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Cleaning Baby Sensitive Bits - Baby Ear Protection _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Makithn -

Your baby is tougher than you think but there are a few sensitive areas that need to be handled with a little more care. These include the ears, eyes, nose, umbilical stump and genitals. Cleaning the ears - ear wax is formed in your baby's outer ear canal and travels towards the outer ear edges with jaw movement. Its purpose is to assist in natural ear cleaning and lubrication and protects the inner ear from bacteria, fungi, water and insects. Problems of infection and impacted ear drums arise if earwax builds up in the inner ear canal - avoid impacting wax. Clean the ears using a moistened cotton wool ball or soft wipe only around the outer ear folds and behind the ear. NEVER put a cotton bud or other narrow implements inside the ear canal - it can perforate the ear drum and push wax further in. Click Here

Cleaning the eyes - clean your baby's eyes using cotton wool balls or soft wipes moistened in water. Wipe the eye area from the nose edge to the outside - using a clean moistened piece for each eye. At times you may notice your baby's eyes are weeping and stuck together - this is referred to as sticky eye. It is not uncommon or harmful condition and is usually due to blocked tear ducts that more often than not resolve themselves.

Cleaning sticky eyes - eyes can remain sticky for several weeks and often months despite regular cleansing. It is important to keep the eyes cleansed. If you are breastfeeding, squirt a little milk into the eyes - this helps further cleanse and protect the eye from infection. To help release the blocked tear duct, firmly massage the inner canthus area (tear duct end of the eye) of the effected eye. Always clear the eyes of built up matter before feeds and seek professional assessment if the eye becomes red or discharge increases.

Cleaning girl privates - your little girl's vaginal area is delicate and does not need to be wiped deep into the inner vaginal folds. The white substance you see in there is natural and stays for added cleaning and protection. Gently hold the vaginal folds apart and wipe downwards with a soft nappy liner or cotton wool ball soaked in warm water. Avoid using treated cleansing wipes as these often aggravate delicate skin and mucosa and disrupt the natural PH balance. Change her nappy every three to four hours as urine or poo left in contact with her skin for too long forms an acid that burns. Always wipe the vaginal area in a downward direction to avoid urinary infections from faecal matter wiped into the short urethra. Your baby girl may have a small blood streaked mucous discharge from the vagina during the first six weeks. This is a pseudo-menstruation just wipe it away, it's normal.

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