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Madras River INSPIRATION leads to motivation Standing on the banks of the Madras River in my early twenties left an indelible mark on my life. As I stood there, barely coping with the horrendous stench, my eyes were transfixed at what I saw on the banks on the other side. Small wooden huts. Not made up of wooden planks, but sticks and wooden boards and rubbish , all precariously balanced along the riverbanks.. People, families lived here! Now before going to India you are 1



dreams are free in NZ

mentally prepared for the poverty and chaos that surrounds the enigma of the beautiful country of India. But here I was shocked that whole families were living by the stench and filth. I couldn't take my eyes off the huts. I thought of my own hardships

as a child but it really struck me, even though I faced hardships as a child, as a kiwi kid I could still dream dreams! And dream I did! "When I grow up I 'm gonna be a cowgirl" then in

an another stage "I'm going to be a ballerina" and the dreams went on. The dreams kept me going. I could not fathom what kept the children on these river-


Contemplation banks going? They didn't have the luxury of dreams. Each day represented surviving for that day. I could not fathom not dreaming. So the Caterpillar Dreaming Jewellery Range represents the importance of all children being able to dream; and the picture of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly is a perfect representation of no matter who you are or what your circumstances, dreams can come true! Miracles like caterpillars becoming butterflys happen everyday!

Our jewellery range is Caterpillar Dreaming and our company name is Babyjewels Ltd. Babyjewels represents the children, we sell jewellery but the real gems are the children. It is the dream of this company to be so successful we can invest in the dreams of


of children in countries where even to dream seems an impossible task. Babyjewels has collaborated with craftspeople from India to bring us delightful accessories for our kids. These craftsmen have been in the

stepping stone in our desire to invest more heavily in lives over there. Caterpillar Dreaming wants to encourage kiwi kids to dream too! We want to be agents of encouragement to all kiwi kids to not just follow the crowds but to dream big! We have page under development to encourage kids to dream dreams! Oh and of course we want to provide business for individual, vibrant funky generations. We will begin to profile some of jewellery at affordable pricing. them . This collaboration with India Remember the jewels are the children is not by chance. Purchasing from these ~ from Tania craftsmen invests in the (Managing Director) & The team at lives of Mums and Dads in India and it is a Babyjewels

Caterpillar Dreaming/Babyjewels  

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