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88 Spring Fashion Guides

PLAYING HOOKY Tiny truants will get away with anything, dressed this way


Christine and Cayden Costner

The mother and son’s bond will always be invulnerable

Flower Power It’s floral overload for the season

Display until June 18, 2008

81 SPRING 2008 $4.95 US & CAN






Scrumptious baby shoes Sneak peek at Europe’s Autumn-Winter children’s collections Hot new strollers

L E T ’ S

G O !


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baby coutureport Wrinkle-resistant boy shirts, new baby carriers and slings, hip diaper bags, a swing set that will set the standard for all play grounds, and personalizing your kids’ belts

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baby boom! Baby Couture covers the recent Boom Boom Room Wonderland Style Villa


fall on my mind An aperitif to the amazing children’s fashion for Fall/Winter ’08, unveiled at the recent Pitti Immagine Bimbo


summer preview Tips and ideas for getting your summer wardrobe ready for solar action



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Baby Couture SPRING 2008

available at

Diesel Kid tel. U.S.A. 1.877.433.4373




stroller spotlight Take a drive with the 2008 models of the Baby Jogger, Maclaren, and Mutsy Next Cargo


copy that Get the look of Alastair, Maya, Ava, and other celeb kids


a perfect world Christine and Cayden Costner welcome us into their home, and lives


blown away Kids and kites have long been synonymous to childhood’s free spirit


house of blooms Extraordinary floral prints for any occasion


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Baby Couture SPRING 2008


On Resolutions, ‘Mass Mass’ Destruction, and Being Happy

Last shot of the day: Christine still looks gorgeous, Cayden was ready to go to bed, and I still tried to hide my tummy

Just wanted to share this photo with one of my favorite actors, Jack Nicholson, who is soooo nice

I am what I’ve coined a, “serial miserablist.” I was always a loner at heart, even as a child (the type who prefers to stay in the room while family festivities are going on, although when it came to my friends, I was usually game on—typical teenager back then, I suppose). I was raised by a single mom; which is why I get cynical and perplexed often—but on the other hand, I am where I am now because of the strength of my mother. I have met some people through the course of my lifetime who made me feel instantly good about myself though, because of their terrible hearts. I’ve been nitpicking about my body (a hard habit to break), and although I am nowhere near perfect—knowing that there are people out there who are thinner, yet have an ugly core anyway, makes me want to stay my robust self. It gets tiring stressing over family issues, worrying about relatives and friends getting ill, wanting to get involved more with our Foundation—but seeing as I don’t have time to accomplish all these right now, and I’ll bring on an attack of gastritis with this kind of thinking, I have resolved to take it easy. Three tiny words—not even profound—but so difficult to live by. My husband always tells me to imbibe positivity, but it gets tricky to do so because I get exhausted, and preoccupied with life’s conundrums that I forget that one day, it’ll all be over, and the only thing that matters is how you lived. So ladies and gents, be happy—2008 is already a great year! The future is straight away in high spirits, because I said to myself it is.

optimistic, and to love myself more. As a mom, I do everything for my family, but I am a little hard on myself. I see how fruitful my years have been—and how frighteningly fast and fleeting it all is. Today, I write this letter to all of you, but tomorrow, I don’t even know where I may be. My daughters are growing up before my very eyes, and my husband is budding extra white hairs (and so am I—tears are about to flow now) and I reflect that, eventually, I am going to leave this earth with a bunch of editor’s notes for you all to remember me by, so I want to make each one count. Baby Couture will be on its third volume this year, and if you’ll allow us, we will be here for many more. We are extremely excited to be working closely with the greatest fashion models of all time—children—the most candid, cutest people on Earth, decked out in the coolest of the coolest wear. This issue also features the privileged lives of Christine and Cayden Costner—and if you want to take a nibble at those chubby cheeks after reading the story, we can’t blame you. Enjoy your Spring season, and may you have the best coming Mother’s Day yet. P.S. I have gone back to my photography a few months ago. We’ve had an on-and-off love affair that dates back to more or less 13 years ago, and, let’s say I took about a decade hiatus. Next, we will be showing a preview of next season’s collections in every issue. Yay! I love fashion forecasts. Lastly, I made E-mail accounts for my kids years back and have been writing to them there, so that when they grow up, they have E-love letters from me. Might be something you’d like to start now.

I will feel trouble-free, and just have a blast. My New Year’s pledge is to be more


Baby Couture SPRING 2008


Featured styles: Ava (above) and SuperBall Sandal and Ava (below)

Fit, wear and lab tested. Then there are the field tests.

stride rite shoes aren’t like other children’s shoes. We combine the latest technology and premium materials to create shoes for the unique way a child’s foot grows. So whatever style, size or width that fits, you can be confident of a great choice. To see our spring collection at a retailer near you, visit

STR107-10905-073.indd 1

1/3/08 2:28:00 PM


Baby Couture is published by Medina Favis Publishing LLC, 370 Lexington Ave., Suite 1205, New York NY 10017. Reproduction in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher is strictly prohibited. For advertising, subscriptions, back orders or other inquiries, please call 212.561.5796 or 917.338.6575, or e-mail Visit us at or Opinions expressed in this publication are that of the writers’ and are not necessarily endorsed by Medina Favis Publishing. Baby Couture is not responsible for unsolicited work and materials. If you wish to submit contributions (written work, photographs, artwork, other services), please do not send originals and accompany with a self-addressed envelope, postage paid. PRINTED IN THE USA

COVER 1: Photo by Benjamin James

COVER 2: Photo by Heidi Alletzhauser

We put the ‘coo’ in couture. Online, too.

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Wash ‘NN Wear

uring these coming months, travel plans will be made, vacation strategies implemented, and moms go into full battle mode trying to find the most child-friendly, adult fun getaway known to man (you know who you are, on a first-name basis with the customer service agents over at Hotwire and Orbitz). Packing for the trip will take some time because you will be living out of a suitcase, so choose items wisely. For everyday clothes, go wrinkle-free for the family, so you can save space for the glamour and special occasion wear. How to know? Crumple-test the clothes by tossing them in the washer, and if they come out drier than other garments, chances are, it is more low-maintenance. Some tips to get the creases out of clothing: 1.) Hang the garment in the bathroom, and let the room steam it as you take a hot shower, or, 2.) Pack a portable handheld steamer, most of which run from $30 and up (Wrinkle-resistant white sport shirt by Sean John Boys, or Macy’s stores).

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture






Flip ‘NN Flops

Belting It Out


ith a secret compartment inside the soles of the rubber flipflops, how much more Nancy Drew or Inspector Gadget-y can your kids get? Flip ‘N Flops come with a tiny book about lessons on, “walking in someone else’s shoes,” and although the company only makes it for 4 to 8 year olds for now, surely they must realize the needs of the 8 and beyond set (like yours truly). As I write this, I am already imagining my stash of cash, spare keys, toothpicks, gum, and when they make an iPhone ala Derek Zoolander’s mobile, you know where that’s getting hidden (Surfer Blue, $29.99,

Nothing makes you feel prouder than seeing your baby take fullcharge in dressing himself up for school, exclaiming, “Look, Ma, I did it!” It is important for kids nowadays to be unafraid to do things on their own, and Myself Belts are great tools for instilling self-confidence and independence in growing children. Co-founders (and sisters) Talia Goldfarb and Danielle Eason introduced the smart, “snap, slide, and secure” steps, which children ages 2 to 5 can learn easily. With cool, kid-friendly designs for both boys and girls, it is perfect for the active and inquisitive toddlers and preschoolers. And now, you can even have them personalize the belt to your kiddies’ names (

SWADDLE EASY We can thank Aussie moms Claudia Schwartz and Raegan Moya-Jones for making this sheer, luxurious wrap made of finely woven cotton a fashion statement with a purpose—to securely swathe our angelic babies with (just like how the nurses do it ever so effortlessly in the hospitals after you give birth). Named


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

after their children, Aden + Anais has a wide selection of cozy muslin wraps, washcloths, and plush hooded towels to gingerly wrap infants with. The lush swaddling blankets are lightweight and breathable, and also help regulate your baby’s temperature, so you’re confident that while he’s all wrapped up, he’ll

still be feeling cool and comfy, while staying secure. Showered with subtle hues and simple patterns, the swaddling cloths have become a staple for hip and no-nonsense moms, including actresses Marcia Cross and Tori Spelling. (Lime/Brown Swaddling Blankets in 4-pack, $44,





Pitter Patter Our heart throbs for little footwear (Front to back, counterclockwise) Tredz Birdy T-Strap in pastel green by ROBEEZ, $41.95,; Lil Keke Stage 1 sporty sandal with T-strap by STRIDE RITE, $30,; Infant Bridget woven sandal by TEENY TOES, $12.99,; White and silver shoe by VINCENT,; Blue and lime Sweet Janes by SWEET SHOES, $26,; Flex in Annie Potpourri by PEDIPED, $39,; Jellybean green and gray Bent bowler shoe with black tire accents by SEE KAI RUN, $36,; Summa Sandal in brown leather baby shoes by BUSKINS, $29.95,; Tredz Evan in brown by ROBEEZ, $41.95,


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

Baby • Toddler • Boys • Little Girl • Tween • Outerwear • Swim For more information on where to buy Pampolina, please call 610-458-5050 or email . . .





Carry Two

Go Ga-ga This Jill Cartwright creation is made especially to carry diapers, wipes, and even your personal belongings, sans the neck and shoulder pains. The patented ergonomic strap evenly distributes the weight so you don’t experience any strain even when the bag’s loaded with all the mommy-withbaby-outdoor paraphernalia inside. And if you plan to trek without kiddo the next day, just adjust the strap, or interior dividers and this diaper bag converts into a messenger, tote, or laptop bag. Gaga-gasp (The Slide, $95,!

Jenna Claire Awesome stuff that disguises its admirable multi-functionality behind its ultra chic appearance, that’s what. And in this case, Jenna Claire’s diaper bags make the cut – with numerous useful pockets to go with your all-around lifestyle – in elegant designs; you would think they are just normal carry-all bags. What we like even more about the collection is its tough waterresistant polypro lining to protect it from those unavoidable milk spills. Having said that, make sure cats are out of (and away from) the spacious bag (Baby I’m Yours in Feeling Groovy Purple, $140,

Let’ss Get Physical Let

Swing By, Anytime

We are total believers in infant gyms, especially after seeing Cariboo’s Activity Gym for babies. This pine-made baby gym from New Zealand has a modern design that will look good in any room, while the little one is taken back to basics, less the artificial lights and music. His gym buddies Baby Lamb, Baby Sheep, Baby Turtle and Moon will accompany him during those work-outs, so you won’t have to sweat it ( for retailers).


lorious is just one of the words we can think of when looking at CedarWorks play sets. While we reveled on old tire swings by the lake during our childhood, we still get the good quaint and sentimental feel looking at the marvelous swing sets from CedarWorks. Made from 100% northern white cedar harvested chiefly in Maine, each of the grand swing sets are guaranteed splinter-free, strong, and long-lasting. With its all-natural element and classical architecture, you can enjoy the outdoors with your kid and his playmates (and his playmates’ neighbors, and…) because you get to do a lot more running, climbing, swinging, sliding, and digging around this magnificent play set. Pass it down to the next generations of your family, but we understand if you just don’t have the heart (Serendipity 1 model, $21,850, for orders).


Baby Couture SPRING 2008


The Little Lascal




Sling Fling


arenthood—while it can take over our lives—we love the role, nonetheless. But during those moments when we could use an extra hand to get things done (picture answering the door to receive a package with a toddler that refuses to be put down), Hotslings can be a lifesaver, because it can free both your hands. Kristen DeRocha, then a high school teacher, saw a pouch-style sling at a La Leche League meeting and wanted to buy one, but to no avail. Armed with a sewing machine, she is now the proud manufacturer of American-made baby slings that carrier connossieurs swear by. The fit and fabric are perfection, and it is hard to ask for anything else in a baby sling. The snag-free, ringless pouches are available in funky designs for you and baby—this awesome find makes sure you’re one ‘hot’ and efficient mom wherever your adventures take you (L to R, Reversible Mirror Ball, Solstice Stretch Sateen, Tattoo, from $48-$60,


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

Some of us are a little scared of the word “innovative.” We think it means complex, and impersonal. But the Lascal M1 Carrier will make it one of your favorite words with its features that focus on comfort, safety, and convenience for you—and mini-you. The trendy/sporty style assures you that this no garden-variety carrier, making you the coolest parent on the block. Well, until you run into another mom using the same carrier anyway. Your baby nestles in peacefully with the head and spine support this carrier offers. The bamboo fabric top cover is removable for easy cleaning, and can also be used as a canopy against sun and wind. The high-tech material allows ventilation, while the 3-way adjusters let you carry your baby even when he’s grown, and 30 pounds heavy ($129.95, regallager. com for stores).

Bite the Jewel We are just perplexed by the ability of our babies to turn from little angels into minimonsters during their teething stage (probably attributable to bringing about the “Terrible Two’s”). Moms Kendra and Amy created what could be a mom’s BFF—non-toxic, dishwasher safe ‘Teething Blings.’ These “smart” accessories will keep up with your style quotient, while baby can happily gnaw away. We know who’s smiling now (Donut-shaped pendant, $18.90,





knock on wood


he aesthetics about the simplicity and craftsmanship of kids’ wooden toys and decor make you want to display it in any area in the house, not just limited

to the habitat of a minor. Apart from being a parent in the know, the quality makes them always look fairly new, enough to pass on for generations to come (at which point, they have graduated to become vintage pieces). Best of all, most modern styles are made with non-toxic, eco-friendly materials.

Dishwasher Set by Plan Toys, $99.99, or


Charles roomy toy storage (lid is finished with chalkboard on one side) in birch (also doubles as a side table) by Jennifer Delonge, $299,


Molded birch plywood “Look-Me” chairs (set of two) by Offi, $249,

2 22

Baby Couture SPRING 2008



An elegantly sophisticated collection of mostly reversible fashions for boys & girls.

La Rive Droite

Right Bank Babies






baby boom! The Boom Boom Room


ast January 11 and 12, fashion and glamour guru Jayneoni Moore once again organized her annual, “Boom Boom Room,” a gifting suite for celebrity parents. This year’s theme was the “Wonderland Baby Style Villa,” co-presented by Mattel and Crayola. The child attendees were treated to pampering sessions at Spa Di Da, a reading room from Kane and Miller Book Publishers, and some free play at the Gymboree room. Baby Couture also partied with other sponsors of the event—Momzee Maternity, Clek Olli, Rockabye Baby, Incog-Neato, Shady Day, Lucky Stella, Li’l Darlins,, Innobaby, Happy Heinys, Bebe Au Lait, Baby Fabulous, and many more.

(Top, L to R) A then-pregnant Tara Wilson with Chris Noth at the Robeez booth; Bridget Moynahan at Diapees and Wipees; Ali Landry with a Sok-O toy; Samantha Harris; Scott and Renee Baio with their baby girl; Leah Remini and daughter Sofia Bella (wearing Chooka boots); Kim Porter and one of twin daughters, D’Lila Star and Jessie James; Natasha Henstridge; Denise Richards with daughters, Sam and Lola Sheen


Baby Couture SPRING 2008


fall on my mind




Fast-forward to Fall-Winter 2008 at the children’s fashion shows in Europe


nd you thought New York fashion week was to die for? Well, it is. But imagine seeing your children dressed in these fabulous designer wear, and shed a tear or two over their style (yes, they got it from your side of the family). Think metallics, striking colors and prints, golds, bubble dresses, down jackets, grays, deep reds, black as a staple, logo scarves, patent boots, and more exciting finds. It’s hardly summer in the U.S., and yet these fantastic frocks and suits are already gracing the runways for the little people. At the recent Pitti Immagine Bimbo trade show, where established childrenswear designers debuted their Autumn-Winter 2008 collections in Florence, Italy, you’re going to eagerly await sweater weather once again.









Baby Couture SPRING 2008












SPRING 2008 Baby Couture





summer preview Note what to prepare for the coming season of sun, surf, and sand

Mixing prints in the same color palette is striking on the beach...

Knit striped pullover by Ralph Lauren Childrenswear (; Silver personalized ID name bracelet by Julian & Co (; Floral bikini boy shorts, stylist’s own


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

MOMS: Spruce up your wardrobe with some bold prints

Polkadot dress by D&G (212.965.8000)

Tank tops for boys are awesome in colors other than white

Taxi tank top by Milkshaxs (

Bikini set by Lilʼ Bettie Beachwear (

Boys’ mod swim trunks from the Marimekko Collection for H&M ( for stores)

SBVSpace sleeveless onesie by Oh Baby London (

Bikini tops with matching boy shorts are uber cute

Teach the kids to re-use

Try an oversized tank top as a summer dress instead. Love it... Yogi Fairy tank top with removable butterfly wings by Yoli Poli (

Bikini set by Submarine Kids (

Cook Charlie Bear shopping bag with notepad from Haba (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture






stroller spotlight

The Funseat speaks for itself. Tried and tested to bring hours of F-U-N

Maclaren’s Limited Edition Lacoste Stroller ($400)

Mutsy 4Rider Next Cargo Range ($759) or

The beloved French designer has invaded the British buggy world. This limited design is sure to ignite some, “Ahh’s” from fashionista moms. Made from high-performance aluminum designed by aircraft engineers, it has the signature Maclaren standard features, such as the one-hand fold, and reclining seat positions. This lightweight (14.8 lbs) piece of work can hold up to 25 kg. of load, and has the carry handle for easy transport, and a viewing window on the hood to keep an eye on the baby. If that doesn’t get you in outdoors mode still, this purchase comes with a free mini Lacoste sportswear ensemble—a 100% cotton polo shirt, and a sun hat for the complete getup.

Aside from that special parent-child moment we experience whenever we take baby out for a walk, we beam at a stranger’s compliment on our little pride and joy, and our stroller plays the part of the throne for the miniature royalty—and this is where the Mutsy shines. You like praises? The Mutsy often gets people to sing a song, or two. The 4Rider “Next” Cargo 2008 stroller still has the features of the 4Rider we love, and also boasts of a full-sized bassinet that is ideal for transporting infants, with a strong handle to carry a sleeping baby. With a sleek, minimalist, innovative design (we’ve always been a fan of its single-spoke wheels), trouble-free maneuvering, full recline, extendable leg rest, removable front bar, and a protective hood, the new fabrics are also easier to clean. If you have the extra budget, acquire the optional Funseat, so your bigger guy or gal can pretend they are the ones driving the stroller. You will want to give it a go yourself.

“Maclaren strollers are omnipresent here in New York, and with good reason. They are easy to toss in and out of cabs and subways, and light enough to carry when you live in a walk-up, like we do. The Lacoste brand is iconic of my time, so I was thrilled to see its prints on my fave stroller of all time.”—Lila Montgomery, 30


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

“I’m surprised that I don’t see as much Mutsys as I’d like to, because they are the best-looking strollers out there. It’s very clean and sleek, which I like, because it goes with any accessory—even outfit, and car—that I own. The optional Funseat is a favorite for my kids, because they feel like they are the ones “driving,” and the enormous storage and beach bag will hold all the toys and outdoor equipment you’ve ever thought of bringing.”—Margaux Pelaez, 25





One-hand folding function makes it easy to transport

Baby Jogger City Elite Single in black and tan ($399.99) If you want value for your money in a stroller, look no further than the City Elite. Keep up with the metropolis and its fast-paced lifestyle with your little uptowner in style, and on three-wheels. The latest from the Baby Jogger’s City Series collection, this chic item is a fine choice for steering through the urban walkways (and practically any terrain, for that matter), with your child viewing the sights comfortably in front. Equipped with their patented Quick-Fold Technology for storage convenience, it is available in single and double sizes—with padded 150-degree reclining seats, large adjustable canopies for sun protection, and raised kickers for the tiny feet (very useful when they are sleeping). Its handlebar console, seat back storage compartment, and storage basket under the seat keep all the extra load out of your busy pushing hands, while the accessory mounting bracket specially designed to hold Baby Jogger accessories—foot muff, child tray, car seat adapter, and drink holster, among others—is built to cater to your other strolling needs. This durable rider can also carry up to 75 pounds, but do resist the temptation to try it on yourself (or the hubby) to see how much weight this baby can really take—we haven’t road tested it that far.

“I think the only thing that categorizes the Baby Jogger City Elite as a jogging stroller is its name, but the look and feel puts it up there with other ‘designer’ strollers—at almost half the price. When I was choosing strollers for my first child, this brand always kept popping up, so I bought one of the older models. Now, I am happy that there is a City series that retains the old easy maneuverability (two-fingers only!) and one-hand folding.”—Latisha, 35


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

© 2008 Lascal, Ltd. All rights reserved.



Carrier – this changes everything!

The Lascal is the first baby carrier to offer a built-in back support designed to keep baby’s developing spine straight at all times. A multi-adjustable frontpiece allows you to customize the for a growing baby from 8 to 30 lb. The ergonomic lumbar support and wide padded harness straps ensure ideal weight distribution, relieving stress on your shoulders and back. This, together with the latest in high-tech ventilated fabrics, means the provides exceptional comfort for baby and parent. The super-soft top cover, made from anti-bacterial bamboo fabric, removes for easy cleaning to keep your carrier looking new. The covers are available in five vibrant colors. Designed in Sweden. For more information visit or call 800-593-5522.

Lascal. The art of moving forward.

and extra top

Every Picture Tells A Story Known for his rooster ‘do and numerous hit albums spanning the past four decades, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Rod Stewart, 63, is certainly not the typical man of the house when it comes to his family. But the, “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” singer has managed to keep a close relationship with his children— Kimberly, 28, Ruby, 20, Renee, 15, Liam, 13—together with his present wife, Penny Lancaster, 36, and their 2-year old son, Alastair Wallace. The fashionably loud rocker has been finding quiet downtime with the family in their California home, but lately has been reportedly missing his children, who are now either busy at work, or at school. Although it may seem obvious to Rod that his kids are growing up faster than he’s expected—as daughter Ruby is the new model for UK’s Ultimo lingerie—it is definite that his ‘hot legs’ are keeping up.

copy that GET ALASTAIR’S LOOK: One-piece bunny romper by Kushies ( BABY GIRL OPTION: “La Cocca Di Papa” (Daddy’s Girl) short-sleeved shirt by Il Cocco Di Mamma (


Baby Couture SPRING 2008


Luxury. Comfort. Safety.

Redefined The City Elite, a luxury edition of the City Series Family by Baby Jogger, offers premium standard features and unique accessory options, allowing you to pamper your child with comfort and style from day one.

For more information call 1.800.241.1848 ext. 4444


copy that

Jackman of All Trades He may forever be known for successfully bringing the brutish, but well-loved Marvel Comics superhero, “Wolverine” to life in the box-office hit X-Men trilogy, but Hugh Jackman does much more than throw berserker rages in movies. The 39-year old actor, who started his career in his native land, Australia, is a 2004 Tony Awardee, a 2005 Emmy Awardee, as well as the co-owner of a film production company, Seed Productions. But this proud Aussie isn’t just an achiever in the entertainment world. In fact, he is proudest of being a husband to his wife of 11 years, Deborra Lee Furness, and a father to his two adopted children Oscar, 7, and Ava, 2—whose publicized adoption in 2006 showed Hugh’s sincere commitment to raising his family. Although Hugh seems far from slowing down with his career with upcoming films, “Australia,” and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” (2009) it is evident that his greatest achievement as a

GET AVA’S LOOK: Green hooded cotton sweater by Little Mcneal by Lily Mcneal (

family man will carry on.


Baby Couture SPRING 2008


copy that

baby couture shopping bag INCOG-NEATO Made for babies, toddlers, tweens, pets, and even animals who may experience “accidents,” Incog-neato bed pads, are durable, effective, and can absorb pints of liquid. Made of 100% cotton and polyester, it is washer-friendly, and serves as a maternity bed cover, diaper changing pad, wheelchair pad, or car seat protector. (32 x 34 inches, $70 and up, incog-neato. com)

RITZY BABY Ritzy Baby’s gorgeous shopping cart covers are created to protect your child from those unwanted germs on grocery carts, and to give your princess a soft and smooth ride. And speaking of ‘ride,’ Ritzy Baby also has divine reversible infant and toddler car seat covers that are ultra-comfy and that can fit a variety of car seats. (Carnival Delight stroller


blanket, $60; travel size, $30,

She may always like taking on unusual and challenging roles, the way she played a


hoodlum’s girlfriend in the highly successful

It’s all about customer

1994 film, “Pulp Fiction,” and the top assassin,

service—offering the best

“Black Mamba” in 2003 and 2004’s mega-hit

buggies and baby products,

movies, “Kill Bill” (Volume 1 and 2), but one

and helpful advice (with the

role Uma Thurman, 37, will always love is

Strolling Consultation feature)

being a mother to her two lovely children with

to find the perfect stroller

ex-husband Ethan Hawke—daughter Maya

for your child. From single

Ray, 9, and son Levon Roan, 6. The statuesque

and doubles, to all-terrain,

former fashion model is currently raising the

and jogging strollers—they

two in New York. Presently said to be dating

carry reliable and fashionable

44-year old banker, Arpad Busson, who resides

names, like Phil and Ted’s (Sport Double, shown

in the UK, Uma still chooses a steadier lifestyle

here), Baby Jogger, Mutsy, and Inglesina, among

for her kids, not planning on relocating the

other leading brands (

family to a different country anytime soon. So if her new portrayals in this year’s films, “The


Life Before Her Eyes,” and “The Accidental

Ramalama founder (from

Husband” would put the actress in the spot-

Down Under), Deena

light yet again, we are confident the real-life

Ramadan, makes her

mommy role will not be put aside.

sophisticated Nappy Bag line with the finest Italian leather, and equipped with GET MAYA’S LOOK: Baby blue shirt by Ariat (; Green denim shorts by Ralph Lauren Childrenswear (

useful compartments. It looks just like your designer woman’s handbag—but with benefits for the “woman in every mother” (Chloe style diaper bag, or 646.259.5164).


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

baby couture


shopping bag

NURTURED BY NATURE This ultra-soft, 100% merino wool sleeveless romper from New Zealand is one of the many adorable products of Nurtured By Nature. The company believes in giving the best for your heaven-sent child, and prides itself in using natural materials, therefore, the best products for babies. You are not left out on the good stuff because it guarantees easy care for parents— machine-washable, non-shrink, color fast and tumble dry garments ($84.04,

BERMUDA BABIES Founder Loreen Dall prepares you for a hassle-free baby’s day-out; the “one size fits all” covers keep mother-and-child time personal, while the stylish patterns lets the rest of the world appreciate the aww-moment in a whole new way. The difference between Bermuda Babies covers from other brands is that these have the secured arm strap. The straps are on the left and right side of the cover, so you won’t worry about trying to hold the cover down yourself while feeding ($39,

LOU LOU’S CORNER Right at the doorstep of this specialty boutique, Lou Lou’s Corner, you can instantly feel its hospitality from the vibrant red and yellow shades, to the warm patterns used to decorate the interactive shop. The whole family (including the dog) can shop for clothing, toys, and accessories from brands such as Appaman, Jellycat, Tea Collection and Zutano—with free shipping for online orders over $99 (Large truffle panda by Jellycat, $39.95,

SIGNING SAFARI Learn to understand your baby in a whole new level with Beginner Signs and Alphabet DVD. Promoting the American Sign Language (ASL) for effective communication without words, you will know when he needs to drink, eat, or sleep—and more. Founder Sharon Said is a certified Child Sign Language Specialist, and mom of 3 ($19.95,!

CRADLE ME GENTLY Made of 100% cotton most suited for your delicate little angels, each lovely set includes a 180” x 8” bumper, a 30” x 40” patchwork receiving blanket, and two sheets. The well-designed beddings have the standard size of 18” x 36” to fit perfectly on your baby’s sweet little slumber-dom (Ivory Diamond set, for retailers).

ON THE ROCKERS Wooden rockers have remained favorites through time. That’s why we love the Goose Creek Enterprises Riding Rockers made of the finest Indiana hardwoods, like Walnut and Ash—and with its Heirloom Quality, we know it can stand the test of time ($1349-$1499 for existing designs,

NOODLE HEAD OVER HEELS As goofy as it may sound, Eric and Chris Ryan’s bright ideas prove that two Noodle-heads are better in creating one of the best kid-oriented companies today. The Noodle Heads offers fine products for kids to play and get busy with, ranging from stuffed toys to activity kits—with the Pawparazzi Pets leading the way ( or

A SITE TO BEHOLD Online shopping for your teeny tykes just got prettier with fabulous baby accessories from Baby Bella Maya. With matching fancy designs for slip covers, car seat covers, blankets, and cute baby booties made of fine fabrics of silk, polyester/rayon and faux mink, it will glam up the little one like your true princess that she is, without paying royal prices (Booties Zoe Zebra, $10,

NEW JAMMIES New Jammies boasts of 100% organic cotton in every pajama set, onesie, tee, or romper. Each time your child steps into a pair. The colorful patterns can help you illustrate good feeding habits, and they also come with cute little books to complement the adorable (and snug) sleepwear with a nice bedtime story ( for stores).

(Cayden) White Sand Castle T-shirt (worn inside) by Zutano (zutano. com); Jacket with zipper by D&G (212.965.8000); Houndstooth pants by Knuckleheads (knuckleheadsclothing. com). (Christine) Denim dress by Diesel (; Boots, Christine’s own.


Baby Couture SPRING 2008


Sitting in one of the bathrooms of their gorgeous-yet-homey oceanfront Santa Barbara abode where Christine Costner is having her hair and make-up done, and doing her interview simultaneously (multitasking, like any good mom would know to do), you would think that this is the quarters of any normal family. Toys scattered about sporadically here, a baby gate there, some newly-washed baby bottles and a breast pump drying by the kitchen sink—except, of course, for enlarged photographs of baby cheetahs in the safari that probably cost a mint, shot by acclaimed photographer, Peter Beard, and a patio that is literally steps from the sea, and staring out at it reminds you of that feeling that the world is truly majestic. This, after all, is the house of a movie star’s family. And not just any actor, one of the world’s most respected thespians, and this is the dwelling of the people most dear to him. They also bought a new property in Santa Barbara that they share with their white Labs, Jewel and Daisy (Wyatt, one of Kevin’s beloved Labradors passed away last Christmas after 14 years of being in their family), where they will build their dream home on the beach, because they feel that it is, “A beautiful place where family can gather. We will hopefully begin to design it within the next year, or so.” During our photo shoot, Kevin is already in South Carolina doing pre-production for a new film. Christine and Cayden are to follow suit, and we were pleased for their delay in travel plans because we are able to document and photograph the little Costner while still in his adorable, gummy-grinned stages. Already a dead ringer for his equallyhandsome father, Cayden (which means, “warrior” in English) Wyatt (obviously a

moniker which has a special meaning for the family) is one of the most delightful babies we’ve ever come across in a photo shoot. Even with a low-grade temperature that erupted during the day, Cayden (or “Crash,” a nickname that the couple might use instead when he grows up) was smiling, playing, and quite excited, much so that he even missed his afternoon nap.

because she raised Christine like so—gentle and loving. Christine also describes her mom as, “the kindest woman.” As a mother, words like that from a child to a parent will never fail to warm your heart. On the business of raising kids, Christine looks pensive and says that, “Cayden has us, his brother, sisters, uncles, aunties, and many grandparents to guide him. It’s partly how you raise them, and partly luck, and of course, you hope that your kids will find their way—knowing that sometimes they will get lost. I always thought that my parents were really good guides. They never stomped their feet, nor said, “This is what you have to do…” She adds, that, “I was quite a good golfer when I was young, with my step dad, John, being a Master-Progolfer. And they believed that I could take it further. They said, “Look, you can do this, if you wanna do this.” Christine states that, “At that point, I didn’t want to, and they didn’t force it, and I’m mostly glad, because I like the path that I have been traveling.”

With those striking baby blues and an animated shriek that accompanies his giggles, Cayden is already immortalized

in Christine’s first baby book called, “Do You Know What I Do?,” which is about a Grandma Bear and a Baby Bear named “Cubby,” the latter asking Gram some questions, such as, “What will I do when I’m sad?” And Grandma Bear responds with an, “I count my blessings…,” answer. The book is a sweet gift that Christine gave to her mom for Christmas (and she’s already thinking about producing it for a bigger audience) for her to read to her grandson,

Before meeting Kevin, Christine worked for Skyy Vodka. The two met at a golf course, and didn’t talk for 6 years, until they came across one another again and finally got together. It was quite a long preengagement (another 6 or 7 years) because



Photos by Benjamin James Hair and make-up by Kacee Lundell Additional photos by Christine Costner and Samantha Meldrum

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


A Perfect World

It’s partly how you raise them, and partly luck, and of course, you hope that your kids will find their way—knowing that sometimes they will get lost. 42

Baby Couture SPRING 2008

Opposite page: (Cayden) “Don’t Bug Me” shirt by Knuckleheads (; Pirsyb black jeans by Diesel Kids (dieselkids. com); Rubber shoes by Naturino ( for stores). This page: (Christine) Marimekko collection dress by H&M ( for store branches). (Cayden) Beach stripe shirt by Zutano ( for stores); Salopette khaki jumper by D&G (212.965.8000); Skip Stage 1 prewalker shoes by Stride Rite (; Fire brigade magnetic puzzle by Haba (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


A Perfect World


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

Baseball shirt by Knuckleheads (; Tamechb zip-up cotton hoodie by Diesel Kids (dieselkids. com); Checkered pants by D&G (212.965.8000); T-strap sandals by Naturino ( for stores).

[Kevin] has a softness that I love, and he has boyish playtimes where a wrestling match could take place. SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


A Perfect World

the couple took their time, and finally tied the knot in September of 2004. Best thing learned as a first-time mom? “Seeing my own parents with Cayden gives me a very good idea of how they were with me. It’s a good feeling. I have discovered a higher appreciation for time, and I think I have begun to see things differently. The giggles, the surprises, and the pleasure he finds in something as simple as clapping of hands together, or spinning the tires on his tipped over dump-truck. I like how Cayden studies faces when he touches noses and cheeks. I love the quiet and tender moments that we share before bedtime—when I know that his belly is full, he’s had his warm bubble bath, and is cozy in his pajamas—ready to have his last play and goodnight story. It is a good feeling, walking out after he has fallen asleep, knowing that he is peaceful and resting. Maybe the biggest lesson was underestimating the love I would feel. It is immeasurable.” And how is Kevin Costner as a father? “One of the things I appreciated about Kevin was the way he was with [his kids] Annie, Lily, and Joe. I’m proud of Kevin as a father, and as my husband. He’s a hands-on dad, and spends a lot of time with Cayden. He has a softness that I love, and he has boyish playtimes where a wrestling match could take place. They have a nice balance.” As for Cayden possibly following in his dad’s footsteps, she’s not one to stop a child from following a dream. “As I am sitting here, I can’t even imagine him being so big. I haven’t even heard a, “Mama” yet. I think I understand what you are asking. We are seeing another side of celebrity these days. The focus seems to be on the private lives and on the negative places people go to. It seems a little unnerving and sad when you watch it. I guess if it’s something Cayden decides to do, I’d probably worry, as any mother would, but my hope is that I will be able to support him in whatever he chooses to be.”


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

About expanding the family, Christine says that she is, “Just happy being with Cayden right now, and I don’t want to leap past anything. His personality is starting to come through. He’s an observer, and he’s a happy baby. He’s very social, and at 5 weeks old, he has already been on a plane to Aspen,” (where they own another property), and, “His dad has already put him in an inner tube on our snow hill there (which Kevin made with a tractor) when he was just 6 months old—all by himself—wrapped up in a blanket. He has already touched a dolphin, been to Italy and the Bahamas…been on

On her pregnancy, and of course, losing the baby weight—the topic that a lot of new mommas want the scoop about: “I put on normal weight, maybe a little more than [normal]. I’m big on moderation. After Cayden was born, it took a little while to lose the pounds. Let’s face it—we all want to fit back into our jeans. I did a combination of breastfeeding, a little exercise, lots of veggies and meats—and am losing the last few pounds by staying away from dairy, and carbs. I never thought I could give up cheese, but I feel healthier without it.” Her fashion sense hasn’t changed much. “I wear mostly the same style. Although, I think the biggest change is the lack of heels, but I’ll be wearing them again. I don’t feel as tall as I used to.” Spoken by a leggy, beautiful blonde, who looks like an actress herself. Her down-to-earth and easygoing manner also makes it easy to figure out why Kevin Costner didn’t let this one get away. With regards to beauty buys in general, Chris says she is inclined to buy more organic products now.

the 18th hole at Pebble Beach. He’s seen a lot of beautiful places, and he is a good little traveler.” But for Chris, as she is fondly called, it’s still about, “Being home and being able to walk on our beach.” In between questions, Chris continuously checks in on Cayden. The connecting rooms of the house make it easy to do so. Once, she comes back, we all have a little laugh at the celery with peanut butter she is chomping on. Actually, she was using a spatula to scoop out the peanut butter onto some celery sticks. She is now also on a diet where she doesn’t eat “white stuff,” like bread and rice.

When asked about her splurges and favorite brands for Cayden, she states that, “If I see something that’s really cute, I buy it. Otherwise, he has so much, and people have been really generous with us. My favorite is probably Knuckleheads. Diesel Kids and babyGap have some nice pieces, too. There’s also this brand called Noble Decay, and the couple of pieces that I have managed to find were unusual and fun. Another company called Knit-Head [a line of handmade, knitted punk rock wear], which is great. We love Lucky Brand jeans on him, and he also has vintage Levi’s that I never want him to outgrow, but…” (Smiles) “He has so many different looks,” as we all can see in this story. Chris adds, “He’s pretty perfect in our eyes.” He’s wonderful in ours, too.

(Cayden) Tilverb striped shirt by Diesel Kids (; Denim shorts by H&M ( for store branches); Vintage Levi’s jeans, Cayden’s own. (Christine) White long-sleeved shirt and jeans by Diesel (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


A Perfect World

This page: (Upper left) Skate cap, black shirt, and houndstooth pants, all by Knuckleheads (; Taylor brown lace-up shoes by Stride Rite ( (Bottom set) Aqua terry hoodie by Zutano ( for stores); White sunglasses by Teeny Tiny Optics ( Opposite page, and cover outďŹ ts: (Cayden) Sport onesie (worn inside) by D&G (212.965.8000); Black V-neck sweater by Knuckleheads (; Psonib white short by Diesel Kids (; Argo Stage 3 sandals by Stride Rite ( (Christine) Orange strapless dress by Diane Von Furstenberg (Barney’s New York stores).


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

My favorite is probably Knuckleheads. Diesel Kids and babyGap have some nice pieces, too.

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


playing hooky Look who’s taking a break from the toil of schoolwork—all dapper and chichi to boot! Photos by Heidi Alletzhauser


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

Opposite page: (Girl) Fuchsia Kishori cardigan by Room Seven (room7usa. com); Khaki metallic jumper by D&G (212.965.8000); Pink kitty rain boots by Western Chief Kids (Nordstrom stores); Handmade flower bouquet jump rope by Green Little Beans ( (Boy) Long-sleeved shirt, orange argyle vest, khaki linen blazer, and dark blue denim shorts with back-pocket stitching, all by Sean John ( for stores, or Macy’s stores); Elmer the Patchwork Elephant by Kids Preferred (Barnes & Noble). This page: (Girl) Sleeveless striped top from the St. Tropez collection and white trousers with adjustable waist by Pampolina (E-mail; Stars ‘N Stripes slip-ons by Vincent (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


(Girl) Melanie shades in purple by Teeny Tiny Optics (; Racer back sleeveless top with butterfly prints and denim skirt with butterfly embroidery detail on back by Baby Nay (babynay. com). (Boy) Jacket with hood, shirt, and jeans all by Kenneth Cole Reaction (Macy’s stores).


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

“Tree” shirt by Yoli Poli (; Nite floral big sweatpant by Lucky Brand (; Peu in yellow shimmer shoes by Camper (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


(Boy) Rockabilly plaid button-down shirt by Knuckleheads (; “1934” motorcycle print tie-dye shirt and spider print cut-off denim shorts by Da Liʼl Guys ( (Girl) Sleeveless fish and flower print cotton dress by Zutano (; Silver flip-flops by Havaianas (


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

(Top) Grouchy ladybug large plush by Kids Preferred (; Uniform navy blazer with insignia and navy dress with pleats by Ralph Lauren Childrenswear ( (Bottom) Denim and striped cotton blouse and matching striped skirt by Moppit (; TT Ava sandals by Stride Rite (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


Logo maroon jacket by Quiksilver (; Rockets tee with electric guitar print by Moppit (; Lit’l Hutch jean by Earnest Sewn (; Shoes, model’s own.


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

(Girl) Falilla Berretto hat and Podiso denim short by Diesel Kids (; “Flora Bear” shirt by Bunny & Bee (bunny&; Floral rain boots by Hatley ( (Boy) Bernie 2 sleeveless shirt and Bruce 2 in heather gray jacket by Little Marc Jacobs (marcjacobs. com); Safado K denim pant by Diesel Kids (; Flip-flops, model’s own.

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


(Top) Sandshell track jacket by Ben Sherman (; Route 66 shirt by Ooh La La Mama (; Lit’l Hutch cords by Earnest Sewn (; Camo sandals by Birkiʼs ( (Bottom right) White barney cap by Dakine (; “Stop Animal Slavery” organic cotton shirt by Cue T by Organic Couture (; Striped long-sleeve shirt by Zutano (; Cuffed denims by Moppit (; Twins in White Mascot shoes by Camper (


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

Lollipops coat from the Lexie collection by Coco Bonbons (; Pink linen and cotton shirt and Nouveau cotton pants by Posh Baby (poshbaby. com); Pink metallic ats with plastic beads by Capelli Kids New York (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


Striped shirt, track jacket, and denim shorts, all by Sean John ( for stores, or Macy’s stores); Brown sandals by Umi (


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

(Bottom) Organic girls bomber by Girl’s matching pants by Fig Organic (; Eyelet ruffle halter top by Shelly Bryallis; “Twins in Red” shoes by Camper (; Gigi knit doll by BlaBla ( or Product shot: Girls Eleanor starfish mini slip-on by Keds (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


(Boy) Ootayx denim jacket by Diesel Kids (; Brown organic tee from Alternative Earth by Sok-O (; Plaid short by Da Li始l Guys ( (Girl) Tropical Summer khaki parka with embroidery on sleeve, sleeveless white stretch shirt from the Tropical Summer collection, and blue denim skinny jean from the Tropical Summer collection by Pampolina (E-mail; Giraffe safari sandals by Stride Rite (


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

Green short-sleeved denim jacket and cherry-print pink skirt by Milo and Milk (; Champion canvas sneakers by Keds (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


Cotton dress with ower detail by Kushies (; Trumbo stuffed animal by Sok-O (; Child-sized toy sling by Hotslings (


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

(Girl) Red shirt with flower print, and denim and flowerprint cotton skirt by Beau Beaux, Inc. (; Yellow Chelsea canvas mary janes by Roxy ( (Boy) “Love Your Mother” Sesame Street shirt by Mini Fine by Mighty Fine Inc. (; Tenacity pinstripe short by Quiksilver (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


Photos by Mike Tesi Hair and grooming by Ana Sicat Photos by Tamara Muth-King


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

(Opposite page): (Girl 1) Vintage quilt halter dress by Matilda & Co. ( (Girl 2) Tagiacu shirt by Diesel Kids (; April sand linen and cotton shorts by Finger in the Nose (; Sandals by Stride Rite ( (Boy) Rectangles and ovals print long-sleeved shirt by Beau Beaux, Inc. (; Yellow denim jeans by Ralph Lauren Childrenswear (; Martin tennis shoe with single Velcro closure by Vincent ( (This page, girl) Barbara dress in adobe pink by Little Marc Jacobs (; Camellia sandal by Umi (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


(Boy) Green sport riders cap by Gold Rush Outfitters (; Cuffo yellow button-down shirt by Diesel Kids (; Charcoal “Can’t Stop Rock and Roll” short by Pumpkin Patch (; Argo sandals in graphite and navy by Stride Rite ( (Girl) Orange and white top with ribbon on front and shorts by Pink Ginger from Plum Pudding (; Fati Berretto fisherman’s hat by Diesel Kids (; Hi-tops by Converse ( (Girl with gloves) Green polkadot scoop neck jersey dress and matching headband with birds in flight detail (leggings not shown) by Baby Nay (; Pink rabbit daughter necklace (part of a set) with brass chain from Spunky Sprout (; Yellow and green gloves by Jefferies Socks (; Yellow “My Boot” boots by Aigle (


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture



Baby Couture SPRING 2008

Opposite page: (Girl 1) Cotton candy ruffle tank dress by Baby Lulu (; Strawberry delight floral print handbag by Pumpkin Patch (; Pink floral flip-flops by Havaianas ( (Girl 2) Fairy shadow tee and heart drawstring trouser, both by Paperwings ( (This page, girl 1) Flush pink pepulum ruffle trench coat by Old Navy (; Red and white striped Gidget-inspired halter top and flare pants with cherry print by Spoiled Little Mama ( (Girl 2) Monkey scarf by Zutano (; Pink dress with hearts print by Pumpkin Patch (; Pandora hot pink sneakers by Stride Rite (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


(Boy) Flike Berretto hat by Diesel Kids (; Buddy 2 graffiti shirt and red denim jeans by Little Marc Jacobs ( (Girl) Saint Tropez inspired top with embroidery and glitter by Pampolina (E-mail; Denim shorts with pleats, fancy stitching and belt by Pampolina (E-mail; Red, white and blue striped footless leggings by Country Kids ( (Boy 2) England 57 track jacket by Lucky Brand (; “Rebel Without A Cause” vintage red shirt by Disney Couture Baby (; Hickory striped cargo denim pants by Gold Rush Outfitters (; Retrolio flip-flops by Quiksilver (


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture



Baby Couture SPRING 2008

(Boy) Green cardigan with yellow piping and yellow pants by Kico Kids (; Yellow green giraffe organic cotton shirt by Biome 5 ( (Girl 1) Edo silk dress in ivory and fern by Edenstar (; Gold Koi ip-ops by Roxy ( (Girl 2) Floral tunic by Wati (; Turquoise cord shorts by Moppit (; Gold safari slippers by Stride Rite (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


(Girl 1) White raincoat with red buttons by Agatha Ruiz dela Prada ( (Boy) “Zap & Rocket� shirt by Little Thieves (; Jaune nickel bermuda shorts by OOXOO (; Long-sleeved checkered shirt (worn on waist) by Ariat ( (Girl 2) White long-sleeved shirt by GapKids (; Reversible dress by Right Bank Babies (; White socks by Jefferies Socks (; Lotta shoe in beige by Vincent (


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


us e ho

April showers bring May flowers, so let go of the winter layers and welcome the pulchritude of Spring Photos by Heidi Alletzhauser


Baby Couture SPRING 2008






Opposite page: (Girl 1) Handmade baby doll top (worn as a dress) by Posh Boutique ( (Girl 2) Woven dress in ladybug and flower print by Purebaby (; Cords by Lit’l Earnie from Earnest Sewn (; Cupcake clip by No Slippy Hair Clippy (hairclippy. com). This page: Floral dress with matching headband by Baby Nay (; Mom and daughter pink rabbit necklace set (mom jewelry worn) from Spunky Sprout (; Yellow patent peep-toe wedge-heeled shoes by SmartFit from Payless (Payless stores, or

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


(On baby) Double hem bodysuit by Purebaby ( (Girl, top photo) Yellow bolero by Lola et Moi (; Floral cotton dress by Ralph Lauren Childrenswear ( (Girl, bottom photo) Subergine and petal pink dress with embroidered owers by Collette Dinnigan (; White patent at by Capelli Kids New York (


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

Green dress by Dino E Lucia (; Floral clip (used as a brooch) by No Slippy Hair Clippy (hairclippy. com); Stella mary jane in hot pink and bermuda by Stride Rite (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


(Girl 1, top left) Printed oral dress by Lucky Brand (; Skipper red shiny plastic bag by Little Marc Jacobs ( (On baby) White dress with white oral embroidery and matching bloomers by Pink Chicken New York (; Infant Teeny Toes Caroline espadrille by Teeny Toes ( (Girl 2) Hat by Dakine (; Flowers and hearts shirt by Kids Ink (; Yellow Prota skirt by Diesel Kids (dieselkids. com).


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

Sugar blossom long-sleeved oral dress by Zutano (; Ice cream cone clip by No Slippy Hair Clippy (; Red wool jacket with heart pockets by Isabella G. by Geiger of Austria (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


(Girl) Tulip-print shirt by Kushies (kushies. com); Striped leggings by Pumpkin Patch ( (Boy) Green floral button-down shirt by Ferd (; Brown H2O’s Sacrifice shirt by Threadless Kids (; Green linen Psoni short by Diesel Kids (; Green flip-flops by Havaianas (


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

(Girl 1, on left) “A Day in May” almond corduroy coat with flowers by Skipping Hippos (; Floral tunic dress by Icky (; Safari sandals by Stride Rite ( (Girl 2, right) Coat (on chair) by Zutano (; Floral dress by Submarine (; Green ankle socks by Jefferies Socks (jefferiessocks. com); Gold sequined rubber shoes with Velcro closures by Agatha Ruiz dela Prada (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


(Girl, left) Summer breeze outfit and lime Katya sequined shoes by Lipstik Girls ( (Baby girl) Dress by Lola et Moi ( (Girl, bottom right) Primary stripe hat in apple and white, fuchsia fleece jacket, flower time legging, all by Zutano (; Turquoise Big Bird tee by eight3one (; Pink shoes with tassels by Livie and Luca (


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

Novelty trooper hat by Sir Hayes (; Nicole dress in Fern by Edenstar (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


(Boy) Floral shirt by Knuckleheads (knuckleheadsclothing. com); White denim jeans by Wonderboy Clothing (; Superball Velcro sneakers in graphite by Stride Rite ( (Girl) Goldie in coral and aqua knit sweater by Little McNeal (; Linen oral dress by Fleurisse (spring; Raeden sandals by See Kai Run (


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

(Boy) Floral necktie and green gingham shirt by Hartstrings (; Poskyk striped pants by Diesel Kids (; Brown sandals by Umi (

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


(Girl 1) White tank top by Petit Bateau (; Tutu, bouquet, and ower hair wreath by Tutu Couture ( (Girl 2) Cape D’ Agde empire dress in cloud and sea in Swiss pima cotton and batiste lining by Enchanted Enfant Couture (


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

(Girl 1, left) Butterfly dress with flower on belt by Baby Nay (; Brown footless net socks by Jefferies Socks ( (Girl 2, bottom right) Sleeveless organdy party dress with multicolor embroidery by Room Seven ( (Baby) Combicourt Menthe Fraiche romper by Marese (; Belt, stylist’s own.

SPRING 2008 Baby Couture


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the sweet escape

Meet the king of the famous singer/fashion designer/trendsetting actress who launched one of the most inspired clothing line for kids, L.A.M.B

“Being a mom was all I ever dreamed about. Now that it’s come true, it makes me feel like my life has come together. Nothing else matters.”


f there’s one other man who rules California born-and-raised Gwen Stefani’s life, it is her 2-year old son, Kingston James McGregor Rossdale. Gwen, 38, who got married in 2002 to British rock musician Gavin Rossdale, has just finished, “The Sweet Escape” tour, with baby Kingston tagging along his rockstar mommy from state-to-state. Starting out, Gwen’s older brother, Eric, invited her to join their group, “No Doubt,” with her taking the lead vocals. To date, they are one of the most famous and successful bands all over the world. The Grammy Award-winning performer and songwriter has reportedly long dreamt about becoming a mother, ever since she was 18 years old, and is now once again with child. She is also stepmother to Gavin’s 16-year old daughter, Daisy Lowe, from a former love. In this photo, Gwen and Kingston does some shopping at trendy children’s boutiques in New York’s East Village--one of the last few moments before Kingston officially becomes a big brother.


Baby Couture SPRING 2008

a va

le ilab

o at h

g tslin



1:27:30 PM 1/9/08

Available at Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor & Better Specialty Stores.

Baby Couture Spring 08  

Christine and Cayden Costner