN’, between baby and caregiver is the most essential ingredient in shaping the architecture of the developing brain. By looking closely at how we respond to our children, and ensuring we are actively engaged and responsive, we can have a profound impact on their emotional, mental and physical health. MAGICAL MOMENTS OF PLAY THAT BUILD STRONGER NEURAL CONNECTIONS

Sense worth Sharing The sensory and motor experiences that your baby receives right from birth, trigger the impulses that fine tune the brain’s wiring. “Serve and return” interactions are the magical ingredient that transforms the sensorymotor input into the building blocks of the brain. Set aside time, put your technology away and turn play into magical moments. It is not enough to just ‘stimulate’ your baby. Your baby needs YOU to respond and interact with him/her.


S TO K K E ® X P LO RY ®

Stokke® Xplory®

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I T ’S A L L A B O U T C O N N E C T I O N S TO K K E ® S T R O L L E R S Staying close to their parents helps babies to feel safe and loved. All of our innovative, high quality strollers offer pioneering seat height and parent facing seating options to promote eye contact and interaction between you and your baby. Although each is unique, they are all based on the design philosophy of keeping you connected as you explore the world together.


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Stokke® Xplory® Design: Bjørn Refsum and Hilde Angelfoss. Design development in cooperation with K8 Industridesign AS. Product development in cooperat Eker Industrial Design AS. // Stokke® Scoot™ and Stokke® Trailz™ Design: Hans-Cato Slotterøy, Alf Vegard Fjelland, Hilde Angelfoss, Oskar Johansen and Eivin

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Sense worth Sharing Sr Ann Richardson Practice number: 8812411 First floor, Sunset Square, Sunset Avenue, Pineslopes Fourways, Johannesburg Tel: 010 900 2224

Kath Megaw RD (SA) Clinical Paediatric Dietitian Kath Megaw & Associates Advisor to Nutripaeds Tel: 086 147 7776 Liz Senior Clamber Club Franchises countrywide Tel: 011 325 2031 Email:

Britta McLaren HPCSA: MP0700860 BHF: 3200833 Suite 105, Morningside Mediclinic, 2 Hill Road, Sandton Tel: 011 883 3408/456

Mark Tomlinson

Craig Wilkinson Father a Nation

Marietjie Strydom Practice number: 0520217 Chelmsford House, 103 JB Marks Road, Glenwood, Durban, 4001 Tel: 031 202 7960

Heather Wood Thula Baby Centre, South Seas, 129 Beach Rd, Mouille Point Tel: 072 548 8506 / 021 434 2614

Meg Faure Practice: Gardens, Cape Town Facebook: MegFaureOfficial Tel: 071 335 5902

Dr Jacky Searle Practice number: 1609890 109 Vincent Pallotti Hospital, Pinelands, 7405 Tel: 021 531 9190

Dr Melodie De Jager BabyGym Instructors available nationally 44 7th Street, Linden, Johannesburg, 2195 Facebook: BabyGym Institute International Tel: 011 888 5434 / 082 301 5860

Jeremy Olivier Nicole Olivier Tel: 079 515 6989

Michelle Pitt Highland Ave, Bryanston, Johannesburg Tel: 083 459 9444

Jenni Johnson The Jenni Johnson Baby Clinic Practice number: 0058122 9 Medical Mews, 32 Hopelands Road, Parkland, Overport Tel: 031 207 2102 / 082 556 6770

Nikki Bush Douglasdale, Johannesburg Tel: 083 265 5754 Sonya Naude Living and Loving 4th floor Caxton House, 368 Jan Smuts Ave, Craighall Park, Johannesburg Tel: 011 889 0621

Jo-Anne Strauss Instagram: @modernmommyblog @jo_annstrauss Twitter: @jo_annstrauss


The Ultimate Solution for early education of 2 to 3 year olds

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• 4-6 toddlers per school • In a Play Sense host home • A fully qualified teacher or therapist trained in the Play Sense Playgram

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2017 Durban Clicks BabyClub #MeetUp Show Guide  

The show guide for the Clicks BabyClub #MeetUp event taking place in Durban at the Moses Mabhida Stadium on 23 September 2017.

2017 Durban Clicks BabyClub #MeetUp Show Guide  

The show guide for the Clicks BabyClub #MeetUp event taking place in Durban at the Moses Mabhida Stadium on 23 September 2017.


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