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1. First Jessica wrapped her wreath form with floral tape 2. Then wrap your form with your pine garlands to give it a green look. To make it thick, push each wrap tightly together and tuck the ends under the wrapped pieces. 3. In order to give the wreath a fresh from the snow look, use the textured spray paint which will produce the perfect snow kissed effect. Lightly spray with a sweeping motion. Tip: don’t saturate it in one area or it will become too white.

4. When one side is dry, flip it over and spray the other side. It will take at least three hours to become completely dry. When it is, it will be stiff to the touch. 5. Tie four strands of silver cording equidistantly around the wreath, in between the wrapped layers of garland. Tip: Push the garland back around the tied cording to hide the part that is tied. 6. Attach the ends to an O ring (Jessica used a key ring she had). 7. Choose a location to display your festive wreath and hang!


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