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WELCOME TO TOKYO FIXED Tokyo Fixed was born in Tokyo and bred in London. The hearts of our bikes are in our London store where we do what we love; build custom bikes. We have used our extensive experience from dealing with the finest cycle brands to produce a range of beautifully crafted and classically inspired steel frames. Our goal from the start was to build quality off the peg bikes that even the most discerning cyclist would be proud to own. With functional cycle designs and graphics designed in collaboration with Kinfolk Studios we can proudly say we have achieved this. For all enquiries please contact us at To Purchase Tokyo Fixed Bikes, please visit our Soho London Shop or visit

Inspired by Japanese Keirin frames and named after one of the top racing classes on the Keirin circuit, the S1 is our high end, built for speed track model. It's light and tight with clearances for the rider who knows what they're doing and knows what they want, on or off the track. For the S1's hand brazed construction, we selected the lightest tubing set in the Columbus stable, Columbus Spirit. This lightweight tubing is coupled with Kaisei aero style bladed forks, as used by great Japanese frame builders such as 3Rensho and Kalavinka. These fork blades are massive, taking all the power you can produce whilst absorbing shock from the road, if only carbon forks could do this. Pulling all our knowledge and experience with Japanese track frames, we have considered every detail of the S1 frame and we are blown over by the results. This bike will bring nothing but smiles to your face as you sprint past the competition under the supreme power of steel.

SPECS Frame - Hand brazed lug type construction. Tubing - Columbus Spirit steel. Stainless steel cast dropouts with Tokyo Fixed signature etching. Aero undrilled brake bridge. Chrome plated drive side chain-stay. 27.2mm Seat post diameter. 120mm Rear spacing. Fitting up to a 28c Tyre (Skinny 28c) Forks - Kaisei aero style bladed forks. 1" Threaded Steerer. Drilled for a brake Weight – 2.3kg (Size 56 frame)

The S2 is our everyday track frame. It features a classic lugged track bike design but also carries a modern feel, the sightly more relaxed angle making it perfect for everyone from the seasoned track rider to the commuter who wants something beautiful for their everyday ride. We developed the S2 with comfort in mind with the practicalities of modern city life a t i t s c o r e whic h is why we selected Italian

C o l u m b us

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f r a m e s h a n d b r a z e d c o n s t r u c tion. Columbus Thron is a great all round tubing set, known for its strength and comfort, it's considered far stronger than any other bicycle material. The S2's relaxed track geometry also allows for a fit of up to a 29c tyre, giving you the flexibility of fitting a mud guard during the winter months. Finding the right blend of speed, style and comfort, the S2 is the perfect choice.

SPECS Frame - Hand brazed lug type construction. Tubing - Columbus Thron steel. Forks - Flat crown, Track Style Columbus Thron forks. Stainless steel cast dropouts. Allows for a front and rear brake. 27.2mm Seat post diameter. 120mm Rear spacing. Fitting up to a 29c Tyre. 1" Threaded Steerer. Weight – 2.5kg (Size 55 frame)

The Wide Open is not quite a tourer and not quite a racing machine. It is, however, everything in between. We feel that there is so much more to be done with a road frame than race and with this in mind we developed the Wide Open. With the same slightly relaxed geometry as the Tokyo Dream machine and paired up with the carbon fork, this frame becomes a more aggressive and lighter beast. Out on a long ride the Wide Open will stay comfortable, the steel flexing appropriately as you climb and descend. In the city the easy handling will tempt you to sprint past the traffic at every chance. Its fillet brazed construction with Columbus Thron tubing and the fillet brazed to lugged seat tube cluster gives this frame the strength to deal with the rigors of city riding and its lighter weight and slightly sloping top tube gives it the speed and ease of handling that will keep you in the saddle for miles.

SPECS Frame - Hand fillet brazed construction with a fillet brazed to lug seat tube cluster. Tubing - Columbus Thron steel. Breezer style dropouts with alloy hangers. Internal cable routing. Brazed on steel ergo bosses and Cable guide. Mudguard eyelets. Front and rear rack mounts Brake bridge drilled. 27.2mm Seat post diameter. 130mm Rear spacing. Fitting up to a 30c Tyre. Forks - Carbon fork with alloy steerer.

The Dream Machine is likely to be the most versatile single speed frame that you will find and its versatility doesn't come at the cost of clean lines and good looks. This is the bike that we have always wanted to design and this simply comes down to the fact that, apart from vintage path racers, we couldn't find anything like it elsewhere. We developed the Dream Machine for strength with an indestructible double plated fork crown and hand fillet brazed Columbus Thron steel tubing with the fillet brazed to lug cluster giving you confidence when dropping off a curb with a heavily loaded rack. The Dream Machine comes as standard drilled for a front and rear brake but we also offer a “Cargo� version with cantilever bosses for those who need extra large tyre or want to ride off road. How you choose to use your Dream Machine is totally up to you. Building it up fast and light, the slightly sloping top tube affords you easy handling as you scream around bends and the internal cable routing keeps it looking clean when running a rear brake. Then there is another dimension to this bike that emerges when you start loading it up. Fancy a porteur rack for summer beer runs or shopping trips? The Dream Machine can handle it. If you feel like offsetting some of the weight from your messenger bag to a pannier setup, the Dream Machine is equally at home. In fact, the options for customizing this bike to tend to your personal style and unique needs are virtually endless.

SPECS Frame - Hand fillet brazed construction with a fillet brazed to lug seat tube cluster. Tubing - Columbus Thron steel. Stainless steel cast dropouts. Internal cable routing. Mudguard eyelets. Front and rear rack mounts TDM brake bridge drilled. CDM brake bridge drilled as well as cantilever bosses 27.2mm Seat post diameter. 120mm Rear spacing. TDM Fitting up to a 35c Tyre. CDM Fitting up to a 40c Tyre. Forks - Double plated fork crown. 1" Threaded Steerer. TDM is drilled for a brake, CDM also has cantilever boses. Weight – TDM 3.2kg (Size 56 frame) / CDM – 3.4kg (Size 56 frame)

The Dream Machine is likely to be the most versatile single speed frame that you will find.



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