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n Diesel Kid tel. U.S.A. 1.877.433.4373


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baby coutureport D&G’s uniform style, Celeb must-haves, Cutie Patootie, etc., will whet your appetite for the Ultimate Fashion Issue

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amy coe The talented designer shows off her latest exclusive collection for colossal retailer, Babies”R”Us



copy that


How to get the look of Tori Spelling’s, Scott Baio’s, and Travis Barker’s kids 40

“we will always be family” Join the style and music idol’s twin toddlers in their family’s most unforgettable fashion photo shoot



babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

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commuter’s dream Comfort and trends must not be sacrificed when using any means of transportation



recycle, please Reusable styles meets renewable materials in these phenomenal fashion spreads


comic book fashion legends Who knew cartoon characters could be tres chic?



babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

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baby couture moment Actress Jennifer Garner with her daughter, Violet, all cozied up in NYC

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Kim is with her children, it became the obvious choice for her cover. Both stars deserved their own solo covers with their girls, and we had to show just how awesome the photo shoot was, with photographer extraordinaire, Meeno Peluce, and hair and make-up wiz, Ray Parker. I was also happy to learn about the detail put in the design of children’s rooms, as I gathered from our interviews with fabulous designers, Amy Coe (who, as it turns out, shares my passion for anything coconut), and Shalena Smith of Gaga Designs. The other revelation is how my models (one of them my daughter, Sabina) loved the plastic leotard I prepared for the “Recycle, Please” story. I only completed one piece, but the two other girls begged for one themselves (and one went home wearing it inside her clothes), so I got out the shears and instantaneously made two Ralph’s grocery bags into the piece de resistance of the day (see page 64). The paper accessories and boxes were a hit too, but nothing screamed “gotta have that” to these little women as much as the plastic bags, ha ha!

Dressing the twins with Diddy; Making a note to self about losing a few dress sizes, while smiling with the Porter-Combs family

Surprise, surprise!


here are many pleasant surprises that this issue held for me. The first was getting the handsome, confident, and haute dad (powerful tycoon and music icon is an obvious descript, so I’ll go with my personal observations) to join in his lovely girls’ photo shoot for Baby Couture. Sean Combs was very professional to work with—and dare I say about a rapper—gentlemanly and sweet (you won’t see him pushing his weight around, and he told me that he wanted to hang with his daughters before we started shooting). Kim Porter is as stunning, nice, and fashionable as I remember her from the time we met at an event early this year—where we briefly discussed this cover shoot—and the twins grew so much from the first time I saw them. They are both even more scrumptious and squeezable. I was truly content to witness the ex-couple coexisting, making sure their family is as happy as they can make it. I am also especially pleased with how we were able to capture both Kim and Diddy in their organic ways as parents. I told Kim that we’d love to shoot in her closet, and she suggested that she could maybe wear a towel in one of them, like she was getting ready to go out with her “ladies.” Because I adored the turnout of the photo, which depicted how effortless, natural, and warm


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

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Now these are the moments that make me love being a mom. Being able to witness the innocence and free-spirit that kids have, makes me pray that I live long, because I want to be a bystander to more instances like these. You can turn the page now if you are not into cheesy phrases like that, but if you’re like me and you think the world of your children, thanks for nodding to yourself and not ripping out this page to light your barbecue grills. I hope my girls stumble upon this letter when I’m in my prime 123 years of age (my husband and I hope to one-up the late Jean Calment as the new title holders for the oldest people in the world), and talking (albeit some speech slurring and poor vision) to both of them about the ultimate fashion issue of 2008, which I now meekly present to you as another toil of love that our team has put together. Working on this issue has been exhilarating and tiring, but seeing the printed product always makes me a proud momma. Please let me wish my daughter Sabina a blessed 5th birthday on the 28th of October. Binaboo, it’s been the best years of my life with you and Maxine in it, and your dad and I wish we’re doing a great job of raising you both. Yes, we will get that strawberry shortcake as promised. My grandmother who helped raise me also turns a year older this October. She is slowly recovering from a stroke. Lola, please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you every single day. It’s gotten cold out, so snuggle up with your loved ones, enjoy the magazine, and prepare for the wonderful holiday season (and outcome of an eristic presidential election) that lies around the corner. I can hardly contain myself.

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Kariz Favis EDITOR-IN-ChIEf & fAShION DIRECTOR MarTiN Favis CREATIvE DIRECTOR MarilyN BarToN CorazoN MEDiNa lyNDEE PriCE SENIOR EDITORS EriCa riEllE fAShION EDITOR TiNa Barry CONTRIBUTING EDITOR GiaNNa CorBo aMy HiGHFill sTEPHEN sEiDEl EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS CONTRIBUTORS HEiDi allETzHausEr, MElaNiE C, lisa CaNoy, MoNDo CasTro, aNNE MariE FoX, EriCa GaPas, sHErBET MaNalili, saNDra NissEN, ray ParKEr, saMuEl Paul, MEENo PEluCE, raMoN rEyEs, BorGy siNaBaN aDriaN lEDEsMa PUBLIShER MarTiN Favis

?@G K?I<8;J ]fi



Baby Couture is published by Medina Favis Publishing LLC, 370 Lexington Ave., Suite 1205, New York NY 10017. Reproduction in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher is strictly prohibited. For advertising, subscriptions, back orders or other inquiries, please call 212.561.5796 or 917.338.6575, or e-mail Visit us at or Opinions expressed in this publication are that of the writersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and are not necessarily endorsed by Medina Favis Publishing. Baby Couture is not responsible for unsolicited samples, products, work and materials, and submissions are non-returnable. If you wish to submit written work, photographs, artwork, products, samples, other services, etc., please accompany with a self-addressed envelope, postage paid or a return label. PRINTED IN THE USA

Photos by Meeno Peluce styling by kariz favis Hair and make-up by Ray Parker

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Unite: D&G Junior and AC Milan Two Italian top-flights are playing for the same team. AC Milan and D&G Junior are dressing up more than 20,000 aspiring Maldinis or Ronaldhinos around the world in AC Milanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s official jerseys with the D&G Junior logo starting this season. Football schools and AC Milan Junior Camps in 40 countries will see strikers, mid-fielders, and goalies kicking, hitting goals (and even getting right down on the dirt) in style.


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

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In Company with the Best


he luxury children’s apparel brand, Best & Co., first opened its doors in 5th Ave., New York in 1879 (by its founder, Alfred Best), and was then the shopping destination for the crème de la crème of East Coast families. The brand was revived by Susie Hilfiger (ex-wife of designer, Tommy Hilfiger) in 1997. After purchasing a small store in Greenwich, CT, she renamed the store after Best & Co., because it reminded her of her outfits as a child. The store is now owned by retail toy giant FAO Schwartz, and continues to delight its loyal customers, including Donald and Melania Trump’s son, Baron, Will and Jada Smith’s son, Jaden, designers Kate Spade and Rachel Roy and their daughters, among many others. To this day, the sophisticated line has retained its signature timeless styles and lush fabrics (

With a name that says it’s sweet (but with an edge), Cutie and patootie is described as, “trendy, funky, and posh.” Making their mark in children’s wear by offering cool and contemporary graphics and embellishments, the hip label also offers an assortment of products (cool booties and carrier covers from Baby Bella Maya, skull-themed bibs and burp cloths from Patricia Ann Designs, Dittany Baby slings, car seat covers from Itzy Ditzy), this brand, and online store, ensures that you will indulge your child’s savvy and individual style (

Ceremonial Right like baby’s going-home outfit from the hospital, perhaps a Christian parent and child’s first foray into children’s fashion is the christening dress. renowned brand Cherish the MoMent is exemplar of the Brooklyn line’s quality, novelty looks, and affordable price point. This is the brand that actors, sean Patrick and aonika Thomas’ baby girl, lola, wore in her recent baptism. another of our favorite lines is, one sMall Child, which also carries communion dresses, offers personalization, and are just downright gorgeous gowns for the most memorable times in your child’s life (Cherish The Moment, Babies“r”us stores or babiesrus. com; lilian christening gown (shown here) by one small Child,


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

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Rowdy Little Rockers rowdy sprout rocker apparel indulge the frustrated rock star in you. If it didn’t happen in your time, maybe your tiny artist can play the part with flair. With numerous designs and graphics sporting legendary bands, like Blondie and ACDC, these clothes promise cool panache, on top of quality workmanship. Made from finely woven 100% cotton, they can be washed 100 times over with hardly any fading or tear, so you can be certain that your little ones’ clothes will survive numerous full-forced jam sessions (

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baby kids footwear

for your nearest store or to shop online

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gaga for design





From nursery interior design, to an “exclusive baby registry concierge service,” shalena smith will make room for the new baby in style Photos by Meeno Peluce Make up by Samuel Paul, Hair by Melanie C of Karlee Artist Management


How did you come to be a celebrity family interior designer? When I was 19, I worked for a high-end baby store on Beverly Drive, and I absolutely fell in love with assisting families prepare for the birth of their baby. For most people, it takes having a baby to relate to the needs of pregnant women, but even before I had mine, I knew what it took to satisfy a mom and dad to be, and I’ve always thrived on that. It may be that I connect with them creatively, or just the fact that I’m truly happy and excited for every single one of my clients, because we have an opportunity to see a miracle take place, and to create an amazing environment to bring the baby home to. With the store being located in Beverly Hills, we always had celebrity clientele. I was known for being the store manager that could never identify a celebrity—I don’t ever know who anyone is to this day. So the salespeople in the store would always push me to help the celebrities because I could always remain professional and calm, since I never knew who anyone was. After years of working in that store, I eventually opened my own franchise in Palo Alto—and after having the experience of tearing down walls and making what looked like a dark warehouse turn into a whimsical, beautiful retail space, I knew I had what it takes to become an interior designer. I took those skills and the concept of running a specialty store into creating an interior design company that specializes in baby and children’s rooms. I remember hearing the doubts from friends and naysayers: “Who will spend the money to have their babies room designed?” and, “No one will afford that!” The first thing that came out of my mouth was, “Celebrities!” And then after I processed it, I knew my clientele would be people that can afford to have a room designed, but that don’t have enough time or vision to accomplish it


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 18

on their own. To this day, I continue to get celebrity clients through word-ofmouth referral, and I believe it’s because I’m very discreet and quick. Why did you choose the name, “Gaga Designs?” Babies say “ga-ga,” and mommies go ga-ga when it comes to getting what their children need. In general, we all go gaga at some point! Your clients include Heidi Klum, Dylan McDermott, Sean Combs, Kim Porter, Pete and Bridgette Sampras, among others. With such A-List clientele, does it get demanding? It gets demanding, but it is sooo much fun. I absolutely love what I do. These clients come to me because I provide a full service without them ever having to step one foot into the store. I have my design service, custom furniture and bedding lines, experienced muralist, and our exclusive baby registry concierge service where we take care of all your nursery furniture and décor needs. It’s already so overwhelming to have a baby. I know it’s amazing, and that it’s one of the happiest times in most people’s lives, but it’s also a huge transition for a family. What expectant parent wants to spend hours or days figuring out what to put on a registry, research consumer reports to find out what’s safe or not, if they don’t have to because they know of someone who can handle it all for them? I either register them on my own, or I take them to a local store and register them as well, and give them product demonstrations—all within 2 hours. I’ve had clients in the past that call me after they’ve pulled their hair out over a two day period, trying to figure out what to put on their registry.

9/21/08 11:50:52 AM

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Everyone knows me as the celebrity designer, but for the most part I’m very practical. All my clients are demanding, but they should be! They want and deserve my undivided attention, so I never take on more than I can handle. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 10 years now, and we have two little girls, aged 5 and 7—so when I have tight deadlines, or if I have to travel to the east coast, it’s tough being away from my family. Although I work hard and long hours at times, I always have a great time with the expecting couple. I feel so blessed to be a part of such a special time in their lives. All my clients become very special people in my life. I develop close relationships because I’m there during one of the biggest transitions in their lives. It’s always so much fun to go to the babies’ first birthday party, or start designing their “big boy or girl” room a few years later. Most of my clients have me finish where I left off, and design the perfect space for their toddler. That is such a fun experience, because I’m no longer just dealing with the opinion of mom and dad, but now the opinion of a 3-year old. I sit down and have my own private meeting with my new client, who is a very inquisitive tot. Where do you get your ideas from? My nursery ideas come from the parents-to-be. I interview them and pull out great ideas, and we come up with a unique and custom nursery every time. How long does it take to design a nursery? It really depends on how custom the nursery is, and how far away my client is. But if we have a room with custom furniture and bedding, window treatment, custom paint or mural design, without any major construction, it takes 12-14 weeks. However, speaking of celebrity and demanding, I’ve had to accomplish all those tasks in less than 4 weeks, and make it happen 3000 miles away. It’s never an option to say no to my clients, and what’s nice is that they know that I will get the job done, despite the time frame or challenge—and that’s why they continue to come to me. When should an expectant couple begin to decorate the baby’s room? My pregnant moms call me after their first trimester, so we have enough time to enjoy the process and not have everything so rushed. But everyone is different. I also have clients that, because of their religious belief, we keep everything a secret, and then I put the entire room together when they’re in the hospital—or others call once the baby is born, and then we start decorating. Does one need to budget in the tens of thousands to have a room designed by you? I can work on any budget. Some clients hire me on a hourly rate to consult them on their design project or retain me for 3 months to oversee everything that has to do with preparing for their baby—including their baby shower, pregnancy photos, layette, etc. I’ve helped people with a budget of $4000, and people with an unlimited budget. visit and

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babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

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fueled for life L Photos by Sandra Nissen

ast August 4, Diesel Kids threw a fabulous summer fete in New York, together with Baby Couture— introducing friends and retailers to the remarkable new Spring/Summer ‘09 collection of the hugely successful children’s line. Worn by many celebrity kids (including the Jolie-Pitts, Suri Cruise, Jaden Smith, Rowan Henchy, Liv Helen Freundlich, Cayden Costner, etc.), Diesel Kids has become a wardrobe staple among families in the know, with products that won’t sacrifice style nor comfort for the most discerning customers—aged 0 and into their teens.












babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

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ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 11:51:37 AM









amy coe see the love and passion behind one of the most talented and licensed children’s designers of all time

W 24

We know you’re a huge name in the children’s industry, but we’d love to know the lowdown behind the artist. I’m passionate about my work as a designer, but living a full and balanced life is a priority. Family is at the heart of everything I do—my husband and daughter are my confidantes, inspiration, and support. It was the birth of my daughter that actually motivated me to create my first baby collection as a hobby sixteen years ago, and she still is my muse. When it comes to my favorites, I have many—anything coconut, a fantastic rain storm, Bermuda beaches, sleeping babies, unfussy fashion and fresh clean sheets, but not in that order! I strongly dislike a braggart, clutter, tight clothes, and most of all, bad manners. One thing that may surprise people is how much I adore watching NBA basketball!

designer in the kids’ field? When I became a mom 16 years ago, the industry lacked baby linens that were sophisticated in design. I fell in love with vintage, one-of-a-kind textiles, and began creating designs for the nursery that offered a fresh approach to nostalgia—with a new concentration on modern—all with a mix and match sensibility. I was fortunate enough to turn my hobby and passion into a successful business that has been embraced by parents all over the country, many of which have become VERY loyal customers. A year ago, I was offered an exciting opportunity to design an exclusive collection for Babies“R”Us. My line offers modern parents a complete assortment of colorful baby linens, bold room décor, fashionable clothing, cool diaper bags, and sleek nursery furniture —all designed with the best quality and affordable prices.

I didn’t expect to hear that! So how and why did you come to be a

Your price point is very good. How are you able to balance that,

babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 24

9/21/08 11:51:40 AM







and not sacrifice the high quality of your apparel and products? Quality is so important to my brand. When creating my collection for Babies“R”Us, my goal was to offer great design and high quality at affordable prices. I am working with manufacturers who are experts in their field to source the best fabrics, and produce superior products. Who do you look up to professionally? I admire any working mother who can juggle her career and family—and succeed in both. It’s hard work, and the balance is a huge accomplishment. Would you say your designs are more traditional or modern, or in between? My designs have evolved over the years. They are now bright, bold, fresh, and modern.

When should a pregnant mom begin to buy stuff for the baby? Shopping for baby is such a personal decision. While babies are joyous and should be celebrated, it should begin when new and expectant parents feel comfortable. Over the past few years, a lot of designers have emerged. How do you stay competitive? I have always believed in the motto, “Do what you do best.” I trust my instincts and design with confidence.

Where do you get your creative juices from? My inspiration includes modern art, ‘60s fashion, and nature. My ideas are endless—whether I’m traveling, reading, or enjoying time at home.

How is your alliance with Babies“R”Us like? We heard that this is their largest product launch by an exclusive designer. As a designer, [they] gave me the chance to apply my fresh and modern design sensibility to create my favorites for fashionable moms and babies—including layette, plush, and diaper bags, as well as the opportunity to embrace the natural progression of my brand into exciting new categories, including furniture. I couldn’t be more thrilled with our partnership, and I hope moms, grandparents, and gift-givers will adore the collection as much as I loved designing it.

How long does it take to design a collection? I am lucky [because] I love my work! I often revisit my archives, and take clues from fashion, textiles, and the furniture industry. Due to the breath of

Best design tip for parents? My best design advice? Color! It can easily transform your nursery. Color is a fun way to add dimension to any room, large or small.

Style or function? Both. I trust my signature style, and love to add functionality—it’s always a welcome surprise.


my collection at Babies“R”Us, I spent a year creating my designs, and I am confident it will appeal to modern families.

babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

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celeb must-haves what tinseltown’s tiny tots are toting and teetering on these days (whew)

valentina Paloma, who’s looking more like mom, salma Hayek, as she turns one, loves her bevy of No Slippy Hair Clippy hair accessories,

Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly loved to don Robeez shoes for daughter, apple, when she was still a baby,

Marcia Cross transports her twin daughters, Eden and savannah, 18 months, in Baby Bella Maya’s Tangerine Dream (shown here) and ocean Mist carrier covers, $46,

Jessica alba’s 3-month old, Honor Marie, looks comfy in her Trumpette Pixies, $25 for six pairs of socks,

Denise richards and Joely Fisher both got Incog-neato leak-proof bed protectors for their kids,

republican vice-Presidential hopeful, sarah Palin, was seen carrying her little five-month old, Trig Paxton, in Hotslings’ reversible ingrid, $60 (shown here is the Tattoo sling, $30, from the Designer collection),

Knox and vivienne Jolie-Pitt are just two of the a-list babies to get their embroidered Plain Mary Playmats (they can roll around on it with Jennifer lopez’s twins, who also own one each). This is the comfy, micro-suede Kensington Baby Playmat, $190,


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

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BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 29

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BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 30

9/21/08 11:52:05 AM


editors’ picks



Baby Planet Unity Sport Twin in Terracotta This double stroller promises a smooth and safe trip for two kids seated beside each other—chalk it up to the 5-point harness system, frontwheel swivel locks, with peek-a-boo windows on the canopies, from age 1 month to 55 lbs.—plus features like the “Easy Steer” handle, which feels like the handling of a car’s steering wheel. The “Room to Walk” rear center wheel offers one of the largest strides among twin strollers. Normally, a side-seater will feel like maneuvering a tanker, but this transports like 2 umbrella strollers attached to one another, so it is light to carry, and easy to fold and stow. The two adult cup holders are also an answered prayer ($319.99, or

Sidekick The keMby Sidekick is both utilitarian and dapper, and boasts that it is the only dual-function baby bag AND carrier–which guarantees a stress-free outing with your bundle of joy. Including a changing pad, wipes case, insulated bottle, snack pouch, and cell phone pocket, its manageable size and easily wipe-able fabric makes us crave it so ($172,

Mucho Gusto Using the Spanish word for “little kisses,” besitos is a colorful collection of appliques of girls and boys on garbs, blankets, and bags, reflecting the uniqueness of every child. Each character even has their own special name—handmade by creator, Wendy Reategui—the line’s Mommy-GoBag is made of lightweight cotton, with 6 extra compartments on the strap, making it one of the most functional totes on the market ($89.99,

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 31

Goose Creek Ride-on rockers have remained a staple toy for good reason— they are classic, and fit any type of room decor, and ignite smiles from both children and grown-ups alike. Goose Creek enterprises ups the ante with different animal versions of the ride-ons, especially with its heirloom quality and fine craftsmanship to boot (see the leather seats and pockets, and there is a plaque affixed between the front legs that may be engraved on). Founded and handmade by designer, Fred Stave, and his wife, Sondra, and co-designed by Pat Holcomb, the company has been producing exceptional rockers that can be passed on from generation to generation (Petee rocker, from $ 999 to $1499 for various designs,

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 11:52:16 AM

baby couture shopping bag

BECO BABY CARRIER Designed by active sailor and rock climber (and most importantly, babywearing parent/aficionado), Gabby Caperon, Beco baby carriers offers the perfect balance of ergonomics, comfort, and style. with top quality styles (butterfly, obi, Beco mini (an ultra-cute toy doll carrier) and other accessories), there is literally a Beco for your moods. The Beco Butterfly ii also has new features, such as a removable infant insert and flexible hood design. our personal fave prints are: aubrey, ava, Cameron, Emma, Ethan, Hannah (shown here, release date November ‘08), isabella, Jack, Joshua, Morgan, Natalie, olivia, Pony Express and more ( or 1.888.9.GET.BECo).

TRIMfOOT CO. with well-known and trusted brands like Baby Deer, wee Kids, Designer’s Touch and Dance Class, Trimfoot Co. of Missouri, usa has built a firm reputation in infant and children’s quality footwear for over 90 years. whether for booties, crawling, crib, sandals, sneakers, strollers, or walking shoes—Trimfoot Co. vouches for your child’s stylish comfort (Baby Deer walking boot 2-6515 in pebble tan suede, with natural sherpa lining and floral embroidery, $28, ThE LIL TREE For top-quality children’s furniture, Eddie Martinez’s extraordinary furniture, “lil Tree” is made from recycled wood with washable velvet fabrics that are personalize-able (names can be embroidered on fabric). They are strong pieces that will last through time. also available in leather (lil Tree two-piece, price upon request, call 520.744.0550 or

LOU LOU’S CORNER This specialty boutique in 202 union square, Hickory, NC always makes you feel warm and welcome, from its vibrant red and yellow shades, to the warm patterns used to decorate the interactive shop. The whole family (including the dog) can shop for clothing, toys, and accessories from brands such as zutano, room seven, Barkology, Emily Green, small Paul and more—with free shipping for online orders over $99 (appaman “one” lavender long-sleeved tee, LET’S GO STROLLING it’s all about customer service—offering the best buggies, diaper bags, carriers, gift ideas, etc., along with helpful advice (strolling Consultation) to find the perfect stroller for your child. From singles and doubles, to all-terrain, and jogging strollers—they carry reliable and fashionable names, like valco (left), orbit Baby, Baby Jogger, Phil & Ted’s, Bebe au lait, lascal, little Giraffe, skip Hop, Maxi Cosi, among others ( LOvEE COvEE Peek-a-Boo Baby inc. introduces their eco-friendly lovee Covee nursing covers and plush baby blankets made with soft bamboo fabric, from founder and president (more importantly, mom of two), Edie Coupe. as a tutor for young children, Edie knows the importance of products that nurture little ones, while keeping them in fashion (little lovee Blankee, $30 each,

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9/21/08 11:52:24 AM

Vincent – Fashionable Footwear for Cool Kids 1-877-816-2368


Vincent is available at quality children’s boutiques and shoe stores nationwide. Retailer inquiries welcomed.

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Martin/Splash News

Sweet Alabama Former Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker, 33, has been heard saying that his kids (with ex-wife, modelactress Shanna Moakler, 33) inherited their love for Rock ‘N Roll. Here with




turning 3, (they also have a son, Landon Asher, 5) the musician and his tiny muse are seen at the Malibu Country Mart after grabbing breakfast on Labor Day. They also hit the children’s shop, 98% Angel, in the same area, to pick up more goodies for the kiddos.

copy that iF you liKE wHaT THEsE CElEBriTy KiDs arE wEariNG, HErE’s How To FasHioN THEir ouTFiTs For your owN TruE sTars

GET ALABAMA’S LOOk: Girls French terry motorcycle jacket by Old Navy (oldnavy. com); white Damiciata dress by Diesel kids (

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 35

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 11:52:29 AM

Clint Brewer/Splash News

copy that

Tori’s Telling Now a number 1 New York Times’ bestselling author for, “sTORI Telling,” mom for the second-time, Tori Spelling, 35, will soon be releasing her second book, “Mommywood”—an unfolding chapter of her life as mother to son, Liam Aaron, 18 months, and daughter Stella Doreen, 4 months, with husband, Dean McDermott, 42. You can also catch them on their addictive TV reality show, which is a guilty pleasure for most moms here, and all over the world. GET LIAM’S LOOk: Koi T-shirt by Cutie And Patootie (; li’l Keaton jeans by Earnest Sewn (; Toddlers check slip-ons by Pumpkin Patch (

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babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

9/21/08 11:52:41 AM

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9/21/08 11:52:41 AM

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Bailey Angel Our favorite Chachi is a father for the first time in his life. Scott and Renee Baio are shown here with their daughter, Bailey, at the pre-Oscar Silver Spoon gifting lounge held at The Kress in Los Angeles. The couple have recently formed the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation because Bailey tested affirmative in her newborn screening test for a potentially fatal disorder called, “Glutaric Acidemia Type 1 (GA-1),” which was fortunately, a false positive result. The foundation hopes to increase awareness for the need of extended newborn screening tests in every state in the U.S.

GET BAILEY’S LOOk: Polkadot puffsleeve jacket and walking shorts, both by hula Mula (

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babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

9/21/08 11:52:48 AM

Free shipping with coupon code: bc1008

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9/21/08 11:52:49 AM

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babycouture BACK-TO-SCHOOL 2008

Untitled-1 2

9/21/08 12:59:40 PM


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ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 11:56:22 AM


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

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9/22/08 10:55:37 PM

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e know you are a model from Georgia, and the mother of three of Sean Combs’ children, but there’s always more than meets the eye...

Yes there is...I am a mother of four! My oldest son is 17, and an amazing young man. He has been my grounding soul and support. Beyond motherhood, I moved to L.A. to continue pursuing my career. I’m presently working on a reality show with Lifetime Television Network on single motherhood, which has also inspired me to begin working on a series of wonderful books.

How is your family like?

Family is so important to me. We are very close, loving, and supportive. Is it true that you met Sean Combs while working as a receptionist for Uptown Records, where he was then a V.P.? Were you swept away?

Yes, I met Mr. Combs while working as a receptionist at Uptown Records, although our first date took place years later. We started with endless hours talking on the phone, and became friends. That’s when I finally agreed to go on a date, and the chemistry between the two of us was undeniable.

subscribe at What was the final straw that made you leave him?

When dealing with matters of the heart, I don’t know if it necessarily comes down to a final straw. It was just time to make a change for myself. How hard was it to leave Sean Combs, considering you have children?

(On Kim) Cremley dress by Diesel ( (On twins) Matching tops worn underneath reversible dress and reversible romper, all by Right Bank Babies (rightbankbabies. com or Nordstrom stores); Velvet bendable shoes with bow by Naturino (

It was very hard to leave my relationship. No one ever wants to break up a family. Although we are not together, Mr. Combs and I are committed to loving and raising our children. How is he as a father?

He is a very loving and supportive father, and totally hands-on! What’s it like being a role model for single parents?

It’s great being a role model for single mothers. I was raised by a single mother who was, and still is, an awesome role model to me. Single motherhood, from a social standpoint, has always carried a negative stigma. In actuality and reality, single mothers have become the American family, and we have managed to raise great individuals despite both parents not present in the home. How does this factor in your daily decisions?

I have become all about the schedule! The most challenging aspect for me is the balancing act. We all have very active lives and schedules, so it’s important for me to be organized, and to keep everything moving at the same time.

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ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/22/08 10:56:05 PM


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

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9/22/08 10:56:43 PM

“he is a very loving and supportive father, and totally hands-on!”

(On the cover, opposite page) (On Kim) Mustard knit dress by Cacharel (Barney’s stores). (On baby, left) Mallard Good News cap, brick ruffle bolero, maple Viola top, and print plume skirt, all by Zutano (; Valerie MJ black patent shoes by Stride Rite (striderite. com). (On baby, right) Print Good News Cap, maple ruffle bolero, twirling dress, all by Zutano (; Geneva white dress shoes by Stride Rite ( (Toys) Berry-Lee Boogaloo by Blabla ( or; Knitted mini cake assortment by Yellow Label Kids (

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ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 11:57:52 AM

(On the cover) (Twins) Butterfly-print soft dresses by The Big Citizen (; 14K gold-plated Jingle Bells anklets by Baby Emi (; Emilia sparkly dress shoe in gold by Vincent ( Pink V.I.B. diaper bag by Spoiled Little Mama (


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 46

9/22/08 10:57:11 PM

(On Kim) Floral strapless dress by D&G (212.965.8000); Pink thread necklace, stylist’s own. (On twins) Pink velvet hat by Gigiʼs Apparel (; Tutus by Cry Baby Ranch (; White tights by Jefferies Socks (; NMS Baby Kendall ballet flat and sporty shoe in latte/pewter by Stride Rite (; Chrissy pink sneakers by Vincent (

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ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/22/08 10:57:40 PM

“god and family first, always have respect for yourself and others, and live in truth.” 48

babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 48

9/21/08 11:59:45 AM

(On Kim) Track jacket and yellow shirt, both by Sean John (seanjohn. com or Macy’s stores); Jeans by Diesel ( for stores); Fedora hat by H&M ( (Twins) TJ Patch red floral swing bottom dress, and TJ Patch must-have twirl dress with green flower tights by Baby Nay ( or; Emilia sparkly dress shoe in gold by Vincent ( (Ride) Vibe double stroller with toddler seat (child safety handlebar not shown) by Phil & Tedʼs ( or

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ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/22/08 10:58:16 PM

(On Kim) Leopard-print halter dress by D&G (212.965.8000). (On twins) Burglar stripes dress and Checkers jumper dress, both by Hula Mula (; Geneva white and black dot shoe by Stride Rite (; Black patent infant bow dress mary janes by Teeny Toes from Payless ( or Payless stores). (Tricycle) Triciclino tricycle by Italtrike (


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

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9/22/08 10:58:43 PM

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BACK-TO-SCHOOL 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 1:00:03 PM

COMMUTe R (Left) Remera oxford shirt by Gimos (; Handmade Reece bubble dress in blue herringbone by Posh Baby (; White socks with lace by Jefferies Socks (; Nickelodeon Slimers Ooeygooey sneakers in light silver and multi by Stride Rite ( (Right) Blouse and jumper dress by Val and Max (C&C Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wear, 212.564.3031); Berries print footless tights by Jefferies Socks ( 52

babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 52

9/21/08 12:00:35 PM


Photos by Heidi Alletzhauser

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 53

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:00:39 PM

Kalcyo hooded jacket by Diesel Kids (; Jaune T-shirt MC LG Hacienda Brothers by IKKS (westvillagekids. com); Garage band pull-on pant with elastic waistband by Zutano (zutano. com); Martin tennis shoe with Velcro closure in white and orange by Vincent ( 54

babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 54

9/21/08 12:00:48 PM

Fuchsia long-sleeved shirt with hearts (worn inside) by Agatha Ruiz dela Prada (; Blue dress with doll applique by Misha Lulu (mishalulu. com); Red with black dot tights by Country Kids (; Hi-cut brown leather sneakers by Pom dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Api.

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 55

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:00:53 PM

Kinoy cardigan by Diesel Kids (dieselkids. com); White sleeveless top with logo by Apple Bottoms Girls ( or Macyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stores); Phaly cropped linen pants by Diesel Kids (dieselkids. com); Cesario sneakers by Creative Recreation ( 56

babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 56

9/21/08 12:01:03 PM

Patchwork dress by Agatha Ruiz dela Prada (; Fishnet stockings by Jefferies (

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 57

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:01:12 PM

Jumino bubble bomber jacket by Diesel Kids (; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Kindergarten Rocksâ&#x20AC;? shirt by Paper Lili (; Pandra denim jumper by Diesel Kids (


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 58

9/21/08 12:01:15 PM

Louis soft washed plaid flannel jacket with navy blue fleece lining by Georgie World (; 2-fer shirt from the Collegiate collection by Da Lilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Guys (; Top-Sider Bluefish by Sperry (

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 59

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:01:25 PM

Essential top in black, and Josie dress in citron, all by Edenstar (edenstar. com). (Middle photo) Trench coat by Agatha Ruiz dela Prada (agatharuizdelaprada. com); Sissi frilly tiered skirt in multi-fabric combo by Room Seven ( 60

babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 60

9/21/08 12:01:36 PM

Octave Kids with skull art by Quiksilver ( or; Orange hoodie by Nano (poshbaby. com); Pants with suede patches on knees by Ferd (; Top-Sider Hayden with alternative closure by Sperry (

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 61

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:01:46 PM

Zip sweater, Brick topstitch ‘Ringo’ crew long-sleeved shirt, and Stone patch pant, all by Zutano ( 62

babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 62

9/21/08 12:01:55 PM

Baila blouse with round yoke and pintux in slate, and Katiejaq jacquard cardigan crossover with cord in beige, both by Room Seven (; Rock Star jean in fuchsia by Baby Nay (; Silver Cherish mary jane by American Eagle from Payless (

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 63

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:02:02 PM

Saving the world for the next generation may be the main point of this story— but outfits you won’t tire of reusing again and again? That’s an added bonus PHOTOS, STYLING, HAIR AND MAKE-UP BY KARIz FAVIS

ReCYCLe , 64

babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 64

9/21/08 12:02:06 PM

(Left) Small houndstooth coat by Hula Mula ( (Center) Fairy print raincoat by Their Nibs ( (Right) Purple junior girl padded jacket by Evisu (

e , PLeaSe

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 65

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:02:10 PM

Kale striped turtleneck by Diesel Kids (; Long pink metallic cape by Little Capers (; Dark denim jeans by Apple Bottoms Girls (applebottoms. com or Macyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stores); Red glitter mary janes by Naturino (; Allie large sunflower clip in shocking pink by No Slippy Hair Clippy (


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 66

9/21/08 12:02:17 PM

Fluffy stripe hood cardigan in charcoal by Pumpkin Patch (; Striped collared shirt by Little Marc Jacobs (; Turn-up jean with adjustable waist by Pumpkin Patch (; Superball graphite shoes by Stride Rite (

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 67

Brown shirt with metallic logo and jeans with leather pocket, both by Sean John ( or Macyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stores); Baby mocs in nubuck by Naturino (

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:02:28 PM

Flight Club canvas padded bomber jacket in otter by Pumpkin Patch (pumpkinpatchusa. com); Peace sweater by Joe Black (C&C Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wear, 212.564.3031); Gray denim trousers by Bonpoint (; Sneakers by Stride Rite (

Dancing Dot peasant long-sleeved top, and red crawler with ruffles by RuffleButts (

Long-sleeved onesie with Vespa print by Lollopard (exclusively at


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 68

9/21/08 12:02:42 PM

Gold puff jacket by Agatha Ruiz dela Prada (agatharuizdelaprada. com); Patchwork dress by Beau Beaux (; Pink tights by IKKS (; Metallic fur-lined soft mocs by PePe (

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 69

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:02:52 PM

Blazer and trousers by Bonpoint (

Crocheted flowers scarf by Deux Par Deux (; Robe Boule in prune by Jean Bourget (; Black tights by Country Kids (; Black riding boots with buckles by Pumpkin Patch (

Kibel zip-up hoodie by Diesel Kids (


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 70

9/21/08 12:03:11 PM

Fuchsia trench with flower stitching by Agatha Ruiz dela Prada (; Samaraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sarong by Dpoppen (; Pink velvet slouch boots with bow by Pumpkin Patch (

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 71

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:03:16 PM

Logo track jacket and pants, and long-sleeved shirt worn inside, all by Puma ( or Bloomingdaleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s or Lord & Taylor stores); Picabo hook-and-loop sneakers by Stride Rite (

Knit scarf by Bonpoint (; Black dress with sequins on chest by DKNY ( for stores).


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 72

9/21/08 12:03:23 PM

Mountain Explorer puffer jacket in Bittersweet, Flight Club striped longsleeved tee, and turn-up jean with adjustable waist, all by Pumpkin Patch (pumpkinpatchusa. com); Superball graphite shoes by Stride Rite (

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 73

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:03:36 PM

Dress and cardigan by Apple Bottoms Girls (applebottoms. com or Macy’s stores); Baby pink socks by Jefferies Socks (; Chloe navy suede mary janes by Pediped (

Chaz dotted longsleeved shirt in twilight blue and Clois vest with deer print, all by Little Marc Jacobs (

Fur-lined jacket by Bonpoint (; Baby blue coveralls by L’ovedbaby (; Jake navy nubuck shoes by Pediped (


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 74

9/21/08 12:03:53 PM

Green dot mod dress with flared sleeves from the Girlfriends collection by Anita G. (; White opaque tights by Country Kids (

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 75

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:04:03 PM

Coat by Room Seven (room7usa. com); Big heart orange dress by Agatha Ruiz dela Prada (


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 76

Doy long-sleeved dress with 3 frills and ruffled collar by Room Seven (; Linda boots in red by Vincent (

9/21/08 12:04:12 PM

Pink Paradise snow tweed coat by Pumpkin Patch (; “Sweet To The Core” shirt by Apple Bottoms Girls ( or Macy’s stores); Paint brush splattered jeans by Little Marc Jacobs (; Elvira shoe with rhinestone-studded bow by Vincent (

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 77

Katia pullover by Diesel Kids (; Black tulle Starry tutu by Pamela Co. (; Red tights by Country Kids (; Black slouch boots with bow by Pumpkin Patch (

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:04:27 PM

Comic Book Photos and styling by Kariz Favis. Illustrations by Borgy Sinaban and Erica Gapas.

Purple knit poncho by 525 Girl (madisonsboutique. com); Black pants with white stripe on sides and white buttons by Hula Mula (; Natasha black patent shoes by Pediped (


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 78

9/21/08 12:04:37 PM

Fashion Legends

(Baby girl) Knit scarf by San Diego Hat Co. (; G’loved-Sleeve bodysuit in Think Pink by L’ovedbaby (; Black & off-white houndstooth slipon sneaker with satin bow by Baby Deer (trimfootco. com). (Baby boy) Track suit set by Puma ( or Bloomingdale’s stores).

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 79

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:04:53 PM

Peace dress by SlickSugar (slicksugar. com); Striped Halloweentheme tights by Jefferies Socks (jefferiessocks. com); Natasha black patent shoes by Pediped (

Junior girl plum padded jacket by Evisu (; Mod dress from the Girlfriends collection by Anita G. (


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 80

9/21/08 12:05:03 PM

Velvet logo cardigan and skirt, and pink satin tunic, all by Apple Bottoms Girls (applebottoms. com or Macyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stores); Striped tights by Country Kids (; Brown velvet sneakers with stripe by PePe (

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 81

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:05:12 PM

(On Mom) Black top by Diesel ( (On baby boy) Logo jacket and pants set by Sean John Boys (seanjohn. com or Macyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stores); Christer boot by Vincent (


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 82

9/21/08 12:05:18 PM

Chuckle 3 shirt in dapper grey by Little Marc Jacobs (; Star pleated skirt with necktie-belt by Kico Kids (; Keesha brown suede mary janes by Stride Rite (

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 83

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:05:24 PM

Reversible kimono by Cha Belle for Right Bank Babies (rightbankbabies. com); Merino striped long-sleeved dress in Candytuft by Nurtured By Nature (


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 84

Black & pink dress lined with hot pink tulle by Save the Queen (

9/21/08 12:05:32 PM

Tim Love hot pink shirt with embroidery, and Soekie skirt with pompoms, all by Room Seven ( for stores).

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 85

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:05:41 PM

Deux Par Deux “Jardin D’Hiver” Knitted Dress (


babycouture ULTIMATE FASHION 2008

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 86

9/21/08 12:05:47 PM

Orange long-sleeved logo shirt by Apple Bottoms Girls (applebottoms. com or Macyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stores); Jumper with soft hearts by Agatha Ruiz dela Prada (

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 87

ULTIMATE FASHION 2008 babycouture


9/21/08 12:05:53 PM

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 88

9/21/08 12:05:56 PM

baby couture shopping bag

EMMA & AvERY Elegance. That is what emanates from Emma & avery when you visit their lovely online boutique for girls. it is the go-to shop for special occasion wear. with american and European designer clothing that are made with the finest materials, the roster includes Hunter and aigle boots, Enchanted Enfant, Baby Cz, Neige, Noro Paris, Dominique rouzier, sue london, Mirupark, Gold Belgium, Buzz Buzz Tweet Tweet, Marilyn Tov etc. (

CLEAN ShOPPER AND DINER Go grocery-shopping with your baby, or dine in your favorite restaurant together without forfeiting style, ease, and most importantly, keep him germ-free with Babe Ease’s Clean shopper and Clean Diner—the shopping cart and highchair covers with eye-catching prints are innovatively designed to keep those unwanted disease-causing bacteria away from our little precious tykes-on-the-go (Twins Clean shopper in Blue zoo fabric, $29.95 or MAUkILO Maukilo online shop offers the best European wooden playthings without harmful substances. For fine creations and intricate toys which make every piece special for your pride and joy, check the New yorkbased company for brands such as Haba, Premiere Kites, Blabla, ravensburger puzzles, sigikid, Chelona and Holztiger. Free shipping on orders above $99 (Gymnic & rody rody Jumping Horse italian red, $44.95,

RITzY BABY Eye-catching, sophisticated baby gear has always been creator, Bridgette volz’s, primary goal— showcasing designer fabrics and embellished cotton—the car seat/shopping cart covers, baby blankets’ quality never disappoints (luxe leopard stroller blanket, $80,

jENNA CLAIRE Creator Daina levine brings out the helpless handbags and accessories aficionados in us. Named after her daughter, Jenna Claire, our fickle minds won’t run out of choices with their beautiful array of totes, diaper bags, passport covers, headbands, etc.—and you can even design your own bag (all The rage basket weave bag, $74,!

jUBI Because founder alison Hui’s son suffered with asthma as an infant, she made a superb line of Europeaninfluenced allergy-free baby goodies called Jubi. Made with water-based bleaching and special, safe dyes—making them soft, snuggly and appealing to health and style conscious parents ( or call 646.269.5164).

UP&RIDING say “aloha” to Hawaii-born store, up & riding, which carries the best action sport lines for the younger set (including skate, snow, wake, motocross, among others), with a swell variety of choices from Quiksilver, Billabong, reef, roxy Girl, Dakine, small Paul, volcom, o’Neill, rip Curl, and Element—all approved by the rad store’s awesome founders ( or 1-888-riDE-450).

MYSELf BELTS Myself Belts are great tools for instilling self-confidence and independence in growing children. Cofounders Talia Goldfarb and Danielle Eason introduced the brilliant, “snap, slide, and secure” steps when fastening belts, which children ages 2 to 5 can learn easily. with cool, kid-friendly designs for both boys and girls, it is perfect for the active and inquisitive toddlers and preschoolers, and some styles may also be embroidered on to personalize the belt to your child’s name (

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 89

9/21/08 12:06:00 PM


10:39:53 AM









BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 90

9/21/08 12:06:00 PM

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Attention: Baby Couture Shoppers

œÌ…ˆ˜}ÊE >VViÃÜÀˆià vœÀÊL>Lˆið



By Peek-A-Boo Baby, Inc.

eco-friendly baby blankets nursing covers little lovee blankets stroller covers 843.377.8773

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 91

9/21/08 12:06:05 PM

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Emma & Avery Little Girls newborn to 5 years


BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 92

9/21/08 12:06:08 PM

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a one-of-a-kind gift for your special little one!

Baby Coutuer ad final 2.indd 1

9/9/08 8:30:01 AM

Visit our website at: to see our selection of wood & handpainted rocking animals.





Gift Certificates Available!

Make your baby a L’ovedbaby


818.992.9911 All rockers feature:

Locally harvested, high quality Indiana hardwoods • Paints & finishes are non-toxic Personalized dedication plaque • Non-tip rocker ends • Laminated wood seats




BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 93

9/21/08 12:06:18 PM

Attention: Baby Couture Shoppers

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op e t a k s g urf & andridin p


Let’s Go Strolling Exceptional products and advice for the little ones in your life

& More

Stokke Join our mailing list for FREE Gifts and EXCLUSIVE offers

BOB 877.STROLL.1 Fleurville

BC_Oct2008_virtual.indd 94

Phil & Ted’s


Orbit Baby

Uppa Baby


Baby Jogger

Mountain Buggy Get all the top brand name strollers, designer diaper bags, baby gifts and more only at Let’s Go Strolling!

Skip Hop

9/21/08 12:06:22 PM

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Baby Couture Shoppers









For all enquiries on distributors and retailers contact: TEL:+ 64 9 479 9835




Clean Shopper


Ideal for moms who love to pamper their little ones!

Heirloom-quality children’s furniture, personalized and built With your baby In mind

Unbelievably soft and super plush 520.744.0550

1-800-635-3899 BabyAD2.indd 1

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babycouture BACK-TO-SCHOOL 2008

Untitled-1 2

9/21/08 12:59:40 PM

BC_Oct2008_cover_virtual.indd 3

9/21/08 11:42:49 AM 9/15/08 10:54:20 AM

Featured styles: Dylan and Owen (above) and Gabby and Jeffrey (below)

We get kids. That’s why our shoes have scuff-proof toes, flex grooves and – hey look, a ladybug.


stride rite shoes aren’t like other children’s shoes. We combine the latest technology and premium materials to create shoes for the unique way a child’s foot grows. So whatever style, size or width that fits, you can be confident of a great choice. To see our fall collection at a retailer near you, visit

BC_Oct2008_cover_virtual.indd 4

9/21/08 11:42:51 AM

Baby Couture Oct-Nov 08 Cover 1  

Sean "Diddy Combs and Kim Porter with their twins, D'Lila Star and Jesse James

Baby Couture Oct-Nov 08 Cover 1  

Sean "Diddy Combs and Kim Porter with their twins, D'Lila Star and Jesse James